Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | March 28, 2012

The Vibrational Field of DNA and Desire ..Part 1

Just when I thought (hoped) I was done writing (downloading) about DNA and I stare at my computer screen waiting for the information to flow all I can see are these spirally things sticking out of a body.  I touched on these in one of my posts (I think the first one about the three phases of DNA) it seems we are going to understand this further!!

Everything about our life is a series of vibrations.  Nothing more nothing less.  We have this amazing thing called a brain that is designed to take the vibrational field of life and create what looks like our reality from those vibrations.

We have purposely chosen to incarnate in a world of vibration/anti-vibration.  That is to say life/love – anti-life/fear.

The field of creation moves towards love, moves away from fear.  It is very much like placing matter and anti-matter together, the seeded desire explodes into chaos whenever fear is present.  Fear doesn’t vibrate, it is a dead zone.

Fear has many guises in this world: Hate, jealousy, anger, envy, judgement, control over others, manipulation and the list can go on and on.

Our DNA equally has a starting point from birth of vibrational output.  When we (or as small children, our parents) start placing fear in our lives, our DNA vibration slows down.  We get sick, mentnally, physically or both.  I was blessed with both by the time I reached adulthood!

Our DNA have Light receptors within them right from birth.  It is designed to be completely aligned with Love.  The more variations of Love it receives, the more it grows, the more of our DNA is made present and available.  Love is the only trigger of growth within our DNA.

Much like there are many variations of fear, there are equally many variations of love: Kindness to others, self confidence, taking nothing personally, not getting caught up in other’s drama… and so on.

We have been programmed to believe we need to love others.  Not so.  Actually quite impossible if you are not fully, completely loving yourself.

So both love and fear is an inward vibration, expressed outwards from you.  You can fool yourself, but you can never ever fool the field of energy… the vibration of all life.

Your DNA knows that well.  It is constantly reflecting your vibration back to you thru the field we call our life.

Lets just touch on sickness for a moment, then I want to get to those spirally things (smile.)  Any sort of fear lowers the vibration within your body… whether it is for 5 minutes or 5 years.  Our fears have become vast and we want to blame it on so many things.  Food has become a huge culprit of our blame game.  “It’s not me, its the food.”  bullshit.  It’s you!!  The food, whether an allergy or simply a mind construct around it, is reflecting back to you what you need to heal within yourself.  We have a tendency to just avoid that food.  Much like we avoid people who piss us off.  No one on earth can piss us off.  We choose to take whatever their trigger was and blame it on them.  This decreases the energy vibration within the DNA as well… until we get to a point where we can either no longer move because we are so sick, or because we are so depressed (all that light vibration being held down) we cannot move.

Lighten up!!!  Literally.

You cannot fake out the body.  Whoever invented the term “fake it til you make it” was just not nice.  We deepen our illusion, our deadened vibration, anytime we attempt to pretend we are not feeling something within us.

Negative feelings aren’t bad… they are warning signs inside of us, telling us to take a deeper look at what is really happening within us.

Example:  From as young as I can remember I had severe hay fever allergies that started without fail August 1st each and every year and never subsided until the first frost.  My allergies were so bad that most of the days I couldn’t even see because my eyes were swollen shut.  I happened to be born in August.  Every year I had the chance to renew my energy cycle, every year, I didn’t.  Couldn’t… I was bound to a family, a belief system that did not serve my higher purpose but I was too terrified to be myself.

Until I joined the US Navy and they stationed me in Hawaii.  I was sooo concerned about my hay fever, there is no first frost in Hawaii!  But I changed.  I started to own my own power, much to the dismay of the Navy.  I refused to follow stupid orders (and my god they can hand out some life depleting orders) and for my 10 month history in that crazy organization I went to two Captain’s Masses (not where any sailor wants to go lol)  I never had hay fever again.  Of course, I did get pregnant in Hawaii too, and for the first time in all my life, I started to really understand and feel and make choices serving LOVE!

So lets talk about love baby!!  Our DNA is programmed to love.  Period!  The love of Self.  Don’t fool yourself if you say “but I love everyone… just not me.”  The DNA within you must be feed with pure love of the Self.  You cannot take anyone else’s love and make it your own either.  People long for that perfect relationship because they don’t have it within themselves.

For the rest of this sharing, the only thing that matters is the love of Self.  I will not be talking about any exterior sort of love… because that too, is simply illusion.

Our DNA gets soo excited at the first true feeling of deep inner love.  It starts to vibrate like crazy.  This vibration is also your magnetic field of attraction.  It starts changing the very air around you that you breath.  Yes, the air is aligned vibrationally and magnetically with your vibration.  How could it not be?  And there is a lot of air on earth!!  It is constantly moving outwards and pulling back to you all your heart resonates with.

