Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | April 5, 2012

WE ARE The Rainbow Bridge of Shambhala

Anyone feeling absolutely slammed in the muscle tissue with April’s energies?

I woke up yesterday and felt like a cripple.  My neck muscles were close to immobile, the entire length of my back just freakin hurt.  I woke up several times during my attempt at sleep, I felt like I was sleeping on a bed of acorns.  I won’t even talk (complain) about waking up consistently every flipping day at 3:00am.  With this whole day light savings time, I was hoping to be sleeping til 6am not waking up 2 hours earlier ever since we moved the clocks ahead!!

Ok, now that I am done venting… *sigh*  Let’s get to WHY we are feeling battered when we (ummm I) thought we would be in for some really smooth sailing this month.

During the month of March I had seen (thru several readings) April being a month we get to wear our new energy clothes.  I would watch people slip out of their old skin and the entire field of April dress the body in a new super high resonance of skin.  From my view… it looked like sleeping into your jammies… comfortable even!!

Things are not always as they seem!!  Not by a long shot.  We are far from alone on this journey thru life!!

On the morning of April 2nd I decided to do something I almost never do, I took a bath meditation before my readings started for the day.  Since I am up at 3am, I tend to finish my sharings before 7am and my first reading is not until 8am… I figured… why not!!??

I should have gotten a clue when I heard the guardians ask me if I was sure I wanted to do a meditation when I had such a full reading schedule before me. Keep in mind, I was already in the bath when they asked this.)  I pondered the question for a moment and thought, ok I won’t go seeking out my own stuff, I will save my battery juice for the folks on my schedule.  I will take my beautiful little Arkansas quartz crystal that took a journey to The Pyramid of Kukulcan in Mexico.  It came back with what I had been calling the largest record keeper I had ever seen on any crystal.  Only, I now understand it is not so much a record keeper, it is an actual doorway.

I have been setting my own resonance with its new enhanced frequency ever since it came back  just to me just after the Spring Equinox.  It was sitting on the pyramid when the sun turned the shadow energy on the pyramid into a descending snake.  I first slept with it the day it came back, and I have been writing about DNA ever since.

I knew that by April 1st I met its frequency within mine, I could feel it when I held the crystal.  So after I took the transmission from the Guardians for the 3rd hypnosis script, I took a bath before the event started.  I also included a beautiful cluster of quartz crystal that some loving heart had sent to the reflecting pool in the back yard (which I still have in the house, I am so madly in-love with all these rocks and crystals that journeyed to here.  I am finding it hard to move them outside.)  This crystal cluster also went to Mexico as well.  But because it was so big, didn’t go to the pyramid itself, obviously, it didn’t have to.  It still picked up what was needed.

The morning of the hypnosis event was the first time I actually included the cluster within my bath meditation.  It is also where the understanding and incredible visuals of all the other planets, all the other Beings on those planets are participating in this magnetic activation.  I was humbled beyond anything I could have ever hoped for.

I wasn’t really expecting a whole lot with my journey with my personal crystal on April 2nd, I have tried to get inside the crystal several times prior, I was still upgrading my own frequency and consciousness to meet its own power load.

I simply held the doorway record keeper crystal in my right hand, had my lapidorite in my left hand (embedding the frequency within my lower chakras) I asked the crystal if I may enter and raised it up near my right ear.

Instantly I was inside the crystal and shocked by the sight and feel.  I was surrounded by this intense glow of yellow/white energy.  I could not tell if it was coming in or moving out or both.  It was the most intense and surprising feeling that just disoriented me while I stood inside the crystal…. feeling!  The energy was too high and I could not hold my awareness in there… so I got out just saying “holy shit” to myself… Once I got out of my bath and went to consume more coffee… holy shit my legs were now made out of cement.  I could barely pick one up and put it forward.

I knew, sorta, something just exploded into our reality of earth.  That energy I had seen was both inside the crystal and outside… so the mere opening of the doorway itself, let it all out into our atmosphere (let what out, I am not sure yet lol.)

But why do my legs, and only my legs, feel like lead weight.  Instantly I heard spirit say I was grounding into the next reality.  The earth itself split again and this was the energy enhancing my connection with the higher vibration of earth.  Geez… let me sit down first please!!

I could feel the energy surging thru me as I did my first reading, a clarity of vision that was crisp and clear.  It seems whatever was really in that energy explosion… also infused the field of light that I read to hold something very special.  A full on glimpse of what you have come to earth to do.

