Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | April 21, 2012

The Final Touches Being Infused for Our New Life!

This has been the most incredible and interesting year in the field of Light.  January arrived and placed us in a whole new atmosphere of energy and we had to learn how to breath new air,  surrender to  things that no longer served us and created new internal pathways, new opportunities and relationships as the month gave us the clear choice; change or stay where you are.  Then February came in a with a fire to burn off all that was needed to let go of.  March was a whole new inner wiring, a whole new infusion of higher frequency Light codes were put into place for those who willingly embraced the changes and challenges of January and February.  April has turned on all the electricity to our new Light body.  We have gone thru intense inner and outer changes this year.  More than we can even imagine.  By the end of this month, the front-runners who were/are willing partners with their pure soul energy, well lets just say the mantel of responsibility has been placed in your hands and your hearts… May is going to show us exactly what that means to us!!

I do want to also mention, because it is equally important, those with unresolved issues, karma, hidden packets of their own light… all of that is being moved up into the forefront of life.

These next 7 days (starting yesterday, April 20th, completed the evening of the 26th) are intensely, irrevocably aligning every single one of us with such an intense and powerful magnetic field of energy.  In my first reading of the day yesterday I could see her standing within the field, directly center under the dome of magnetic energy that protects and enhances the higher fields of incoming light and the humans who receive it.  There was a massive inflow of radiant rainbow energy into the vortex at the very top of the dome of energy.  I could see her standing beneath it, completely silhouette in form, being imbued with this high intensity rainbow Light.  I could not move her around at all.  The very same thing happened with my 2nd reading as well.

Between the conversations of these two people (I do want to say tho, my 2nd reading was a man!!) and the fields responses, we can really look at what is happening thru this next week.

Every collective package is undergoing a direct infusion of intense energy.  First into the area of the collective they are aligned with, then directly into the individual light body.  We have had all the way up to April 20th to decide how we are going to experience the rest of this year and thru May 2013.  Keep in mind there are many many collective packets playing out on earth.  From the most dense fear, control and greed packets to the most Light packets serving fully and completely the greater good, and there is a vast amount in-between.  No one or nothing is being left behind!!

All of this intense purposeful energy will find fulfillment in your Light body and the connective network that is your life as you/we go to sleep on the evening of the 22nd.  Once we get out of bed and step on the floor (literally or figuratively) on the 23rd, you press the button of intention to allow this whole new energy to outflow into every aspect of your life.  Again, this outflow will take 3 full days to complete as it turns on every single aspect of your energy field within and the network in which you live your life.

What does this really mean to us??  I had to take some time to see exactly where I am at personally for this super life changing inflow and outflow… I am back with my family.  A sudden change in my sons custody court date placed me here at exactly this time.  Obviously, this whole 7 day period leaving up to this super magnetic time on earth has been about family to me with the reconnection to my paternal family after a 36 year absence.  So I have to ask… why?  Even as I ask that once again as I write this sharing, I am flooded with my own childhood memories of moving from family to family, foster care, relative care, parental care, to eventually a group home for girls.

The land/community we will one day recognize as Shambhala is truly all about family.  Relationships on a heart level.  Allowing for the unique individual to blend and add to the family of Light.  So often we want to create others into our own image and perceptions.  Most intentional communities are set up exactly like that, with rules and conditions.  True love of the heart, of the soul has no conditions at all.  It (Shambhala) is also not a random coming together either.  So my core theme in these intense days has got to bring my full attention and awareness back to family.  Soul family and the diversity within that fullness!

Once again, I have to ask you, what has your major theme been this last week or so?  If you can recognize that, you can recognize where your light is taking you in this coming year.

I have also heard the field state yesterday to both clients, as we move past the 26th of April, May is going to become very clear in its energy.  Meaning, we will actually be able to see where we are going instead of looking at a field of liquid yellow light with rainbow dots (us) scattered about!

I have just gotten off the phone with todays first reading, and what I am so excited about with her, I could see the new threads of energy, of her new life path emerging from beneath her feet.  Granted, the energy is only about 6 inches out right now and I could not see where it is taking her… but the fact that they are clearly and vibrantly already emerging has got my heart a flutter!!

Now here is an interesting thought as well…. going into the multi-layered life unfolding.  I do my readings in what was the massage room my son created for me here in his house, I bring the field of energy from my backyard in New Mexico into that space and then bring your Light Body into the Field.  Amazing really to all the various energies come together by pure heart desire!!

So that leaves us with a day of orientation (the 27th) and we step onto the (arched) bridge of our new lives on the 28th of April as it sets down onto the new earth, new landscape, new life on May 3rd.  What this all really means to us, I cannot wait to see and understand!!

Is it surprising that the sun has become active again as we are all infused with the new codes of Life?  Life is always in sync with Life!

Enjoy the magnitude of infusion and release this coming week!!  I sooooo look forward to seeing what it means to all of us thru the amazing Masters of the earth…. YOU!!

((((HUGZ)))) of joy and deep gratitude to All!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S. Reading Special Thru April 30th.  Every new purchase of a 30 or 60 minute reading (does not matter when the reading actually happens) will receive a Brazilian Quartz Crystal that has been fully charged both by the field here at the Mesa as well as Fully charged with the Solar Eclipse Energy and will be mailed out on May 21st.  I will be taking all these crystals to the top of the Mesa Cliff during the full Solar Eclipse phase that runs straight across our land.  This is a divine counterpart (so to speak…smile) to the Arkansas crystals I had given out over the last year!!  I will get this special posted on my website as soon as I have time.


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  2. Dear Lisa you are so Greaaaaaat !

    Many thanks for your Great Insights!

    I have a dream at 17 of April where they show me 2 worlds in two bubbles one of them have a orange colour at the begining and i can´t bread ,but when i walk more inside i can bread easily i see a beautiful beach and i feel free inside of me , the second buble have a world who don´t have any nature only buildings …then i found a lady and this lady with a big smile said to me :ana don´t forget you must elect in monday ,we have elections please don´t forget you must vote… later i see your post of 17 of April and the figure is the same orange that i see !!! and today you speek about the same subject what a big validation for me thanks dear Lisa!!!

    Many bless for you for your son and beautiful star your grandson

    With much Love and Gratitude



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