Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | June 9, 2012

The Unfolding, A Re-Union and A Very Strange Triad!

I have decided there is a grand conspiracy in this universe!  Of course, I have always said the universe always conspires for you all-ways, but this is just a bit weird even for me.

I do not think I have ever realized the fullness of a synergy before until that blue-eyed man came knocking on my door as I am sitting there a matted mess!

It is almost comical to think back…  I have always said I think when you meet someone for the first time, it should be when you are at your worst instead of your best, that is where the real proof in the pudding lays.  If someone could really “see” you when you’re at your worst and still be interested, then you have something!  Careful what you state out loud!  I really didn’t mean it!!!

I am also learning what a true synergy is;  an addition to your own energy field that amplifies and supports your own just by being present.  The openness of communication is something can so very easily get used to, especially when there is not even an ounce of bullshit within any conversation, just truth and honesty.  That alone is a treasure, at least in my world.

But then, it really does get weird.  As with any guest who comes to visit, he has my bedroom, I am on the couch.  Usually, by the time I end my day, I am so energetically wiped out, I wouldn’t feel the presence of a mouse in the house let alone an energy strumming the strings of my own inner piano.  But from the first night all the way thru to even last night, there is that pesky kundalini wiggling his precious body and my mind saying… what the hell!

It is one thing to live and understand all the potentials thru a bathtub, but to have it all show up in flesh and bone and a very real potential??  That becomes a duck of a different color.  So I go pleading to my team in meditation and they give me a big black screen with nothing except… well, every conceivable sexual position and places in which to have sex with my new friend.  Hey!!  I don’t need a “how to” lesson, which consistently stirs a sexual energy within, takes it to the top… then just stops.  Meditation over!  What the hell is that all about?

I am looking for guidance and the universe seems to have a one track mind!!

So, the day before yesterday I decided to play with this energy within my bathtub as this intense sexual energy is streaming down into me and my bathtub I decided to take handfuls of this energy and send it out into the living room to my blue-eyed man whom I left with 6 different crystals on the coffee table and teaching him how to become sensitive to each different vibration.  I know the rock kingdom well… so I amplified each rock with this energy and sent it straight to him… wondering.

Like I said, my own energy field seems to take me to the top and then retreats, leaves me hanging if you will!!  Dammit!!

When I finally get out of the bath and go into the living room he said he was doing fine with his crystals until this huge wave of energy just hit him and about knocked him over.  I just giggled and told him what I did and was sooooo excited that he received it (note to self, don’t send so much at once again, I do not wish to blow out his circuits before I get to utilize his circuits.)

But yesterday has to take the cake of all cakes.

Just from what I was understanding from the prior days readings and the constant reminder within about the Eye of Horus hypnosis event, he and I were excited to do this hypnosis event together after I finished my day of readings… which ALL were divine and there is sooooo much to tell you about, but this morning I woke up already writing about this, so this is what you get for now (smile, blush.)

Since my blued eyed man had not done any of the hypnosis events yet, I didn’t want him to miss the code’s of Light that are switched on and the re-union with his Guardian, so I gave him “The Planting” script that I had written out to read and journey with while I took a bath.  I really had every intention on calling on Jorge in my meditation and just really looking for confirmation of what I already know is true.  Hey… I Am Human too!

Instead, I swear to god I was now living a chorus right of a Shaggy song “It Wasn’t Me” where he says: but she caught me on the counter
…saw me banging on the sofa
it wasn’t me
I even had her in the shower
it wasn’t me
she even caught me on camera
it wasn’t me
she saw the marks on my shoulder
it wasn’t me
heard the words that I told her
it wasn’t me
heard the screams getting louder…

I am officially watching my own adult films in my meditation with me as an active participant!  Anyone who thinks for a moment the universe is not filled with sexual energy and what could very well be perceived as kinky-ness…. simply does not know the universe I do!!  Holy Erotica Bathman!!

Once again, they take me to the top of the mountain in my own energy field… and freakin retreat.  The universe is also a massive tease!!!!!!!

