Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | March 30, 2012

The Magnetic Pull of Life Leading to May 2012!!

My goodness gracious, my poor little ole mind has been on one hellofa ride since my crystal made its way home from Mexico.  I am as much grateful for it as I am exhausted from it!  My mind just completely fell apart yesterday, too much in too small a space!!  I owe so many people email replies, facebook replies and replies on this blog.  I promise, I will catch up…. I hope!

This morning I wake up full of magnetic wonder.  Before I start my sharing for today, I want to make perfectly clear, I don’t understand the science of what I see and understand within.  I share straight from the way the field of information presents itself to me, for my own understanding.  I say that in-case what I am sharing and how I see “it” is in contrast to what science may say, I really don’t care about being scientifically accurate, I really just want to understand what this all means to us and how to best align and use it all.

The one thing that has been so prevalent in my readings lately is mid-May.   A super powered magnetic pole standing in the field of what I call May and thru the readings, I see people’s energy being pulled to that spot.  Pulled and accelerated even, depending of course on your own alignment with the magnetic field of life.

So, I also think about the new-found information within myself and that feathered snake serpent pyramid in Mexico, it seems to have been set to the upcoming eclipse on May 20th, 2012.  So I have to ask, what did the Mayans know about this particular event that we should really be aware of too??

No doubt, a super activation, download, expansion within our DNA.  The true big enchilada of our evolution!  A massive portal of potential, l gifted by the dance of the sun and moon together.  The moon pulls and stretches our DNA, the Sun embeds light codes within the pulling and stretching.  In what appears to be dark, is drenched in Light potential.

So of all the solar eclipses that have come and gone… why this one now?

The constant motion of the planets and stars have been stretching, realigning, re-patterning the entire grid of earth for a very very long time.  The sun has been releasing codes to the earth for as long a time.  We have been dipping in and out of the human body equally as long, strengthening our conscious connection with these magnetic super highways of potential.

The morphing I have been seeing thru my readings has everything to do with our magnetic fields strengthening and aligning to… whatever that big potential is I call May!!

Here is how I am currently seeing this all play out.  And maybe how we can understand our own movement within it all.

There are ley lines, grid-works of energy all through out the earth.  Equally, all through out the air and the upper atmosphere.  These grid-lines are charged at various frequencies.  All have a magnetic pull to the human(s) aligned with their frequency.   These are truly highly intelligent magnetic patterns.   We are magnetic Beings!

Magnetic storms move in and out of our lives all the time.  Rearranging our personal worlds.  Giving us the greatest opportunity to move to the next magnetic level of our expression on earth.  In these personal (and group) magnetic storms, new frequency potentials exist.  Our DNA becomes magnetized to our next great adventure.  You cannot stop the DNA from doing what needs to be done… you, after all, encoded it before incarnation.  So in every aspect of your life… YOU asked for it!!  YOU made sure it would happen at the very moment you needed it to happen.  Whatever that is.

We being a creature of free choice… freakin pesky I tell ya!  Your new magnetic north may be pulling every single DNA strand in your body one way, and your mind, filled with resistance, is pulling you another way.  Often times, this creates a super misfire in the brain (think stroke, seizures, etc.) or in the heart (think, heart attack or blood clots, etc.)  Our brain waves, in both our heads and our hearts are magnetically coded.

Our dear ancient friends called the Mayans really understood all of this.  They built structures to give us, a species thousands of years down the road, a map of acceleration within our bodies.  Funny how we are so busy looking up… in amazement they could track the stars so precisely, we have pretty much forgotten to look within, to see how this starry clock aligns within us.

With the movement of the stars, and the vast encodings of the DNA within each and every human, some alignments have more of an effect on certain DNA mixtures than others.  Then there comes these precious times, such as May 20th, 2012, where it affects every single DNA on earth.  Equally, it affects every ley line, every grid of every species thru out the multi-verses!!  Can we say this is freakin BIG!!

March has been a time of super amplitude in the species called the human.  Light switches downloaded, set to the ready, DNA moving, melding, becoming truly the new Human.  It has been an energetically exhausting month!!!

April is all about wearing and using our new Light suits.  The field of life vibrates so fast in April I cannot see it.  Every single part of us is being accelerated day by day, hour by hour.  April will not have you pinned to your couch or bed, exhausted from just breathing…. ohhhh hell no, it will require a lot of use of these new energetics called us!!

