Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | June 1, 2012

Energetic Reboot May 31st – Where Are We Today??

Yesterday, the last day of May felt like a planetary reboot!  I have never been so knocked off my own axis in a very long long time.

My first attempt at reading really started me wondering what was happening.  I couldn’t even pick up the first light particle for my lady at all.  Nothing, nadda.  Even trying to hold a coherent conversation was becoming a challenge.  I really had to work my brain to formulate sentences that made sense.

I decided to take a bath before my 2nd reading, hoping I can find some charge to at least see a connection…nope!  The only thing I was able to witness in this attempt at meditation was my entire team from the Pleiades in a portal of energy directly above my heart, looking down and smiling.  That visual lasted long enough for me to notice, then it went away.   I was not finding any of this something to smile about!!!

So, since I was already in my bath I figured I will do something constructive while there.  I took out my double helix DNA and decided to have a go at releasing what I no longer need.

There is something about doing these exercises in a complete and full void that was really disheartening.  As soon as I put my hand on that DNA strand all of a sudden my mind worried about releasing something I loved.  The moment I had that strange thought I put my DNA back, stunned really.  Then I just laughed at myself.  Since when am I worried about releasing something I love.  I am not even sure what was at the root of that thought and maybe, in truth, I didn’t want to know.

I eventually got over myself and brought back that strand and milked it.  I squeezed the strand hard and I could feel something gathering with the downward stroke.  As soon as I got to the very bottom of the strand I heard a ping, like a pebble dropping into my bathtub.  Being in the void I had no way of know what it was, I just know something was removed.

I got out and attempted my 2nd reading… again, a complete blank screen.  Not even a small molecule of light.  I have been in and out of the void all year-long, but always have been able to at least pick up some sort of light… not yesterday!

After rescheduling yet another reading, I decided to sit down and have brunch and watch my boys (Jon Steward and Steven Colbert) on HuluPlus.  I figured I would be grounding and not thinking all at the same time, coupled by some good giggles.

Keep in mind, I get TV thru my DVD blue-ray wifi connection only.  I don’t have cable.  The TV started doing things I have never ever seen it do before.  First it was flickering in and out like a strobe light.  I rebooted the DVD player, same thing happened.  I rebooted again.  Then it just buffered and buffered but oddly enough, in the same exact place each time.

I felt like I was truly in an episode of the twilight zone!  I took to my Galaxy S phone, it was flickering in and out… then would just crash.

What the hell????

By the time my 3rd appointment rolled around my brains were severely mush.   I am so grateful my 3rd appointment was actually excited to be rescheduled until after the eclipse… phew!  We had a wonderful and energetic conversation about these times we are in.

I have a feeling, I was purposely put on a Light fast yesterday, because when I got off the phone, there was nothing left of my brains at all.  I mean nothing.  I couldn’t even muster the energy to do my dishes, I really needed to sweep and wash my floors, instead I laid down on the couch and slept til after 5:30pm!

My entire sleep time consisted of being out on my own field as if I showed up in my own reading.  There were serious tornadoes in each area of my field with my consistent dream-attention on the South field.  The tornado energy was like a foggy gray-white super spinning funnel cloud in each one of my outer most fields.  I believe there was a bigger funnel cloud in the center of my field, which is where I see the “energy silo’s” emerge.   Now that I think back, it was as if this whole consistent dream was being shared by the center of my field.

I kept trying to wake myself up… the winds were blowing so hard and I kept hearing what I thought was “wheres Wendy”  once I got out of my dream long enough (minutes maybe) I realized what I was hearing it “it’s windy” but I kept going back to sleep… being pulled back into sleep and more tornado energy!

I made myself wake up when i realized it was after 5:30pm and I was just exhausted!  I went straight back to sleep just after 9pm and slept straight thru to the morning (well, my version of morning 4am lol)

If this tornadoes energy was happening to everyone (and I really feel it was) I am so grateful I wasn’t caught up in their tornadoes and my own, I would be a cripple today!!

I had looked all day long at to see if we had some serious flares or CME’s taking place, even this morning they don’t say anything about solar events yesterday… yet… so many of us know something serious took place.  We felt it to the core of our bodies!!

I also want to mention that we had a good momentum for the June gathering happening here, there one by one and even two by two, people decided to go elsewhere.  When I pondered it all I could see and feel was like an earthquake shaking up the ground so many people were running away from the epicenter of it (which I suppose would be here.)

I also know there is something huge about mid-June.  I still don’t understand it, but the visual has become more and more consistent.  Big, billowing black smoke, dirt, not quite sure what it is really, but it emerges from the ground and rolls forward into our future.  Like anything else, we either roll with it or get caught up in it… whatever “it” is.

So here we are, in the much-anticipated June dateline with more power points than we can shake a stick at!  Whatever this energy of June represents is so new I cannot even get oriented in it right now to do some sneak peaks!

This is going to be one very interesting month!  Power up – Buckle in and take plenty of naps!!

I am going to go polish my antenna!!

(((HUGZ))) of fully active tornado love to All!!

Lisa Gawlas



  1. Lisa, It will be interesting to see how this all ties in with SO much that is being “seen” and “expected” and HOPED for this month. May we ride the wave and land on the shores of a Beautiful NOW.


    • Amen Donald!! I will be sooooo disappointed and sad if I cannot read today. I have never looked forward to seeing and understanding a month as I have this June-July period we are in! Wowza!


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  3. I was literally knocked off my axis yesterday when I fell flat out on my back. I immediately noticed that my whole sinus cavity just seemed to open up. Yup, I was looking too last night to see what the heck was going on……unbelievable fatigue yesterday and again today and I hurt like hell from head to toe!


  4. Today we have in DC, MD, Va region Tornado watches!!! Strong storms, it has been mild so far here though!


  5. I have so much Gratitude for these tell-it-like-it-is sharings. I was truly frightened yesterday because I was utterly immobilized, and with what little brain activity I could muster, I feared that I had finished off what might be left of the inside of my head by taking too much pain medicine for too long. What a relief.


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