Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | May 24, 2012

The Tides are Turning – Which Stream Are You Paddling In?

Here in New Mexico, the winds literally started blowing early yesterday and continue even now.  As the day ended last evening, the energy within the winds picked up and for me, seemed to become much clearer, energetically speaking.

My first reading of the day reflected that intensity, altho I never really put it all together until this morning.  He arrived on the field in his amniotic sac of energy as the folks did the day before.  He had new elements happening… a torrential down flow of rainbow energy thru the very top of his amniotic sac.  This flow of energy was the most intense I had ever witnessed in any reading.  This energy billowed down in a stream that was at least 3 feet across.  I could not tell why it was there or what it was really doing.  But man oh man I could feel the power of it.

Beneath his feet was another stream of energy come up from the ground, pure liquid yellow energy.  This stream was not as intense or as wide as the energy coming in from above, but it too was as purposeful and as elusive in understanding as the rainbow energy.

I thought of my own walk up the mesa cliff and the two very different energies filling me…. the earth energy and the sun… above and below meeting as one and today thru Sunday starts to complete infusion process (not only housed in our body but our entire energy fields outwards.)

I suppose this gave us some understanding of what this final power node really means to us.  Completion, infusion and the beginning stages of living Life in this powerful energy.

The field of life itself, a pure mystery.  Everyone and everything was in embryonic sacs of blue and violet.  I could see the movement within the sacs, very much like looking at a mother who is 9 months pregnant and watching the baby move from within her belly.

The only thing we could discern with any real meat and potatoes was the Venus Transit on June 5th.  For him (and let me be clear, it will not be “this” for everyone) it was a massive gateway opening.  I could see the energy of this gateway and let me tell you, it was a huge opening with a color spectrum of every shade of blue against a pitch black sky.

I did everything I knew how to get to the understanding of what it means to him (and others aligned like him) and I could not tap the first little piece of understanding.  What I did get from him thru our trek thru the first week in June was that he was a blue clump of energy.  When we connected to that part of himself his blue clump of energy went from being about the size of a basketball to as large as he was.  It took on the form of looking very much like pac-man.  Ohhhhhhh, I just realized something….

Before we got to “June” I moved him in his timeline to just outside of his amniotic sac.  I had seen him looking like a grayed-out popye form.  Arms flexed as if to show his muscles… but yet colorless in that moment.  I understood he was filled with unforeseen potential and his journey was to bring all that to Light (as all of ours is.)

I only now understand the image was showing his spiritual strength.  But who really knows how strong they are until they actually use their muscles.  In this case, it is both the energy of life as well as spirit.

I had seen 3 yellow orbs suddenly appear, each about the size of a golf ball.  The first one rested against the palm of his left hand (grasping what his heart desires in physical life) then one appeared at the palm of his right hand (grasping what his heart desires in his spiritual life) and then one in the center of the heart chakra.  Again, it is only this morning I understand that the only way his right and left palm orbs will work is by the true and pure energy of his heart center.

I watched as three streams of a lighter yellow energy went outward from each orb creating a V shape as it stretched into the 1st of June (the bottom point of the V was in June.)  That is when the energy shifted to his huge blue sphere of pac-man looking energy came to the fore… and the mouth of pac-man bit down at the connecting point of the 3 yellow streams of energy.

That was very much representing the biting off of the umbilical cord.  One final step in severing all the old energy and completely Being the New!

I could not see a thing past the June 5th Venus transit gateway thingie with him.

By the time I got off the phone with him, a 30 minute reading that ended up lasting 70 minutes, I was in la la land!!!

My 2nd reading had the appointment day wrong, so she didn’t answer her phone when I called… twice.  I do believe that was a good thing on my end.  Had I looked for one more minute at the Light I would have blown up!!

My first appointment was at 8am, my last one was scheduled at 1pm.  By the time I called my 3rd appointment, there was nothing left to me but this super sized pressure of energy pushing downwards on my crown.