This reading I had fueled the higher energies released just an hour prior.  This lady unfolded just below the Mesa Cliff top and she had this energy that looked like a spring that was elongated in its coil, and was wider near her heart and almost pointed as it met with the rock cliff.  The coiled energy was a vibrant gold and my lady was actually suspended in air with this coil emerging out of her heart meeting the side of the cliff.  I now understand this coil is actually that magnetic center point in her heart… pretty developed too (tho, she was surprised to hear that.  We humans rarely think we are further along than we truly are.)

As I looked closely at the spiral going into the rock itself, I noticed that she formed a crack in the rock cliff that went all the way to the top.  I thought, what the hell… your cracked the cliff!!!  So lets really understand why… first gotta understand what the cliff itself represents, and just the day before, I understood it to represent the solid unified field of spiritual energy and earth energy expressing as one form.  Our true unified field of energy.  So why ya cracking it?  I was really puzzled until she told me what her own heart desire has always been in life, thanks to the gift and her love of her brother.

Her passion is working with folks who have mental disorders.  As she shared her story and desire with me… the pieces of this crazy looking puzzle started to fall into place!  The magnetic coil thingie going into the rock cliff was actually representing the “mind” and she created a separation in the realities (that is why it was cracked) so that her heart energy can go in and sort out the distortion in both the electrical field within the mind itself…. sorting out the jumbled realities colliding in some brain waves… I cannot even tell you how excited I was to witness and understand this whole thing.  I am so so excited for the folks she will one day assist, realign as she perfects her craft.  I also know, there is currently no one on earth bringing this information, this ability forward… she will be the path paver in a whole new expression of restoring balance and health to those having mental issues.

Now let me tell you too, the one thing I have realized some time ago, even tho we are having a reading, seeing the field of light potential within you.  What unfolds in a reading releases energy.  It has to.

By the time I got to my 2nd reading, something happened… the internet and phones went dead, the electricity blew out…

My first thought was the snow that was coming down, but we have had more snow before.  There weren’t any crazy winds either… it was calm really for having snow.

The internet didn’t come back on for 3 hours.  I completely missed my 3rd reading… and god bless her, she woke up at 3am in her Australian morning for the reading and I couldn’t call or write to tell her we are having electrical issues here!!

I got only about 5 minutes into my 4th reading for the day, and had only had the internet and phones restored for about 10 minutes did they blow again… for the rest of the day.

My landlady told me the communication box in Jemez Pueblo blew out in the morning and Windstream was working all day to restore it.

I realized that between whatever that super intense energy of the crystal released in the morning and this precious lady cutting into the energy field of the Mesa Cliff… was more than any of the energetic things here on the Mesa could handle… and it was ALL altered!!

Obviously it all had everything to do with feeling like I slept on acorns for the night.  Because of the exhaustion in my brain and the sheer pain in my muscle tissue… there was no way I could even try and read for the day.  I wrote to my clients to reschedule and booked a complete package of hot spring soak, hot wrap and massage at the local bath house here.

I am usually really really fussy about who I allow to massage me.  Most massage therapists or even energy workers for that matter, really understand the flow of energy within the body… and I work really really hard to keep my own energy in an efficient flow.  I hurt too much to care about that… and I usually can redirect the flow of energy within my own body as a massage therapist works my field upwards (as programmed by any massage school) and the natural, true flow of the energy field is downwards.

I was grateful, and surely not surprised that the bath house had an immediate opening for me.  I threw my shoes on and drove up the road, already feeling relief within.

The first part of my package was a 25 minute soak in a private tub of pure hot spring water.  As I floated in this amazing water I could see the energy stream coming out of every single pore within my body.  My cells were in joy, the mineral springs enhanced the energetic flow of me… I felt relief instantly.

Next was a 25 minute hot blanket wrap, which was nice, but it was the music they were playing that really set my inner vision aflame!

The Native American music caught my inner attention.  I was suddenly transported to the top of the Mesa Cliff and there was an old Native American standing right at the edge of the cliff facing east and slightly south… he was in full dress.  He was doing prayers of gratitude to the morning sun.  There were flutist and drumming also being played for the morning sun.  I could see folks dancing in their own special way in the background.  I could feel how sacred this was to all of them.

As I laid there and the melodies in the spa kept my inner vision… actually some part of myself… at the mesa cliff, time rolled out like a book.  I could see sacred ceremonies on the cliff to honor such things as the equinoxes, the moon phases…

There was no feeling of “want” coming from any of this… it was pure gratitude and honor for the cycles of life.  I wanted to cry.  To love this completely…

It didn’t matter what happened from here on out, something shifted inside of me.  Something I cannot put words to, but felt it completely.

