Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | April 11, 2012

The Clearing of Light and Magnitude of April 2012 …Part 2

I am finding that April is showing us so much in our personal lives, in our energy field and it really needs to be fully noticed.

I already talked about strange little lie and the instant karmic repercussions… but there is so much more to be aware of within your life.  Other people’s intentions.  There are two very important sets of people to stay clear away from.  One are energy vampires… those that will do all they can to take every last drop of light you have into themselves… and energy Thieves.  The thieves are very tricky to recognize, they don’t look or feel the same as an energy vampire.  They will walk into your life and walk out carrying handfuls of your energy field.  I have had this experience recently and it actually left my body in complete pain.  I had no real clue what was happening simply because these energies are leaving us flat out as well…. but man, when any part of your energy field is carried off by another…. it leaves your muscle tissue in pain!  And your own radiance severed in amplification.

How can you tell the difference?   A vampire will usually set themselves up in your life any way they can and consistently tap your field.  A thief… in and out so fast you don’t know what hit ya.

Nothing should ever leave you feeling exhausted, deflated or in pain… if it does, cut the tie quickly.  For as strong as the light is getting in these amplified days, equally, those who feed off of others light are getting stronger and more tricky than ever.  For those who have set up their livelihood, their business in sharing the light with all, it is more important now than ever, to be selective of your clientele…. consciousness is key!

Let me tell you, money means nothing if you don’t have ALL of your energy!!  Lesson learned!!  Two biggies (lessons learned) and it is only April 10th today!!  The Light of clarity is shining!

But it is also loaded with something else.  Something so huge that my dreamstate does not stop seeing it.  Pure magnetic energy.

One day this past weekend I had woken up with voices saying over and over “the sun is going to flip” and it felt like whomever was with me in my dreamstate wanted me to be well aware a magnetic reversal was coming from our sun.  They were all saying the same thing over and over with a tone that made me feel like this was too important to ignore.  But really… what does that mean?

Every single night since that message I have been dreaming of the sky raining down golden magnetic energy.  It seems to be loading itself up in our energy field, personal as well as planetary.

I had a reading yesterday at 2:30pm with a lady on the other side of the world.  5 minutes before our reading was to take place, storm clouds got together, rain and hail started pouring out and thunder was clapping.  I told her I don’t trust the lightning here in New Mexico and will call her back as soon as the storm passes.  I fell straight to sleep until 7pm!  All I dreamt about was a magnetic storm flooding the earth as well as my own energy field.  I woke up somewhere in the middle of this dream and I knew exactly what was happening within this flood of magnetics.  It was so real and so vivid I was sure I will never forget the information in my consciousness… I rolled back over and continued to sleep… and forgot every single informative detail when I re-awoke!  Dammit!!

There is no doubt tho, that this continuation of magnetic infusion within our earth plane, energy bodies and DNA has so much to do with the readings I had experienced the last two days.  I am so excited about them, about the potential they are showing us that is at hand, I could just jump out of my skin (but I will contain myself…. smile.)

I read for a girl who is pretty much a neighbor.  She lives here in New Mexico and I think about less than 2 hours away from where I live.  She was the only person I have seen so far that was emerging out of the rainbow energy waterfall thingie.  What was really interesting is that she was about at the half way point of the Mesa Cliff and as I watched her body emerge from the rainbow energy this really interesting road emerged.  It had the look and feel of “blacktop” like roads do… but was infused with a jet stream of rainbow energy in the road itself.  I am now hearing what I had seen are magnetic tracks embedded in the road she is walking, for both acceleration and clarity of forward movement.

The road for about 2-3 feet out was completely straight (horizontal) and then suddenly went straight up in the air to meet the Mesa Cliff top.  It so reminded me of a cartoon character suddenly getting a really large goose egg on their head… it looked exactly like that, only it was not a painful event (smile.)  I also understood that she was already fully prepared for a very quick acceleration in her upward ascent (super fast raise in her vibration and the life she is living.)

The very top of the goose egg road she will travel was equal to the power node date of the 23rd of April.  I realized she is going to have a major “Life Altering” choice to make.  She can step off the road that got her to there and move to the Mesa Cliff (keep in mind, the Mesa Cliff top represents the land area that can hold a fully ascended body.)  Her other choice was to travel back down the goose egg looking road to arrive where she vibrationally started and continue to walk her life as she always had.

So, we moved her into the potential of stepping across to the Mesa Cliff top to see what would unfold for her.

She stepped into what I can only describe as a field of golden grass (or as she said, golden wheat field.)  Instantly she became one with this land area.  This is hard to put into words… but there was no longer a separation of the earth she was standing on and the body she was living in.  She was now one full embodiment of creation energy.  I could actually feel the energy difference flowing from her… and I really have no way of describing it at all.