Enhanced in every way by these magnetic waves I have been seeing so constantly coming from mid-May.  May, whatever it really holds for us… has been bringing us into deeper and deeper alignment with it… that is, if you’re not busy resisting it.

Every new step, every new thought you take out of the box called the head and really feel with it…is moving you into the higher alignment of earth.

So much so, that those who are freely moving forward… I literally see (thru readings) the flame of passion within… the soul flame, igniting on earth mid-May.  I really want to be clear on this too… I have also seen various potentials of flames (full on passion in the earth in support of your own passion from the heart/soul)…. consciousness makes it huge!!  The more you understand where you are heading and work towards that every single day…. the bigger the fire (experience and potential) on earth.  Consciousness enlarges your Magnetic Coils!!  You can, and some are, stumbling into that potential… but, it will create a lot of extra work in a small amount of time… because the game is all about consciousness within the game.

Example:  My whole heart and soul is trained on living in a purposeful community I am just going to call Shambhala.   A place where heaven and earth are no longer separate but one and the same in all energetic potential.  Thru what I am doing now, I get a birds eye view of what will work to enhance this creation, and what won’t work and will deter the energy of it.  Every single reading pulls us closer to this manifestation…. we are all learning and amplifying thru each other.  We must!

The Guardians which I am aligned to here, are truly magnetic frequency holders and expanders.  I want to also make very perfectly clear, there are many many groups of “Guardians” helping with all that is needed for earths greatest expression that is underway.  Each has a different role to play… as we all do.  All the work of all the various groups of Guardians affects each other.

Thru our conscious connects and work together, we are creating portals of energy.  Very particular portals of energy that has a magnetic field that can blow your hair back!!  Let me give you an example of the one growing here near the Mesa Cliff where I live.

Wow, I so didn’t even get this until now…  holy cow batman!!

When I first moved here (January 6th, 2012) I could see the translucent Guardians in shadow energy at the top of the Mesa Cliff.  They told me they are the earths first inhabitants, and equally, they are us.   WE are the earths first inhabitants and we left and energetic part of our soul energy on earth to guard and protect the progress of the vast proto-types of humans that would one day become us.  Here we are!!  They have been linking up with their human ever since.  Building a stronger and stronger field of potential at that Mesa Cliff.

I had eventually seen a doorway emerge (energetically of course) at the bottom of the Mesa Cliff.  This is where my rock man, Jorge emerged out of.  The doorway has since been opened, but what I never realized until today… there is a portal of energy now open there.  Building in strength.  Amplified each time you do one of the hypnosis events.

No wonder Jorge no longer emerges out of the rock of the Mesa (that’s why I call him my rock man) he just is there now.  But also, it is exactly where I see my Pleiadian friends emerging from too.  So thru out connections, readings, sharings, hypnosis events, we are strengthening that portal of energy… for use one day.

To tell you how incredibly strong that energy pull is at the foot of the Mesa Cliff… let me share an experience that recently happened.  I share this, so you may understand some triggers that may be happening within you that seem crazy!!

One day last week I was in a vegetable state about 7pm and I heard this series of voices yelling “hello”… I at first assumed it was kids playing and yelling to each other (if you are ever in trouble, yell help not hello!!)   All of a sudden my ears became trained on the voices calling out and I could no longer even hold my awareness to the TV show I was watching.  I could feel my own energy pull itself towards my window to listen…   As another series of hello’s rang out, I felt something inside of me that felt like maybe someone was in trouble (but kept discounting that because they were yelling hello and not help.)

I finally couldn’t help myself, I opened my back door and yelled hello back.  The tone of the hello’s seemed to change… tho they never seem to change their word.  I put my shoes on and put my (lackluster) flashlight I downloaded as an app on my phone on… and headed towards the river.  It was past dusk by now and can I say I am afraid of the dark (blush)… the outside wooded dark that is.

There across the river, at that portal of energy was a dad and his 3 kids…. stranded.  The river was flowing way to strong for them to get across.  They explained they hiked over the Mesa from the other side…. why??????  A dad takes his 3 kids, aged 13. 11 and 5 over a Mesa Cliff 1000 feet up in the air at 6pm at night!   Whyyyyyyy?????  He had no idea.  It just felt like a nice thing to do.  They tried to go back the way they came and his daughter fell backwards and hurt her back, the river was too strong to cross… the portal had them stranded in its magnetic field.