And then my massage.  I receive a massage like I do sex… quietly and from deep within.  (hey both are designed to move energy lol)

I have so long forgotten the things massage school taught us.  I threw that book out about 2 weeks into my own practice.  She reminded me of all the things we are taught in school… and all the things to be afraid of too.  She was really wonderful, and more than likely in-tune with the physical body… because she knew where I hurt.  But so out of sync with the entire energy body… which should be the only thing a practitioner works with and tunes into.  Especially in these days.

The first thing she did was compress my solar plexus at my back.   I wasn’t sure I wanted to laugh from the shear amount of tickle nerves being hit, or cry because she was compressing the mass amount of energy sitting there.  As soon as she put her arm across my solar plexus, I was pretty sure I must look like the humpback of notre dame!  I could feel and see the energy bulge back there… and compressing didn’t make it sing with joy.

It was actually funny to lay there in the experience listening to the energy field called my body saying “why she doing that, why she doing this, she is going the wrong way.”  Every cell in our bodies are conscious.  Absolutely conscious!!

I had no energy within me to redirect the flow of energy she was releasing thru the massage.  All targeted towards the head… moving it upwards… to fully and efficiently move out excess energy you must direct it downwards, out the feet and hands.

I could feel pressure building in my head.  I now know what a water balloon now feels like.

But one thing that shocked me, both literally and figuratively, was when she compressed the front of my thighs.  When she put her arm over my left thigh my right ear started to throb with severe discomfort.  What the hell was that??  I was so curious… but had so little battery juice in me to fully understand.

When the hour massage was over and I lifted my head 2 inches from the table in an attempt to get up and get dressed a shearing pain blew out of my right ear.  I really thought my ear drum exploded.  I dropped right back down to the table.  I actually checked for blood it hurt that freakin bad.

On my short drive home I could feel every spot that was not touched in the massage… acorn impressions left untouched!!  I felt like a lumpy pillow expanding.

I laid on my couch, grateful for the experience and wishing with all my heart I could put my body on the massage table behind my couch and work my own energy field thru a massaage.  My own body wanted that more than anything…

As I started to drift off to sleep… something really strange happened.  I tiny little portal of energy appeared within my closed eyed vision.  It was as if I had a viewing screen the size of a penny and completely round as well.  The first thing I started seeing was mouths with teeth showing.  Ever conceivable formation of teeth in a smile like setting of lips morphing into each other.  What the hell is that all about??   I never did understand that.  But once the display of these toothy lips was done I could see myself in my bed and there was this glowing white alien on top of my sleeping body.  He or she was doing something to my neck and spine… and this ET was like nothing I had ever seen before.  Granted the glowing white body showed me it was energetically there, obviously with good intent since it was glowing white… but it was short maybe 2-3 feet tall with a really large head.  His (or her) head was almost the same size as the rest of the body.   As I acknowledged this was the reason for the extreme body pain as I awoke… I drifted off to sleep…. until the phone rang.

I now actually had some battery juice to have a full on communication with my body.  Here is what is really happening in our poor human bodies.

There are major energy portals linked up to various parts of our bodies.  It will vary from person to person, agenda to agenda… so understand that as I explain me and my ouchies!!

The medulla oblongata is being super infused with higher energies.  Our soar neck muscles are really there to make sure we have limited movement of our neck as the medulla sits on the first three vertebrae of our spine.  Which of course works in direct conjunction with our pineal gland.  If you are not sure how this relationship works, just click here to go to my body page.

The solar plexus of course is all that incoming solar energy… for me, accelerated by the crystal infusion the day prior.  We will just call all of this purposeful growing pains.

The thigh area of the body represents strength.  The right thigh is going thru a super infusion of spiritual strength to work in harmony with the left thighs strength to move forward thru the coming times.  So the magnetic coils that are activated are being infused with a high intensity energy.  Stretching the muscle fibers within (hazard of being human.)

For me, because my hearing ability is key to what I do and how I bring things forward, I also have a magnetic coil being enhanced energetically in my right ear (spiritual hearing.)  Every part of us is connected… obviously.  So when my very well-intentioned massage therapist compressed the energy of my left leg (strength to physically move forward in this life) it has a direct line to my right ear (every physical movement I make in my life comes from my field of hearing my higher guidance) and since the compression was directed upward instead of the natural downward release… it was very much like a balloon being over filled and getting ready to pop.  My attempting to get up from the table popped my energy balloon in my ear.  I spent the afternoon healing it and resetting it.

