Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | May 20, 2012

The Buddha, The Christ and Thy Will!

Well here we are, the day of reckoning!  Phew what a ride!

I want to start this blog by thanking, with my whole heart and soul, the three lady’s who showed up for a reading yesterday.  Altho they showed up hoping for some personal understanding, they gave the world a gift instead (and all got rescheduled too.)  Thru each reflection we now have an understanding of the days and months that lay ahead.

My first reading of the day is always my most difficult.  It takes me a while to see where the field is now and try to comprehend what on earth I am seeing when I find it’s visuals!

The first thing I had seen was this almost blinding funnel of Light that was in the center of the field itself and stretched up as high as my vision could go.  This Light funnel was unique in and of itself.  It was a white like I had never seen before, with reflections of colors thru out it.  I also realized it was multi-layered, which made it really hard to see thru.

I was hoping to out smart the field (yeah right) and move my vision to the top of this Light funnel and look down inside, the higher I went with my vision, the higher the funnel went out of my reach!  Talk about interactive!!

So I gave in and told my client that I cannot see beyond the Light funnel, when suddenly I seen something else inside her funnel of Light.  I could see her at the ground, in the very center of this funnel.  As I looked closer, she was very much the Buddha energy.  She was vibrating to the color gold, I could tell she was sitting there crossed legged facing the Mesa Cliff – West.  It was at a point I could no longer separate her energy from that of the Buddha!

So we talked about this visual, the more I understood it, the more humbled I became.

The Buddha gave up his worldly life in search of enlightenment.  Haven’t we all done just that to get to here, more or less??

She was sitting inside the Pure Light of the Christed vortex.  The Buddha and the Christ are one energy, holding the portal of this sacred moment of time open for all of us who took the leap of faith to get to here.

Please don’t misinterpret any of this with religion itself… has nothing to do with  that.  Buddha gave up his cozy life in search for HimSelf, Christ was born with the codes and abilities and his life was spent learning to Master HimSelf and taught anyone who would listen how to do just that within their own life.

I had to smile when, later in the day, I received a message from my lady saying: I have been chanting this mantra since I found it last night. ” guru guru, wahe guru, guru ram das guru” Buddhist mantra.

The field showed without a shadow of a doubt that she was heard and desires fulfilled!!

My second lady had the same intense Light funnel, I half expected her to look like a golden Buddha too… not even close!!!

There she was, standing in all her glory, arms stretched out in alignment with her shoulders filled with violet and blue energy.  She too was facing the West.  With her as well, I could not go beyond what the field was showing us.  All I could really understand was that her entire energy field matched the energy field of June and July, but what that really means to her… clueless!  I could not tap any additional information as hard as I tried.

She did ask an interesting question tho, that I feel is very fitting for many people.  She asked about her husband.  Instantly I had seen him in the far distance on the left side, outside of field of Light (this field reflects those who vibration to the 6th dimensional fields of loving energy.)

He was standing on the download of the Mesa Cliff, arms crossed against his chest with this look of “let me just wait and see what this is really all about.”  I also got the filling thru his energy field of having way too many conflicting and some down right inaccurate information about “these times” and instead of getting caught up in figuring out what is true… he just took a back seat until he sees for himself.

The light field around him looked very much like dusk-time on earth.  Not very bright, but not completely without light either.  There will come a time for him (everyone who chooses this stance) where he is going to have to choose what his experience is.  For now, it is like standing steadfast at the comma in a sentence without any other words flowing.  You create the words!!

My last lady left me utterly baffled!  Beautiful, beautiful image, but I kept feeling like I was missing something so important, yet, couldn’t tap into what that was.

She stood there in her Light Funnel as tall as tall can get.  She too was facing the Mesa Cliff, but she was different.  She had the most amazing butterfly wings that had to be at least 5 feet wide.  Her wings were so wide they poked out some of the Light Funnel.  Her color scheme, breathtaking in a color spectrum I have never ever seen before.  Her body matched fully the color of her wings.  I don’t even know how to describe these colors as they were unique and new.  The main color was like a perfect blend of gold, yellow and tan… sort of.  Other colors too like blues and pinks… again, not of our (current) color spectrum tho.

All I could feel with her is transformation.  By this time, my own antenna was giving out… I was having such a hard time staying in this reading.

I finally did understand that all of humanity is within its own Light Funnel.  This funnel will connect to the full eclipse itself, download all your new codes of life.  Like a brand new baby comes into life with codes, connections and mastered abilities so are we.  Today truly is a whole new beginning for humanity.

It is only this morning do I understand the fullness of what was reflected back to us yesterday.  Life itself, thru these 3 precious ladies, showed us what our summer looks like.

The day of the eclipse (today!!) the Christ and the Buddha become one within all of us.  June and July we start to spread our wings (arms) and immerse ourselves in this new Life and learn how to live in a new, unified way with each other.  Deepening the energy of the Buddha-Christ in all of earth thru our participation within it.