And then… this actually blew my precious mind… she asked about a man she is currently seeing.  She didn’t even get the question fully out of her mouth and I could see him on the golden grassy field with her.  With his was an added feature… that magnetic pole I had been seeing in May.  He was doing the most interesting and seductive dance around this magnetic pole.  The more I watched his purposeful movement the more I could see he was actually creating a trail of energy that formed the logo for nuclear energy.

She laughed at me and said he would never dance, that he is a scientist.  Of course he is!!  lol.   But a scientist with amazing purpose and potential as her reading continued to reveal!!

I could see an (elusive) moment in time when the ground, the air, and these two people were fully prepared to open the vault of Shambhala within each other, of course this is a very intense sexual experience and I could see (thru energy potential only… I was not snooping people actually having sex…smile) that she was intentionally bringing down very specific codes for him.  They came down thru her and emerged from the vault of mystery (I suppose her womb) and entered thru what I guess is a dual purpose of the penis: it is the key to unlock the mystery and now a straw in which to drink the mystery in.   I could see these very specific (but so way over my head) codes emerging into his left brain to find full expression on earth.  How that happens and what that really means to any of us… I guess we will have to wait and find out!!!

If that reading didn’t give me an explosion of excitement… the next one almost seemed a continuation of that potential… kinda sorta!!

The lady I read next was set up under the rainbow as everyone else.  But in her rainbow she had a really unique addition to the full imagery.  A golden spiral of energy that stretched from the ground all the way to level with the top of the Mesa Cliff.  It reminded me of the magnetic coils I had been seeing on people, but this one was set up under her rainbow energy waterfall.  I noticed she was already threaded onto this golden spiral and was being pulled upwards.  She didn’t have to do a thing, it was already in process.

I tip toed my vision into her future to see what the end result was… talk about surprised!!  I could see her emerge off the spiral and fell onto the Mesa Cliff, which had that familiar golden grass like the reading before.  She had a child in each hand (looked more like two rag dolls) as she fell onto the cliff.  She acknowledged she had two sons.

Her face looked absolutely confused, as if she didn’t know where she was or how she got there.  I watched as she stood up with her boys and brushed themselves off…

There was absolutely no sense of time that I could connect to.  Just like the scientist energy dancer…. time was not present at all.  I could get no connection to it, no relationship to it, it just didn’t exist.  Kinda hard on a time centered human let me tell ya!! (smile)

For her, it felt as if she was pulled (children in hand) thru a vortex… obviously one she didn’t expect to travel thru (I will never forget the look of confusion on her face.)  But… she is ready for such an event!!

Last, but again, far from least… I want to talk about a man I read for yesterday. This is more of a puzzle to me than anything, yet, remains at the forefront of my mind today.

This mans body was under the rainbow energy waterfall… but his pure consciousness was zig zagging out into his near future.  A line going up to the Mesa Cliff, then coming back down, then going up, then coming down.  I understood that his spirit was already walking his path forward and bringing all pertinent information back to his biology.  Leaving him disoriented at times and feeling like in two separate realities at once.

As his reading played out… what I had seen as his near potential really baffled me (still does really).  I could see his body as if it was a large star going super nova… creating his image at the end of April like a black hole but in our existence of creation.

In just his state of living, he was affecting everyone and everything he passed.  Think of the magnetic field of a black hole… the gravitational pull it has.  I could see him walking past a person innocently on the street, and he pulled out their core issues just in passing.  Talk about changing people’s life simply by breathing.  But also, I could feel a high intensity outflow of him too… like he transmuted the issues and created pure light from them… and sent them back out…somewhere.

I had to look up a “simple” explanation of  a black hole today and this seems to fit perfectly:

A black hole absorbs mater, and transports it into another universe.

As soon as I read this explanation (hey, I am not trying to be scientifically exact here… I know there is more and so much controversy in the field of science over black holes.) I could see that magnetosphere that was so present in January and February that would one day house the field of Shambhala.  Somehow… he will fuel the energy of that!  How??  I have no clue.  I really feel these days I am doing readings 100 feet over my own consciousness.  I need larger and larger step ladders to really understand what I am seeing thru the field of Light called You!!  And it is taking me days now to really understand the experience of the fullness of the reading/information.

I need a larger brain!  lol

The only thing I can say with certainty at this point, that the magnetic infusion taking place, and so constant in my dreamstate, will be fully activated as we move pass the power node of the 23rd of April.

The magnetic stream of energy amplifies our core energy to the umpth degree! If there is even one ounce of chaos in your core, that will be amplified first and foremost… giving you a chance to completely release it once and for all.

