Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | May 3, 2012

The Human Energy Field – Separation vs Community

Today is May 3rd, the day the Bridge of all that brought us from there, sits us down into here: The new version of the human living life on the new earth.  Unified in heart energy.

Yes, I know there are still quite a few old versions of humans living in their own vortex of old energy earth, that is their choice and someone else can keep their spiritual eye on their progression, I am all about ours!!

I do believe I understand a little more the electrical energy coming into us, and the hazard of it knocking us for a loop.

My May 1st was truly a day spent in heaven on earth, in texture, in feel, in all I could have ever hoped for May to be.  Yesterday, May 2nd, I could barely get off the couch.  I was completely exhausted and in the void all day long.  Trying to connect to people created massive amounts of yawns and tired tears.  But the strangest part of yesterday, was trying to brush my hair.  It was the most painful thing I had experienced.  Akin to someone who has pulled your hair as hard as they could for 15 minutes straight… leaving your scalp in pain.  Now it didn’t hurt until I tried to run my brush thru it and I could have jumped out of my skin it didn’t ache it freakin hurt!  I thought… what they hell.  The very top left side was a tender I could have lived without.  But, (smile) having the gain of the day before, I will endure it and just not brush my hair for a day!!!

Actually tho, it would make sense.  We have been so accustomed to be scraped clean and the sheer agony and depletion from that… that being elevated in every cell and every thought, has got to come with some side effects too.  I’ll gladly take ’em!!  The joy and the bliss remains, your just too tired to do anything with it!! lol  I did try to power up my locket, I couldn’t even muster a visual forget a pure feeling to charge it!

So with no readings to talk about from yesterday, let me talk about the many I have not even mentioned yet.  I will share they more like a soup, cuz I can’t remember the individual readings, but more the combination of energy fields.

I know learning to use all this new energy that is within us is going to be work.  But hey, we all worked our asses off to clear… so why not work our asses off to use the energy of pure spirit that is now available within us?  At least this adventure is exciting!

We are going to talk about the enhanced body system we now live in.  I want to start with the sacral chakra and a lady I read for a few days ago who had a massive bouquet of flowers in hers.  I ponder a lot.  The shear information I receive (thru you, thank you) leaves me reeling in conscious chaos sometimes! So much to string together and understand for use!

In the old energy system (and my readings) our sacral chakra was about our sense of self in the world around us.  Now it is about community.  Our sense of unified togetherness in our unique diversity as oneness.  This is going to be a very active time for our sacral chakra as we completely move from separation (our sense of self) to unity (recognizing me in every you.)  It is the energy source that fuels our desires to be together, to help each other.  To be in service to the greater all.  (Old energy is service to the self, survival, separate.)

So your fuel is coming from your sacral chakra moving up your core energy.  It must first pass thru the solar plexus.  Which gives it its charge to bring the energy/fuel into manifested creation.  No wonder our reproductive organs are governed by this area!!

Lets feel with that for a moment.  The solar plexus is the energy of the sun, the energy of and wisdom of our soul itself (not that the sun or our soul is separate at all…  at all.)  We can look at the solar plexus as the added ingredient that will turn desire into manifested reality.

If desire is yellow, then true desire must come from the solar plexus.  Our soul desires the experience of unified togetherness on the earth.  That is what we signed up for.  The more your focused on the community effort of life, the more enhanced your reality becomes by the very community of life.  We are moving thru a time where the old energy system is already in the midst of breaking up.

If there is any aspect of your life where you are not feeling supported thru your own desires… look and see how you are serving (or not serving) the greater all thru your efforts.  That added ingredient from your solar plexus is going to make sure you SEE what you may not be realizing in these changing times.  If there is any part of your life that is in struggle, look at your sacral chakra and your approach to life… self-serving or community (all of life) focused.  Your actions will show you clearly.

Small but relevant example…. oh how I love the end result of this example.  In being told (by my sons custody attorney) that the best thing for him and my grandson would be to move back to Virginia I did have a melt down.  My self-serving aspect that still very much lives within me came to the fore.  I didn’t want to move.  But that part of me that is so much stronger, clearer that loves the community I call my family will do whatever it takes.  The feeling that started flowing thru me from shifting from what I thought I would be losing (heaven) to what could possibly take place in Virginia, I was in with joy and conviction.  Two days later, the universe said…. psych… just kidding, stay where you are!!  Phew!!  We are tested all the time…. ALL THE FREAKIN TIME!  Of course there is no pass or fail, just do-overs that get bigger and louder!

So now lets say you are fueled by the greater sense of All, and your movements reflect that as it moves thru your solar plexus.  The next thing it moves thru is your heart center.  The very magnetic field of all life.

