Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | June 8, 2012

Separating Time from Space With Creator Energy!

I am actually writing this blog over two days (yesterday and today) simply because I woke up too late yesterday and never came back and finished what I started.  So I am just going to show you the difference in the days by putting a part 1 and a part 2 together. (smile)

Part 1:

I do not know why it didn’t dawn on me for the first moment that with this powerful lunar eclipse / venus transit combo, there was going to be some serious new and intense energy released to the planet.  I know it takes 3 days from start to finish to be able to “read” the new energies.  I was dipsie-do-little tho.

My first reading on June 6th showed up on the field, but the field did not show up at all.  The only thing I could see was a billowing of what I am going to call pixelated rainbow energy coming from somewhere deep with the Mesa rock streaming out into the field, into Life!

There was no familiar energy silo, dome, or even the 4 fields of life (directions.)    I looked up, down, under, anywhere I can possibly maneuver my vision towards and it was all the same… the pixelation of the energy really had me baffled tho.

My 2nd reading of the day, same image but with an added detail.  On either side of this pixelated energy stream, close to the Mesa but on this side of the River he had a fire lion on each sides (right and left of the energy) and each lion was standing on the back legs with paws in the air.  The lion on the right side was much more brilliant than the one on the left, but the left one was pretty detailed as well.   All I could feel for sure thru his fleeting reading was an alignment with the Leo timeline.

This morning I have a feeling what we got the pure privilege of bearing witness to yesterday was that true unlimited potential in the highest field of manifestation of all life.

So here we are, all of our deepest heart desires we held within, finding form and expression in life.  Keep in mind, so are unresolved fears, if there are any left!  Also, if there are any fears present, they must manifest first… lessons in progress, the opportunity to free them once and for all!!

Part 2:

There is so much to share, every reading yesterday left me excited to no end and I am going to detail as much as I can and even include an exercise that came thru one of the readings.

There is obviously a lot happening in my personal world… NO, NOT THAT!! (grin)… but my blue-eyed man is still here and will remain here indefinitely.  But we will get to that in a bit.

All four readings yesterday showed in the same area of their life… deep into the  West Field area walking forward.  Keep in mind how significant this placement is.  The West Field now encompasses your complete harvest of energy.  All your past, future, and off planet mastery is now available to you.  All of your good karma coins, your wisdom, truths you have discovered… all there in your personal field of life.  In order to access it, all you have to do is breathe and pay attention.

As the readings have been doing, each built onto the next with clarity and understanding.  I also just realized something, and until this moment, would have never realized the significance of it all…

Because of all the new visuals, new understandings, super new potentials within all of our lives, I found myself backing up thru the readings to tell the person a bit of the reading prior, or the one that fit with prior understanding in regards of what I had seen coming thru.   As I “see” it now, I was taking a handful of someone elses energy field and connecting it to the one I was reading for.  Very much like sharing codes and potentials directly for the other to use to enhance their field.

Even as I understand that I remember a sharing I did I think last week, where all of our West Fields will be available to each other, to help, enhance and expand each others journey thru our own harvested energy.

In the field of energy… in the field of pure unconditional love there is absolutely no “this is mine you can’t have it or use it.”  Instead, quite the opposite.  Even by virtue of these sharings… you have full and absolute access to the energy fields, the codes, and the potentials being released thru this (and any another) sharings.  Your only responsibility is making sure your own personal vibrational field is high enough to use what is being released!!

I think what I am going to do in this sharing, is sort of lump the readings together, otherwise this sharing will absolutely become a novel!!

My first lady and my third lady were so much like book ends of understanding to each other.  My first lady appeared on the field riding a liquid yellow energy wave, that seemed to just be forming, into her future.

This liquid yellow energy is really important and available to ALL who have cleared their vibratory field enough to ride it, to use it!

Going back to the time the Guardians shared the hypnosis events back in March, especially with the Eye of Horus event, the liquid yellow energy of the soul of creation itself.  I actually just reread the script for that hypnosis event and it is full of this liquid energy understanding and I think I just may do this Eye of Horus event again today!!

Anyway, if I am understanding this all correctly, we can use this energy, the pure liquid soul of creation itself to create all that our hearts (not to be confused with the head) desires!!  The Will of Creation IS the Will of your Soul!!