For as long as you stay focused and grow within your new season of change, more is coming towards you for your growth and acceleration, completely set up by the song within… the resonance within your DNA sent out thru your heart.

We humans are funny… we LOVE when life is good.  Even when the good seems to be wearing off… just incase it is good again, we stay where the energy has changed.  We really don’t like change that much… for fear of whats beyond that which is changing.

So the wise air and DNA entanglement create scenarios to bring change for the acceleration of growth at hand.  Should we move thru the change with love and focus in our heart (not saying it is easy, we just move thru it whether we like it or not) the next field of our life is even more intense, great even.

Once we really fully understand that change is the greatest gift we have on earth and move with it instead of any avenue of resistance from within, life sets itself ablaze within our bodies.

Our DNA is unlocking treasures within.  Our spiritual abilities become amplified and evlove, our friends are more aligned with our own heart resonance.  We find new lands to live and grow upon, accelerating every avenue of growth within us.

And then there comes a time, something extraordinary happens.  Our human DNA and our Spiritual energy encode themselves to the degree they are one energy.  Amplifying every thought, every action and every desire into creation.  We are not only affecting our own lives from this merger, but all of creation.  Especially those we are close to.

Hazard warning here.  You may find, some (if not many) people who were just aligned to your core values yesterday, no longer like or even relate to the new improved energy field that is you.  Your vibration is just simply way to high for them… and you may find too… you no longer love being around the very people you loved being around yesterday.

We live in a realm where like attracts like.  Disempowered people will seek out others just like them, so they can continue the blame game and feel good about themselves.  Empowered people will do the same, find others who are empowered and seek out solutions for the greater good.

High speed DNA cannot live in a field of it’s opposite.  There is so much responsibility that comes with raising your vibration.  The first responsibility is to yourself.  What is amplified for the highest good, will break down equally as fast.   This is truly a power point for the Ascending Human!!  Also, a major choice point.  You either state within yourself… yes, I am taking the game as far as I vibrationally can…or you say, nope, this is as far as I am going in this lifetime.  Yes there are casualties of choices here, but I am not going to talk about them.

For those that say yes… well holy sugar nuts batman…

This profound year of 2012 exists, lives for those who say/said YES!

Holy freakin WOW… I can see this so clearly and pray with all my heart, I can share it as clearly!!

Everything on earth has changed.  The air we breath now has a faster vibration to it, the ground we walk on… phew baby.  It is like giving our mama mini orgasms every time we put our conscious foot onto her back.  It is like a light field of explosive bliss.  Who knew… I gotta do more walking otuside!!!

What has been transpiring over the field of March 2012 is all of our highest DNA codes are either now at the ready to be activated, or activated (depending on personal choices.)

For those with a triad of energy within… that is to say, human, celestial and spiritual (every single person on the planet has two, the human and spiritual) geez… words, ya know!!

Lets skip the process (until I have the words to share) and get to the exiting part… those spiral thingies!!

There are portals of energy within the air that we can link up to.  Bear with me as I try and share what I see visually here.  This is so new and currently, way over my head!!

Embedded within the air are what I see as skinny spirals, energy portals, enhancement zones or something like that.  As our blended DNA emerges and becomes stronger (ummm we gotta figure out how to use it to strengthen it) it will naturally link up to these energy spirals in the air creating a super charged energy stream.

Let me just share my emerging visuals with this.  Say there is something your heart (NOT your head) truly desires… going outside on the earth herself, finding alignment with the air (trust that where ever your feet stop, is the place) and opening up your heart to the desire.

Not from a negative point.  Example, you cannot be saying “please bring me this… that is actually fear expressing itself {note to self}.

But fully and presently aligning to the desire within your heart.  I have a feeling, even tho I was in my tub and not outside (tho the water did come from the well outside) my heart could only feel with my sons upcoming custody hearing on April 23rd.  In that resonance I was in court, and could feel the energy of the judge, and seen every ascended master filling the courtroom… working on the judges heart and connecting it to the needs of spiritual growth for my grandson, who is only 2 right now and cannot express it himself.

I do not know the outcome, but I do know it is already done!

However, I will be in VA that day, holding the Light for my grandson so that his best interest is fully and completely served for his soul growth.  If you can join me, that would be awesome (thru meditation that is… unless you want to come to court lol.)

These portals and energy link ups are very important to us.  Learning to master them is essential.  We will go into detail tomorrow about this, sadly I have got to start my day.  But I have a feeling, my readings today will help us all understand what on earth I am talking about here!!

I love y’all so much.  Thank you for Being such a bright Light in my own field of creation!!  I cannot wait for the day we get to truly (((HUG)))) all our desires into manifested creation….together!!

Ummm then, vertail loving ((((HUGZ)))) into the sea of Light!!

