Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | May 15, 2012

The Deepening – The Holy Re-Union Underway!

There are things happening in my personal world that I have got to stop and notice the frequency of.  The one thing I am sure of, if it is happening in my world, it has to be happening in yours too!!

On my way into town yesterday I contemplated the series of events this week and  the Guardians started talking about this as “the deepening” and yapped about it into town and back home from town and made it a point that I share these experiences with understanding in my next blog.  Here I am!! (smile)

I have already shared my experience with the horse in a blog the other day, which was sudden and surprising in and of itself.  But then several more events have taken place since then, and now putting it all together, a bigger picture emerges.

My son finally got to spend some real quality time with his son this past weekend, the first time in 3 months.  The day he was leaving to head to MA to be with his son for the weekend, I swear to god I was as excited inside as if I was going with him. I mean, strangely excited.  I could feel the joy of my grandson reuniting with his father as if I was feeling it from his perspective.  It really was as if everything they were feeling, I felt within me as if it was my true feelings.

In the reflective, informative car ride into town yesterday the Guardians had pointed out how much my son lives in a world of understanding (spiritually speaking) and takes full responsibilities for his own actions and initiates change when his actions have a less than pleasant outcome.  He has been living, full on, this way since the birth of his own son just over 2 years ago.  He has been raising his vibration thru action intensely.

When two frequencies match each other, the tendrils of their energy fields merge into a oneness.  Combine that with the pure, unconditional love energy shared, separation can no longer exist.

From what I understand, there is a deepening happening on earth thru every single unconditional love relationship that exists.  Those still living in a conditional world of love and expectation, there is a movement away from this vibration.  Which is why we are noticing some relationships getting stronger, others we can barely feel any longer.

I can actually feel this relationship even in my clients.  There are some, actually, quite a few,  I just want to reach thru the phone or computer and hug forever.  It really seems to be heightening more and more each day.

All the discordant energy… that seems to be somewhere in the outfield.  You can see and vaguely feel it’s presence, but even in the present moment it feels like a dream that is fading.

On Mothers Day, I was sitting down by the river just having a loving moment with nature.  I realized that all the tree’s and plants had two very consistent energy/color fields to them.  Green of course, but they all also had yellow flowers and/or pollen within them.  I instantly felt this river area is the heart (green) and soul (yellow) of this Mesa.  I reached for my camera phone to take a picture of the tree’s across the river (the river itself is maybe 6-7 feet wide, it really should be called a creek!!)

As I got the landscape centered in my phone a soft wind started to blow and there are two plants that sit directly left of me when I am at that place on the river, they started to bend forward in front of my camera.  All I could feel was these plants wanted their picture taken as well!!

Now these two plants are already special to me.  I brought my tree stump seat down to the river in January to give myself a place to sit while there.  I set up right next to a bush and these two thins stocks of something or another.  Everything was completely bare in January.  For a moment I thought about polling them out of the ground for my own “space.”  I couldn’t do it.  It was life I invaded with my self, I simply cannot, will not kill something because I want elbow room!!

As the spring emerged and these two thin stocks started to grow leaves, their beauty and simple elegance graced my heart.  I gave them such thanx for being there.  I realized too, they had babies.  I honored the whole family.  We shared these moments every time I was at the river.

So when the wind blew them into my picture frame, I had to pay attention.  I said ok, I will take your picture too.  I snapped the picture of the tree’s across the river, then stood up to take a picture of my two green friends.

Like the horse the other day, these two plants (pictured above on the right) stood tall and erect… they posed for the picture.   Even the wind became very still.  When I sat back down on my tree stump, the wind picked up again, only now instead of these plants bending over my lap, they were reaching for my lips, brushing gently against my face.  I said are you trying to kiss me!!  I could feel their gratitude, their love and appreciation for taking their picture too.  For honoring them.

I stopped to really feel what was taking place.  The wind had to know exactly what these two little plants wanted and obliged.  So many different elements interacting, coming together as one to create a desired outcome.

This was truly a special gift from my mother (earth) to her beloved child.

All of these events sit on my heart each day… building one upon the other.  This is the life, the relationship with life we are moving into.  So many people are watching a world collapsing… I am immersed in a world emerging.

Even tho yesterdays readings were all rescheduled, we did get some tidbits of info from the preview.  My first lady of the day showed up just outside of that golden shower thingie I had seen day before.  She had a child holding each of her hands as she complicated moving forward.

