Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | April 7, 2012

Clearing the Debris Field for the Fullfillment of Your Soul Journey!

I do not think I have ever experienced something as unique as I did yesterday inside this body of mine.  Granted, we had one hellofa full moon, venus was chilling with the Pleiades, Mercury is finally flowing forward and no doubt other planets are doing things my own consciousness is completely clueless about!!

I woke up at 2:38am with the full moon staring right in my eyes.  I so wanted to roll over and go back to sleep, but noooooooo…. instead I hear: get up, we have things to say.  So dutiful me drags my butt outta bed, create some coffee, plop in front of my laptop and just stare blankly at it.

Me personally, I wanted to talk about all the information that was expanding in me all day the day before…. or how incredibly I got to see exactly how synergy worked and understand fully why it is so important for what we wish to do.

Nothing came.

I never write a blog directly from my head… there is always a blended flow of energy happening within me.   Nothing felt blended.  I just felt awake at an ungodly hour of the morning!!

Finally at 5am, still staring at my computer screen mind you, waiting for the stream of energy to flow words out of my fingers… I gave in and decided maybe a bath with help it all… coffee sure isn’t doing a thing!!

As soon as I get in the bath I had seen and felt it… a stream of bubbly whitish energy coming into my solar plexus from above, and a stream of goldenish energy coming into the same place from below.  I was instantly bearing witness, with all the feelings inside of what is happening on earth.

I seen the area within the magnetosphere on earth radiate with a magnetic flow.  I could see and feel it circulating clockwise just under the area of earth where the magnetosphere exists.  Then, once again I started to see some familiar events on earth happening due to this magnetic intensity.  I saw the Hawaiian Islands as if they were in the choppiest wave pool ever!  I saw the tip of Florida with water all on it, I saw the earth cracking in various places that I did not recognize the geography of.  And what seemed like it was so out-of-place, yet reminiscent of the meditation I had on the 11/11/11…. I saw a massive Light pole go straight down into the White House!  It created such a massive Light explosion thru out the entire white house.

This wasn’t exactly what I had hoped meditation would provide for me!

The “me” that is part of the triad of energy that shares every day wants to focus on our Lightbodies, what is happening and how to use it all efficiently.  Those other two tho…. the Pleiadians and the Guardians… obviously had other news they wanted to bring forward, because the moment I got out of the bath and sat down at the keyboard… it flowed without me!

I do want to add that I really understood something between these two incredibly loving energies.  They are of the same council.  One housed here on earth, one housed in the Pleiades.  Together they form the “Counsel of Ascending Light” on earth.  Together, they directly work with the magnetics within our DNA, and all that is involved with that.  As were the ancient Mayan.  Like we are becoming… the ancient Mayan’s were the living embodiment of these two pure energies/consciousness.

As each human fully embodies their guardian/celestial consciousness energy, we will form the physical council here on earth.   From what I understand right now, that is still a little ways off in our game plan, many of the ego’s are still being rarefied.

So as the transmission was emerging from my fingertips yesterday, inside something really unique was happening.  I could feel it… it was an experience like never before and I really don’t have the words to describe it either.

I was grateful to really understand our crazy snow events.  The spring equinox which brought in tremendous energy… created snow here.  The last of the tree transmitted hypnosis events light up the entire human grid… which brought in a massive snow event.  OK, now that I understand why we are having such sudden and drastic cold days here in the desert, I will officially stop complaining about it!!!

As the rest of my day unfolded I started to really relate to what a chick feels like as it is cracking thru the shell of an egg.  All my external energy was pretty much non-existent, but internally there was a party going on.  I could feel the inner energy zooming and zipping and doing god knows what… while the energy that fuels my ability to move even a muscle in life… it left the building!  What a strange quandary within let me tell ya.

