Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | March 18, 2012

A New Day has Dawned!!

If these days aren’t getting curiouser and curiouser.  Yesterday (March 17th) I knew was the third day, the last day of the serious ball of energy morph that was once the field I read.  What I didn’t know was if I would be able to see anything for my scheduled reading, or if I would get a nose bleed from the attempt.  Let me tell ya, a little nose bleed isn’t going to keep my nosey nose out of the field of light!!  Not on a new day anywayz!

First of all, the sheer order of readings yesterday showed me there is no randomness to the appointments scheduled.  There is nothing even random to the order of the people in line.  Altho yesterdays connections produced nothing but a snapshot for each person, it told an amazing story from beginning to end.  Ending really with my own meditation before I fell deep asleep for the entire afternoon (a super rare occurrence in my world!)

It is only this morning that I fully understand that the field that I have been reading, which on March 15th turning into a mass of wind-fueled light of white and gold everywhere, and now shows itself as a sphere of energy, is actually the field showing us all the new magnetic field in place around earth.

There is now a whole new resonance that is earth.  The magnetic alignment of this outer field surrounding earth links directly to the heart of those aligned as well as deep into the magnetic garden of the earth.

If we can look at this triad of energy like a oreo cookie.  The magnetic field around earth and in the core of the earth is there to support and enhance the creamy middle… the human heart aligned to pure love.

For those fully aligned to this intense magnetic vibration centered on pure love, the game is about to get extraordinarily fun.  For those who are not, the game is going to get a bit challenging as everything in the entire universe is pulling all of its contents to the center.  To the amped up field of pure radiant LOVE!!

For those hanging onto any negative feelings, negative approaches to life, the effect of the magnetic pull of your life is going to be intense.  The intensity is for the purpose of realignment within your consciousness and your heart.  I have refereed to this intensity before as “blow back.”  For better or for worse!!

However, the place where I keep my eye at, purposely so, is the alignment of this highly intelligent, interactive, loving magnitude of new magnetic energy.  Shambhala if you will.

My first reading yesterday revealed a snapshot that both excited me, and as usual, baffled me.  The field or maybe now the massive ball of energy opened up with a new crispness to it.  A crispness that says, I am now a part of earth.  Instantly I had seen the most wonderful image.  A bouquet of Shambhala flowers, that had the most amazing long, sturdy stems on every one of them.  Now, just let me be clear here… when I say “Shambala flowers” they look like a cross between a pansy and the field of flowers Robin Williams walks into in the movie “What Dreams May Come.”  Amy time I see these flowers appear I know they represent the pure heart energy that I call Shambhala.

What I couldn’t understand yesterday, because the field of light decided to keep my nose out of its emergence… was… was this mass of flowers souly the lady I was reading, souly the field expression itself… or both?  Today, I understand it is both.

I really want to drive this point home deep into your heart.  The field expresses YOUR reflection back to me.  In order for me, thru any reading, to be able to “see” the highest expression of the field, YOUR heart must show the way.  I cannot see beyond your own vibration.

So for the field to be filled with Shambhala flowers as its expression, then my first client of the day MUST have a heart fully aligned in that energy.  Same goes with each following snapshot… which was really a story building itself.

My second reading was a so intense energetically.  Again, I had seen the crisp edges of the new magnetic field of earth… inside this massive sphere of energy was the most amazing, most vibrant golden energy I have witnessed to date.  As my eyes focused on the shape and image instead of the radiance of this gold… I realized it was the face of the sun.  I could see the eyes clearly and knew deep in my heart it was the new intense radiance of the sun.

Suddenly I had seen the sun drip tears, vibrant golden tears.  What is interesting is the tears didn’t so much roll down the face of the sun, but more like leap off the face of the sun and head towards us.

In my world of readings, gold energy has always represented the highest vibration of spirit on the earth plane… well it seems it is even more vibrant than it ever was before.  More a part of earth.

The tears of this sun reminded me again, of the part of the hypnosis “The Eye of Horus,” where the eye is raining/reigning down pure radiant love from the hearts of its participants (us) to all of the world.  Don’t ever think for a single second that what you do in your moments doesn’t affect all of earth… YOU change the vibration of ALL of earth.  YOU are quite the power-load!!

So here… talk about your oreo cookie here!!  My first reading… the shambhala flowers, represents the field of earth… the new energy now growing and spreading on earth.  She is divinely aligned with the earth energy.

The creamy middle, the heart energy, the sun… adding even more cream thru the high vibration of tears of the sun.

And last but ohhhh so far from least… a man!  I read so few men that I just get excited to see a man on my schedule.

His snapshot opened above the sphere of energy… or should I say at the very top to the left side (representing physical life.)  He took on the form of a massive eagle heading straight into this ball of magnetic energy.  I could see something dangling from his beak… I couldn’t relate to what it was so the field repeated several times “olive branch.”  Fortunately he understood what an olive branch represented (I sure didn’t) PEACE.  His alignment is with the flow of spirit into the physical life, bearing the new energy for those open to receive… PEACE.

He did ask a question, which produced a new visual… he asked about his future.  About his place in our future.  Instantly I had seen like single thread of energy that was as vibrant gold as the sun’s energy in the reading just prior.  This intensely gold thread of energy emerged from the center of this sphere of energy downwards to the ground, went about 2 feet into the ground and emerged just a few feet past the equinox.

OHHHH MY GOD!!  I am sitting here just thinking of how to express this gold for you… the intensity, the vibrancy of color, as I said, it is like nothing I have ever seen before… and I sure do see a lot of things thru readings and my own meditations.  Well, just now we got breaking news (smile)… the golds vibration looks like it does because it is now perfectly blended with the intensity of silver.  Again, in my world of readings, silver is the highest vibration of earth energy there is.