She was set up on a pathway of white energy.  Turn the “red carpet” into the white carpet, that is what it looked and felt like.  I told her it looks like you are really walking down the aisle to your wedding and your boys must be the ring bearers!!  Then I got that huge ah-ha feeling again.  That big golden ring that holds the white curtain in place… truly a wedding ring!!

She was at some serious choice points, which is why I say she was in a place of contemplation.  Every day we are all making choices, as subtle as they may be for some.  They are building to the outcome we shall experience.

As we talked and schemed together (she will be here with her sons for the June get together) I had seen something amazing and new appear in her reading.  I huge golden box with a bright yellow/gold bow wrapping it up.  I could not get a sense of timeline with this golden box/gift… all I know for sure it was somewhere after the eclipse, and not too far after either.

Suddenly it hit me… a wedding gift!!  Well of course!  But no one in the field would let me unwrap it and peek inside!!  Dammit!  Even now I hear the field say, commitments must be made (hence, the wedding vows??)

As synchronicity has it… after my day of readings I get sent an email about this solar eclipse coming up.  I could feel the cogs of the wheels starting to move within me.  The email was talking about information from a site called “Heaven and Earth Astrology”   Even tho the sharing of his information made tangible the sharings of my information this one line tripped my trigger:  According to NASA’s Fred Espenak, “annular eclipses have a special charm all their own. During an annular eclipse, sunbeams turn into little rings of light.

WE are those rings of light, the golden energy of the circular curtain that has been (temporarily) placed on us as we become ready for the heavenly ring of light.  Two wedding rings!!! (smile)

My second lady was still undergoing Light infusion in her brain.  I could not see the field in detail, but man oh man I could feel the pressure in my own brain.  It started with pressure at each temple then blended in with pressure at the base of my skull where the Medulla oblongata is.

When I am in a reading, I do not use my physical eyes to see.  Instead, I place them on the floor, so my head is usually tilted downwards facing the floor thru a reading.  Once I realized I am not going to be able to see anything until she is done with her energetic brain re-wire, I sat up and looked outside.  All of a sudden the pressure was now on my forehead too.

I fully realized her Medulla was being worked on, which intensely affects our pineal gland, our Light centers within our brain.  She had said she had headaches this week… of course, I have to celebrate and get excited about that (even tho headaches suck!) but it just shows how deeply and permanent the re-wire is taking place.

I had some time between my 2nd and 3rd appointment so I decided to take a bath.  Phew baby… what a surprising and wild ride that was!!

Instantly I was out on the couch with Jorge… very much where we left off the last time we were together in a meditation.  But he had no skin on and everything unfolded so fast I didn’t even have time to dress him up!  He took our energy bodies right out to the river, where I usually sit.  It was weird because there was no separation of our energies fields at all… kinda looked like one, I just knew there were two consciousnesses (my own being one of them) within the movement

We sort of sat on my tree stump and this energy was radiating out from two areas of our (combined) energy fields.  Really large circles moving out of our crown upwards.  Very much like ripples in water, they got larger and larger as they went up.  Also tho, from our heart chakra too.  This energy went horizontally out where our crown energy went vertically up.  I could see sparkly (tho translucent) energy pinging off all the rings of energy from both the crown and the heart.

I became aware, very very aware of the landscape around me.  The air, the wind, the river, the plants and tree’s… every single thing was… geez, I am not at all sure of the word I want to use… receiving (but so much more and deeper than that) this energy.

All of a sudden this shot of energy, almost orgasmic, suddenly shot out of my heart.  My body was sure surprised!!!  It was such a concentrated burst of energy and I could see tons of elementals flood out of my heart center and went off into creation.

I was dumbfounded by this sudden and unexpected experience.  I was instantly reminded (as I lay in my tub wondering… what the hell was that??) of a time so long ago (2002.)

I was sitting in the Edgar Cayce A.R.E. meditation garden outside in Virginia Beach at the waterfall they had created there, doing a “nothing in particular” meditation.  When all of a sudden thru the waterfall came tons of elemental’s heading into me, chanting: Sha Wah Nah over and over again almost in a sing-song way.

On my drive back home my team told me that was my name in spirit (my soul name.)  I never realized tho elementals took up residence within me!!  10 years later, they have found flight again!!  That was the end of my meditation.