That magnetic field has a frequency that will connect to other like frequencies.  So if you are struggling to move out of a separation identity, you will find yourself surrounded by others going thru the very same thing.  Let me tell you, the greatest teacher is equally the most astute student.  Learn from everything around you… everything.  Take your lessons and transform them into wisdom (application of living.)

If you have moved into community consciousness you are going to find these times exhilarating (and exhausting lol.)  When you are focused purely on the greater All… you will find that the greater All is already at your doorstep with handfuls of love and support.  You don’t even have to think about it, it is already provided for.  Like my tires.  I forgot I needed them (since my 2000 mile trip was delayed) and out of the clear blue my earth angel I was reading for said “ohh by the way, I would love to get you tires.”  Really?  Just like that??

Last night I realized my butt is not very happy sitting for hours on end in this wooden chair.  I decided I must get a comfy computer chair so I stop swelling up from sitting here.  I placed it on my “to get list” and went to sleep.  This morning I wake up to a very unexpected donation of $100.  I am going to get my computer chair today!!  I might actually be able to sit here longer and actually reply to emails!!  To the Rose of my garden: Thank you so much!!

We ARE the community.  We are the bouquet of flowers held in love within the sacral plexus.  We water each other thru everything we feel to do and act upon.

AS we are feeling and acting, we enliven our passion center.  That high heart super amplification of energy.  Ya know, I just realized (man oh man, I really have to end being slow on the uptake) the passion center has one direction of flow… outwards.  How did I not realize that before???  All the other chakras breathe in and out… our high heart only moves outwards.  We must live and Be our passion out loud!!

That brings us to our throat chakra!!  This area is going thru a massive overhaul on every collective scale!!  Our Self Expression!!  Self expression encompasses the words we speak, but is soooooo much more than that!  It is who we are in life.  Who and how are you choosing to be in life.

I had a great conversation with a couple of Gods last night (yes, human gods) and we talked for a moment on my choice of expression and reactions to it.  I can surely cuss like a sailor… I was a sailor for 10 months, they taught me well. Funny how people can get so offended by my self-expression using the word Shit (yes, I capitalized it for a reason.)  The word shit itself comes from the old shipping days when chicken poop was transported via ships.  The crates would say: S.H.I.T. on them, an acronym for Ship High In Transit so no one would have to endure the smell.  I would love that all my words are shipped high in transit… I do my very very best to be a good fertilizer within this new world, if you are offended, check your sacral chakra, what are you believing about spirit!!??

Be real.  Be true.  Be honest.  Anything less… life will call you on!!

I do have to bring out too, something really interesting I had seen in a  reading the other day.  There is a massive golden ring of energy right at the foramen magnum, the hole in the base of our skull.  Now understanding that this gold energy is our magnetic amplifier, I found it interesting that we have this radiation, amplification at the base of our skull.  Of course it is exactly in the same location as our Medulla Oblongata

Scientifically the medulla oblongata functions primarily as a relay station for the crossing of motor tracts between the spinal cord and the brain. It also contains the respiratory, vasomotor and cardiac centers, as well as many mechanisms for controlling reflex activities such as coughing, gagging, swallowing and vomiting.

However; Scientists are becoming more aware that the human body can and does absorb energy; also, it is operated by a form of solar energy or electricity. The main input center is located at the Medulla Oblongata in the brain stem. This area of the body is called the Mouth of God by the ancient Masters of Life. The life energy was called the Word, due to its vibratory rate, which is audible. The Medulla Oblongata is so sensitive a pin prick would cause instant death, to tickle it would cause paralysis. Any other organ can be operated upon except the Medulla Oblongata. 

Scientists are becoming convinced that this center is the focal point of life directly within our organism that traps light like a plant and converts it into energy through photosynthesis. This is the real Tree of Life in the Garden of Cosmic Consciousness.

So everything that is running thru us, energetically is being amplified in our own garden of life!  It is this very amplification that is creating Heaven within us first and spreads out thru our thoughts and actions to All of life!!

Be That which you wish the world to Be.  Everything starts and changes with You!!

Holy freakin shit batman…. WE ARE AWESOME!!!

((((HUGZ))))) of wonder, and awe, and full on energy today!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  It is official The Gathering of Empowered People will happen June  15th thru the 18th in Jemez Pueblo, New Mexico.  Before I do website work, I must get a computer chair (today) so my legs don’t swell up from sitting on a wooden chair for umpteen hours a day lol.  This is a free event, in support of each other’s growth and desire to be together and learn from and thru each other.  Details to come!!


