Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | March 29, 2012

The Magnetic Coils of Divine Desire Portals …Part 2

Man oh man spirit sure can be pesky and persistent!  I woke up at midnight seeing this spirally things that I talked about in yesterday’s blog.  I absolutely refused to wake up at midnight, my whole day would be blown if I did.  So at 3:30am there they are again!!  Of course, each day I wrote about DNA, I was woken up at exactly 3:30 each morning to start sharing.  Yesterday, however I did get the leisurely pleasure of sleeping until my regular time of 5am and I ran short of time on finishing my blog!  Spirit can be a pain in my sleep cycle!!

I want to start this by saying that this is no “better than” when it comes to our DNA and what is or is not encoded within it.  No more than having dark hair is better than having blonde hair… it’s just different from the other.

No matter how our DNA is blended, it serves one purpose and one acceleration trigger… LOVE of the Self!!

I have spent the last 10 years sharing about the love of the self, and how to really start a partnership within, so I am not going to talk about that here.  I am going focus on what has my mind and my heart aflutter, those spirally things!!

Let me try to give you a picture of how I see these spirally things, both sets.  I will first share the air that is around us.  As I see them they are about the length of a drinking straw and not much fatter than that either.  They are like a coiled spring that gets a little wider at the top, just a little wider.  They radiate energy colors, for right now, again, as I see them, really deep rich colors.. mixed variations the full spectrum of the rainbow.  Some just have one or two colors, some, all of them.

The way I see them, they are just suspended in air… waiting.

The fully developed DNA codes within the human body start to radiate (in my field of vision) a similar pattern.  Spirals of energy that are connected to the core energy of the body and protrude thru the skin about 6 inches.  I always want to make clear, we have core energy beyond the spine.  We have it running down the center of each arm and down the center of each leg.

Right now, how I see the human potential is with these spirals emitting from the arms (mostly) and the legs (occasionally.)   I also want to be clear, I am only seeing these when I either write about them or think about them.  I have not seen them yet thru any reading.  But let me tell you.. I have already started looking and understanding more, which I will share later in this blog.

My first inner question is why the legs and arms?  Well, what I hear is the arms are your reach for Life, so the first acceleration of energy presents itself there.   The whole universe, multi-verses support and lend an energetic hand (if you will) to your Divine reach for life.

Legs are what moves you forward as what you reach for presents itself.  Lets just say you have jet packs now on your legs when aligned with the Divine flow of heart desire.

Lets talk a moment about that Divine Flow.  This needs to be perfectly clear to a humanity that spends so much time in their head!

In an aligned human there is a wind that blows into your body, to your electrical system thru the solar plexus, mingles with all your light codes and DNA strands and moves outward from your heart.  There is a really huge spiral thingie at your heart center… not your chakra, but your magnetic coil of energy.  (ohhhhh… so these spirially things are magnets of a sort?)

For those with that added set of celestial DNA mixture in this lifetime, this heart coil has been up and running since birth.  It is the very thing that allowed the pure particles of divinity to manifest within our fear drenched reality as we moved thru life.

Holy cow… let me tell you, I am learning this as I write.  Equally, my lord, my childhood never made so much sense as it does in this moment!!  The only way I know how to share this with clarity (of how this magnetic thing in our hearts works) is by sharing with you what I am seeing so clearly (more domino’s falling into place here.)

Imagine inside the heart chakra there is a golden spiral of energy that protrudes directly in the center of the heart chakra.  It’s purpose is to amplify the divinity of life all around you.  Literally changing the frequency of air to a high vibrational frequency.

I was born into a very dense energy frequency.  The air has no bias at all.  It vibrates to the frequency it surrounds.  Remember, there is only good and bad to us humans, for all else.. everything simply IS!

Had I not come equipped with this fully functional magnet coil in my heart from birth, Jesus, Mary and Franklyn would never have been able to take on human form and hang out with me in my bedroom as a child.  But my specially coded heart magnetic thingie changed the very air in my bedroom to allow them visitation.

What is so funny to me right now, the only other place I spent a tremendous amount of time was in our back yard pool.  It was a child sized pool of 3 feet and I pretty much lived in there… doing what, god only knows!!

But today, I so realize how important our water connection is to our magnetic field of energy.  I suppose I always knew that… but surely not like I do today.  No wonder why I spent up to 10 hours a day in my bathtub for the first few years of this crazy path… I was really getting super charged in every way.  Especially since I had my magnetic heart thingie loaded down with fear.  My life to that point reflected the fear within.

I am also understanding why that crystal bath infusion was so important even tho it seemed to come with little instruction.  The full instructions really come from the inside out!!

This is just sooooo freakin exciting!!

So here we are in a time of accelerated energy thru all of earth.  Activating codes within our DNA, creating massive movement within us.  All those solar flares have literally been impregnating us with Light.  Ready or not!!

We are now crackling with Light within us.  For some (those in the not ready category) we are witnessing emotional (as well as physical) meltdowns.  Some just went Home because their body couldn’t handle it (think Whitney Houston) others are going Home to leave their trail of light behind for humanity to use and work with (think Trayvon Martin.)