Altho I knew this was no ordinary event, I had no clue what it could possibly mean.  My day was about to show me.

I had to go into town for a follow-up eye exam from last week.  I wrote about my vision several days ago.  That for ever a decade both of my eyes were -3.25 and over the last couple years my right eyes vision (emotional field) actually improved to -2.25, but my left eye remains unchanged (physical life.)  I even made mention I needed to work on my physical life to start improving my vision there.  I have a feeling, between everything I shared up above, my cutting back smoking cigarettes (hey like I said, quitting is a process) and starting a Sweating to the Oldies workout routine… I must have done something significant because in 6 days my left eye’s vision is now at -2.75, so he changed my prescription.  Not huge in the grand scheme of things, but my eyes are showing me I Am changing!!  Happy Dancing!

But even more than that, my eye doctor was overly nice to me during the visit, so much more than last week.  The guy in the sales department equally overly nice.  I bought two packages of lenses and he dropped the price (this is at walmart mind you.)  My lenses were supposed to be $35 each, he said I am only going to charge you $30 each.  Wow, thank you!  Then he was adamant about giving me free solution.  I told him I had already gotten some last week, he went on and on about how he had too much in stock and wants to give some extra.  Fine by me… I am truly open to receive!  He came out with three extra bottles of cleaning solution and told me not to ever buy any more to just come back and see him.  This is a sales experience I can cozy up with!!!

On my way to Walmart yesterday my sunglasses broke.  I thought, just shit, I am already way over budget with spending money, but I must have sunglasses.   I had to get mailing envelopes for the crystals about ready to journey to their new homes next week, so I picked up the envelopes and a new pair of sunglasses and a couple of household items and checked out.  After I checked out and walked away from the register I realized the girl never rang me up for the sunglasses, even tho she asked me if I wanted them kept out of the bag.

All I could feel was spirit really has my vision covered!  I just hope keeping my new sunglasses without actually paying for them does not turn into bad karma coins.  Gulp!

Our lives are changing… deepening with the All of Creation.   Effecting All of Creation.  And to think…. we are really just at the beginning!!

I am so grateful to be alive at this time, aware at this time, connected to each of you at this amazing time of Life’s history.

I love you so much and honor you more than you know.  Together we are One and changing His-Story – Our-Story!

Big big big heart-full ((((HUGZ)))) to All!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  The Gathering of Empowered People will happen June  15th thru the 18th in Jemez Pueblo, New Mexico.  This is a free event, in support of each other’s growth and desire to be together and learn from and thru each other.  I created a guest book on this (pretty bare) page to get your input as to what you would like the weekend to entail. 


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  2. Lisa I have had similar weird experiences with money lately.

    A group I joined up for $100 a month (debt restructuring group) refunded me in full without asking when I canceled my membership.

    The hail storm that destroyed my windshield, well I got it replaced & they charged me for it, but then well didnt…I am waiting for it to come back through in a couple weeks I guess but its odd that as of this moment, I have received a free windshield but watch that video again, I LAUGHED MY ASS OFF when it happened…maybe its karma coming back?

    It’s all an illusion! OMG!

    Your plants remind me of this: Singing plants anyone?

    One Love Adonai!



  3. I’ve had the same lovely experiences for a while…but today I got a little nudge to clear some more of my issues around money…which I thought I had.
    Nothing disastrous…just a little nudge…that made me sit up and take note…cos all’s been so peaceful in my world when one little thing goes wrong…ya really notice it.
    Beautiful blog as usual, Lisa
    Heart hugs to you


  4. Dear Lisa, thank you for sharing about the plants in nature…I also live that way, honoring all life, and practicing “mindfulness” as we are all one, and connected. Much love to you all. Deb


  5. Fabulous Lisa
    So much wonderful stuff which you share!
    Thank you
    Big hugs!


  6. Oh I love what you shared regarding the plants, I felt it so much, their love and consciousness….thank you Lisa for being so endearing.

    I’ve often wondered what to do when “gifts” appear like the sunglasses.

    I had the most amazing butterfly experience! They often swoop to me to say hello wherever I am in the world but right now I live in Manhattan and the other day I was walking, 25 minutes or so to work, and I had a butterfly escort the whole way! Not sure if there was a relay going on or if it was the same one but I was so happy, made my day. I love nature and it’s lovely creatures.


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