Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | May 2, 2012

The Power of May and The Life Changing Solar Eclipse

I have decided that if the fullness of the day yesterday was the opening of what we can look forward to during the rest of May, please sign me up for a double helping!!

But before I get to the vast and exciting details of what we can look forward to, I want to be very clear about something I overlooked mentioning yesterday.  The silver heart-shaped locket I wrote about in yesterdays sharing, is etheric.  You do not have to have a real, actual locket.  I will never talk about something then sell it separately.  If I had something that could enhance your journey in any way, I would include it with any readings, such as the crystals.

This is probably going to be a very long sharing, I don’t want to miss any details of the enormity of yesterday.  As this loving, supportive universe does, the days readings and my own life experience was a continuation of the sharing of the day before about charging your heart locket with feelings.

I could feel the moment I woke up, there was a break in the energy storm I had been rolling around in the last several days.  It was wonderful to wake up with a gleam in my eye again, as opposed to pressure banging on the heart.  I slept thru the entire night, that alone is refreshing!!  I was filled with tremendous gratitude from the start of my day.

My first reading was a woman in Switzerland.  There must be a pure spiritual vortex that encompasses Switzerland, the folks I have read from there so far… humbling!

The first thing I had seen (and remained consistent thru the entire days readings) was this massive funnel of intense pure white light billowing down into the magnetic grid I call “the Field.”   As I moved into the dome of energy that makes up this precious grid, I felt her before I had seen her… it was like a bolt of electricity came thru the white light pouring in and zapped the ba-jesus out of her (and me, since we are truly one in these readings.)

She was set up between the black hole in the center of the field and her south field, her summertime… the fullness of her life’s garden.  And then it happened again… another bolt of electricity came thru the in-flowing energy within the field.  Knocked her back at least 3 feet from where she was standing.  All I could think is… no more!!  Geez April was tough, knocked so many of us for loops all month-long.  How much more can we take of this intensity and being knocked off-balance!!

The zaps of electricity shot at her over and over again, but each time, she moved forward in a curved path to her West Field, her time of harvest.

I had to step back and really understand what was happening.  I became aware that the electrical bolts zapping her were really silver.  Every one originating from the intense in-flow of pure white energy into the magnetic grid.  I can get that…. the pure energy of spirit is providing the electrical charge of the earth energy to raise our electrical output in our bodies.

As I continued to ponder my “what the hell” question, the details of understanding started to pour in.

I instantly remember the sharing of the locket just a few hours earlier.  These electrical bolts are charging our heart desires, but equally, our very own bodies too.  An energy upgrade we have never known before.  Disorienting, yes, beyond wonderful… indeed!!

We are being supported in every conceivable way to work our mastery within. To dream our desires into reality.  To charge the very air we live and breathe in with hope and wonder.

To be part of this intense electrical storm that will be May is to know, we have arrived where we worked so hard to get to!!  Yay????

We have become so accustomed to the negative side of this journey… the cleansing, the clearing, the waiting for something that was always around the next corner… and threw us off-balance time and time again.  Now imagine how unbalancing it is going to be  to have your thoughts manifest in a double nanosecond (next month there will not be the space of the extra nanosecond, this month, we get a small buffer as we go from thought to creation.)  Hence living, feeling and thinking with your heart is crucial!!

When I had seen her standing at her West field, surviving the electrical output that got her to there I heard the field say: “This was in preparation for a dimensional split.”  So my first question to the field was… which dimension??  Are we going to the 7th, 8th… which one??  There are some things the field utters that tends to stay with me forever.  This will be one of those times.  The reply was in such an a-matter-of-fact tone… “You (the people on earth) have so misinterpreted and do not really understand the dimensions we talk about, let it be enough that this dimensional split is happening.”  (not the word shift, but split)

Alrighty then!

And then my electrifying client asked me a question… one I will be eternally grateful that she asked.  She asked about the solar eclipse.  In readings I am hanging on for dear life to understand what I am seeing and to accurately bring the understanding to you… somethings, I don’t even think about looking for!!