So what of us ready for this Light influx??

There is a massive shifting inside the body.  More than shifting… a melding together of amazing energy.  I can so see the movement within the body, I am so sorry I really have no way of coherently describing it.

I also want to point out too, when I share, I am literally taking quantum events and bringing it into a singular type of sharing…  just so we can all understand what the heck I am talking about (smile.)  Today, I really feel like I am short-changing you… because I don’t know how to bring 90 percent of what I am seeing within… out!

So here you are… light codes at the ready.  DNA melded into a super high vibrational field of potential… Your magnetics fully aligned with the Light of your Divine Nature… so now what?


Life flows, it never sits around and waits.  When we sit around and wait, energy gets all bound up inside of us.  Bulging pockets of potential… the more choose to wait (and only you can define whatever it is your waiting for) the more that energy coagulates in an area or many areas of your body.

Have I mentioned meditation at all?  That is the easiest most efficient way to moving your energy thru you, to make sure it is amplifying your magnetic field of energy.  AND ITS FREEEEEEEEE!

Not to mention it is the best way to access the heart energy.

Example:  My head would so love to win the lottery, any lottery!!  But when I move into my heart space and do what I can to align with that potential… my heart could really care less.  But… the times I can move into that heart vibration, which I now fully realize sets off super charged magnetic codes of energy thru the air to pull your heart desire to you… that is easy.  My heart wanted to be here in my new home… within days of having that feeling in my heart I got the keys to my Heaven.

My heart in this current moment is not about that 500 million up for grabs on Friday (megamillions) it is about my grandson.  When I go into meditation and fully connect with my heart desire, it is trained fully on my precious 2-year-old grandson who is energetically melting down because of his sudden and drastic change in life.  So my heart over rides my head in meditation and aligns only with him and his needs… and the court date that can bring him back into alignment with his heart desires.

Keeping that key difference of the heart flow (as opposed to the minds desires) in mind….

The energy radiating from your heart thru conscious connection (can I throw in a shout out for meditation again here…smile) you are activating the very magnetic coils within our bodies.  (From here on out, no more spirally thingies, they will be referred to as magnetic coils per that which writes with me)

The more and more we align with the hearts desires, the stronger and more constantly available these magnetic coils of energy are.  If our heart desires having anything to do with the movement on earth… align with the earth energy, either by going outside or taking a bath!  That bath water is super charged after your meditation… going back into gaia when you pull the plug in your bathtub.  Holy cow… there are those coils in the water too!!  Who knew!!

Now let’s make this really interesting… smile.  This is so kewl!!  There are about as many people waiting for the extraterrestrials to come take them away from earth on their ships as there are people waiting for Jesus to show back up and take them… wherever.  We can so look for that Savior outside of ourselves.

These super encoded DNA strands are the very savior people have been seeking.  Only we are not leaving the earth at all… the game has always been meant to be played out here.  Instead… we raise up (vibrationally speaking) to be the embodiment of the Christ as well as the activated aspects of our Celestial Light.   This really gives such a statement of truth to that wonderful phrase that says “We are the ones we have been waiting for.”

But there is some playfulness that can surely come out of it.  Again, going back to my childhood and my bedroom… When we are in full alignment with the love in our hearts and desire to meet lets say ET’s, our star family… we open a portal for them to travel thru to give us a literal hug!

Now let me tell you how excited I am!!  For the last couple of months I would see the potential of Franklyn, Ahnorah, and Alphronzu walking from the Mesa Cliff to my back door… I had really thought it was wishful thinking… now I am seeing they have been showing me the full potential I can create for their arrival!!  Holy shit batman!!  Just to refresh, they are the three Pleiadian energies that have worked with such dedication with me in my meditations for the first few years of my “awakening.”

Geez… maybe my rock man Jorge is from another plane of existence too… since I always see him emerging from the same place (portal?) as my Pleiadian family!!

Now that I have gone on my own little (freakin massive) tangent… let me share the readings of yesterday.  I knew readings were gonna change… AGAIN, as we moved thru this DNA acceleration of March… and they did.

I want to talk about my last reading of the day first… to really put a massive point on the above sharing.

She showed up at the very top of the Mesa Cliff, only she wasn’t a body, she was a full-sized coil of golden energy.  It was the strangest thing to see.  Like a weird shaped slinky.  (I also want to clarify, the words “weird” and “strange” are the greatest compliment I can give!!)

I watched as she took her coiled radiant body and from the very top moved over the edge of the cliff and created a free fall of sorts.  It was spectacular… and I really expected her to land on the ground… so I was looking all over the ground for her… not there.   I thought… what the hell?  When I shifted my vision back up to the cliff, she wasn’t there either.  Expectation… I am always in lesson!!

She was in the middle of the above and below field.  No longer on the cliff, but not yet on the ground.  However, her coiled body had surely changed in the free fall… she was now a cross between a butterfly (pure transformation) and an angel (filled with loving trust within) and still radiated that amazing vibrant gold energy throughout the entire change.

