Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | June 14, 2012

The Golden God Light of Your Soul Vibrating to The Love Frequency!

These days are changing so rapidly… YOU are changing so rapidly!  I watch you in a field of de-Light, changing, acting, becoming genuinely empowered with the strength of your own soul.

It is so easy for us to sit in the passing minutes of our day and feel like nothing is changing and come close to loosing hope that anything ever will truly change.  My vision, the Light of your soul reflected thru my eyes paints a very different story.

The Light of Life is no longer a passive energy around you, but a true wonderment being emitted thru you.  Thru your heart!

Instead of writing my second blog for the day yesterday, I spent the time I had for the writing receiving a download of clarity, of such profound understanding that I could not write a word.  I tried!

For the last several days in the readings I had seen a profound change take place that I did not understand at all.  Yet, person after person started to display the same image.  A tall golden flagpole in the field of life.  I finally understand what this new, vibrantly intense imagery is saying.

This imagery of a golden flagpole represents your spirit, your soul energy… firmly planted in the field of created matter.  This is not an image to underestimate in potential and detail.

We have spent decades, lifetimes really, cleansing and clearing so we can fully merge with out soul energy and allow the soul to be what moves us thru life.  This flagpole is saying; you have done exactly that.  Solid and firm in life.

Thru the image of the flagpole I am also seeing, as well as really understanding the added, crucial detail to this image.  A tightly bound golden rope of energy emitting itself directly from the heart of your soul (the flagpole.)  This golden rope is the Love Frequency you are now naturally emitting from the steadfast aspect of your soul.  YOU have become the frequency band of energy that will take the rest of the world higher in vibration simply by living in your own integrity and authenticity.

Because this high frequency is still adjusting your physical body to its intensity and emerges often in a wake of pain within the physical body, don’t think for a single minute you have fallen backwards.  This is now impossible.

As we get closer to the timeline of the Solstice (the 20th of June) the Light of Life is getting more and more intense, to the point of prit-near blinding!  An energy infusion (already underway) so intense it just may leave you pinging in a corner unable to think or talk.  Let that be OK.  You are coming fully online in the highest fields possible of life!

As I am watching thru my own inner experiences, we have new (actually anciently dormant) chakras and energy portals in our bodies wiring, now coming on-line.  This is connecting us directly to the Godhead.  A network of energy, of interconnectedness that it is going to (for some, already is) really knock us off-balance as we adjust to this high frequency of loving intelligence.

Some people still have outer experiences to work thru, to learn from to emerge fully in what is unfolding.  We can just look at them as life’s little side paths to a greater understanding and use of your full spiritual potential in the fields of matter.

The most important thing for everyone do to right now is combine fully your spiritual life with your physical life in every way.  The Divine Marriage within.  Using every skill set you have available to you as you live your life.  How?  That is your journey of discovery now isn’t it.  At least from this sharings vantage point (smile.)

As I lay in my bath yesterday, details of where we are heading bursting in clarity like fireworks in the sky I had seen (as well as heard the word) The Godhead.  I was surprised because that is not a work or a frame of reference I have ever used before.

The only way I have to describe the image of the Godhead as I had seen it in my meditation is like really huge light bulb in the sky.  At this moment, it was not lit up as we are still connecting with full consciousness and action in these days and weeks ahead.

I saw all those golden ropes of Love energy connected to the filament within the Godhead, not as something separate from it, connecting to it… but as a true and absolute part of it.  These ropes weaved out in life around the globe.  Connected to solid flag poles of Love in created matter.

I was able to feel the potential at hand… As we come online in this all-encompassing energy field (to be clear… this will be those who have cleared their hearts and minds of any bias or preconceived notion about anything and live in the heart of Love in Life) we will be intimately networked together.  I breath, you exhale.  Literally.  Our breath will be as one breath.  Our hearts will beat as one heart.  Our call to action like a well oiled machine. Our individual mastery working for the whole, together.

In this profound unfolding of understanding I suddenly seen my precious lovely lady in Switzerland whose team gave her the exercise of separating time and space.  When we heard it thru her reading, it sounded like a fun exercise.  I tried to do it myself… but nuttin!!  The next day she sent me an email, and I am going to share that email with y’all…. without first getting her permission (I am really sorry lovely lady and pray, you are ok with the sharing… it is more important than either of us could have realized.)

Here is the email I received after the exercise instruction of seeing time as her right hand, space as her left had and glued together as she works towards separating time and space:

First time I could barely divide my hands, or when I did no feeling or perception came. Now??? BOY! 
I relaxed and stopped wanting it to happen and simply let it happen… and it DID! Now I can separate time and space by a few inches, and truly don’t know how to describe the feeling I have by doing so. I asked guidance and I got it fully!!!
What’s in between… is like jelly, dense jelly! I found out that by rotating my hands while separated time can go forth, or back. I was told to stop at that distance as I’m still not aware of its potential! FULLY AGREE!!!
When I tried to close my hand again the last time… nope! Did not work. The jelly inside said no. I could squeeze it a bit, turn it a bit, play with it like crete but not put my hands back together! Time and space had to stay that bit separated Now. I had the weird sensation of being on a plane at take-off, when one energy goes one side and the other one the other side! I saw all these gold sparkles coming out of my Heart Chakra and flowing directly into the space/time gap. Then suddenly my eyes opened without my conscious command (guess someone ripped me out of it lol) and it truly took me a moment to get my balance back!!! HOLY SHIT that was intense!
The only information I surely got is “It’s not about moving objects, it’s about moving dimensions!”

