Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | May 13, 2012

Intense Light Infusion Underway!!

These last two days have been quite interesting and in their own way, progressive within the field of Light.  For us humans living in Light’s progress, it may feel less than progressive.

The day before yesterday there was a very prominent element to every reading… rainbow energy.  One lady’s higher self was cloaked in rainbow energy and at the same time, very fairy/angel like.  I could see her flying a few feet above her “human” working some sort of energy between her human, herSelf and the field of Light that houses the higher frequencies of life.  The only information that was given to us in this relationship was that she was being “readied” to live fully in the field and once there (in the field) the contents of Her West field will be released to her.  Of course… all depending on her immediate choices, but god forbid we they tell anyone what those choices are!!

Even with that line typed out, I hear spirit giving us clarity about our choices.  So, lets expand on that for a moment!!


When you and I look at the word choice, it can very much feel singular in its presentation.  For example, when I made the choice to leave New Mexico and return to Virginia… it seemed like a single choice.  Getting to that outcome of choice is really the end result of a series of internal choices:  Am I happy or sad about what I am doing?  Am I grateful or pissed that I have this choice?  Do I feel dread or excitement with either outcome?

It is really these more subtle choices that are fueling the experience of what ever the end result is.

Here is a really important aspect to remember.  We are never alone in making any choices… unless we choose to be.  We have a massive family of Light I call our spiritual team helping us.

In my next reading for that day, I could see this massive activity taking place near the lady’s West field (keeping in mind West is Harvesting all your spiritual energy for use and application in this beautiful and new energy we call Life.)  There were three blobs of rainbow energies working so quickly together.  Moving in and out of her West field and seeding her near future with this energy.  For the moment, all she had to do was be still and trust that the ground work was being laid out for her next great adventure.

How often do we feel we need to go pull on the sprouts in our garden to get them to grow already!  We have arrived in this new energy with a hunger, an insatiable appetite for the New and True and want to eat of it NOW.  But so much is still growing… being seeded…

Yet, there is this underlying feeling that when it is ripe and ready, it will be so sudden that it will make our heads spin.

And then the pure puzzle for my day.  A man who seems to be at the forefront of new visuals, new understandings in my ever evolving world of readings.  I had mentioned him several times before throughout the months, he is the one who has land enough to house a community and the heart desire to do just that.

Even before I called him his visual started to emerge.  I suppose I needed the extra half hour prior to his appointment time to really understand what I was seeing.

Imagine a massive wagon wheel made of pure moving rainbow energy.  A super large circle of energy forming the outside of this wheel.  Spokes all going to a center wheel that was (in appearance and contrast) tiny.  This was a constant visual in his reading (and before his reading) and filled the sky area of his world.  It was not above the sky, nor even close to the clouds in the sky, much closer to the earth… but above none the less.

When I connected to him on earth, he was in the dome of energy, the magnetosphere if you will and I could see the center of that rainbow wagon wheel above starting to emit an energy that connect to both his crown energy as well as the opening of the golden dome of energy.  An etheric connection was made and all of a sudden there was so much rainbow energy being funneled down to him thru that rainbow wheel in the sky that it was overflowing the dome of energy and leaching into the ground all around him.

He had told me that he has been practicing feeling since we last talked (especially since his team told him it was the most important thing he could be doing!)  He got a book by one of my most favorite people Gregg Braden, that talked about “The Lost Mode of Prayer.”   He obviously did his homework incredibly well!!  In Gregg Braden’s sharing he also talked about a man who went into his medicine wheel and “prayed rain.”  My rainbow infused man lives in Texas, a very very dehydrated state.  He practiced praying rain too… several days later, a nice rain happened.  Of course the processing mind wants to think it was coincidence… not even!!

He is truly firing up a grid of super potential in his world.  I now fully understand those spokes of energy within his wagon wheel vortex thingie in his reading represents those that will find him and become the community of spirit.

I will be making a road trip next month to see him and his rainbow land!!

So with all this rainbow energy being used and set free in our world of creation on May 11th, I should have been surprised when there were no real readings on the 12th.  I say no real readings because all of life was focused on their human in the reading and what was transpiring in this single (smile) moment of time.

Infusion to the umpth degree!!!

I woke up yesterday at 2:30am, more awake than I really wanted to be at that wee hour of the morning.  I got up and sat at the computer, figuring a long sharing was about to transpire.  I am realizing when I wake up really early, it is because there is a lot to share before my first reading of the day.

I sat here with an influx of jumbled information in my consciousness.  Blah… I eventually typed out a single paragraph (two hours later) about how the element of time is changing so much that my whole calendar seems out of sync with itself.  I am calling people at the wrong appointed time, they are calling me at the wrong time… it is like time exploded and no one knew where it belonged any longer.  We have become out of sync with time.

That was as far as I got with coherency of words.  I decided to take a bath… and went nowhere fast.  What is odd is I didn’t feel like I was in the “void”… I could feel spirit, but not get to one “single” thing in productivity.  So, before I got out of the bath I asked my team to at least show me what was happening within me. They obliged!  They showed me an image of stretching my crown chakra to the max and downloading floods of light.  Well, ain’t no wonder I can’t write a blog!!  So I did the only thing I could do… begged them to allow me to do the 4 readings on my schedule.

Once again, they obliged…. sorta!

I could see.  But what I see and what I understand sometimes are worlds apart!!