But this time, as my own crescendo is just hanging there… they took me into my future about an hour from that moment.  In this next visual in my meditation me and ole blue eyes were getting ready to do the Eye of Horus when he got up and sat next to me and held my hand in his.

Sure enough if that isn’t exactly what happened as we got ready to do the hypnosis together.

But weird and wonderful was about to go into overdrive thru this hypnosis.  In the beginning of this hypnosis event it has a part about breathing in only the red molecules from the new air (which instantly reminded me of the pixelated rainbow energy I had seen thru every reading the day after the Venus Transit) and without effort they were rushing into my right hand like they waited a lifetime to finally be allowed in.  As the hypnosis instructed, I could see and feel these intense red molecules flow thru every part of my body via my heart circulation, but now they had something interesting within them.  Each one of the red molecules had a gold dot on them, maybe the size of a pin head, but each one had this dot of energy.

Just to be clear here too, for those who have not done The Eye of Horus, the red molecules are the new earth energy.  That gold dot I had seen within my experience is the magnetic field embedded within this new energy.

Then the guidance (which alone is really weird, because it is me doing the guiding and acting on the guidance) stated to feel what your deepest heart desire is and pull all the other molecules in to start to manifest that.  My only thought turned to Jorge…

Now let me set this up just a little…  I am sitting on the love seat with the foot recliner out, my two legs on the extended recliner, ole blue eyes has one leg next to mine on the recliner and the other on the floor.

All those molecules started to wrap around my leg and his leg, as if they were binding our legs together with their energy.  They covered our legs thru the entire calf area (foundation of life) as they got to just under the knee, I got the shock of my life.  Standing right in front of us was Archangel Michael.  His sword and shield held tightly to his chest.  He was just standing there, looking at us and all I could say is what on earth are you doing here?  He didn’t say a word or even send so much as an ounce of energy for my own understanding.  Instead, he simply turned around and sat on us… in us.  Archangel Michael  simply seemed to merge his energy body half in me half in the man sitting next to me.  Weird, weird, weird!

The next instruction via this hypnosis event was going thru the energy Eye of Horus… well I went thru and god knows where I landed because the next thing I remember is this roll of energy moving up my molecule covered calf like a rolling wave of thunder and hearing the hypnosis talking about the liquid yellow energy in the North field.  I was done with the hypnosis and just wondering…. where did I go and what happened to my leg??

It took us both a bit to recover from that Eye opening event!!  Phew!!

I told him about the energy and Archangel Michael now sitting in both of us and being clueless as to why or what that could even mean.  I did take out the pendulum that Michael always speaks thru and all he said “I am with you.”  That is a little creepy… ya know.  Not the threesome I had ever fantasized about!!

My friend and I went down to the river to just Be.  Our conversation turned to sex, which was great because it obviously needed to be talked about.  He had told me that he has sat up every night since he arrived… wondering about the sexual potential between us.  Ain’t no wonder my body was not just going to sleep at night!!  Talk about strumming my 1st string just with thought!!!

Right back atcha sweetheart!  I took my string and aimed it right at his room last night!!  Of course, we did have this really wonderful, interesting experience before hand.

He interrupted the movie we were watching and asked if he could try something.  I had already told him down by the river I want to take this slow and get to know every string on his instrument and vise versa.  Seems I have a bit of getting to know my own instrument again!

He put himself into a semi-meditation state and ran his hands over mine, gently and barely touching.  But man oh man oh man…. that energy went straight to my heart and expanded and spun like the propellers of a helicopter reading for take off.  Holy Freakin Shit batman!!  The arousal of the heart is 100 times more powerful than the arousal of the groin!!  I forgot about that!

I was absolutely enthralled with the energy bulging in my heart body and watched/felt as it moved down my spine to my abdomen.  And then he just stopped and said he couldn’t hold it there any longer.  I am no longer liking cliff hangers.

