Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | March 19, 2012

The Super Reflective Magnetosphere and You!

I knew, due to the intensity of Light wind within the field from March 15th thru March 17th, when we were able to read again, things would be very different… again!!  But yesterday was wayyyy beyond even my imagination of different.

I pray to God I can share this information outward with the clarity, detail and strength I understand it within.

The way I look at today, well really yesterday…but I am typing today (smile)… it is truly a new year, a new energy, a new earth in her first completed phase of change.  Two more major completions will be coming up as we move thru this year.

What I once called “The Field” is now a massive orb of reflective energy.  This orb is now the new magnetosphere of the earth.  That protective field of energy that surrounds the earth o filter out the high radiation from the sun to the earth.

The magnetosphere has presented itself in my readings (visually) as a cross between a mirror and the translucent energy of the face of a soap bubble.  Super reflective in its new state of Being.  The huge difference is, that just prior to this massive change, the high radiation of the sun bounced off this magnetosphere back out into space.  Now… it harnesses this energy and directs it to earth as opposed to dispersing it to space. To the packets of collective energy.  To each human aligned with any given packet of collective energy.

There is not one collective consciousness that permeates the earth field, but many.  I see it kind of like many clouds in the sky.  One cloud of energy is aligned to intense negative thoughts… victim-hood, blame, judgement… you get the idea.  Another, is a cloud of energy, a collective where people are finally taking a look at their own thoughts of actions and wondering… am I creating this?  Another collective would be those that finally take full responsibility for their appearance of life and really start to change within.  Not trying to change the outer world, but fully and completely looking at how they have created everything that life is showing back to them and putting the energy of change into motion.

These collectives are many and go all the way to the group that now stands firmly and consciously in the pure Light of Love.  It is those within this particular collective that is facilitating the rapid change of energy and consciousness on earth.  As my readings clearly stated yesterday.  It was as if life itself wanted you to see the work you are doing when you think you aren’t doing anything.

Equally, there was a synchronicity to each reading.  One built onto the other with full understanding of what is taking place now.

Each reading started out in the same sort of landscape.  Outside the mirror like massive orb of energy, which I now fully understand is the magnetic field holding all the upper dimensions of creation for earth.  High 6th dimensional energy and above.  So the first thing we look at is your relationship with this energy field.  Then we travel into it and move to the earth, which is showing up about the size of a large marble.  The universe said clearly it presents itself that way to show us the vastness of this new field… the new magnetosphere in relationship to the earth.

Talk about super expanded!!

Before I started my readings, I sat here and simply shifted my vision to the “field” just simply to see if we are going to get anything today.  The vision took my breath away.  It was as if the earth was bathing in a brand new sunrise, and the beams of sun was actually streaming droplets of pure golden energy.  My heart was so full.  I had no idea what to title my blog from yesterday… the topics were strange and vast.  I simply stated to the universe “I need a title, help!”  My fingers flung out the letters to state “A New Day Has Dawned.”  Indeed it has, more than we fully realize!!

Talk about having to orient myself into a new field of reading… sheez!!  The one thing I can tell you, the view of it was magnificent.  I don’t even have words to put it into proper perspective.  It was as if it was reflecting every aspect of earth and her people all at once in every area of this orb field, coupled by the luminosity of the rainbow energy thru every event it was reflecting.  I also understand the purpose of this rainbow energy is to amplify all of the energy of the earth back to itself.

So as I am trying to figure out what any of this means to my lady awaiting her reading, I stuck my face inside this shiny orb.  Holy flipping cow batman!  I was so not prepared for the view… the feeling… the everything!!

There were connective threads of energy everywhere my eyes could see all around the orb centering in one place… the tiny little marble we call earth.  These energy striations each linked to a single human on earth.  From what I am understanding this morning, this is the new fiber of the new massive muscle (if you will) of the high vibrating magnetosphere I call the mirrored orb!

Phew baby!

I followed the perfectly aligned striations to the center… and that is where I understood it connected to earth.  I could see my lady standing in the vastness of earth pushing up what looked like pink energy clouds.  Reminded me of smoke signals, only they were this very particular color of pink.  Again, going to the imagery of the field of dreams movie, the texture of this pink was very much the painted texture of the field of flowers within this movie.

