Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | April 19, 2012

There is No Time Left for Hesitation!

I am really starting to notice universal themes playing out each and every day.  Maybe these themes have always been there and I am just really noticing them now, I don’t know, the only thing that does matter, I am noticing.  Let me tell you, yesterdays theme was huge and unmistakable!!

Yesterday was the first time I had actually flown since my oldest daughter turned 16 years old in 2000.  I never even took the time to think about how long it has been, until I had seen how much airports and travel had changed as I arrived for check in!

As I swiped my drivers license into a kiosk to get my boarding passing, I was so surprised a screen popped up to ask if I wanted to pay an additional $48 for leg room.  Really?  You are going to take away leg room so you can charge extra for it??  I opted out!

Things unfolded way to fast and unexpectedly yesterday for me to even look at the bigger picture happening, but this morning, I am really seeing a bigger picture. I remember going thru massage school and going over everything we, as an up and coming massage therapist, could add extra money to our sessions.  Add on’s.  Everything has become a potential add-on as we strip things down to the bare essentials and sell everything that should have been provided naturally anywayz.   I can’t do it, God knows I tried.  I would have a body laying under my hands needing a particular mixture of essential oils, or body areas communicating so much it took longer than the allotted time, there was no way in my own self could I ask for extra money for something needed.  Every part of that felt so wrong to me.  I have set my business up expansively…. if I have something you need, its yours.  No extra cost…. ever!  I suppose that is the biggest difference in being in service to the greater all, or being in service to the self (human self that is.)  I may not have gotten rich monetarily with this approach, but the love and appreciation that flows into me in those “extra” moments makes me the richest woman on earth!!

So, after declining leg room and the kiosk spitting out my ticket, the next thing was the process of the various aspects of security.  We have built walls of fear around our air travel and yet, hand the car keys to drunk drivers coming out a bar.    Every day many are killed needlessly due to a drunk behind the wheel, these contraptions should be at the exit of every bar, not in an air terminal.  But that’s just me and sometimes, I just don’t get it.

As I make it to the boarding area an announcement came over the loud speakers, our flight has been delayed an hour and a half because a stewardess became sick and they had to wait on her replacement to arrive.  I must say, United Airlines was very good about their communication to all those on that delayed flight.  They let us know they had to fly her replacement in from Tennessee and as soon as he arrives we will leave.  I just had to wonder…. were there no stewardesses in New Mexico, or even Colorado, or Texas (surrounding states) they had to fly one from Tennessee??  I also suddenly realize something… she would have been the only female worker on this flight.  I ended up on a flight with an all male crew, reminding me of yesterdays sharing about how important and needed the Divine Masculine is in this speedy time on earth.

I suddenly think about life’s “back up plans” and how far and wide things must be pulled together to make sure things happen as they should.  I am also realizing that once a back up plan is enacted, there is no time left to hesitate or wonder!!  I remember last year, I think somewhere around June, a series of “walk in”s transpired thru various and vast amounts of humans.  A universal back up plan.  Now that we are all here and on task, there is no time left to hesitate with our choices and connecting points in life.

As I arrived from New Mexico to Washington DC to catch my connecting flight to Virginia, I realized I had less than 10 minutes to get off the plane, find the terminal and get onto my connection.  Again, I have got to give United a lot of praise, the pilot came on the loud-speaker as we were preparing to land and went over every single connecting flight that was available and the terminals to look for.  I was so grateful for that time-consuming effort on his part.  As soon as I got off the plane I walked with a lot of pep in my step to the signs pointing the way to terminal A.  I got to the end and there was a shuttle set up flashing a message about taking us to terminal A and B.  I started to wonder if I remembered what the pilot said correctly.  He listed so many flights, maybe I am remembering wrong (how often, at that very last second, do we go into full-blown doubt?)   This shuttle was leaving in 43 seconds.  I simply breathed deep and hope I was remembering correctly.  I no sooner sat down did it pull out.  All I could think is, wow this is a really big airport. We were on that shuttle for like 5 minutes… my timer is running out here!!  I won’t even tell you how badly I had to pee!!

When the shuttle stopped I was glad to see there was a huge board with all flights and terminals, I was indeed remembering correctly… big sigh of relief.  Now to follow the arrows… When I arrived where terminal A was I heard my name and a gentleman’s name being announced over the loud-speaker that our plane was leaving with or without us.  I looked around and seen a lady with a mic in her hand, I knew that hadda be here and I (we) were standing in front of her.  As I quickly gave her my boarding pass she said she was really glad to see us, they had waited as long as they could for our arrival but was sure to book us on the next. 5pm flight just in case.  It is so nice that United put a back up plan into place… just in case!  Even tho we made our connecting flight just in time to buckle up and take off, I really felt so taken care of by this airlines and my own inner guidance system!  Not to mention my own urinary system.  I had not gone to the bathroom since 8am when I consumed an ice coffee.  My bladder wanted my full attention, but had I chosen to go to the bathroom before finding my connecting flight, I would have missed it.  I was sure I could have gone on the plane, but there was so much turbulence the fasten seat belt sign never went off.  Even my bladder seemed to slip into a new gratitude, peace and patience!  Let me tell ya… I heard the Hallelujah chorus when I finally got off that plane and to the ladies room!!  (big smile)

I also have to laugh at my sons incredible intuition.   With everything that is going on in his current life, we checked several times over the last several days about my arrival and what time he needs to be at the airport to get me.  He kept confirming 4:30pm and I kept telling him no 5:00pm.  I had to smile so big that even with all the seemingly chaos and delays… I arrived in Norfolk, Virginia at 4:34… 20 minutes before our arrival time!!

