Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | April 3, 2012

Mastery ~ Movement ~ Monumental Acceleration: Fast Tracking!

Before I start this sharing, I want to share something so significant that it really does humble me.  It is so easy to question ourselves within, and trust me, I do too very much.  In the moment of any great experience, I know it as true.  Later, as time and the moment spread apart… the brain kicks in and says… really?  You really think you did something that incredible.  Ahhhh the human!

Our hypnosis event had a similar effect on me.  12 people (myself and 11 other super charged ladies…smile) got together on a shared phone call and created and amplified the magnetic grid of attraction thru out all the multi-verses.  The Guardians even told me that other Beings on other planets are also participating… and trust me, in the moment, I knew it was true.  And then hours passed… and I had hoped it was true.

I am always so grateful for  On their site for April 2nd’s date, they had this amazing story to tell:

Solar activity is low, but solar storms are not always required to make auroras appear around thee Arctic Circle. …

No auroras were forecast, but when the magnetograms at the University of Tromsø started to move, and I thought I should go outside for a look,” says Salomonsen. “At times the display was very vivid and strong!”

The reason for this show was the interplanetary magnetic field, or IMF. On April 1st the IMF tipped south, opening a crack in Earth’s magnetospherre. Solar wind poured in to fuel the auroras. (So the sun was involved after all.)

Can I tell ya, it fueled every strand of DNA on the planet as well!!  I want to thank the sun and spaceweather for validating the experience beyond any shadow of a doubt (at least within my mind.)

I also want to send out a reminder, that every time this hypnosis event is done again, that magnetic field gets stronger, both in the multi-verse as well as in your very DNA.

And thru the series of readings that took place yesterday, we were given privileged to some tremendous understanding about our days to come.  As usual, it took me until today to put all the pieces together….

The first reading of the day was a clear signal that our magnetic counterparts may not always come in the package our minds are aligned to.  Sometimes there are decades of difference between the ages.  It is really funny to think that men have always been ok with loving and being sexual intimate with someone much younger than themselves… we women are still getting over that social stigma.

The lady I read for, her counterpart is close to 30 years younger… my Jorge, if his body and feel is true to life, is about 2 decades younger than me.  I know I have a lion and a tiger within me… never really had a cougar tho!  Time for all of us to get over our social biases about anything relationship oriented!!  Otherwise we may find ourselves at the train station, boarding pass in hand, and watching the doors to our train close and move on to greater journeys without us.

Which leads me straight into my second reading of the day.  This one took me some time to figure out what on earth the field was now showing and this morning (thanx to watching an episode of Ancient Aliens) I understand more.  Let me share:

As so many others over the last several days, my lady unfolded directly on the rock of the Mesa Cliff.  The rock area itself represents our West Field, our time of Harvest within our bodies and lives.  Of course, we must put the energy into the harvest to gather what is there for us.  Can I give a shout out for consciousness (smile.)

She was climbing what looked like a railroad track that was just a wee bit wider than her, but stretched from the ground all the way to the Mesa Cliff.  She was just over half way up, climbing hand and foot on the wooden part of the railroad track.  I really didn’t understand the purpose of this visual until I watched Ancient Aliens later in the day, when they showed a fast rail train that moves so fast it no longer is on the track itself, but hovers above it my the magnetic flow created from its speed!

This is what we are doing… accelerating within ourselves too.  My first thought to her was my god you must be one brave woman to climb a straight up a vertical track… I also started to realize that the field has once again morphed into a higher relationship with those who unfold upon it.  (And all of us fast tracking in this moment, are indeed are very very brave!!)

The rock formation itself represents the support system we have both in the heavens as well as on earth.  It is ancient and sold and there for us!  Protecting our ascent upwards… something to lean on it you will.  So when you unfold at this place, you are in a full ascending status within your entire DNA field.

The key point of acceleration is using your spiritual harvest as you gather it.  She had said that she is starting to “see” even when she is not in meditation!!  Perfect!!  Meditation really is a super important stepping stone to using our spiritual abilities every day, all day long.  It repatterns our brainwaves to allow what is naturally there to be there even when we are doing the dishes and not in a purposeful meditation.