Her team actually mentioned learning to separate space and time, so there is no perceived delay in the manifestation of desire.  My third reading gave us a wonderful exercise to start to do just that.

Keeping in mind, everything is intention and focused use of your Will… of your personal power.

If you can imagine that time and space have been conceived as one, inseparable energy giving way to the illusion that everything happens over time in our lives.  It is the concept of time where we have the hardest time creating instantly, instead we believe if we focus on it today, we may actually get it tomorrow, or the day after.  It is now time go beyond that.  Time and space are only held together by the glue of our belief system and here is a wonderful (but far from easy) exercise to start doing each and ever day… several times a day!!

If you can imagine your right hand is time itself and your left hand is space.  We are lead to believe that time and space is one energy glued together.  So imagine there is this glue on both hands, and now place your hands together (as if you were praying.)  There is a feeling of time and space being glued together and now with all of your feeling (not just visualizing but feeling the concept of time, feeling the concept of space and the binding that appears to hold it together) start to soften.  Soften so much that time and space start to become unstuck by the glue.  Feel how sticky it is as your hands separate from each other.  Feel everything else that may be presented to you as you separate time and space.  Start to feel the freedom of no longer being bound by time, feel how unlimited space really is.

Practice this until you know in your heart with certainty that you have separated time and space and now replace the glue that once held it together with the liquid yellow energy of the soul of creation.  As you fill what appears to be space between your hands with the liquid yellow energy place your heartfelt desire within it…. perhaps you have carried some sort of illness or chronic pain into this new energy, release it.  Fill the yellow energy with health.  Pure, radiant health.  Place your whole body in the field of liquid energy and feel all the yellow seeping into you, health being the only outcome.

Repeat as often as needed until health is your only reality.

You can do this with anything… a home, a car, a job, a divine counterpart.  As you become efficient with your own world, imagine what you can bring to life for the world around you!!

There is so much more I want to share with you, but I am not going to have the time to do that today.

I know I left y’all on a cliff hanger the other day (smile)… so I do want to catch you up to speed with what is happening in my wonder-full world of creation!

This whole thing (smile) was really hit home to my heart yesterday by my third reading… my lady in Switzerland when she asked about her divine counterpart.  I had seen him (for her) in the fields of July and she was already walking towards him.  Spirit had said something to here that just stopped me in place… because I knew exactly what was meant

Spirit said she will start to feel him before she gets to him.

I had already talked to my blue-eyed man about this.  It is one thing to acknowledge it as a potential and a whole other thing when spirit puts it in your face!!

The first and second of June, at night when my own day was done, I would be sitting on the love seat watching something or another on TV and both of these days I felt absolutely wrapped up in a “relationship energy.”   I could feel the presence of someone here, in my home, in my life that was a very special and loving part of my field.  It was strange to say the least, because I live alone and had no one even close to that feeling in my world.  Yet for two nights the feeling  persisted.  Then on the third I woke up leaking from every crevice.

On the day of the Venus transit I took my new friend to the pictograph park in Albuquerque to watch the transit.  I showed him some of my favorite places there, one place was a look out over a valley of lava boulders.  We were standing by the front of the car and I watched as my energy and his energy moved in front of us and had this hug… the hug was filled with that relationship energy I had the previous two nights.  I blew off the feeling….

The next night I had a guest over and the three of us were talking, and once again that crazy relationship energy was threaded thru the room.  This time so pronounced I could not ignore it if I tried.  I know I live knee-deep in weird just by vertue of my life… but this intense feeling was really weird even for me.

But spirit is so pesky, I have already missed one opportunity back in 2002, I don’t think the field that loves me so much is going to let that happen again!!  Obviously.

But I am still not rushing anywhere.  (smile)  Fortunately I am not on a time constraint of getting it all done in 5 days or miss the opportunity forever!  Phew!!

There is always a gift (yeah, we’ll call it THAT) with any new relationship potential… resolving unresolved things from your past.  Dammit!!

For all of my life I have been anal about not getting involved with married men…. period.  Most of my past relationships were married men who just snuck into my heart and once I found out they were married I had no choice (according to my own book of rules in my life) to toss them to the curb.