I could have pee’d my pants with excitement when I received her email.  I felt this surge within… this complete knowing that this was her task… her gift unto humanity.  (One of many gifts yet to come.)

Thru the loving information of the Godhead yesterday, her efforts are already creating a profound affect thru all the multi-verses in all the universes.

I had also seen the work me and my blue-eyed man are doing as well.  (Once we figure it out) It will create the energetic charge needed for completion.  There are others who are going to be put to the task of doing their part, not matter how odd it may sound (and let me tell you, sometimes it just seems impossible… but that is old programming… isn’t it.  It’s going to take a lot of sacred sex, in ALL relationships to power this amazing, heart stopping potential of firing the electrical field of the Godhead into living Ecstasy in created Life.

I go back to her “jelly” feeling in the middle of space and time.  I about had a little baby when I read that and remembered August.  Since last year I have vividly seen and felt the fields of August and it was (still  is) always gel-like and red in its vibrancy.  As I did the hypnosis event called The Eye of Horus and it talked about the red molecules, the new energy of the new field of life… I see and OMG do I feel so much coming together.

Together, we have changed the channel of the programming we called the store of earth life, and the fuzzy snow of the new programming that was once a potential trying to find form… is already being created in form.

In one of my readings yesterday I had watched this incredible lady as I moved her energy to the other side of the solstice to see what life needed from her.  I about shit when I seen a bright red sun move up from the earth of her left field (physical life) and hung vibrantly in her life.  I watched as a path emerged, taking her off her center path… and straight into the red sun.  It sucked her right in.   I could then feel and see the gel like substance take her inside.  What I could not do is see what was inside nor could I see how she emerged on the other side of it all either.

But these days, spirit is really… can I say REALLY adamant about working fully and completely with your spiritual gifts and wisdom.  Not as a side job, but as your way of Life.

The more you use your spiritual gifts the more spiritual gifts are provided for the enhancement of your life and all those lives you shall ever touch.  Even if  you simply start out with a blog… sharing your heart energy with others.  Anything is a great start!!

We are all such an important key in this every unfolding huge puzzle we call life, every heart beat of love is changing matter into Liquid Heaven finding form!!

There are a million other things I need to share and so wish I had more than one physical body to do it with.  I am processing and experiencing to beat the band.  My A.D.D. is in bliss and multitasking like it was designed to… sadly, my body has no clue how to keep up.  I am literally several days behind on returning important emails, at least 10 blogs behind on sharing really important information and due to the sheer amount of rescheduling last week, now doing 4-5 readings each and every day.  I beg your forgiveness and understanding.

I am in the midst of breathing new life into the soul gym and with needed time and energy should have its new form by the end of this month.

I am learning… seeing so excitedly, how important the task (grin) of sacred sex is, the details, the old mindset having to be expelled.  For so long it has been a body experience and transforming it (per Archangel Michaels non-detailed instruction) into an energetic soul experience… man, that takes work!!  A task I joyfully and gratefully am willing to undertake!!  (big smile.)

I am going to share all the details I am understanding fully thru the Living Shambhala blogsite and leave this one for the rest of the story… what we are doing together.  It is my intention to get that story started before I have blown my own overloaded information circuit…. but… I have 5 readings scheduled back to back today, so we will see.  If not today, it will be tomorrows sharing.

I love you all so much and am so incredibly grateful for the inner and outer work you do, the love you exude and the joy you fill the atmosphere with.  Can I just tell ya… you and your love light are pinging the shit out of the denser energies.  Reign on!!!!!

((((((HUGZ))))))) of deep gratitude and radiant energized Love to ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

Fathers Days Special Underway:



  1. `It’s going to take a lot of sacred sex…’ I guess we’ve gotta do what we’ve gotta do 🙂
    There have been moments during all of this when I wondered what I was thinking of when I volunteered for this little adventure .. I am happy to see that we programmed in a little fun time for ourselves as well along the way 🙂 We are prepared to step up to the plate and do our bit Lisa.
    Fab and exciting post … leaning in to read it…
    I understand about the merging of all aspects and the physical sensations … have been feeling this.
    Many thanks .. I enjoy reading about (y)our journey.


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  3. Hi Lisa,All

    I started getting the ‘energy’ at the end of March & most of April. I feel like a

    human dowsing “rod” when it comes. It seems to be more integrated now with a knowing that its about to ‘explode…

    Much love to all,



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    This resonates on so many levels for me right now, Thank you Lisa!


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