Thru our dedicated participation, transformation is assured.  We are the butterfly – Free beyond our wildest dreams.

I did attempt a meditation after my third reading, really just very curious about the big glowing yellow thing in the center of the Mesa, all I could hear was “Thy Will” which brought my memory bank back to the mountainside in Vermont and a prayer I said day in and day out: “I will to will thy will.”   Back then, I was still a recovering Catholic, so my God was “out there somewhere” and it was that outer god’s will I released myself to.  Today, My God is in and thru everything.  So who or what is the “Thy” of the will??  I almost feel like I got a smirky grin back.

I was sitting on my couch, half because my body felt like it blew up.  Ohhhh the stretching and expanding just hurts sometimes, ummmm. a lot of the times!!  I thought about the days readings, about that yellow thing in the Mesa and the (still) falling rock exposing “Thy Will” and suddenly, out of the clear blue I was shown something I had never ever ever seen before… the other side of the Mesa Cliff.  My vision has always stopped at the Mesa Rock and spreads out left to right, top to bottom, but never beyond the Cliff itself.

OMG… too tooo toooo funny!!  Not in a million years would I have seen this connection in all the prior readings.  Geez!!

A week or so ago, I wrote a blog called “Standing on the Cliff of I Can’t,” on rare occasions I would see my clients on the top of this Mesa Cliff, which also represents pure ascended energy, or at least I thought it did.  Ohhh my goodness… ok… let’s start this “holy shit” understanding from the beginning!!

So as I was sitting on my couch pondering, I suddenly seen beyond the Mesa Cliff as it was still crumbling.  It crumbled enough to reveal what I can only describe as a sea of energy on the other side.  It reminded me of an ocean, but yet, was wholly energetic and the blue’s that were reflected there…. phew!  Now I remember the soul energy color of last year, the light blues… which were in this sea on the other side of the Cliff.

There was already people splashing and playing in this energy sea and my whole body skipped a beat of excitement.

This visual left as quickly as it came.  I was stunned and really didn’t get what was shown to me (us) until right this minute now.

The Mesa Cliff is the ascended sacred ground of Life.  It has been here for over a million years and reflects the soul of the universe for those with eyes (and camera’s…smile) to see/sea!   To stand on such sacred ground is to allow life to crumble from what it once was.

Those who have placed themselves (energetically) on the Mesa Cliff has been filled with the energy… the worry… of “I Can’t” even if it has been painted as something other than that with personal thoughts and words.  As your personal reality changes, crumbles, you have one last choice… fall with the rocks… or swim in the energy of “I Will.”

So with all that, I have to ask our dear, beloved universe… why wait til today to reveal such a profound understanding when I have been seeing people on that cliff itself for months?

Smirky grin coupled with the most beautiful song of angelic “aaahhhhhhhhhhh.”

I am going to close this by saying… don’t get caught up in the falling rock… look deep inside and find “the sea of thy will” and swim deeper, faster as if your life depends on it… because in truth…. it really does!!!

I do want to share an email I received last evening from a lady who lives in my bookend… my beloved Vermont.  Beyond a shadow of a doubt it shows how we are all connected, receiving, experiencing thru the Light and heart of others and how much we are One.

I’m up here in Vermont.  
   I have to tell you what happened as I was reading your blog this afternoon.   I have always really connected to your blog and today was way beyond that.  As you were describing your connection with the rocks of the Mesa cliff my hands started vibrating and forming an energy ball between them, very intense (nothing like this has ever happened before!)  After finishing the reading of your blog I had to take that ball of energy and incorporate it into my heart and then let it expand, which I did.  Then I took my hands, which were still really energized and did some form of ritual “blessing”, first to Mother Earth and then everywhere, everyone else.   I know that somehow I have a very strong connection to you and I wish I could come out to your gathering in June, but I have to wait and see what my sons are up to first as one just finished up college and I have to pick up the 2 of them next week.   If God is willing and the creek don’t rise I will see if I can make this trip.  This thing is building up a momentum of its own so we’ll see.

I would like to change the spelling of her last word…. to SEA!!  And simply say you have made the trip already in a way that transcends space and time.  Thank you for not only sharing your experience but fully embedding the energy into Vermont as well!!

From Sea to shining Sea we are already together and we are ONE!!

Happy Solar Eclipse everyone.  May the Christed Buddha in all swim freely for all to SEA!!!

I love you!!  And to my lady’s in the field of Light yesterday:  THANK YOU!!!

Happy Re-Birthday World!!


Lisa Gawlas


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  3. Beautiful Lisa! This rings so true for me.
    xo enjoy the view of the eclipse … from the sea!


  4. I was give a beautiful message about butterflies in that they flutter about visiting flower buds, spreading pollen (ideas, light, codes) and continue on to visit other flowers. After they leave the flower blooms fuller for the butterfly having been there.


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