The Solar Eclipse May 20th, 2012

As soon as I moved her into the eclipse there she was laying straight across the ground, head towards the west, feet towards the east.  Flat out.  She was not moving a muscle.  I could see energy oozing up from the earth… a tanish and goldish color… very fizzy and foamy in my visual.  It was moving up the side of her body a few inches.  I looked from every exterior angle and had no clue what it was doing.  Ok, gotta look inside… but how??  I thought instantly of an autopsy.  Crazy thought I know… but when she gave me permission, it was a great thought!  I opened her up wide  from sternum to pelvis and about had a baby as I understood what I was witnessing.

I could see all her inners (guts) in detail.  I could also see this energy that was/is coming from the earth moving into her thru every pore of her skin and changing the very biology of her internal body.

I watched as this tanish/goldish fizzy energy moved into her liver… I could feel the biology of her liver change.  Like the old biology no longer exists and this new biology is truly the best we could have ever hoped for in all our lives.

With the infusion of this solar eclipse, earth energy our biology can no longer get sick, break down, deteriorate.  The aging process will not be accelerated as it has been…. if what I am understanding is true, we can move thru the next 100 years in this very body, looking very much like we do today.

The longevity, the health, the aliveness of our very cells!

The field was also sure to say, there is only a handful of people who will experience this at this time.  Those who have cleared their energy field and their consciousness to hold this change.  I have got to go back to having heard something similar a month ago or so (time blurs these days) a handful of people on an earth of 7 billion is in the hundred(s) of thousands.  Not a shabby number by any means!!

The reading I had immediately after my swiss angel gave us a time frame for the completion of this “change.”  It will take until the Fall Equinox to complete.

You want to talk about my gratitude button hitting overload.  My lady in Switzerland said one word after hearing about this change she is already going thru: GRACE.  Instantly I heard a catholic prayer being said back to her from the field.  Hail Mary, full of Grace, the Lord is with you, blessed are thou among women and blessed is the fruit of your womb.  Only they changed the name to reflect hers.  Now imagine that… the field holds us in as high a regard as we have held Mary (Jesus’ mom for those who don’t know this prayer.)  Again, to be clear, the field said the rest of the prayer was void.  Only the first four lines applied.  Good thing, there is no such animal as “sinners” in my world of understanding.

Now, to add something from my meditation later in the day (which I will share in full in a little bit) “community” originates in energy from our sacral chakra… exactly where our womb is.

My next lady was a continuation of the information shared by my swiss lady!  I so love how the days, the readings, the heart, our universe flows into each other, with more clarity, more understanding and absolutely more excitement!!

For the last couple weeks, when the field talks about life, it seems to have this feeling that is before the eclipse and after the eclipse.  Like life changes so much there is a before and after shot!  Now I am understanding why!

So my next angelic lady picked up where my first appointment left off in understanding!  I could see this amazing blue violet energy circle happening from just after the eclipse thru (a hidden) magnetic pole in September, the Fall Equinox.  Anytime there is a circle in my reading it represents a cycle of completion… which is this energetic dimensional split, upgrade we are going to go thru.  This is no lackadaisical circle tho.  This is not a time to sit around and just be part of the experience… we MUST come together and BE the experience.  What good is having a super power pack within the body if you never get together and use the energy it was created for!!

The solo journey ends here.

We must now understand each other thru the experience, the presence of each other.  Coming together in the power of 2 or 3 or 10 and beyond will open gateways we cannot even fathom today!!

About a year and a half ago I tried to have a get together which I called “A Gathering of the Empowered People.”  It went nowhere fast.  An event obviously before it’s time!!  Perhaps the time is now?  The lady I was reading for and I talked about this, thru the details of what was being presented to her… and I decided to put it out there to all of you, want to get together for a long weekend, here in New Mexico, maybe around the Summer Solstice?

One last thing before I end this sharing.  My meditation!!  I was chomping at the bit to get out my heart locket and figure out how to use it!!  After the sheer bliss of my first two readings, I couldn’t wait to hop in the tub!!

The moment I was in the water, my locket was already there and opened for use!!  I love this universe and how accommodating and excited it is for us too!!  I had to really think, what would be the first thing I energize?  Ohhhhhhhh…. it came to me in a heat filled flash!!  Jorge!!  My Rock man of etheric wonder.