Her role in this present moment is amplifying the pure heart energy, the passion of spirit thru this pink energy to all the open striations aligning this new dawn.  It was a wonder to behold let me tell ya!!

The next reading…. I could see the lady on the outside of this mirrored orb and she had a ladder that she was using to do her work.  Her ladder was completely contoured to fit the roundness of this orb.  Her physical body took on the energy reflection of the mirrored orb.

Normally in new landscapes within readings, I really struggle to understand what the hell is happening.  Not yesterday tho.  It was strangely fluid… revealing, and I really got it instantly.  Talk about changing times!!

I understood her ladder was in relationship to ascension, but yet, seeing what she is doing and her radiance… she has already reached the full ascension energy within herself.  So the ladder was not about her ascension at all.. but she, as a spiritual being is assisting everyone on earth thru their own collective and individual ascensions.

I heard very very clearly that she is a “comic mirror” to all she meets.  I could see her working the energy of this sphere as a reflection of clarity back to the human and back to the collective the human is aligned with.

Spirit had told her several times thru the reading “Take nothing personally.”  Imagine you are talking to someone, or sharing something to a group that really pushes against their belief system.  Most people’s first reaction is anger.  And of course they want to target their anger at you/her for pushing the person out of their comfy space.

Contrary to popular belief… we are not here on earth to make lifelong friendships (we already have that on the other side of the veil,) we are HERE to create CHANGE for the highest good.

There are many right now holding the cosmic mirror in their energy field.  You/we are crucial at this stage of the game.  Take nothing personally!!!  Ever!! Your gonna piss some (many probably) people off.  Look at that as their blessing.  You have done your job.. let it be!

There is also a really really wonderful side of this mirror too.  The reflection of pure divinity back to another.  The wonder, awe and Light that does live (or at least tries to) in each and every human on earth.

Last, but my goodness gracious…. far from least!!  My lady… sheez, I swear to god her energy field took a massive hit of speed before we connected.  She was leaping all over this mirrored mass of energy… doing something or another.  Her energy finally settled into one place (sort of, I could still see aspects of her energy doing the same thing in many areas at the same time, but allowed my to focus on one point of light so we could understand what on earth..ummm what in the heavens is she doing!!)

There she was, standing on the left side of this sphere of mirrored energy (showing is her work is affecting all of physical life) and she had this crazy ass drill bit the size of a jack hammer, but with a corkscrew look to it.  She was screwing the ba-jesus outta this field.  Hole after hole… just like a jack-rabbit (grin.)

Once I got done with the pure laughter of this imagery… I had to take a look inside the orb to see what on earth is she doing.  Amazing…. she was creating new link ups… new vortexes of energy that linked to the crown of every living thing on earth.  Equally, all this new crown energy created a whole new energy surrounding the immediate outer field of earth.  All gold in vibration.

What I understood about all of this is that the only way you can do this work is if your energy is completely in alignment with it all in the first place.

This lady is working to exhaustion aligning all this new energy to earth…. which helped her feel better because she wakes up exhausted… no wonder!  Even tho this work is done from the spiritual plane, the human biology has to be involved… so when you feel like you were busy bee’s in your sleep time… let me assure you… you were!!  Which has a tenancy to kick your energetic ass thru the day!

As I watched this unfold in pure awe of the viewing… I seen an element added… as everyone is linked up thru the crown chakra with this high vibrating field of energy, something started growing in the belly of the earth.  It was pink and details.. as it got larger and larger I could see clearly it was a pink rose.  It looked very much like it was made of icing from a cake.  Sweet, soft, beautiful and permeated the entire inner sphere of earth!

Now, keep in mind… not every body on earth is prepared for this high vibration energy coming into their crown… affecting their brainwaves.  There will be a lot of acting out from those fighting the pure energy of love coming in.

Couple this with the reflective mirror… the acting out will be more intense than it ever was before.