So to sum this all up, we absolutely must trust both our inner and outer navigational systems, especially as things suddenly and unexpectedly change.  Don’t get caught up with any “add-ons” in life,  they simply aren’t needed and really, a waste of energy!!  Follow the signs along your path with a quickness of step and you will arrive with a sense of relief and celebration you can’t even imagine!!  No time for doubt… just trust!  And while your running forward… forget you have to go to the bathroom!! lol

I love ya!!  ((((HUGZ)))) filled with the feeling and sureness of “Arrival”

Lisa Gawlas

P.S. Reading Special Thru April 30th.  Every new purchase of a 30 or 60 minute reading will receive a Brazilian Quartz Crystal that has been fully charged both by the field here at the Mesa as well as Fully charged wi the Solar Eclipse Energy and will be mailed out on May 21st.  I will be taking all these crystals to the top of the Mesa Cliff during the full Solar Eclipse phase that runs straight across our land.  This is a divine counterpart (so to speak…smile) to the Arkansas crystals I had given out over the last year!!  I will get this special posted on my website as soon as I have time, but is effective starting today.  Gotta go….. Love ya!!th


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  2. Hi Lisa

    I had this dream on the 17/18th of april

    I was standing in the door opening of the front door and I was looking up the morning sky and noticed something vaguely shining through. I saw there were two golden dust particle moons and in my eye corner I saw the regular white shining full moon. My heart leaped when I saw that.
    I remember that I consciously wished for them to show up and I am transported instantly to a kind of bay where spaceships land. As the moment I wished for them to show up, they show up, slowly rising up and made contact with us. We (there were also other people around) were invited to come on board. We step aboard and the ship looks like a bit as the Jetson ship but bigger. We are going and every body is so happy including me. We are going to visit the Mothership.

    We are inside the Mothership and it looks like I am in a sort of market were you can find a lot of things, they even advertise. I am looking for some healing, so there is a room beside the market and I go in. The feeling I get when I walk in as I am in a shrink’s room. I see two people talking and I see it is Tauno and Gunner. As they talk, the walk outside without even noticing me. Tauno left but Gunner was still there, even though I didn’t see that at first. I was mumbling into myself about the two golden moons and what they symbolize and he hears me talking and became interested. We start to talk and we walk out of the market and go outside. It is the same morning blue sky and as we stand still on a wooden bridge suddenly those two golden dusty moons appear again. I say to Gunner, look there are the moons again. Then the golden moons fall apart and become like a dust waterfall. Then the golden particles disperse and fills up the whole sky, it is everywhere.

    And I had to think about your previous article about the release of the Golden Magnetic Rain.

    I really love all your articles.
    Love Lisa


    • Hi Lisa (((HUGZ)))

      I soooooo LOVE the dream!!! Thank you so much for sharing it! Gotta ask tho, who is Tauno and Gunner?? I really love that your celestial friends showed you how much magnetic energy (and how much pull the moon has on the earth, you are receiving it all to the 2nd degree… two moons.)

      It is interesting too, I spent most of my evening (from 5pm thru close to 6am this morning) in and out of sleep. I had the TV on the “Chiller” channel and I woke up, half asleep to a news broadcast stating that the secretary of state was going to be holding a news conference about our ongoing relationships with ET’s. There has been so much talk about disclosure lately and in my half asleep state I really thought it was real… and got so excited. Until I woke fully up and the secretary of state was not Hillary Clinton, I realized it was a show… dammit!!

      My greatest hope and excitement, is that one day, your dream and that shows broadcast, becomes a true reality for all of us!! Synchronicity in motion here!!

      I love ya girl and your friends from the stars!!


      • Hi Lisa,

        Tauno and Gunner are one of my many friends on our webpage Spirit Train Chronicles where we organize every Saturday a dream flight :Galactic Light Ship Dreamflights Invitation: 21APR2012, if you want you can always join us.

        I think we are now in the eye of the storm, it seems everyone is feeling this…so I don’t think it will be for long before the **** comes out. 😀

        Love you dear sister, Lisa


  3. Glad to hear the story of your travels, Lisa, and thanks for keeping us informed through your busy time and with your son and the days ahead. If we get anything out of this whole process, I hope, for me, it’s a new steel bladder that can perform like yours!! I would have had to pull a Girard Depardieu


    • Actually Cheryl, you just hit on something I would have never seen otherwise… thank you soooo much for that/this sharing!! Coffee always makes me pee fast. It goes in and out rather quickly… so the fact that I wasn’t doubled over 8 hours after drinking a larger coffee and not peeing…. I surely do not have a steele bladder, trust me!! But…. what did transpire is something I never ever would have looked at any closer had you not shared this moment in time (let me say thank you again!!)

      On my long flight to DC, I was filled with gratitude for several things, a free movie while we flew, the fact that I ate at the terminal instead of on the flight (I thought the prices at the terminal was intense, in flight, they went up even more.) I was equally grateful and filled with a peace just having all my finances come together that I was actually on this flight and able to be in my sons world when he needs love and support more than ever. As I got off the plane, I was grateful for the pilot’s advance announcement where the connecting flight would be… and even getting on the tiny little connecting plane I was sooooo grateful that I arrived at the very last second. My bladder was equally filled with all these content feelings… so it couldn’t possible “react” in a way that needed my attention as it usually would have… it was too filled with peace and gratitude.

      Going back to a post I wrote earlier this week… this is the importance of having your feelings emerge from within you, because it must and does fill every iota of space within you. This too creates a very protective energy within the body… So with all that said, there is no doubt that the water system in Norfolk received a large does of peaceful gratitude as I finally was able to go Pee!! Whoda thunk it!!! (smile)

      I so love ya Cheryl and thank you soooo much for creating the rest of the story!!!
      ((((HUGZ))))) filled with peace and gratitude!!


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