Lisa Gawlas

ONE DAY SPECIAL:  Book a 30 or 60 minute reading today and I will mail you two crystals from my field.  I am running low on crystals and this will be the last time I offer them outwards until I replenish my supply.


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  2. […] link to original article Share this:SharePrintRedditTwitterStumbleUponFacebookEmailDiggLike this:LikeBe the first to like […]


  3. the endless matrix of LOVE is with you!


  4. I”ll be court. Please remind us of the date again as it nears.

    This sharing was so beautiful to me…I got so giddy…so that’s what those spiral thingies are..I always wondered but just felt they were there for evolution thru ascension.

    I am so grateful that I have the space to get to really see(all the layers) of what/who I am attracting lately as my being is fine tuning everything that needs to upgrade. I’m pooped, then excited. Things/lessons/what I am shifting, are crystal clear (pun intended 🙂

    Thanks Lisa for your sharing of love, wisdom and insight. It is much appreciated!


    • Gio (((HUGZ)))

      I absolutely will give a heads up the day before court… thank you so much for holding the Light for my grandson!!

      It is funny, I have spent some time in meditation trying to work these magnetic coils… geez, its like finding a body part you didn’t know you had and now you gotta figure out how to work it with the rest of the body!! Gotta love new stuff to do!!

      I love ya Gio… so much!! ((((HUGZ))))


  5. From what I have felt and gathered, the old matrix grid collapsed around the Mexico earthquake. To prove how strong the light already is, how many fatalities were there? 🙂

    The air is different. The sky has been much more vivid since late last year at least to me.

    Dont forget to take your shoes off before you take those walks 🙂 You’ll both enjoy it more!



    • Kai (((HUGZ)))

      When you wrote this I suddenly remember my meditation just after the 11/11/11 and I had seen Mexico, all of Mexico exploding in Light from the ground up first… before any other place on earth did.

      Indeed… the air is soooo different… thank GOD!! And now, so are we!!


      One does not take shoes off here in New Mexico, the ground is seeded with landminds called goat heads… and they hurt like hell!!!

      Love ya!! ((((HUGZ)))))


  6. Madam,

    Thank you for your thoughts! You demonstrate the understanding and acceptance of what is that will carry us all forward to our destiny in LOVE.

    What tickles me is how you mentioned that you did a tour with the Navy. I find this peculiar because I am in my 3rd year with the Coast Guard, and my last day in this organization is the 15th of April, 2012. I’m being discharged for “fraudulent enlistment”, as I lied about my beliefs as a “conscientious objector” upon entering the Coast Guard to ensure that I would get a job.

    It kind of sucks, not getting the money for school, which is why I joined in the first place, but this will open so many doors for me to travel and spread my light! I am lifted by your words and encouraged to see that I am not the only being who ends up in this organization who just does not fit! Also, I was born in August and have always, until only the last 2 or 3 years, suffered from seasonal allergies in such dramatic ways!

    So many parallels, I had to speak up.

    from mine ❤ to yours,



    • Hi Dillon (((HUGZ)))

      Ohhh please call me Lisa, Madam sounds… old!! lol And thank you so much for the kind words, it is so appreciated.

      Ahhh a fellow military person! Hell if they had those rules when I was in (1/82 thru 11/82) they woulda kicked me out too. I went in for the vacation… and got what I wanted… stationed in Hawaii… I would’t pick up a gun if my life depended on it… fortunately they only made us shoot one clip of a 22 in bootcamp… I failed that miserably!!

      If you ask me, school, as it is constructed right now… over rated. You are saving money really!! And indeed, you have been given a very special freedom at a very important time!! So now gotta ask… whatcha gonna do with it all??

      I am so glad you spoke up, shared your light and story with us… and to my star brother who was shown where they do not fit on earth… big big freedom filled ((((HUGZ)))) to you!!


  7. […] be pesky and persistent!  I woke up at midnight seeing this spirally things that I talked about in yesterday’s blog.  I absolutely refused to wake up at midnight, my whole day would be blown if I did.  So at […]


  8. […] be pesky and persistent!  I woke up at midnight seeing this spirally things that I talked about in yesterday’s blog.  I absolutely refused to wake up at midnight, my whole day would be blown if I did.  So at […]


  9. Dearest Lisa, I discovered you just today and loved your article on DNA and emotions that can nourish versus destroy or cripple it… Plus Divine Desire Portals … Thanks so much. Looking foreword to learning from your wisdom… I want so very passionately to evolve past crippling emotions… I know and sense the effects of each. I don’t know if the the little box where we check email requests is meant to subscribe to you or not. I hope it is. when I clicked on your subscribe button it didn’t work and hoped for a way to stay abreast of what you share. Much Love and prayers for your Grandson’s highest good to prevail ❤ Forever and ever ❤ Am very inspired by the "downloads you receive"… Grateful.


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