There was a detail that took me a bit to figure out, and I think I get it more fully today.  While she was being suspended in mid-air, I could see these thick fibrous threads of pure white energy holding her in place, equal on both sides.  She was equally supported in her physical life as she is in her spiritual life.

Once she told me what was happening in her life… I cannot even describe the feeling within me.

Her deepest heart desire was to create a healing/spiritual center.  She found a synergistic relationship some months ago, and embarked on the creation of her/their soul desire.  Her center will open up this Monday (hence being suspended in air) and the leap of faith she took… humbling.  She has three children she is providing for and yet, she quit her job, changed her relationships all on the hope this business will find its wings and still comfortably provide for her and her children.

What was really interesting was that I could see her business venture like I see core energy in a person.  Thick, white energy that stretched out thru 2012 (nothing has ever let me see beyond this year… yet.)  Weird, I suddenly realized I actually dreamt about this core energy thingie last evening.  It got wider as she moved thru the year (showing its growth) there equally was what I can only describe as budding limbs on this core energy thing… and I knew it was growth potential in other directions from her business.

This is truly how our energy portals work… it takes a pure leap of faith off of a cliff (heart desires.)   For as long as the synergy remains high and cooperative it will take you into fields of bliss you have yet to even imagine!!

Now to create a divine compliment here… god I so love how readings align themselves in a given day to make sure we have the full story.  I didn’t even see this synchronicity until now.

Like I have said before, we come into life with one of two missions (both are needed and one is never better than the other.) We are here as a sun/soul worker or an earth worker.  The above lady, a soul worker, the below… obviously an earth worker!

My first reading of the day… Holy cow it was like the rainbow exploded all around her.  She unfolded right in the middle of the air (not on the cliff, not on the ground, but directly between the two.)  All I could see was every color of the rainbow all around her… took me some focus to see her thru the intensity of the color spectrum she was surrounded in!

Once I had seen her it was her solar plexus that really took me by surprise.  It was emitting this silver-white energy (silver being the highest vibration of earth energy there is, gold being the highest vibration of spiritual energy there is.. in my readings.)

All I could wonder is why is your solar plexus silver-white and not yellow or gold?  Because she is now magnetically tuned into the frequency of earth.  That wonderful, crazy solar plexus now has the ability to pick up sooooo much earth information.  Potential earth quakes, potential storms, and so much more.

I had actually seen her and her son in a potential intentional community… one that was set in and maintained throughout a high vibration field.  Holy cow, now this is kewl and I pray she reads this… cuz I sure didn’t get this yesterday.  She is set up as a “look out” in this community.  I instantly seen Jemez, my guardian that is set up as a spiritual lookout, well she is a lookout thru earth.  She is able to see energy frequencies that travel thru all the ley lines of earth, feel them, understand them long before they happen.  Including anyone who may be approaching with less than high intentions for the overall community.

These magnetic coils of energy within our body and within the air (and now I am really feeling…. in the earth too) are more important than I could have ever dreamed.

It is time for all of us to fire the grid within and align to the magnetics of the earth and the air…. NOW!

I am going to close on that note… too much to process within me to even continue writing.  Besides, you now have a mini-novel to read, gotta leave something for tomorrow!!

I cannot even imagine my life, my heart without you in it.  What you allow all of us to see, understand and bring into fullness and lets not forget, keep my own personal garden watered, takes my breath away.  Thank you soooo much for aligning your magnetic heart with mine thru the readings, the emails, the sharings… we are all enriched because of your desire to understand more.

Together, we are One and we are Magnificent!!

((((HUGZ))))) of magnetic bliss to All!!

Lisa Gawlas

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  2. Interesting…
    The past week I keep finding myself being energetically infused with Gaia’s energy. I could be in the kitchen cooking, laying in bed, reading and all of a sudden I feel that surge of energy climb up my legs and engulf me or just engulf me while laying down. I know its Gaia too yet what surprises me that this past week, the energy Im merging with is stronger than ever. Before it felt like a trickle and now its gushing. Last night, just before I was about to fall asleep, earlier than usual, as soon as I closed my eyes, there it was. I felt myself complete detached from my body and immersed in Gaia’s energy. You have to let go, its so overwhelming and caring.
    Thank you for sharing Lisa.
    Sarah :0)


    • ((((HUGZ)))) Sarah!! Have I told ya lately that I just love you!! I do, I do, I do!!

      Gotta love the flood of Gaia!! Zoom….!!!


  3. I’m very much enjoying your posts Lisa, especially those from the past 3 or 4 days. Very interesting and they very much resonate in in a number of ways.

    Thank you for sharing what you see.

    Regarding this statement:

    “the only other place I spent a tremendous amount of time was in our back yard pool. It was a child sized pool of 3 feet and I pretty much lived in there… doing what, god only knows!!”

    Sounds like some early training for the bathtub meditations that were to be in your future. 😉



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