I must say tho, each reading… well really, each new snapshot was draining my own energy.  It was as if it took everything I had within me to see these images.  By the time I was finished with my 3rd “look: for the day… I was exhausted.  Altho I only spent maybe 10-15 minutes on the phone with each person… aligning my own vibration to this new field… flipping exhausting.  By the 4th one… nadda.  My battery was completely tapped out.

But yet… my heart was singing songs to take a bath.  Like there was a detail I could only gain from my own bath meditation.  I ran a bath…

Getting centered in the bath took some work on my end.  When I am that exhausted, my crazy little ego loves to go on tangents…. I had to redirect myself several times before I just took the reigns of my mind and breathed in the field.  Instantly I was in the field.. doing something I had seen myself do several times already… spinning like a ballerina on speed, cork screwing myself into the ground.  My form is gold… but not that new high energy gold… just gold.  Thru my meditation I spun myself underground then suddenly… surprisingly, reached my hands out from in the ground, and grabbed the new energy field and sucked it all underground with me.  It was really the kewlest this to watch!

The field as it was sucked into the earth was like a collapsing golden net… and once it was fully underground, took on a life of it’s self.  It emerged directly in my back yard… the first circle of rocks out there (to me represents the earth itself) and filled the entire area where the rocks are as an open chalice of gold vibrational energy!

Between being incredibly shocked by the feeling of this energy and the already exhausted feeling within my body… I couldn’t hold my place within this meditation any longer.  I got out of meditation and it was as if my body was now 500 pounds of pure lead.  I hit the couch and slept for hours.

I have two incredible ladies coming in today and tomorrow to join me here in welcoming in the Spring Equinox.  A triad of female energy… welcoming in the New Earth, guardians leaping and dancing in joy.  We will have a fire ceremony representing the torches now lit and burning in the core of the earth (From “The Planting.”) I will share times and details as soon as we three are together, so you can join in from where you are.

I am so grateful to each and everyone of you.  This transformation of all of earth could not… would not have happened without YOU!!!

Together we are One and We Are Awesome!!

((((HUGZ)))) filled with awe!

Lisa Gawlas



  1. Yes to PEACE! 🙂 x

    25. Trinity
    25. Trinity

    There are two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle. –Albert Einstein

    Soul Message: From the depths of the stars to the luminous flowers in nature, the threefold mystery of the Divine Feminine is limitless. Deep within the vastness of the universe…that is where you will find Her. Nestled within the cave of your heart…that is where you will find Her. Flooding all and loving all, Her beauty lives within your soul. Open your life to Her infinite kiss of peace.

    Alchemy and Transformation: The path of the spiritual seeker has reached its highest level of embodiment. This is alchemy in its truest expression. The magic power of three has manifested, this time, as the awakened World Soul.

    Awakening to the Archetype –Green Tara: The Triple-Triple Goddess—triple-charged, holographic gateway into the pantheon of Triple Goddesses and all they represent and embody throughout time and space and beyond. The Dalai Lama has characterized Her as “the first feminist,” in the truest and best sense of the word, for Her actions on behalf o females were/are motivated by love for all beings and the passionate desire that all should be free of the mistaken notions and views which cause them to suffer.

    Everyday Encounters: Arise and seize each day breathing in the rainbow-colored essence of Green Tara, the embodiment of the entire pantheon of Triple Goddesses. With everyone you encounter throughout your day, allow your Triple Goddess rainbow light to radiate directly into their hearts. Envelop everyone you meet with her womb of infinite wisdom and compassion. Demonstrate the truth that, indeed, everything in life is a miracle.

    Nature’s Healers: Natura, the Soul of Nature
    Your chakra card is…
    Seventh Chakra
    Seventh Chakra Seventh Chakra

    Every step you take should be a prayer. And if every step you take is a prayer, then you will always be walking in a sacred manner. –Oglala Lakota Holy Man
    It is within you that the Divine lives. –Joseph Campbell

    Chakra Attributes: (Color: Violet) (Function: Understanding, Knowing, Bliss

    Healing Essence of the Chakra: Located at the top of the head and extending upward to the Heavens, it is called the “Crown Chakra,” “the gateway to divine spirit.” A true aspirant grounds such energy to include the work and focus of daily life. Wisdom emanates from those who walk in spirit with both feet firmly planted on the ground.

    Healing Flower: Lotus

    Keywords: Enlightenment, Prayer, Meditation, Transformation, Divinity, Wisdom

    Affirmations: I am guided by my higher power and higher wisdom. I am awakened.


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  3. Hi Lisa,

    I have been following your posts with interest …

    As far as I understand things ‘Very Surreal’ is in fact a
    ‘Very Real’ Phase of The Amazing Healing Process, so I am not
    surprised that You now seem to be going through that Phase …

    It will be a Wonderful time when We have All got through to
    the other side of the process, as it can be a bit unnerving at times
    (well it sure has been for me sometimes!) …

    Your positivity and honesty is Helping many, I am absolutely
    certain of that …

    Blessings, Huge Hugs and Love to
    You Lisa


    bye for now,

    Eve LeFay

    ps I get nosebleeds and also my gums bleed from time to time too …
    Personally I welcome them as they relieve the
    ‘electrical pressure’ in my sinus and gums


    • Oops …

      I forgot Lisa ..

      Happy Equinox !!!

      Have a Great Day with
      Your Friends



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