I thought if I could take a nap, I could actually do some readings that were on my schedule.  I laid down, closed my eyes and seen so many codes that were vibrating to a really light gold surrounding me everywhere.  I knew they were codes because long ago when I actually did beach meditations… meaning, I lived 1 mile from the ocean and instead of recreating the beach in my bathtub, I actually went to the beach to meditate.  Sometimes I would do open eye meditations linked directly to the sun itself… and every single time I did, I would see (what I eventually realized) the Pleiadian alphabet streaming down thru the sun-rays and disappearing as they came to earth.  I wasn;t even a year on my path so my interactive questioning was nothing like it is now.  I was just in awe to see these things with such detail with my eye balls wide open!!  In those days, these letters/codes were always a deep blue within the sunbeams.

I suppose it took me 11 years to really integrate them for use!!  Because they were not streaming into me but now releasing themselves from within me to my external field of energy.  What that means… I have no flipping clue…. yet. However, my attempt to sleep seemed to teeter between seeing these codes and seeing more earth events.  I decided it was way to active inside of me to sleep… but yet, I couldn’t move a muscle or gather a psychic thought if I tried real hard.  I really felt like I was cracking the shell of an egg from the inside out.  Crazy strange let me tell ya!!

There are a few things I do want to talk about before I close out this sharing for today.  First of all… that button on the 23rd of April.  Last year these 23rd date lines were so prevalent in the sharings, but yet, so flipping much comes thru me, I forget a lot of stuff!! When my son told me that his custody hearing was moved from May 7th to April 23rd, my body had a party.  It was like every christmas light exploded into celebration the moment I had seen his text with that dateline.  He was sad it was only moved up 2 weeks… All I could tell him, there is something magical about this date… I feel it!  Now I understand it… and want to explain it carefully, because I was able to “see” what it meant to us as I was witnessing in vivid visual detail within, the transmission I took yesterday.

It feels like,  the moment you put your foot on the floor the morning of the 23rd, you activate fully the field of energy you have brought your DNA to.  Like everything in this crazy duality field called life… it truly can be a double-edged sword.

Every single thing that is in your heart will fly to you.  Like creation doesn’t even hesitate any longer… it just happens instantly.

Lets be really clear on what this really means.  Your heart field is the soul expression of your spiritual body, the higher self if you will.  What your spiritual life needs for fulfillment is what it is creating.  A lot of people still have their ego minds threaded into their heart stream… and this magnetic acceleration will set off the events needed to first and foremost clear that!!

However, if your heart is aligned purely with your soul needs and desires… it will be like a never-ending Christmas day.  Presents and presence you never even knew you wanted, just showing up in your life!! Wow, now I get this even so much more.  The day before yesterday something really interesting emerged on the field that I read from.  A major rainbow energy waterfall.  It was flowing downwards from the top of the mesa cliff all the way down to the ground.  This is really really fueling your experience in the days to come, already bringing to you the alignments needed for full clearing and acceleration as we transverse the 23rd of April forward.  All gearing us up for the life changing, DNA expansion of the solar eclipse on May 20th.

My personal plan is to go to the top of the Mesa Cliff and fully be present and open as the solar eclipse passes over us.  I will also take my phone (and crystals) and video tape it (if I can) and upload it to youtube.

Last but certainly far from least, I want to talk about the magnetic triggers that was mentioned yesterday.  I had seen for a couple of weeks various people just waking up one day and walking out of their lives.  I had not talked about it because it was really strange.  It looked almost zombie like… blank stares just leaving.  I had no clue where they were going, I was too transfixed on the blank facial expressions…  some even had older children along side of them, equally with the same blank look on their face. I am sure, if I had really looked at the expression on my own face as I moved out of my family’s life to New Mexico, I would have looked the same.  Had no clue why I was doing it, or what would happen…. I just had to go.  I am more than grateful that I did!!

These triggers are all about synergy!!  Synergy is the very thing that triggered my move here to Jemez Pueblo.  Of course, I really didn’t understand the fullness of that until these last few days.

