Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | May 23, 2012

The Merging of Our Harvest and the Osmosis of New Energy!

There is no doubt we are building a whole new story!  How we think, how we feel and act in life matters more now than ever before!

Everything about the field yesterday felt different, looked different and is very much in a stage of (re) creation.  My first reading of the day appeared in a really big amniotic sac.  The sac or bubble was very clear and reflected the light of the field on its surface.  She stood there and looked very much like a fetus growing.    I instantly heard the field say, this is no ordinary growing process, it is in a state of rapid acceleration.

So I moved her a head in time (days) to her embryonic completion and when she walked out of her bubble sac, I had to gasp!  That dome of energy that had been so prevalent in the last 5 months, that personal magnetosphere of energy now made up her very skin!

On the field itself, it was simply filled with light.  No familiar structures or imagery I could see at all, save her big bubble.

As I contemplated what this imagery change meant to her, once again the field said that we have arrived to this point in time with a “buffer” between what we thought, how we felt and what we did and now that buffer is gone.  We are now going from thought to result.  We do seem to have the rest of May to get our bearings tho!  (Phew!)

When she emerged out of her bubble she was facing her future, which was also the West field as well as her spiritual side.  As I was trying to discern which applied to her reading, the field said it is all one now.  However, the rest of May will be very much like the North field, rejuvenation time… the last of its kind.

As I watched the inner DVD story of her near future unfold, I was really becoming boggled.  The imagery, understanding… so new, very detailed, I just couldn’t completely wrap my understanding around the details tho!

As she approached the June timeline, she seemed to move into the area I know as the West field.  This alone seemed odd as we had walked clockwise so much and she was walked counter-clockwise.  Again, what the field released in understanding is that we are walking new.  All we ever need and desire is already there for us.  To be perfectly clear here.. this only applies to those who have cleared their way (mind and body) to hold the 6th dimensional fields of life and higher and has been actively living their truth out loud (not in the shadows of fear.)

As she seemed to simultaneously be in her West field and the timeline of June, something really strange started to happen.  First the field said that three things are going to be released to her thru the first half of June.  I understand too, these releases have everything to do with what has been currently harvested and stored in her West field.

Keep in mind, our West field represents everything we have ever grown in every collective lifetime.  All of our good karma coins, all of our mastery, spiritual wisdom and so much more.

Ohhh my, here is some added input that is exciting (well, at least it is to me.)  We we start to really interact and grow together, everyone’s West fields merge. My mastery becomes completely available to you, and vise versa.  This will very much be the playground of life we experience as August!

Kewl beans!!

I then seen her step into June and this large handful of, energy I suppose, was released and started to seep into her.  All I could think of was like a process called Osmosis.  This morning, as I continue to contemplate the fullness of what is happening, I googled osmosis and found a very interesting video of the process that seems to have given us even more understanding too.  Click here to watch the video.  When the video talks about added molecules, think of relationships… especially those I refer to as Divine Counterparts… for any part of this process to work as designed, parts (me and you) must be equal (whole in and of them/ourselves.)

Once I had seen the intake of this handful of new energy it created a whole new energy network in her exterior grid.  It was as if it lit up or maybe activated a section of her grid work and should she choose to follow the energy trail, she would discover something new.  As hard as I tried to get a visual on what exactly (hell, even vaguely) was going to be “new” they (spirit) blocked out any understanding.  The only thing they left clear was the process itself.

This process would happen 3 times (separately) in the first half of June.

She had asked about her husband and children, this became interesting.  Her children (tweenagers) were in their own (much smaller) bubble of energy connected to the back of her large energy bubble.  Husband was out and away from her about 10 feet.  He had those arms crossed and simply observing her as if he was trying to figure her out.

I will simply refer to this stance as a fence sitter.  The only way to get someone, anyone off the fence is by them using application of this new energy in their own personal lives.

I don’t care how much a person can parrot spiritual concepts, the only thing that matters is application and full use of these “concepts” in life.

Suddenly I had seen something so surprising it almost knocked me off-balance. My awareness was brought into the middle of July, all the way down to the very ground level.  The ground had clumps of blue and violet energy piled very high everywhere.  Something started to rumble at the ground level, I could see the blue and violet clumps move and vibrate, but they never lost hold of each other.  I clearly understood that whatever this represents, will knock the fence sitters off the fence once and for all.

Try as I might, I could no see or understand what this “event” was… but the energy of it was unmistakable!  Like some sort of major earthquake, but felt deeply internal to every person sitting on a fence, as opposed to a literal earthquake.

My next lady really threw me for a loop, especially since spirit called her by name in my meditation hours before.  (see yesterdays 2nd blog)

As soon as I connected to her, I could feel the stress in her voice, she was worrying about something!  This whole experience with her gave me a deeper insight into this new landscape we are now living within.

She was a pool of beautiful water on the ground.  I knew the energy of this “water” from the visuals now of the ocean of “thy will”.  I could feel the electrical charges within her pool of energy.  What I couldn’t understand so much was why is she a pool of energy when the other lady (and now my first reading of today) was/is in an amniotic sac?

I am going to give you the understanding of all of this, it is so so important for all of us to feel, understand and integrate within our new lives.

When we have any discordant energy moving thru us, it removes the binding molecules of form… from us.  Example:  Lets say we have a heartfelt desire and that desire is deep and constant and then we bring in the density of worrying how or if that desire will manifest collapses the potential… hence the pool of water.

Changing your focus to the desire already made manifest, details unimportant (smile,) with deep and utter trust that your hearts desires will be fullfilled in our (new) field of matter, brings it all to life.

I even watched as her three spiritual guides stood near the outer edge of her pool of water watching her, their arms crossed.  I am now really understanding this whole “arms crossed” in readings is a cutting off of vital life energy.  In this case, her worries were cutting off their ability to participate and help. (Which is what they stated back to her.)

We (those who show up in this high energy field of life) are in a whole new relationship with life, with our guides, with everything.  Clarity, focus and trust binds all that is needed together for fulfillment in life.

As she and I moved thru this reading, cleared the energy of worry from her field and her water, the outcome was assured for as long as she remained in this space.

There is so much more to talk about, but… that is tomorrows sharing.  I woke up really really late today and my day is steam rolling ahead!

We have arrived in an amazing place on earth.  But like anything new, we must adjust to it all!  Use this week wisely!!

Big big ((((HUGZ))))) of co-creation and joy to All!!

Lisa Gawlas 



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