I will try to give two examples to show the extremes.  Imagine you are in a life that is filled with obstacles… and you are spending all your time blaming someone else for all your obstacles, the faltering of any dreams, the financial hardships you may be going thru… you may find the universe sweeps it all away from you… clean slate.  But not in a way one would want.  You will be standing in an empty field… nothing left to hold on to… to blame (of course there is always the choice to blame someone or even god for the empty field… please don’t do that…)… grow new seeds.  Ones filled with love, compassion, gratitude for now having an empty field in which to grow a new life!!  It truly is the only thing that will take root in this new energy we call Life.

On the other hand, if your focus has been for the greater good of all, filled with love, boundaries in that love (hey, no one ever said love is a doormat to be walked on… not even!) focus on outcomes and not tossing around blame and complaints.. the world will open up to you in ways that will take your breath away and fill your heart to no end!

WE are the garden of Love.  We are the gardeners as well as the very flowers that grow.  We are the energy that reigns down on earth of pure, fluid Love!!

Before I close, I want to share a detail that is emerging.  The energy of May!!  Phew babies!!!

There is a magnetic pole of radiant, rainbow energy already firmly planted in the ground.  The field of May opens up like liquid yellow energy… more beautiful beyond anything I have ever seen or felt before.  The pole is somewhere in the center of May… sending out magnetic waves.  I could clearly see the waves moving outward into our timeline right here and now… pulling us… calling us… to Divine Alignment on earth.

From what I understand, this too is phase one of this gathering.  Where people of like vibrations will start gathering, not in the ethers but on the field of life itself.  This is. after all, a game of life…

Many are already moving to their vibration fields… some will be suddenly moving over the next couple of months.  Some are the very magnetic field and will attract those in body towards them.

Also, gotta put this out too… many will be choosing to go back Home to get into a new body suit to play this game with a whole new energy field within.  Honor it all!!

Well… thats all I know for now.  Fill your heart with gratitude, you are so incredibly magnificent and doing so much for this incredible field of life,of light…even when… no… especially when you think you aren’t doing a darn thing!!

Thank you for Being you.  I am madly in love with you and so honor all it took to get to Here!  And HERE WE ARE!!


Lisa Gawlas

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  1. Truly inspired sharing Lisa….thank you!!

    I am clairecognizant, and I know what you see is True. Your ability to use words to impart what you see with your beautiful heart/inner vision is one of your extraordinary gifts!

    Magical times indeed,

    Blessings, love and hugs,


  2. Lisa,
    Lately I feel my abilities coming alive. I leaner something new about myself everyday. The night before i dreamt I was on a ladder placing tacks and flags all around me and connecting them with threads. Before waking I then dreamt my Aunt came to me, (per request to send me a message telepathically), and when she spoke to me in my dream. The universe opened up before me and I felt my grandfathers presences with me, he passed away long ago. She later told me she didn’t send a message, she was only thinking of me and her father. I want you to know everything you see in your readings correlates with what I feel, dream and lately see in meditation. This is a powerful year so far for me. I too feel I carry a cosmic mirror. I spend much time writing in my blogs, collecting the energy around me, connecting with my guides to create a path for others to follow yet at the same time reflect what it is they keep putting forth, in hopes they learn from what they see. Funny my guides say to detach from it too, its from them to learn from. I know I am able to do anything I wish, I have the universe unfolding before me, there for me, to do as I wish, no limitations.
    Im very grateful for all those who share their experiences in any form or scale.
    Thank you Lisa,
    Sarah :0)


  3. Amen! I concur and really support this sharing within my own being and authenticity….weeeeee! I am soooo excited I can’t even..don’t know how to express this feeling!!!! EEEEEEE!!!

    Lisa I just went to your readings page (btw I don’t think th elink above works..could be my software tho) and saw you changed the title to Vibrational ……..Well! I just today heard that my new title (while some still need to hear one) has that word in it also! All the pieces and clues finally coming together. Sigh of Hallejulah!


  4. WOAH…I was just telling a friend, raise your vibration. That is the only thing to do…he’s a newly minted believer from ardent skeptic. It took many years for him to remember. Just this weekend he clicked and we had a great conversation where I laid it out…the big picture. I left him with the raising your vibration…he said its hard not to think negative, I said thank that negative though for teaching you and have compassion for yourself in this service! But do not reach out and own that negative thought…that lowers vibration. So in reality, no need to raise vibration so much as lose the currently lower one you have; it works the same both ways! 🙂


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