First, lets really define the word synergy:  The interaction of two or more agents or forces so that their combined effect is greater than the sum of their individual effects. The moment my heart was fully aligned with my soul desire, I found this place I now live in on craigslist.  My landlady being fully aligned to my energy, trusted me to come up with the money needed to move in and just handed me the key.

We are both so enriched by each others presence… her sister came in from out-of-state and booked massages every day while she is here.  The first day it was like 7:30 at night… my whole body is shutting down that late at night… but when my landlady came in with her sister, it sort of refueled me.  I gave her sister a massage and actually had a little psychic juice to tell her things at 8pm! I was shocked!!   Because my own schedule is already booked out some, the only time I can do any massage is later in the afternoon, after all my readings are done.  It doesn’t leave me with a lot of battery juice to read during a massage.  Her first session was 2 hours and I got nothing thru her body.  I was already energetically tapped out.  The next day she came again, this time with my landlady and it was late… it was like 4pm and I was tapped out psychically from my day of readings.  My landlady stayed thru the reading part of the massage to take notes for her sister of all that may come thru.  I read for her as if I had a full battery pack on… everything crystal clear and fluid…. until the moment my landlady left… so went my psychic juice.  I was right back to tired, and visually shut down.

I recognized what happened in an instant…. the synergy that is present between me and my landlady created an enhanced energy field in my house that I could tap into effortlessly.

If this can take place completely unconsciously when two people of the same magnetic vibration are present… imagine what can take place as we come together consciously with pure purpose.  I also now fully understand how important the hypnosis event “The Planting” really is… they all are really, but for this magnetic activation… “The Planting” embeds your resonance with your consciousness for fluid movement in the days to come!!  Happy Spring!!!  YOU are the conscious seeds of your life!!

I am so excited to find out in the days ahead!! With pure radiating love, joy and excitement in All directions… I lovingly ((((HUG)))) each of you!!

Lisa Gawlas

FREE thru April 15th with the purchase of a 30 or 60 minute reading – ALL 3 downloadable Hypnosis events:  The Planting ~ The Eye of Horus ~ Welcome Home!  Or just hit me up with any size donation and I will send you the links to the MP3’s.  I love you and what we are about to do…. TOGETHER!!


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  2. LOL! I love the part about the Ego. Last night I dreamt was having dinner with president Obama and family. He wanted me to help him buy their home that was in a foreign country. Huh? It’s there’s in their minds just need to make it legal Im gathering. I agreed but already viewing the situation from spirits view, was like, what exactly can I do to help? Who am I that I have this power to sit with the president, eat with him and discuss purchasing homes? Also to trust and have so much faith in me?
    Then I heard myself speaking yet it was my ego talking. Should have stopped at, yes I will help. I had to tell my ego to take it down a notch, it’s getting out of control. I woke up soon after.
    The energy coming in is taming the ego and try to be aware of my ego especially the past six months or so. Classic situation, me aware of ego in this dream. Yet it’s clear even our egos need to vent. So if it’s occurring more often in your dreams, astral plane. Guess its better than third dimension. We need to always be aware. Time to really wake up. Ego wants to act out any way it can. Let the light penetrate in the astral planes too. I’m sure there is more to the dream. Yet this correlates to what you mention in your blog. I do love my ego yet no need to show off in front of the Pres. :0)
    Love to you Lisa,
    Sarah :0)


  3. […] I have been spending the week editing my blogs for seamless integration for the launch of my new website.  I had not stopped the editing process to look at the plethora of information I have put out thru the years, until Wednesday morning.  I was in the year 2012, shortly after I moved to the Jemez and one article in particular started to call on me to read it.  Considering it is exactly what my body was feeling like, I read it and fell into holy freakin shit land thru just about every paragraph I had long forgotten about.  The title of the blog that was written April 7th 2012 is: Clearing the Debris Field for the Fulfillment of Your Soul Journey! […]


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