Of course, as our attributes present themselves in our day-to-day life, they are not to be hidden but utilized.  The more we allow ourselves to be fully spiritual Beings out loud, it creates the comfort zone for others to get on board this train of REALLY LIVING!!

The more we harvest and use, the faster our entire field of energy vibrates and we are no longer climbing towards our ascended body, our ascended way of living… but magnetically accelerating to it.  We will use these tracks to help others along the way… once we really become proficient within our own bodies speed of vibration and understand (consciously) all we are harvesting within.

Then the biggest baffle of my reading adventure presented itself when I asked “what on earth are you climbing to?”  I had already scanned the top of the Mesa.. there was nothing there until the moment I asked that question.  Instantly a big ass bush was right at the very edge on the top of the Mesa Cliff.  What the hell is that?  Your climbing to a bush??

Let me talk about the clarity of this bush.  Perfectly green.  Every leaf on it was perfect and about the exact same size… about a half and inch to an inch big.  There was not a bare spot on the bush.  As I looked thru the leaves to the network of limbs and trunk, all was perfect.  It’s very presence was unified.  But I sure didn’t understand why on earth is she climbing towards a bush.  I even thought about Moses and his burning bush…. but there was no flames at all, just a perfect, large bush.

The moment I stopped trying to figure out the bush, the understanding was flooded into my consciousness.  This represents the ascended state of Being.  A true and full group energy.  Each leaf represented an individual person, but not one larger or greener than the other, all connected by the network of energy (various pathways) that brought them to their fullness and connectedness with each other.

She had asked if this was the same thing I wrote about last week, about the cloud energies.  First we start out like separate clouds in the sky and merge with the other clouds to eventually form one large cloud… the group energy of ascended masters.  Well, yes and no.  The clouds represented what we are doing now… gathering our wisdom and alignment together etherically (or via the internet really) and the bush represents the union on earth.  Like I have been saying, this is a game to be played out in the fullest on earth, together, in the same space of creation.

As soon as I got that understanding, I had to ask, what does that really mean to her.  I had seen her standing in front of the bush, facing right (which is our future aspect) and a golden Y opened up at her feet.  She will one day be at the greatest (and more than likely, most difficult) choice point of all her life.

The path leading to her right (spiritual path) was intensely yellow/gold, and far from straight, it looked more crickety… but stretched out into eternity… even moving off any part of the Mesa and going out into the air.  The one on the left (physical life) was short, maybe 2-3 inches and was white/yellow.

We knew that she will be at a choice point once she reaches the bush… to follow her energy to her soul group… where ever they are on earth, or stay within the life and structure that got her to there.  There was absolutely no “better than” feeling in her Y… just longer or shorter!!  Whatever that means!!

The one thing I do understand about what we are truly working towards is the group energy gathered together on earth.  I was actually talking to some really wonderful people I met here in Jemez the other day, talking about the potential of the property for sale called Faywood Hotsprings Resort… and I listened with all my heart as I talked about an intentional community of ascended masters.  It really made my heart flutter with excitement!!

As the bush showed us, there is no brighter, bigger, better in any of the leaves… we are all there as one bush.  One combination of life path (limbs) that will serve the greater story unfolding!!

For those who worry about the 15 minute readings I offer… this bushy train-track reading was a 15 minute reading!!

The last reading of the day… man oh man…. we humans can really think we are behind the accelerated flow of energy present today… especially if we don’t seem to have available to us all the bells and whistles others do.  Never, ever think that way… feel that way.  None of this has anything to do with the bells and whistles we come equipped with or rediscover within… the ONLY thing that matters is your vibrational level of Being within YOUR energy field, and your presonal choices/thoughts.  There are many a gifted psychic out there still climbing (vibrationally) out of the 4th dimensional reality.  I equally have met many a person who hasn’t found their own bells and whistles that vibrate to a high 6th dimensional frequency.  It’s not about what we can do… but who we Are within and what we choose to do with the things we discover within.  Period.

As we gather together, in life, purposely, we will naturally share, enliven our skills to the group to use as well.

Her purpose, what she came to life to do was set out on that Mesa Cliff.  A true magnetic master in the process of remembering.  Once she full remembers, she will be able to pull from the unified field of heaven and earth (currently represented in my readings by that rock that is the mesa cliff) and bring into any person she works with the magnetic codings they are still working to bring to themselves.

