Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | May 5, 2012

The Electricity of the Super Moon Charges the Ascended Light Field & You!

I find every day there is something so amazing to marvel over.  To have been so incredibly blessed to bear witness to humanities changes, from the inside out, over the last decade.

When I first started reading, the physical body was nowhere near in the light field it is today.  The emotional body was often heavy with issues and worries.  The redirects from a person’s spiritual team came often and daily.

Now, my gosh!  My eyes, my heart is humbled every single day.  The light is so bright, even the occasional worry is instantly freed thru a reading.  You, each and every one of you, are so beautifully magnificent.  I truly live in a state of privilege and blessing each and every day, because YOU show up and bless me by your presence of Light.  I evolve because you evolve!  I seek further understanding because you seek further understanding.  Thank you so much for pushing us all to our outer edges of understanding and evolution every day!

I remember the beginning of April’s readings… the field was really weird.  Everything seemed condensed onto itself.  The blue sky sitting on top of the golden dome, the dome so condensed it appeared the ground itself was in the dome.  It stayed like that for the first few days of April, then, thankfully, all the readings started to unfold at the top of the Mesa Cliff.

I suppose I never took to the time to understand what was really happening to the field, to each and ever person in life.  The varying details come in so fast and so ever-changing I rarely go back to remember what we had just seen and try to understand it more fully.  And then someone shows up in the field and your understanding of what transpired the month prior gets kicked open wide.

Now keeping in mind, what happens on earth, happens in waves.  Not everyone is going thru the same thing at the same time.  I think if we did, humanity would explode!  I say this, because I am sharing an understanding in a linear way, and there is nothing at all that is linear about what is transpiring on earth and within us.

The waves of change are ever constant.  There will be a time that everyone on earth goes thru the effects, that is inevitable!

April opened up with super concentrated intense energy released souly to power up all the light codes we downloaded and brought to the fore in March.  The energies of April kicked the last of our debris to the forefront of our lives to be released once and for all.  What I had never noticed was the expansion of the energies taking place thru the entirety of April… until I had this one connection yesterday.  Her entire reading seemed to take place for all of us to understand where we are and the enormity of where we have brought ourselves to.

The first thing I do in a connection is orient my field of vision to the field in which you live, then to you in relationship to the field.  I cannot remember ever “hearing” something in any opening of any reading before.  However, this one, I will never forget.

I could see the ever shrinking dome of golden energy that houses and energizes the evolved Light Body and I also seen this ladder going from the top of the dome all the way up to become level with the Mesa Cliff (but nowhere near next to the it.)  The moment my eyes met her body… it was like the visual itself took to the background and all I could hear was the song of the universe being sung.  It was a breathtaking, heart expanding “aaahhhhhhhhhhhhh” that fully encircled her.  I knew this sound, this chorus… I heard it once before a very long time ago (2002),somethings tho, ya just never forget.  (I have that sharing on my website called “Meeting God.” )

It is really hard to focus on the details when your whole atmosphere is alive with the collective voice of God.  But I am a trooper (smile.)  This heavenly sound was being sung all around her, but there seemed to be… hmmmmmm… geez, words, ya know?  I want to say a purpose, but that is so not the right word.  The sound was so encompassing around her and seemed to have movement… I noticed there was this interesting wispy like, soft white vortex that was surrounding the ladder her body was standing on.  This vortex energy was housed very close to the ladder itself, maybe a space of a foot was between the ladder itself and the wispy vortex.

I could feel the sound of heaven, the reverberating “aaahhhhhhhhhh,” moving up and down this wispy vortex.  Even now, as I am remembering, the sound initially was heard by my right ear, so we can look at it flowing in from her spiritual side engulf the entirety of her life, with movement.

As I pulled my vision back to get a broader scope of her field of life, I noticed that the ladder in which she climbed (and was at the very top rung of) was a moving field of rainbow energy.  The entire ladder was pure rainbow energy.  I had to really ponder that… What did this all mean in relationship to the chorus of heaven being sung!

I suddenly remembered the feelings of the rainbow.  The love, the gratitude, the grace, the joy… and I understood she enlivened all these emotions within her and represents the very structure of her life.  (Please don’t think that means she drips sugar from her pores 24/7, it simply means this is her core foundation within her life.)