What an amazing lesson and experience.  My mission right now… teach people about the energy body as it flows thru the physical body.  We need more electricians on this earth who really know how the house is wired and how the energy flows thru the entire house!!  Just sayin….

To top off my incredible, semi-vegetative day was like the cherry on the top of the most information filled day of my life!!

The very gifts that walk thru your door and say things that are more profound than you even realize in that moment.

My landlady’s sister is in for a vacation and purposeful healing energy from being here.  She has been on my massage table as part of her effort… and then we would talk about so many things.  The other day as she was sitting and we were just talking about energy and why the body goes into pain or dysfunction… she leaps off the couch and just starts telling me about… well… about me.  That from the first time she met me all she can feel from me is generosity.  Like this aura of generosity oozes from me.  I never quite looked at myself like that.  I smiled, thanked her and changed the subject.

Yesterday tho, spirit brought that right back around… coupled by something I never thought had any real meaning in our current reality.  Boy oh boy was I ever wrong!!

When I started to fully realize the information I was getting from meditation actually had truth and value to it.  The curious human inside of me set off on all sorts of questions I really wanted answered.  My first and biggest being to God himself:   How was the universe created?

In asking that question, I really never thought about creation beyond earth.  I really wanted to know how the earth got started… but in my innocence and our spiritual teams interaction to make sure we are asking the “right” questions for our own understanding… I asked about the universe.  This was in early 2001.  I didn’t get an answer or even acknowledgement of my query…

At least, not until 2004.  I went into a meditation and suddenly I was transported into the darkest deepest black sky I had ever witnessed.  I knew I was in the sky… but there wasn’t anything there but this feeling… an intelligent loving presence.

The moment I wondered to myself where am I and what am I seeing… it happened.  Something burst asunder!!  Streams of Light, singular Light streams.   Each color that emerged had a pure feeling to it.  I so wish with all my heart I wrote it down, but didn’t and I don’t remember which color represented which feeling.  But lets just say, when blue emerged from the blackness of this sky it was pure joy.  When violet emerged it was pure love, when orange emerged it was pure gratitude… and so on.

I watched in that meditation as each color emerged, singularly and then blended together like this amazing pinwheel of light.  As the light blended with each other, so did the pure feelings blend together to compliment and enhance each other.

I was in a state of pure awe.  Of course I had to ask (me and my 5000 questions) what is that and why are you showing this to me.  The moment I heard the deep raspy voice I knew it was God, the creator of all creation speaking… showing me the answer to my question long forgotten (within me.)

I was shown how the universe… how life was created….not only that, God told me why!!  He wanted to experience every aspect of himself singularly (so to speak) and allow his energy (again, so to speak) to find its way back together.

Other than being extraordinarily grateful for that experience and understanding, I just assumed it was god answering my question.  Our questions, every single one of them, are always answered.  Obviously not in the very moment we ask them tho.

Until yesterday… I never really thought it that experience much.  Until I thought about the book I just got for my grandson and my son read me a few lines the other day from the book.  It is a children’s book written by Neal Donald Walcsh… something about the sun and the soul.  In the excerpt my son read it was the soul telling God he knows he is and he is the Light.

Suddenly I heard my landlady’s sister telling me I am generosity.  The meditation from 2004 flooding back into my field of memory, every detail as present as it was 8 years ago… only now… holy shit batman…. I soooooo get it!!

WE ARE The Rainbow Bridge of Shambhala

Creation, God if you will, exploded into every corner of the sky to not only experience himself, but to equally find his way back to himself.  (Again, so to speak.)  This is a wonderful game that has been played since creation created itself.  Each time, upping the difficulty level… masters are quite keen on how to return to source energy.

Here we are, masters fully blind folded from the get go, on a planet shrouded in darkness, seeking out the colors of our life.  Of course, we have sought out for so long outside of ourselves… all part of the game of mastery!!

A fully empowered, enlightened person reminds me of a banana half peeled.  The fruit part, that is your main radiation.  Your true color of you will, set in the skin of a banana (all the other attributes of creator supporting your radiation.)  One cannot find their true source of energy, their true color without imbuing all the other aspects in some way.  The creator may have individuated the color spectrum, but it would be impossible to remove any of the other energies from the source.  (I so hope you are understanding what I am trying to share!)