Can I give a little shout out for consciousness and why it is sooooo important to understand your own internal promptings!!  We may get the signal a month before true movement is required…. and act before it is time.  Or vise versa.

Thru the wisdom of my landlady, she called the sherif, who called the fire department, who called the rescue department, who called the swift water rescue team…. all of these wonderful, mostly volunteer people, scurrying about on our backyard.  There must have been about 30 people here all trying to figure out a safe way to get this family to this side of the Mesa!  At 1am… it finally was accomplished.

My heart gasped every time they drove a vehicle onto the Mesa near the river… it is not made for vehicles.  Trees, plants, squished.  They started trimming trees to make a clear passage for all the equipment needed (this was a project let me tell you.)  I heard the trees tell me not to worry, they give gladly their life for the safe passage and togetherness that was taking place at this moment.  If the land could kneel and give thanx… it would have.

I so realized how much we are loved.  How much our co-operation and unified hearts of desires are honored thru all of creation. All of LIFE loves us soooo much.  The unified, heartfelt us.  Yeah, even the ego mind too.. but, all of nature amplifies back our togetherness, our love held together by each other… right back to us!!

So, now that I have written yet another mini-novel (smile) I am going to end this sharing by asking where and to what is your heart calling you??  May is right around our corner… and it is on fire!!!

Together, we are the Love of Creation, EXEMPLIFIED!!!

I love you, I love US!!  Soooooo much!!!

(((((HUGZ))))) of magnetic strength and clarity of the heart to all!!

Lisa Gawlas








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  2. Since you’ve mentioned mid-May before, last night I got out the printout that I made in February from the Earth-Keeper (James Tyberonn) e-mailing, which discusses the May 20th “Ring of Fire” eclipse (wow…I can’t help think of the Pacific “Ring of Fire” when I read that).

    There is a page putting what you’re saying about May in a nutshell. I’ll retype it:

    March 20 – Equinox – The opening of the 4th and final wave of the Cosmic Trigger, bla bla bla.

    May 20 – Solar Eclipse – Apexial point of the Cosmic Trigger. Humanity macro integration – Divine Masculine Balance sent into crystallization across the planet. As above, so below receival & dissemination via octahedron and pyramidal structure. Gateways of higher dimensional balance into crystalline vibratory non-polarity. (Whew! Good thing lightworkers are so intelligent so we can process all those big words!!)

    June 4 – Secondary release of the Cosmic Trigger download. Humanity micro integration – Divine Feminine Balance.

    June 6 – Venus transit – Integration with the Sirian and Pleiadean Alliance, the full return of the Golden Dolphin energies, the initial integration of Divine Feminine to Divine Masculine.

    June 20 – Summer Solstice — Extremely powerful , completing a quinadric of dates with the equinox, May 20th eclipse, June 4 Lunar eclipse, and June 6 Venus transit. This will be an extremely intense energy that incorporates a FINAL INFLOW of energetic codes and allows for obstructing releases (I wonder….should that say “releasing obstructions”?)


    • Cheryl ((((HUGZ))))

      Thank you so much for sharing all that. I actually signed up for tyeronns emails, but I stopped reading them cuz I couldn’t figure out where the channel was thru all the adds… so I appreciate you highlighting the important parts!!! Thank you!!

      I have a feeling… we are in for some serious earth events!! Funny, today as I was talking about the fire of May, I got a weather alert on my cell phone stating we are in a fire danger. I didn’t even know fire was part of a weather alert… but here, I suppose it is!!

      I cannot even get into June from todays current vantage point… it almost feels like all the universe has its sights, energy and magnetics on the upcoming May 20th timeline.

      I am thinking maybe… it would be a great time to climb the mesa cliff and witness the eclipse from there… as a group effort!!

      I love ya Cheryl!! ((((HUGZ))))) of deep gratitude to you!


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  4. Thank you Lisa for sharing.
    I’m so in love with the trees. I love that the trees love us so much.
    So much love and gratitude to you, the trees, and everything on this beautiful earth.
    God bless,
    Sarah :0)


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