As I got the understanding of her rainbow ladder sticking straight up from the middle of the golden dome of energy, I had to take a look at her.  As I said, she was standing at the very top of the ladder… with a feeling of… waiting.  There really wasn’t anywhere else to go.  I could see nothing above her or around her that would indicate “go here, go there,”  but a detail was added to her imagery.  She had a little sparrow in her hand.  Altho the rungs of her ladder were in directly alignment with the east and west direction, I watched as she was facing the north… her right side and was getting ready to set this bird free for flight.  I had to look up sparrow and then just smiled as I looked at the first few sentences:  Sparrow aids in opening the eyes to our self-worth and instills dignity and empowerment. He teaches the importance of voice and communication and the timing of exertion and retreat. It is time to sing your song in all that you do. 

We started to talk about what got her to “here.”  She has been dealing with Lyme  disease and completely switched her healing from traditional medicine to energy medicine… transforming everything within her.  She mentioned as well, about her desire to write a book to those suffering with Lyme disease and the energy benefits of healing and transformation.  Obviously completely supported and encouraged by ALL the universe!!

Then she asked a question, which gave birth to a new detail in her “field.”  She asked about her family, her husband and children as we go thru this intense time of ascended living.  The moment I had seen her oldest son (who is 12) I suddenly seen the bluest of skies just above her head (reminding me of the overlapping details from the beginning of April.)  As I shifted my vision over her head I could see the most amazing circle of energy emerge as if it was watery ripples within that circle of energy no wider than her wispy vortex.

I was truly taken aback…. excited, but equally surprised.  Like I have said so many times, in the moment when we are connected, I am often times just hanging on for dear life trying to understand what is being shown and bring you the clearest message I can.  Often times, the rest of the story is revealed the next morning.

I couldn’t understand yesterday why, when she asked about her family, did I suddenly see this potential opening in the sky… I do now (smile.)

The Power of Love

Pure, unconditional love is what opens doorways and portals within our life.  Her shifting her focus from herself to her children revealed the heavenly potential surrounding her (and all of us.)  Thru the asking she altered the field to reveal even more.  She shifted from herself to the community of her family with such a vibration of love.

Staying in the space of love is key!

I started to understand the emergence of the sky and the movement of watery energy within the circle above her head.  When I think of heaven, I immediately think of the sky and what is above it.  So the sky is representing “heaven” and her ladder is showing she is not attached to the life she is living.  She has elevated herself to reflect that very profound saying “Be in the world, but not of it.”

Thru this amazing imagery I now understand the message.  She (we, as a collective, that have readied our bodies and consciousness) have removed our attachments to life and are currently on the top rung of the ladder into the field of Heaven… not by dying, but by LIVING!!

Today, as I ponder all of this even more, I am suddenly reminded about this very special date.  We are in an energy portal of 5-5-5 (May 5th 2012) powered by a very timely super moon and the alignment of the Pleiades within the earth and moon energy.

A super powered time of accelerated change to the 3rd degree influenced and enhanced by the alignment of the Pleiadian energy, whom, after all, gifted us this precious thing we call consciousness of our spiritual Self.

As I pondered the enormity of today, I suddenly see this woman s portal of watery energy in the sky emit a tremendous amount of electrical bolts downward to her wispy vortex and her ladder.  Obviously, all of her life!  ALL of our lives!!

As I take a moment and move my vision beyond those who have climbed this vibratory ladder within our emotional field… I can still see the wide-spread bolts of electricity all over the realm of earth.  What I find really interesting… is the energy fueling the portal, super intense, concentrated, directed with purpose.

The broader view shows the same amount of energy but spread out over space and time… spread out over earth.  From this view, I see a lot of shadow images of people, of places on earth… some just keeling over, others knocked down in a surprised stupor, and others finding their way to the golden energy dome.

As this visual continues to unfold, I can see so many vibrant white energy hands inside the dome of golden energy reaching thru this protective field to assist those making their way Home.  However, it is really important to note… not one person in this golden dome of energy leaves it, they simply extend a hand of support thru it.  This is such an important aspect to pay attention to.  Extend a hand, but don’t go immersing yourself within the very thing you worked so diligently to remove yourself from. Your protection is within the golden magnetosphere of Love.

All of this pure energy being released by today’s super moon finds completion with the solar eclipse on May 20th.

On that note I will close for today.  Enjoy the power and energy of this moment in time.  It is life changing!!

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) filled with pure electricity and the pure sound vibration of aaahhhhhh!!

I love You!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  It is official The Gathering of Empowered People will happen June  15th thru the 18th in Jemez Pueblo, New Mexico.  This is a free event, in support of each other’s growth and desire to be together and learn from and thru each other.  I created a guest book on this (pretty bare) page to get your input as to what you would like the weekend to entail. 


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