I no sooner felt the heat did I see his present standing at my feet in my bathtub.   I looked at him and said, ok now I am going to need help with this one.  I am not supposed to have any details and yet there you are in such yummy detail!!  Instantly he changed from human form to liquid energy form.  I swear to god the little teenager going thru her first crush came rushing to the fore… I became so giggly I couldn’t concentrate much.

I was trying to breathe in his watery energy but kept tripping myself up with the detail of his name.  Geez this is not easy!  But I am a trooper!!  THIS… I want!!  ohhhh la la!!  If I am going to have electricity oozing thru my pores after the eclipse, what a great buffer that would be!

Losing the details takes some work but when you want something so deeply, there is a feeling that supersedes the details… focus there.  Perhaps, like me, it is going to take work to remove the yummy (or ingrained) details (grin)… but we are troopers and we WILL do this!

I now understand one color of our delectable rainbow… Pure Desire is Yellow!!

But also, as I was really doing my best to simply connect to the energy of my Divine Counterpart, there was a couple of feelings present.  It sort of reminded me of a flower and its petals.  The joy feeling… I could feel the love running thru it.  The gratitude feeling, I could feel the love running thru it.  It is like all the petals of the rainbow of emotions are held together by the flower-head of love.  It is the pure love energy that gives the feeling(s) the motion, the movement.  (I sure hope you understand what I am trying to say with this.)

I want to close with something I so realized yesterday, in this new, enhanced electrical field that we now call May.  What is flowing thru your heart (please, please stay out of your head) is surrounding you in your day.  Like I said, I woke up so grateful to feel good again!  My whole day, all the way to the end, showered me with more and more details to be grateful for.

The readings alone sent me into heavenly bliss!!  But then, an angel sent me a donation to cover my new tires for my car.  I actually went onto ebay per a suggestion left on this blog and I got me 4 super nice tires (Uniroyal Tiger Paw Touring Tires) with 70% tread left on it for only $160 with free shipping.  I still had enough money to get them put on my car and balanced.  I would have never ever ever thought of ebay as a cost efficient place to get tires… thank you Richard for the suggestion!!  Thank you my angel in Michigan for the new tread in my life!!

I had several phone calls come in for reading bookings (I almost never get a call, its just done online) the conversations… breath taking.  Massage calls started coming in (I rarely do massages these days.)  The more I was grateful… pure energetic love filled grateful, the more my day flooded me with things to be even more grateful for.  I can surely get used to living like this!!  We all can!!

Power up!!

I love you all soooooooooooo much.  More than that even!  You are the heaven I dreamt about as a child.  Our childhood dreams really do come true!!

(((((HUGZ)))))) of loving gratitude to ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas


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  1. Wow! This is awesome! Thanks so much, Lisa! I’d come for the solstice.


  2. thinking of solstice also. So grateful for love day yesterday and all its gifts. feeling it all coming in, the more I look for signs of the magic, the more there is. The more I surrender to my heart, the more I am gifted with things I would not have chosen but make my heart sing. I love this world we are co creating. Thank you for sharing your light and heart


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  4. Lisa…your sharing has been the “added value” in my day and I am so grateful….the drought is ending! Time to begin anew 🙂


    • ((((HUGZ))))) abundantruth!! Your name fills my heart with joy!! Funny, I had to backspace 4 times to spell joy out… it kept coming out you!! I love it, love you and thank you for the added value in our days as well!!

      Love ya!!! More (((HUGZ))))


  5. Lisa Gawlas I have been following you for sometime – I have even day dreamed about coming to be with you in New Mexico for a short period of time to learn from you. I am wanting to wake up more to be in better service to humanity. Looking for the people to help me keep moving. I hope very soon to be in your company either by phone or in person. Many Blessings to you. So enjoy your blogging very grateful to you indeed. Much Love always DianneB from Australia.


    • Hi Dianne (((HUGZ))))

      Ohhhh, you are so welcome here anytime…. and we will learn from each other!! I would equally LOVE to come to australia… it is one of my most favorite accents on earth. I will be a very quite guest so I can hear everyone talk… its like hearing sugar!! 🙂

      I love ya!! Sweet ((((HUGZ)))) to you,


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