We are going to watch the field of “healing” change drastically as more and more people “remember”… to put all their focus and energy into remembering the natural and perfected skill sets they have within them that they brought to humanity for use.  I really don’t even think we will one day use the word “healing” because it will change over to creation mastering itself.  This lady is a master of creation… and I so cannot wait til she comes into her own (so I can leach her brain about her skills!)

Before I close this sharing today, I want to talk a little bit about my own experiences yesterday in meditation.  I am starting to practice that focused beam of energy thru to the Eye of Horus filled with my intention (from the 3rd hypno-event.)  I think there is so much more to it than just that…

I was all set to use my beams of triangular energy to bring my lovely rock man Jorge to my humble abode on the Mesa… I got my beams focused, targeted the energy into the Eye of Horus and all of a sudden heard a voice that completely crumpled my energy beams “Have you asked him if he was ready.”  Ohhhh shit… no!!!  I just assumed….  bad on me!!  That would be in the lines of manipulation… pulling someones personal energy to you (or even away from you) without their personal consent.  Just shit!

Now let me be very very clear on this… I personally was targeting Jorge himself… inflicting my will, my desire on him.  To focus your beam on the broader picture… the amplification of magnetic codes without a specific person in your life of fire… very different.

I reached inside of me to feel what I can concentrate on… ohhhhh Faywood!  Man of man, it would be great to live in a community with other ascended masters, focusing, learning, creating magic just breathing together.  Focus beams on… target area loaded… the moment I got into The Eye of Horus, I felt my soul… I mean… FELT IT and she said we are not ready for that yet, we have so much more to learn.   This too would be triggering others before their time of movement.


I am obviously powering up with my mind and not drawing from my hearts desires.  I have so much more to learn!!!

When I dropped into my own heart with nothing coming from my mind… there was nothing there.  Well, no desire at all because I have all I need in my moment for acceleration of my own life… my (struggling) expanding consciousness.

I am being reminded right now (as I sit and wonder what to do with the beams of energy and the eye of horus as was so excitedly shared and experienced thru the hypno-event) I remember that moment back in December when my heart knew it was time to move…  It truly served the greater good and not my own personal needs and desires (from the head that is.)  Although, my own personal needs and acceleration were met and amplified because I choose to move…. which serves the greater good and not only my personal desires…like Jorge would right now (blush.)

We have so much to learn and understand, but let me tell you… I am and have always been, a super excited student of the Universe.  Taking notes, sharing them out loud!!

We are so in this together… forever… each and every step and heart beat of the way!!!

Together, we have always been ONE!!  Soon, we will be one heart-beating together, Living out loud… Together!!!

I adore you, honor you and cannot wait tell the leaves of our bush find their way Home together!!

(((((HUGZ)))))) of anticipation….

Lisa Gawlas  www.m

FREE thru April 15th with the purchase of a 30 or 60 minute reading – ALL 3 downloadable Hypnosis events:  The Planting ~ The Eye of Horus ~ Welcome Home!  Or just hit me up with any size donation and I will send you the links to the MP3’s.  I love you and what we are about to do…. TOGETHER!!


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  2. WOW!!! On so many levels! Who knew there was more to be translated. I just love how you pick up a book, watch a show, listen to a song, have a conversation and spirit is wrapped up in it all, bringing more attention to what you thought to be pleasant, to WOW! Is that for real!?!? LOL! Love it!! My heart skipped a beat it was overwhelmed :0)
    And the bit on the aurora borealis. DUH! Two nights ago while laying in bed and seeing the vibrant colors coming to my vision during prayer and meditation. The first thing that came to me was aurora borealis, yet I disregarded it, only because the back ground was white and bright, not dark like you see in all the photos taken. I totally over thought what I originally felt it to be. Doubt or how you put it in your first paragraph, I questioned myself. Darn :0(
    The two colors that stood out were a deep turquoise and a violet/magenta color. Since were talking DNA. Im going to fire up the colors I saw with the violet flame in meditation.
    Love you Lisa!!
    Sarah :0)


  3. OMG!
    Forget the deep turquoise and violet/magenta. I’m using the whole AURIC FIELD!! As above so below.

    Thank you Lisa!!
    Sarah :0)


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