Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | April 16, 2012

Living the Butterfly Effect and the Beauty of it/US All!!!

I swear to god I feel like I have suddenly been handed a pair of binoculars to view, up close and personal, the energy of my own life.  But not simply an energy field itself, but the extraordinary change that takes place within it with every connection, or lack there of, in each day.

The butterflies in my life (you) started flapping their wings last year.  My life, thru your desires, moved from the massage table of wisdom, to the phone of wisdom.  Even that changed.  My phone readings changed from looking at mundane desires to soul desires.  Each shift, each and every single connection along the way, changes me.  Changes the way I see things.  Changes the very things I write about each day.  Changes the person who reads the sharings.  Changes the world around whom ever reads it.  I don’t care whether you believe a word or not, that is not my nor spirits agenda to make anyone believe a thing.  But once a seed is planted, even within a hostile garden… it is planted there forever.

We, together, are changing the world every single minute of every single day by connecting with each other.  Sharing with each other out loud and in public!

Together, we have collectively formed the massive Tsunami wave of change we are all riding in this very moment.  We are also, the collective surfboard we are riding on.  Yes, there are others bouncing around under the Tsunami waves with others… but even those people are so important to the cresting wave.  What is an ocean without turbulence??  I am looking forward to the day we really find out!  But between now and then, we need the turbulence to create the change as well as the speed of change happening on planet earth.

We also need each other, now more than ever!!

During one of the readings this past week, a client had expressed with all her heart that she wanted to help people who are crashing under the waves.  The field, with a firmness of breath said, first you must learn yourself!!

For those who have found their way to the safety (well mostly safe, rogue waves still hitting us) we are going into completely uncharted territory these days.  A full on new energy stream thru us and around us.  We must master this new energy before we try to jump into such a turbulent and changing ocean.

Which really gives way to another profound reading yesterday.  Me and this lady have been on a really interesting journey together.  Every time she is on my calendar, I can almost be assured I will be in the void and cannot read for her.  Yet, not once has she given up, lost faith, stopped trying to connect with me.  That is perseverance let me tell you.  She still books, and pays for new readings even if the last one took 3 months to finally complete.  She leaves me in awe.  How many of us just give up when obstacles are placed in our path to jump over?  She constantly comes back for more!!  But spirit was a willing partner yesterday and gave us food we can all chew on… and today, an even deeper understanding of it all!

There she was, out in the field between the dome of energy that supports and enhances the new evolving human and the Mesa Cliff.  She was on one of the tallest ladders I have ever seen and she was very close to the top.  Now this ladder had to be 1000 feet tall, because it equaled the height of the Mesa Cliff.  She was climbing her way to the top and only had about 20 more feet to go.

Ladders in my reading always represent your climb in ascension energy, raising your vibration.  She obviously is doing an outstanding job… but yet, something seemed…. missing.  Her ladder had absolutely no support system.  It was not leaning against anything.  It went straight up in the air.  I had to look down on the ground to see what is supporting this… nothing at all.  Talk about a talented, determined lady!!  As I looked around on the ground, I had seen her spiritual team standing just off to the left of her ladder, looking up at her.

Now talk about a reversal of energy… usually spirit is at the top looking down at us, now this is the very opposite.  Spirit is on the ground looking up at her.  I hadda wonder… what the hell??

My attention when over to the dome of energy… that which I call the high vibrational field of energy that is now alive and well in our lives.  That dome place is our training ground.  It is so important for us to be in that field… together… learning how to master these new and enhanced vital energies.

Our spiritual team has some rules they must play our game by… let you do whatever you want to do without interference from our inner will.  They have to let her climb her ladder… raise her vibration…. but, they are set up on the ground to teach her (and all of us) how to use with skill and awareness, this new intense vibration.  And they waited… patiently, lovingly as she climbs higher.

I looked for a way to get her down from her ladder and into the dome energy without altering the high vibration she was carrying… nothing I could see to do. her spiritual team, of which there was 3, all cloaked in a beautiful golden vibration… could do nothing either.  It was now up to her to find a way into the field of support that will carry her back up that ladder, but with the mastery of what she is doing and why it is so important to her.  I do have to say tho… she has Mastered Perseverance, and that is a gift unto itself in your (our) life!!

This morning I have to ask… I know she wants help and support along the way. Surely she wouldn’t spend hard earned money to connect with me if she wasn’t seeking help.  Here is a strange, but profound thought… we can actually feel so alone on this path that we actually become alone on this path.  This is why our readings have been rescheduled sooooooo many times (I surely would have never seen it like that!)  But obviously something major shifted in her… we only rescheduled once this time around!  A miracle in and of itself… a miracle within her.

The advise of the field to her yesterday was to do the exercise at the end of yesterdays sharing… getting naked!

The Butterfly Effect in motion.

From a client who’s deepest desire was to be the outward flow of Beauty in this world became that in the moment we talked.  The beauty of her inner desires has changed many lives already, continues to change my own profoundly.

The information, that exercise, that flowed from this Beautiful souls energy will help so many find their own inner beauty, their connectedness with the true and radiant beauty that awaits their (our) ever evolving life.

We are the butterfly garden of life…. together, flapping our wings with every breath we exhale, together… changing this marvelous world into the thing of Beauty it was created to be!!

We are here to nurture and cherish, love and uplift each other… Together, WE are the change in the world and it is spreading fast!!

I love you dear butterflies, you take my breath away each and ever day and continue to change my life, my heart, my mind each and every day!!  Thank you for Being you so perfectly!!

((((HUGZ)))) filled with the Beauty of our conjoined hearts!!

Lisa Gawlas


  1. Thank you Lisa,
    Yes, this sharing resonates. The energy the past week or more has been pulling us home. Some many asking what is home too? I have been feeling the something within also since Thursday and its difficult to not to notice it. Yesterday it was overwhelming, I had to ask whats going on and began writing a personal message to myself from MySelf… “its time to move up and attract what you desire, to move beyond your comfort zone (3d) and own all that you are.”
    As if the level or playing field Im on is of the old or past or not real. Again I have to surrender and proceed to where Im guided. To truly live my truth and know that regardless of what others think or feel it doesn’t matter, AT ALL! Im to stay focused on the course ahead of me. Its been a deep few days yet I feel very comforted by the universe.
    Here is where the realization of the human experience is behind you and the path of your true beingness is before you. Full Circle. Home to your true beinginess. Is what I hear. I realize too beingness is not a word :0) yet who cares! LOL!
    Love you very much!!
    Sarah :0)
    PS, was the bush on the top of the mesa cliff circle?


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