Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | May 4, 2012

The Asexual Pollination IS Underway Thru YOU!!

Before I get to the incredible details that were released all day long yesterday thru every reading… I want to talk a bit about my own experience in the heart field of community.

As I was scouring different stores on the internet to get prices and comfortably of computer chairs to go to in the afternoon, I suddenly remembered the thrift store I got my couch from.  This is a family owned business, relatively new and the kindest people I have met.  I decided to call and see if they had any comfy chairs to offer.  Of course they did!  I took a journey into Albuquerque to go pick out my “new to me” computer chair with a budget of $100 that was gifted to me the night before.

Well, even tho the prices they had marked on their furniture were perfectly acceptable to me, the man who delivered my couch kept reducing the price for me.  I told him to stop it!  lol… but he wins, it is his store!  For $80 I ended up with everything I had on my “gotta get” list and still remained under budget: a small computer desk, a really really comfy computer chair, a coffee table to go with my couch, a small microwave oven, a little vacuum and some small household odds and ends.

So we struck up a new bargain too.  They are a husband and wife team, both do so much heavy lifting in that store, that I made them agree that I can gift them both a massage when they come to deliver the items that wouldn’t fit in the car.  They agreed and I could feel their appreciation of the gift matching mine with all my new necessities completely taken care of.  I so could feel the aliveness of community in the air.  The wife had mentioned how slow their store was the last two weeks, and I was even more grateful my heart energy put the money I was going to spend anyway, into their lives.

I even had enough in my left over to get another 50 pounds of birdseed, purchased thru a family owned feed store.  That $100 helped me, two other family own businesses and the birds, squirrels, chipmunks and bunnies that feast daily in the back yard!  That is taking care of ALL of life!  I stayed in that place of awe for the rest of my day… it was such an alive and wonderful feeling!

So now lets back up to the start of the day!!  Phew!!  These visuals are getting down right challenging to fully understand in the moment.  They are so incredibly new and unique!  Every single one challenged my mental matter to the hilt!!  Separately the significance could get lost, together, unmistakable clarity in what is happening now!

In one of the readings I could see these spirally flowing things streaming out of the top of the left side of the magnetosphere of the dome of energy enhancing the field.  Spirit called them  her “tendrils.”  They flowed like a wind sock on a gentle breeze, only straight up in the air.  Because of their combination of color frequency: white, yellow and a light gold… I knew they had something to do with her manifesting/attracting what she needs in life.

For those of you (like me) who aren’t clear on what a tendril is here is’s version: a threadlike, leafless organ of climbing plants, often growing inspiral form, which attaches itself to or twines round some otherbody, so as to support the plant.

Here is an added excitement point: Everyone who has developed their energy field to match the new grid, all have these (specifically charged) tendrils.  I will not always see them in readings, because there is so much more for us to understand about life now.  We are shown what we need to understand in our constant evolution in this new life, both for the client standing in the field, all of us understanding it thru the sharings I offer each day.  (How kewl is that!! )  If there are any details we share and you wonder about in your own reading that is not being shown in that moment… just ask.  (smile)

Another element in this lady’s reading was seeing a huge, I do mean HUGE flower right in front of her West Field (Harvest.)  She was actually sitting on a chair in her South Field (Full Bloom) before her HUGE flower showed up.  All I kept saying was “why are you sitting in a chair??”  As I looked at her body for an answer, I noticed her legs were a mixture of white, yellow and gold energy.  Ok so there is some connection to the tendrils, but one would have thought she needed to walk… to move… to her field of harvest.   Nope!

Here is the broader understanding:  We have worked our tails off to get to this state of Being.  A state of purely reflecting Spirit in all we do.  Now, we just have to sit back (more or less) and allow spirit to reflect the beauty of what we worked so hard for.  Because really, how many of us really know what we worked for… in truth and fullness?  I know I sure as hell don’t.  All I know is I am better for it.  My life changed, my health (or lack there of) changed, the lives around me changed.  If this was the only payoff, that would be enough for me.  But all of that is not even the beginning of what it all means!!

So now, we sit in the garden of life that is in full bloom and allow spirit to share the harvest with us!!  Co-creating…co-operating, together in oneness!!

As I started to understand her sitting in the chair, that is when this huge flower appeared.  The flower was equal in height maybe to a sunflower, but clearly was  not a sunflower.  It had four large petals over lapping each other.  The hue was a red/maroon color.  Red encompassing the field of life, maroon has violet in it (at least it does in my color spectrum…smile), encompassing the field of spiritual life.  A beautiful blend of energy.  The petals overlapping representing the community of life.

Then I had seen something to really wonder about.  Pollen started blowing out of the middle of this really big flower (yes, I am trying to get that message deep into our hearts… we are not small at all.)  I also understood this is her “Shambhala flower.”  She has become a radiant beauty in the now alive fields of Shambhala.

I am not sure if I noticed this detail yesterday, but I am vividly aware of it as I share… her pollen was yellow.  Sticky hunks of yellow moving from the center of her flower heading towards the tendrils flowing on the dome of energy.

OMG, I just got something else (this is just so exciting!!!!)

The way readings set themselves up is the dome of energy is in the center of what I call the field, just outside of it are the 4 directions I see and talk about.  There is a landscape between the dome of energy and the quadrants of the 4 fields (north, south, west and east.)  The dome and anything inside of it represents our spiritual energy, our spiritual life.  That which unfolds around it represents our physical life in relationship to the dome of energy itself.  If you are on the very outside of the gardens of life, you are still working towards balancing matter and spirit!!  (I really didn’t know that until now… go figure!!)