For those who have a purified energy stream, you are going to find it next to impossible to stand in the field of chaos.  For as exciting as these times are getting… they equally are getting more and more intense with more and more responsibility on our plates.

I so look forward to hugging you in the golden fields of Shambhala!!  For now… I will (((HUG)))) you as we stand at the doorway of our greatest potential ever known to earth!!

I love ya so much!!

Lisa Gawlas

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  1. I hear you Lisa. Loud and clear! Energy vampires or anything less than the truth. Ouch! I really get the impression though we have to stand in the storm and be like our friend the black hole. There times its like no problem but then you hear the finger nails scraping down the chalk board and the hairs on your neck stand up. Double ouch! Makes you want to run and let the storm be a storm with out you. I pray we ALL stand in the light and own who we are.
    It seems too many of us are awakening and finding there is more to life than the physical. Excellent! Which would make sense. I had this discussion yesterday and here is my answer. As the universe ascend, us included, it seems many are waking up. Yet if they remain to stay awake is the the bigger question. So, the universe will ascend, us included, creating a greater conscious awareness and like Kryon mentions, it won’t happen over night, it will take several years, a couple of generations if I recall.

    Thank you Lisa,
    Im so very grateful for you and those you read for.
    Sarah :0)


    • I think April is giving each of us not only a birds eye view of the massive storm happening…but equally the choice of standing out in it…. or taking shelter from it. I am done being battered and bruised, when I cross that threshold of the 23rd, my freakin umbrella better pop up!! I want to Be the shelter from the storm not dragging myself on hands and knees.

      OMG, now I think I understand the absolute change in the field today… Shambhala is the absolute shelter from a storm that will ensue and increase in the coming days, months and even years… In the unified energy storms do not need to exist… ever!

      Ohhhh the things that make ya go hmmmmmmmm…. I so love ya Sarah!! Thank you for always sharing and expanding my mind with wonder!!



      • WOW!
        Im in! I SO WANT a Shamballa Umbrella!!
        Woo Hoo!!
        Sarah :0)


  2. Hi Lisa!
    Since you’ve been mentioning the 23rd over and over, I started to think about it, and realized that the official Mercury “shadow” period ends that very same day, and I doubt it’s a coincidence. I like to check to see Mercury retrograde phases, because their calendar shows the “shadow” periods before and after the actual retrograde, and it’s those periods that usually affect me more…I like to be aware of the dates. It’s also why I always feel the “rest, review, revise” period takes so darn long, because with the shadow time, it’s more than a typical 3-week retro. This time we’ve been affected since Feb 27, so by the time April 23 rolls around, our “going within” has been 8 weeks long! So it seems fitting that we’d re-launch around the 23rd, and personally, I’m chomping at the bit for it to get here. My brain is mush, I don’t want to process any more, I just want action.


    • ((((HUGZ)))) Cheryl,

      I never heard of a mercury shadow… what exactly is it?? Hell I barely understand mercury retrograde, but all my electronics knows when its here!! They get it!!

      I so agree with you too, lets just take action… umbrella’s to everyone!!

      Love ya!! More (((HUGZ)))


      • This is right from the Mercury retro page:

        The gray “shadow days” (shaded days shown on the calendar) mark the beginning and ending of Mercury’s influence…The retrograde cycle starts with (these) warning shadow days (in this case, it was the 2 weeks prior to the actual retrograde), intensity increases with the “red letter” storm days (those days within the shadow and retro period that are prone to be erratic), then things move into the heightened chaos of the Mercury retrograde.

        (If you recall, Mercury went retro on March 12th then went direct on April 4th)

        …we have “red letter” days at the end of the retrograde (and again into the ending shadow period), and then a final tapering off of Mercury effect during the closing shadow period cycle (in this case, for 2 ½ weeks after Mercury went direct)…and then clear days ahead!

        Actually, today, April 11th is the last red letter day of this period. Everything from tomorrow the 12th to April 23rd is gray shadow, and April 24th is the first clear day until June 27th (which is the first day of the next shadow period).

        (I wish I could show a picture of the calendar, it’s so much easier, but this is the link:

        I think that because my sign (Gemini) is ruled by Mercury, I feel things differently or longer than those whose signs are not as influenced by the planet. All I know is, every single time, it seems to be spot-on as far as when I am forced to be “hibernating” and resolving problems, and then at the end comes a sudden burst of productivity.


      • Fascinating!
        Love it!
        Thank you Cheryl for sharing!
        What awesome insight being shared today. So grandly grateful for all of it!!!
        Sarah :0)


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  4. umbrellas….i know we will be sheltered as we will be dancing in the liquid lovelight. It will feed us, not deplete us anymore. We are becoming one with it all! thanks Lisa for what you do


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