I have a feeling that rainbow energy intensified its flow as the day progressed, and it was already pretty flipping intense at the start of the day!!

I was loop-de-loo all day long.  Immobile for sure!

My landlady came in later in the day to give me my mail and we talked about the last few days, the intensity in the body and the weird feeling of stillness in life itself.  Suddenly, I could see with crystal clear clarity and understanding the flow of lifes energy doing a 180!  It was as if I was witness a torrential river’s flow suddenly make a U-Turn…. we are in that U-Turn right now.  Because it is completely reversing direction, we feel it as stillness, utter stillness.  Hang onto your bootstraps… it is only for a moment!!  I even heard the field say “The Tides are Turning.”

Strangely enough, I thought of Mark Zuckerburg and his IPO fiasco, and my own karmic journey with greed.

He started Facebook caring less about money.  He truly wanted to provide an amazing service to the world, and he has done exactly that.  He didn’t start out looking to make money at all…. at all!  He was in complete integrity with his heart desires.

And like so many of us who start out in absolute integrity (of providing a service) those he started to surround himself with became about the money.  His business flourished with an energetic miracle grow very few people see.  I had seen this myself in the mid 90’s.  Granted not to the billion dollar level… but when you go from working minimum wage jobs and your company pulls in a gross of just under a million dollars within its first 18 months in business… it changes you.  If those whom you surround yourself with are looking for the green, you start looking too.

Somewhere along the line we lose the integrity, the drive of purpose we started out with and start to look at how big our own personal bottom line could get.

Ohhhh isn’t that America!!  And we indeed are her children… until we are not!!

Integrity… the pure energy of hearts desires will never look at money as its end result.  That is purely ego.  When our self-worth is aligned with a dollar sign… watch as the tides change in this new field of life.  Look at the hornets nets of Facebook.  It was all puffed up with itself and within days, the air is billowing out of itself.

Mark lost sight of where he was going, as did I in the 90’s.  Even as I lost my entire business, my home, most of my friends that were aligned to my money… I rebuilt my life next to the dollar sign… until that collapsed on me too, for the final time.  That was 2000.

As I attempted to sleep last night, something so incredibly strange started to happen.  The winds, which have been blowing steady all day long started to blow the desert into my home and onto my face.   Granted my window was open, but there is a screen in place as well as a wicker-like shade that was completely pulled down.  Yet, the winds, the dirt of the earth made its way into my home and kept landing on my face, waking me up with a grogginess that allowed me to feel….. something.  I could feel the change of energy in the wind, the circulation coming from the West, blowing into my back window and creating music with the wind chimes that hang at that window and completely wrapping around the north side of my house and meeting me inside on the couch I fell asleep on.

Part of me thought about closing the window, another part wouldn’t even think of it.  What was happening felt purposeful.  I could feel this energy… this howling wind in a way I never had before… with the dirt of the earth landing on my face (identity.)

As soon as I acknowledged the thought that the earths identity and my own were merging as one the wind picked up so hard it blew the wicker shade off the window and landed right on top of me!

I closed the window!

I woke up to the dawning light of day, and once again it all felt different.  Morning felt different, the air felt different, everything  feels different, especially mySelf.

If I can close on this very important note:  Be in integrity of All you do and say.  Ride the passion of your heart without fear or worry or an expected dollar amount set upon it and you will ride into a heaven you cannot even imagine!!

Indeed, the tides are turning and starting to flow Our Way!

With so much love, joy and eternal gratitude for All of you!!


Lisa Gawlas


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  4. Don’t know if I caught it here (i dont track where i get what anymore)…

    But it seems as though “time” reset on Sunday when the Sun entered Gemini while also eclipsing with a NEW moon.

    Astrotheology…study it and let all mental fears ease…far too much makes even more and more sense the more and more I just listen to speakers speak on it. Its as if truly, I am just remembering this stuff…

    One Love Adonai


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