Anyone want to collaborate on creating a video library???  It would make these sharings to much easier to understand!!  (smile)

So, that rainbow bridge that was so prevalent in the sharings last year… has always been us!!  Us finding our true color within… and equally binding together with each other in vibration, understanding and support.  A true and real unified field of pure creator expressing, on earth, in living color!!

I had to giggle as I watched this entire story unfold within me yesterday… and I acknowledged (and quite humbly) accepted the radiance of generosity… because my whole world reflects that back to me thru you!!!   Your generosity of spirit, of love, of gratitude, of chocolate, of crystals and rocks and even your money… amplifies back too me, my core banana (smile).   What your core energy holds you draw back to you thru all the others that are in alignment with your core energy.

So now lets take this one step further… because it is where I so want to go!!  The fields of Shambhala, as I understand the word and intent… is creator fully creating thru pureness of Being here on earth.  Which means, the full color spectrum must find their way to each other on earth… for full use and amplification!!!

As I seen this entire understanding unfold within me yesterday… I immediately thought about my December, when Archangel Michael asked me how I seen myself in 2012.  When my whole heart felt it, it felt being around like vibrations, like energy to fuel the energy of Shambhala.  A week later, I was given the key to what I once innocently called “My heaven,” but now actually feel truth to that statement.  My landlady is an amazing Being.  Not only having reflected generosity to me (by allowing me to move in here with no money) but the pure love that radiates from her… I just want to hug her all the time.

This is why I have always seen those waters unleashing from the main roadway to here, encompassing both my home and my landladys home with the flowers of Shambhala within the waters.

Mostly I had seen only flower heads… no stems at all.  That is because the flowers have not fully seen their own light within… those flowers will come here to start their process of full inner realization, (either thru a reading or by actually visiting) enhanced by the water (energy flow) that is this place…. to one day producing a full stem and root system for planting in the fields of Shambhala.  The Rainbow Tribe together, bridging heaven on earth!!

We are being fully infused with that rapid growth thru the month of April… I have a deep feeling… for planting in May… or at least the start of it.

I have never been more excited in all my life than I am right in this moment.  I know I wrote, once again, a mini-novel… but there is too much inside of me to try and hang onto it one more day… because there will be so much more to add to our ever evolving story tomorrow!!

I am not even sure how to close this out now… my mind and heart is in overflow!!  Thank you, so much, for the radiance, the love, the joy that leaps from your heart into mine every moment of every day.

Together, we have always been ONE!!

Lisa Gawlas

FREE thru April 15th with the purchase of a 30 or 60 minute reading – ALL 3 downloadable Hypnosis events:  The Planting ~ The Eye of Horus ~ Welcome Home!  Or just hit me up with any size donation and I will send you the links to the MP3’s.  I love you and what we are about to do…. TOGETHER!!


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  2. WOWEE! This post is a cornucopia of wonderful information! Don’t know what else to say 🙂


    • And to think… I might have closed it out today, but the pure information continues to unfold within me. I cannot wait to continue to the amazing… the holy freakin shit amazing info tomorrow. Phew!!



  3. I want a massage from you right now! My lower back went out the other day (AAMicheal was running his sword through me and down into the center of the earth). I went to have a massage which was the wrong thing as he did not help rather put me in more pain. Yikes! It feels like our bodies are still clearing on a deep level. I love the essence you speak of …..each of us being a part of the spectrum. Each day is more magical than the last, loving this life, loving you! Thank you for all your sharing


  4. LOL! Yes, neck pain for four days now. Acorn body, check. Right leg ready to fall off this morning, in fact i heard it make a cracking noise, check. I gave up on the body aches a week ago. It seems like something new every week. And the minute I have no aches, talk about silence, or the calm before the storm…. Yet nice to know Im not alone :0)
    Man, things are moving fast too. One minute I feel myself experiencing one thing only to be followed by something else within no time. Hard to enjoy it at this speed.
    Lisa, you did describe the big bang in a previous blog last year. I recall it just like you wrote it in todays blog. Beautiful!
    Thank you too. We are the Rainbow Bridge! And I so get it! That would explain what I was seeing in my meditation a few nights back. But for some reason its more intense than ever! What I saw was lacking the darkness. It was so bright and intense with a richness of waves of colors, turquoise and magenta mostly. But man oh man. Reflect on what you wrote two days ago. The aurora borealis. Thats us. A Rainbow bridge just minus the darkness. You and us have been swimming in the energy for a while now and its SO clear, plus more intense than ever. AMAZING!!
    Thank you again.
    The clarity is making my third eye throb. LOL!
    Rainbow hugs to you sister!
    Sarah :0)