He went to his room after the movie, I was on a mission.  I took that lingering energy still tingling my body and aimed a very purposeful orgasm right to the wall of his room!!  Two can play this game!!

When he woke up this morning I asked him how he slept.  I had to laugh when he said not so well because he had a perpetual arousal all night long.  I did mention that there is no shame in self-release, seems the universe let him climb to the top of that mountain and left him hanging too!!

This morning, as I was sitting on the throne in the bathroom, I suddenly remembered a reading I had yesterday and the full on ah-ha that went with it!

The lady I was reading for was already climbing her vibrational stairway to the top of a now very expanded, very supportive frequency band AKA the tight rope in the middle atmosphere.  As I walked her energy outward into a timeline that felt about 2 weeks from yesterday I saw this giant red heart.  The heart was almost as tall as her, all around the heart was what looked like metallic spirals of rainbow confetti.  I started to understand (vaguely at best) that the confetti I was seeing was in relationship to DNA strands.

Just when I thought I was not going to understand anything more about her heart and her metallic rainbow confetti everywhere around that massive heart, I had suddenly seen a golden keyhole emerge in the shape of the old skeleton keys.  I watched her as she walked forward and I knew she was the key to that heart.  Her team would not allow us to see or understand anything beyond that.

This morning, sitting on my throne making room for more coffee, I suddenly seen her golden keyhole in her heart…. and remembered the energy bulging inside of my body yesterday, in that exact shape inside of myself,  from a hand barely touching mine…

What it all means and what it all unlocks… I suppose we will see.

In our moments by the river yesterday, I did tell my blue-eyed man that whatever is happening between us… I am going to have to share out loud.  Thank God he was already very familiar with my sharings and my lack of holding anything back and knew exactly what he got himself into!  Phew… that is a really good thing!

So on that note, I am going to end this sharing for the day.  But I do want to give you all a gift as well.  I am going to share the hypnosis page with all 3 of the  Guardians MP3 Hypno-Events.  My way of giving back… even if it is just a little!!

I also want to apologize so much, I have what feels like a million emails waiting a response and I truly am as distracted as I can get.  Forgive me if I do not nor have not replied… send me a kick in the ass to remind me.  Lovingly of course (smile.)

I love y’all so much and appreciate all the energy you are sending my way… trust me, I… we feel you too!!

((((((HUGZ)))))))) of bliss and wonder!!

Lisa Gawlas    Fathers Day Special:

Hypnosis Page and Passcode:
You are going to find the beginning, the induction, tho much shorter on the second recording, is part of a master CD I had professionally created.  I spliced it with the hypnosis event of the guardians… you can tell the sound quality difference… but knowing it before hand will not have your consciousness interfering in the process.  The 3rd and final one was recorded as it was done with the group (per the Guardians instruction) so the beginning is a bit choppy starting (sorry.)
The passcode is: neverthesameagain
Unfortunately all the hypnosis audio’s automatically starts, even tho I have it set not to.  Please just hit the pause buttons to stop them.
Enjoy the Journey!!!!


  1. All I can say is…WOW! Two halves of a whole, for sure, you two are. I bet you’d be totally bowled over if you woke up tomorrow and discovered that *he* had baked a bundt.
    Here’s your funny for the day:

    (notice the bathtub)


  2. I’m so very pleased for you Lisa!!! 🙂
    Big (((hugs)))


  3. I am laughing that you know that Shaggy song! Ha! lol!
    Hey to all who read this, does anyone out there live in NYC?


    • No, but does upstate NY count? That’s where I am…


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  5. ;_-)
    fab sharing as usual Lisa


  6. Lisa I am so happy for you, you totally deserve this. And I have to admit…a tad bit jealous! LOL! So I am vicariously living through you and a certain other who reads this and has a marvelous relationship!


  7. Lisa,I am following your messages @ 4 websites from 31.8.2011 profond firsthand information about NEW energy movements.please my heartfelt grattitude,read this message & listened to above audio clips,got electric shock like,vibrations on my hands,feel field is getting activated around me.Dhanywad.


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