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  1. oh, I am signed up for another gathering then in Shasta. Hmmm….I love that you are making it free and state it is a place to come together to support one another. That feels so right to me, no longer wanting to pay to hear someone but rather it feels time to co-create! I so get the testing!! I declared to myself that I was done with visiting folks to hold space for them to shift. I heard loud and clear that my energy will be used to shift a larger audience and that it is time to land and find my own living space to regroup, center in as I move more out into the world. I find myself back in my former home with my sons and former husband (yes, my higher self set that up and a great shift and healing has taken place with him) while I look for a place. Offers are coming from others now to share spaces….looking tempting on the surface but again, the old energy of me being the battery for others. No thank you, I will have my own space or live in community (my heart’s desire) with others of like vibration. I am living that now with my sons and in a funny way with my former hubby too,,,,,he is not here much but he is providing the shelter for the 3 of us right now as we create our work towards the new human.
    Trusting the details and timing of my landing to the Universe and my higher self to orchestrate. Living the joy in each day……thank you LIsa for living yours!


  2. Oh, I know the scalp tenderness/hurting thing so very well. I actually remember it happening since my teens, now I just say “my hair hurts”.
    So, I would like to share a vision I had the other day in meditation since it reflects what Lisa is writing about and is soooo exciting for the collective. I was doing some dimensional travelling and came upon a wormhole, matrix grid type thing, then saw a black hole and heard a voice say, “Are you ready?” I didn’t have the fear in my solar plexus this time and I replied, “Yes, I have to face whatever it is…in my little mind I was thinking maybe it’s my shadow shit 🙂 but I didn’t care what it was I was going to see. Had enough of where I have been. So I went thru and ended up in my New Earth tree of life that Lisa saw for me in a reading a while back. It is in full vibrant bloom of deep green leaves with Yellow blooms! thruout the leaves and the trunk has gold threads of light grounding into the new earth and the grass around my tree is also lush and green with yellow flowers! Then I saw the old roots(old life. old earth) just hanging by a thread as my tree was near the edge of a cliff, a wide crevace and going down into a black hole I suppose. so, my human self went around my tree, me, and cut all the root threads and they all fell down into the black hole and as that happened the crevace starting to come together, the other side and my side shifting closer till they unified as one and all around were many other people’s New Tree’s of Life with yellow blooms and grass and yellow flowers…all exactly the same uniting on the New Earth creating a new grid. Yay!
    Thanks Lisa for your sharing.


    • Gio (((((HUGZ)))) my lovely lady!!

      I am so so so sorry for not being available to talk to you when you called, however I am so so so grateful you shared such a beautiful vision out loud for everyone to feel and get excited about!!!

      I soooo love your new earth tree, seen something similar in a reading the other day too… I would have never understood it had you not shared this vision and your understanding (thank you so much.)

      Hurray for you for being so brave to let go of the old life so you have be in the new!! I am happy dancing over here with you!! Even on the days I seem to be to busy to reply, trust me, I read and celebrate every single thing that comes thru these sharings.

      I love ya so much Gio… THANK YOU for sharing, we are all sweeter because of it!!!

      ((((HUGZ))))) of abundant new life to all!!


  3. […] The Human Energy Field – Separation vs Community […]


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  5. Yup, the Foramen magnum. Woke up Monday morning with my neck stiff, yet not the usual stiffness. Its coming from the area where the neck and skull meet. Usually I will feel pain on the sides of my neck, I think this may be a first where its right in there causing tremendous stiffness and excruciating pain. Its a little better today yet yesterday I had to ask whats up and apparently i wasn’t expanding enough communication wise. I’m holding myself back when there is no reason to. Thank you Lisa for sharing, this brings more light and confirmation to what I have been experiencing.
    Blessing to you,
    Sarah :0)


  6. oops what I meant re new grid (is in place already as we know) it was the connection of like minded community coming together on the new earth…just gravitating toward each other. Just makes me happy to see so many fully bloomed yellow flowers.
    Hope you got yourself a comfy chair Lisa!


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  8. Dear G, thank you for sharing that beautiful vision!!! I keep hearing myself in my dream state saying, “I AM ready!!!” and the angels laughing at my enthusiasm. I love that you cut the threads of the old yourself! You go girl! Our blooms, our beauty…….sigh. Thank you for the beautiful image of all us blooming trees…..excited for the reunion of us all in the new planes, heaven on earth.


  9. Después del verano, y la lluvia de otoño, temporada de lluvias, que es el mejor por la chaqueta, secar al aire para evitar el moho; Si hay moho, use un algodón humedecido en alcohol para limpiar con una toalla mojada, luego frote limpia, seca totalmente, entonces el conjunto es correcto. Pero tenga cuidado de no poner la exposición al sol, o es posible que desaparezca la ropa vieja ropa.


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