    • Keep in mind, you need darkness to see a rainbow 🙂


      • Thank you Kai,
        Fascinating! Who knew? I’m just providing what my minds eye saw. Like the auroa boeriolis minus the darkness. The colors, wave motion, you name it yet no darkness.
        Sarah :0)


      • Perhaps you are that darkness you don’t see? 🙂 NO JUDGMENT, just feeling through it…


      • Wow! Your deep Kai.
        Let me ask my guides and meditate on it. I’ll let you know what I find out.
        Sarah :0)


  5. I’ve had lower neck pain and upper back pain since Sunday morning give or take. I have the lower neck kind at this moment. I also have had a plethora of personal volcanoes EXPLODING with energy for me to transmute. If you would have asked me at the low, I couldnt have told ya, but I am so happy now from it all. Lessons were learned…I mean a MASSIVE amount of lessons for my entire family. The unit is about to heal!!!! I am vibrating right now as I type those words…such joy…

    Both the wife and I had massive leg pains on Monday specifically. I remember getting out of bed after lying down for say 30 mins and I popped up (its was late evening) and I nearly folded on one side and took a dive on my face. I even said, woah, what happened to my legs…she pipes up, they are stiff aren’t they!!!

    My ultimate AHA moment thus far was this morning actually. It doesnt stop as long as you provide time/space for awareness. My core issue here is authority. My dad was a cop and we did NOT get a long. We have since became best friends again but it was a long, quiet soul nights journey for sure, it took nearly 10 years of silence to break the dam. Cops are the ultimate authority. We healed. However I still would put importance on gov and bosses and anything that felt like it constrained me. Anything that felt authority I would rebel against. I am an Aries and a fierce one at that. I have some rather interesting Mars/Mercury placements (mercury is language and looke above all these WORDS!).

    But this morning it so CLICKED. I am vibrating again 🙂 You now that FEELING of CLICKING and the world around you SHIFTS or did you just shift? Is there a difference? NO!!! That’s the point you see, this authority out there that I have issues with is simply my internal struggle against my Self! I am struggling with my own internal authority of my Being! Its SO OBVIOUS now in hindsight. I can pick all my moments a part and they all lead back to the same road, namely I am rebelling against my own inner authority and for me to graduate so to speak, I need to heal this internal division.

    Authority isn’t BAD nor is it GOOD, but it IS. The EGO is in here, but EGO isn’t bad or good either, it provides the impetus to MOVE. EGO creates movement otherwise we would have no goal to move towards. (without an ego, you wouldn’t have a DESIRE to do a damn thing, thus you’d physically be worthless and shrivel away I suppose in theory) So EGO isn’t the authority I speak of. I suppose in a small way I am kinda pissed at my higher self for getting into this mess down here. I know I came here for this mission to raise the frequency which it appears has been a success though the schedule is cutting it close. Hmmm…nope that’s petty nonsense…confirmed!

    SO for me to move on, I have to reconcile this division. Perhaps my sharing can open up others fields of awareness. I love you all and enjoy this ride, moment by moment…that is after all, all you’ll ever have!

    One Love Adonai



  6. Ok Kai,
    From what I gather the influx of love and light energy that has been coming in this year mostly felt mid febrauary, mid march and at present is creating too much light and love. Darkness cannot exist in light. The earth is also enfusing us with light due to acceleration of the ascension process of our universe and us. And our egos the past few days seem powerless to this energy.
    So truly what I saw was a rainbow light show. No darkness and not even from myself. I met my dark side in February and loved to death already :0) LOL!
    Anything is possible Kai, even the absence of the dark to create a rainbow.
    Love and gratitude to you my dear love.
    Sarah :0)


    • And so it must be… 🙂

      One Love Adonai!


    • I agree with you Sarah… the whole journey is to delve into the depths of our own darkness and turn on the lights… hence the term… enlighten. Then we must use the colors of our Life to fully ascend our cellular structure and hold it in created reality… which means the earth we set up upon must also be fully enlightened and out of the dark (the space of area that is… not the whole earth at once)…. for full use of our Light Bodies!!

      I have never seen a rainbow in the night sky… only in the Light of Day… of course, there are moonbows!! 🙂

      I love ya girl (((HUGZ))))


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