So, going back to this really big flower that is really her… her life, her field of harvest, her pollen… it was already bringing to her all that she needs in her next great adventure called life.  When it presents itself, all she has to do is get up from her chair and grab it!!  (We do require action… eventually, it is a matter of being still until it presents itself.)

But, as this thought zooms thru my excited brain… trusting in it all too, crucial.  My own example:  I made a conscious statement that I needed a new chair to sit on to do my work.  As the days heat up and the wood of my (now old) chair cuts off the circulation to my legs, I am ending up with elephant legs that actually hurt by the end of my day.  Every single thing that I do in my chair serves the greater all… and the greater all that lives thru each of us tapped a lady on the heart-strings and said…. can ya help your sister out…. and she did (same with my tires too).  I could have every easily saved that money, put it towards a bill current or future… surviving ya know… and in that moment of alternate choice I would not have chosen to seed other lives with the gift, to afraid I may not have enough later.  But also, my legs are so happy this morning and I have already been typing for close to 3 hours… that is refreshing in and of itself!!  It has not been my morning experience for close to 2 months now!!  Happy dancing as I type out (anything!)

Choices… ya know!  Every choice has a karmic back flow.  Every single one!

What I had really noticed thru the days readings that is so important for all of us to understand is the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine within ourselves.    We are birthing our lives within ourselves.  We must house and fully utilize a blend of our feminine and masculine energies for new life to be created.  The Divine Marriage has always been within us.  It is the co-creation process fully housed within our own body.  You can never, will never find this fullness, this life creating energy outside of yourself or thru anyone other than you!

Heaven, Life in all its radiance starts and ends with You!!!

Life is abundant with life, it always has been, it always will be.  You are the center of that life.  Together, in wholeness, we are the very pores of the same flower in which pollen is released for all of life to enjoy!

Let’s stick together and pollinate!!

For those allergic to pollen, what in life are you not appreciating?  Example: I had severe hay fever until I was 19 years old.  Always starting the first of August (my birth month) and ceasing with the first frost.  Let me tell you, I hated life, hated change, hated a lot of things.  My eyes would swell so much I couldn’t see… I could not… no…. WOULD NOT see the blessing that was my life.  I was too busy being pissed about the weeds of my life and not seeing the glory of the flower that was me… until I moved to Hawaii and became pregnant.  Love grew within me, it was the last time I ever had hay fever.

Just saying….

May is oozing the nectar of life… an elixir beyond our wildest imaginations!!

Pollinating ((((HUGZ)))) to All

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  It is official The Gathering of Empowered People will happen June  15th thru the 18th in Jemez Pueblo, New Mexico.  Before I do website work, I must get a computer chair (today) so my legs don’t swell up from sitting on a wooden chair for umpteen hours a day lol.  This is a free event, in support of each other’s growth and desire to be together and learn from and thru each other.  Details to come later today (this is an old page becoming new, very much like each one of us. 


FREE Brazilian Quartz Crystal, All three MP3 downloads to the Guardians Hypnosis Events and a FREE special 15 minute follow-up reading after the eclipse (May 20th) to ALL 30 and 60 minutes reading purchases between now and May 14th (Does not matter when the reading is scheduled.)  The Mother in ALL of us wants to live in FULL expression!!  What are you nurturing into Life?














  1. Lisa I absolutely loved this post. My body was reading it … my body was leaning in to every word.
    So much of this resonates with me. The plants and pollination … I had a dream a while ago in which my husband and I were joining together like plants. Other parts of what you have seen also tie in with what I have been reading from others too. It feels like so many pieces are coming together.
    So glad that your legs are happy now too.


    • (((HUGZ))) Matariki,

      Indeed the peices are coming together… finally!!! I so love your dream too!! As I was writing this I did want to put some focus/information out about two people coming together that have found wholeness within their selves… and the wonder that produces, but my team just simply said… wait. Who am I to argue? lol

      My legs have found the soft side of heaven… thank you very much!!

      Enjoy the power and majesty of this very special day!!
      More (((((HUGZ))))


  2. sitting back and trusting ….knowing the work is done. Wow, that is exactly what I feel iike….my seed bag emptied and now it is allowing them growth. I know that our flowers will be beautiful! Loved the flow you described with the chair and all the folks affected…..seeing the web of all life. I am seeing that in my life, the eagle’s eye view. where you are gifted with the broader perspective on what is happening on so many levels and it is more profound than we imagine!!! Loving you, loving us!


    • Hi Linda ((((HUGZ))))

      I want to acknowledge everything you wrote and shared these last few days here. I am so sorry to be more interactive, twice now by the time I got to replying to you, I was completely distracted by something else. Today, I am on a mission lol!!

      I am excited to hear about all you are experiencing too. We truly are all in this together… shared experienced covered by the illusion of having them separately… not!!

      I love ya girl, so much!! Thank you for sharing so much of yourself too!!
      Big big energetic ((((HUGZ)))) to you,


  3. Wow! So much good yummy news. Lisa that is so great to hear about the abundant day you had finding your comfy chair…I feel such joy hearing about your magical manifestations. I feel like you are (well of course you are 🙂 going to assist the couple you massage open up to a whole new them….I bet their business will pick up!
    Lisa and Linda…. thanks for your lovely comments re my vision. I appreciate that very much. I actually cried.


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  5. oh Gio, it is so sweet as we share our visions and hearts and feel one another so deeply. Lisa, thank you for your sweet words. We are all communing in our hearts, words seem suerfluous at times. I feel you and am so grateful for your dedication to put out there each day, what you are feeling and doing for all of us to benefit by. No need for any sorrys as there is only so much energy in a day and truly, I do not know how you do all that you do! I love you all, loving life.


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