So am I surprised that my new friend just drove out of his 26 year marriage to my house??  Yes, dammit!!  I do want to say it was a mutual agreement between him and his wife that the marriage is over as she was busy playing with other toys in town…. but still!!!


I have had no desire what so ever to open this neatly tied, wonderfully justified box of “don’t do that”…

Gotta love the humor of this pesky universe!!  The story will continue!!

These are the times we have all dreamed about… Play out loud and with joy!

(((((HUGZ))))) of wonder and desire!

Lisa Gawlas


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  1. (((((((((((HUGS))))))))))))


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  3. I love, well all of it, but in particular…”Her team actually mentioned learning to separate space and time, so there is no perceived delay in the
    manifestation of desire.”
    This resonates with recent experiences, just couldn’t have put it into those words.

    Thanks dear Lisa and enjoy ol’ blue eyes! I’m probably not the only one living that vicariously!! How fun!


  4. LIsa, I am so happy for you! You and your man open the field for us all. I spent the Venus transit with one from my past whom I knew to be my beloved. Spirit brought us together again for 3 days (yes the time constraint) at an event with many others and I was shown we were to again anchor divine love on the planet as we did on 10-10-10. That had resulted in all his darkness being released and was the end of our few weeks together. So, now together again. Merger happened without the physical yet so powerful. Yes, a look can do it! Whew. I am still integrating and pulling myself back into wholeness. He says we will continue to unwind this and he will make his way out of his life of service with the tribe (he travels with his Chief teaching around the country and running sundances) into the life of his heart’s desires. (He is a bard, a poet)
    I am ready for my beloved to be with me. I am breathing deep and staying unattached if the energy will manifest through him or another. I was shown on a deeper level that indeed we are twin aspects of one another. I sang parts of his soul back to him through many dimensions. Life is a magical mystery tour and shows up in ways we cannot foresee. I was open to being present for him to make amends and relieve himself of the guilt of how he ended it. I was not prepared for the miracle that took place as so much of his fractured mind returned to wholeness. To find that the possibility of our togetherness was once again on the board. (after a long year of holding that desire so present in me and then finally releasing all) Lesson in mastery to be so present yet unattached to the outcome. When he left before, my heart shattered in a thousand pieces throughout the cosmos. When I was asked to merge with him again for the transit, I surrendered, knowing that I might once again find my heart in shards. Yet, I have discovered that the shards have allowed my heart’s capacity to love a hundredfold as each shard becomes the whole.
    So, playing with the liquid lovelight of my dreams and your exercise Lisa to bring about the reunion with my beloved, not focusing on the form it comes through. Feeling the joy of our new world of community where deep heart contact is the norm with all. Where each knows the beauty of their own heart. We have entered the magic lands.


  5. So so happy for you Linda .. what a wonderful sharing.
    `When I was asked to merge with him again for the transit, I surrendered, knowing that I might once again find my heart in shards.’
    … this illustrates such a trust .. and such a courage of the open heart.
    Really beautiful …
    Much Love


    • Dear Matariki,
      thank you. I am feeling proud of my courageous heart! Breathing that heartlight into the moments where my mind goes to wanting anything from or with him. Ahhh……
      love to you


  6. Lisa,
    When Aaron popped into my life out of nowhere (after having sworn off relationships, I was gonna have some ME time) I didn’t know what to think. I had just come out of four year’s worth of an abusive relationship that I had poured all of myself into. It was a growing experience because it forced me to have the courage to walk away from all of it, him, his family, our future. So when I find out, on our first date, that he and Aaron share the same birthday I almost ran away screaming into the night. But, pesky Spirit, had laid one on me the moment I met him: I already knew him. I had never seen him in my life but I knew him like I knew breathing. But everything was wrong, I had a career as a nurse, he was a waiter with 3 credits to his name. He didn’t show up with the trappings of the “mate” I had envisioned for myself. I had to make a choice, and I am so glad I did. I was at the edge of a cliff, and I knew about the pain waiting for me at the bottom. There was nothing discernible on the other side, but I knew I couldn’t NOT do it. So I took a running leap and jumped, and to my delight I discovered I had sprouted wings. I know I’m more of a “speed demon” than you so go at your own pace, but trust yourself more than you trust anyone else (sound familiar?). It will be the ride of your life 🙂
    Loving Blessings Upon You!
    Gina (Seren Poeth)


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