My first lovely lady showed up in the field with his crown chakra being filled with intense gold energy from her right side.  This was not only raising her entire frequency, but equally enhancing her entire magnetic field of energy, of life.  It was all being downloaded from her right side… obviously thru her spiritual life as it seeds her future manifestations.  Try as I might, I couldn’t move her beyond that moment.  The field is getting quite stubborn!! lol

However, something did float up into my memory.  May 15th.  How it relates, the field has not reveled… at least not yet.

When we were on that crossing bridge from April 28th thru May 3rd, several people had a date reveled to them.  May 15th.  As I am remembering it, the 15 was in huge block numbers, soft glowing white inside deep indigo blue making an outline to form the numbers.  Even then, not a whole lot of information was reveled about its significance.  So then, as now, I will simply break down the numbers.

One – New Beginnings

Five – Chaos and Change (chaos always precedes change…my life path number)

1+5= Six – Soul Partnership (AKA domestic harmony within)

Indigo is associated with the third eye chakra… how we see the world (and so much more than that, keeping it simple here.)  White obviously spirit.  Spirit’s energy, fullness and magnitude.

How does it play out for us…. I am truly clueless!!  Dammit!

The next lady on my agenda really took me by surprise (hell, everything takes me by surprise any more!!)  She was being stuffed full of Shambhala flowers.  All from her west field, in the full spectrum of left and right energy.

Once again, I simply bore witness to what was happening in her present moment and no one would tell us what that means to her!!  Pesky, secret spirit!!!  This is becoming more like the great tease for humanity!!

My third lady was a pure puzzle.  Something was being dropped down the left side (physical life) of her crown chakra  that I could not even describe.  Thankfully her spiritual team at least uttered a word for our understanding “Quantum Energy.”

But did they tell us how on earth quantum energy plays out in her life field… of course not!

Not one person could I move beyond what was happening.  No tip toeing into the future, beyond the eclipse… nadda!!  However, every one had me remembering the 15th.  But why????

Last but far from least was my last reading of the day.  She was different from the rest of the day.  It was pouring down Light Rain all around her, on her, thru her.  I could see both the liquid energy of the rain itself (emotions) and the white light within the streaming drops of rain (pure spiritual energy) everywhere.  But once again… have no idea how this plays out for her.

However, there was an added theme to yesterdays weirdness (smile.)  Our animals wanted to be heard!!

I will start with the beginning of my day.  I ran to the mailbox to get my Netflix movie out in time for the mail pick up.  It was about 7:15am.  I stopped at the top of my dirt road driveway to take pictures of the Shambhala flowers growing freely at that dirt cross-road (boy, never got that feeling/message until right now… cross road…smile.)  Just to be clear here…. since the day I moved into this place I have been seeing flower heads originating from the top of the driveway flowing down to where I live via the dirt road and some serious water energy.  The Shambhala flowers always had 4 petals and vary in color spectrum.  For the longest time they felt textured.. like the flowers in the movie “What Dreams May Come.”  So when I seen these flowers growing on the very dirt road I have been seeing them, my heart stopped and got really excited.

I decided yesterday to stop and take some pictures of these beautiful little flowers.  I got out of my car, took a few shots when I heard the softest horse sound behind me.  I turned around, shocked to see a horse moving up towards the fence as if he wanted to come say hi.  This is my front yard (more or less) and never ever knew a horse lived there.  I smiled and moved closer to him and there was something… I am not sure if I can even put it into words.  We seen each other.  I mean…. really seen each other.  The feeling exploded in my heart, and I cannot even tell you how blessed I felt (still feel) by this amazing moment in time and shared energy.  I asked him if I could take his picture.  I swear to god he posed for it!!

Although I love animals, I would never consider myself a horse lover, not like some people I know.  Yet, something inside of me changed in this experience… expanded maybe.  I felt him all day long.

One of my readings yesterday… out of the clear blue 3 bright and beautiful Baltimore Orioles showed up in the field.. backyard.  First time ever.  I pay very close attention when something new flies, crawls or walks into the field while I am in a reading… they arrive always for the person I am connected too. The fact that there were three is all about action and communication.  We looked up the message of Oriole and it fit her perfectly.

Another one I was reading for had a crow circling where she was at… wanting to get her attention too.

Life is truly and utterly coming alive and interacting with us!!  This is so beyond exciting!!  Granted, it always has been… but this…. this is even more than it ever was before!!  Something is different…  We are different.

We are in a time of great change.  WE ARE the great change!  Life happens thru us… not to us.  We are all being prepared energetically for the days, weeks, months ahead.

Our rest period is about to end!!  Yay????

I would like to take a moment and honor the Sacred Female within ALL of us.  Today is Mothers Day in the USA, and my heart, my soul and my gratitude goes to the Earth.  She has been my constant, my teacher, my love every day of my life.  To the energy of Gaia that lives and loves in and thru each of us…. Happy Mothers Day!!  I love you – I love us!!

Blessings of fertility to ALL… wrapped in ((((HUGZ))))

Lisa Gawlas


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  2. Hehe…pesky secret indeed. Although hubby and I did have an amazing massage last night…flowers everywhere…which I assume had something to do with this flower download…and hubby was an earth man to my flowers.
    Look forward to connecting again.
    Hugs to you lovely lady


  3. […] have already shared my experience with the horse in a blog the other day, which was sudden and surprising in and of itself.  But then several […]


  4. […] have already shared my experience with the horse in a blog the other day, which was sudden and surprising in and of itself.  But then several […]


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