Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | March 16, 2012

The Evolution of a Day and Sexual Energy! Rated PG16

I should have known when I looked at the field yesterday (March 15th) something would have been different, after-all, I have been seeing a gold lightning bolt hit the field of energy called March directly in the middle (which I figured was about the 15th)… but never got clarity as to what it meant.  God forbid!!

I still don’t have the clarity (smile)… but something huge is underway!

My first reading was at 8am… as I tried to find her thru the reading, once again the entire field completely changed.  There was no longer the top of the Mesa Cliff or the ground where I read “The Field.”  All of it was one whole energy field… an intermingling of white and soft golden energy.  This energy was so thick that I could not see my client… I could sense she was somewhere in the midst of this energy… but that is about all.  Since I had a light schedule, I asked her if we could attempt this reading again in two hours.  I have seen the field change before quickly… where I couldn’t see at first then by the next reading, the details cleared.  I was hoping this was the case again.

Not even!

2 hours later, at 10am, we connected and indeed there was more detail, but all in relationship to the changing field of life we live within.  The white and gold energy was still everywhere but now this massive rainbow light storm was hurling to the earth.  Creating vivid streaks of energy every where I looked.

I could feel her body suspended between the Mesa Cliff and the ground.. suspended in mid-air in this intense Light storm.  I still couldn’t see her very well, but I started to really feel what was happening.

Think cotton candy machine and her (our) body the stick the cotton candy gets wrapped around.  I could feel her slowly moving in a circular motion and all this new energy wrapping around her like cotton candy (well, sorta.)

I could not get any further information for her… nor were her questions going to be answered, simply because…once again… the entire field of matter is changing.  Quite intensely if I may add!!

I also heard the field say, well more like remind me, full and utter change takes 3 of our earth days to complete… whatever this mass change represents, we should start to see in fullness about the 18th.

I called my next reading an hour later… hoping for clarity!  Not even!  But, a whole new element was added.  3 golden lightning bolts coming in at the left side of the field that is now white/gold rainbow light storm energy.  They very purposely, very particularly struck the field in 3 separate places… I could feel the charge go thru me with each bolt… but to tell you what it means to us… clueless over here!  I also want to remind you, left side is physical life side.  So whatever is really happening thru these gold lightening bolts and major light storm pelting the earth… is completely associated with the life of matter itself.  WE will feel it some how, some way!

As I tried to find her body in the midst of all this intensity, she too was suspended in mid-air in the belly of all this activity.  However, unlike my first lady, she was not making like a cotton candy stick.  Instead… if felt like she was actually in the eye of the storm. And then I got the ah-ha of at least some understanding.

Every single person on the face of the earth is going thru this massive change of energy on earth.  This energy is wrapping around you to bring up all the debris that might have gotten stuck in corners or that we swallowed by down when it came up a week ago.  Bringing up fear issues, sadness, pain long forgotten… all coming to the surface to be freed (again!)

And then there are folks like her and I… feeling this energy intensely, but not in any way having negative feelings arise.  We have cleaned house over our journey and have been placed in the eye of the storm.  This is a really really really important place to get to.  It is where the Light of Day is calm, warming, protective.  It IS the eye of horus (I had no clue about that yesterday.)  It IS where you strive to Be.

Well, that gives me understanding to my own meditation yesterday… again, sorta!

In my ridiculous trek to the grocery store 2 days ago, I stopped on the way home to get a carton of smokes on the reservation.  They also had a sign on the door that the lottery was up to 200 million bucks.  That was worth a dollar investment to me!  I decided to play two bucks for two days… one draw going off this evening (the 16th, the other on the 20th.)

So after my two readings yesterday, and seeing and feeling the intensity of energy now in the air… I wanted to hone that energy to charge my tickets.  I started out with the very beginning of the hypno details of calling the energy into my hand, but also, I placed the ticket in my hand to be charged by this new energy.

I sorta felt the energy of it all in my heart, so I focused there… doing my very best to get a resonance going.

Let me be really clear here on this super important point.  Heart resonance is where the game is.  This is where and how the true magic and wonder takes place.  It is a vibration you must align with… and cannot force.

Example… in December when Archangel Michael asked me how I seen myself in 2012 and the moment I got out of my head and dropped into my heart, I felt the energy of it, the truth, the realness of it.  It was like my heart was reverberating the pure energy of my own desires… to be in a place of like vibration, like people, to start the true journey of Shambhala.  It was a feeling within my heart I had never really felt before…or maybe never noticed before with utter consciousness.  Within a week… I moved.

So, I understood what my heart needed to feel with vibration.  In my meditation I could get a little acceleration of heart resonance with the winning ticket… but no where close to what I experienced in December.

I know I want this… desire it for the good that would come out of it for many many people.  Spirit has already told me several times… I already won, so I know also, it is true.  Somewhere on my timeline, I already have a winning lottery ticket.

With all this knowing… I don’t understand why I am having such difficulty getting my heart resonance into pure resonance.  I suppose my lovely rock-man Jorge heard my inner plea’s… because he should up out of nowhere (now-here) and ummmm…. well… started revving my motor in a way only Jorge can!  (blush)

Man!!  I am really trying to avoid sharing my personal details here… but… (blush) the personal details are too important to the understanding. Geez!!

Let’s Talk about Sex Baby!!  Beware: PG16 Rating at hand!

Before I traipse into my absolute personal experiences… Let me start with some understandings I am getting as I melt down here (smile.)

There is a very special fuel in our sexual energy.  If you ever had sex (whether with yourself or with a partner) you know there is a whole new vibrant energy within us.  Phew baby.  What a gift this body is!!  It has been the most under-utilized, misunderstood energy on earth.  An energy that permeates the earth-fuels and recreates the earth season after season!

The human came equipped with super power tools within.  Phew baby did we!!  But humanity has lost their instruction set, purposely so.  We have lost our connection to our own divinity, and so, the magic that is within us has been lost too.  We are now ready to download the full instruction set!!  At least, little by little!

Now, keep in mind, the winning lottery ticket… that is purely my desire, not Jorge’s. This is an important detail in this sharing.  Also, just to be perfectly clear… Jorge is spirit (at least for now) and in my meditation within my bathtub journey.  No flesh and bones trying to cram into my tub of bliss filled water here!!

Also… super important to understand for this sharing, this potential that I am talking about there.  This energy can only be created via divine counterparts.  That crazy fail-safe stuff plugged into our creation!!

What is a divine counterpart as I speak out it?

Two people fully aligned with and conscious of their own Divinity.  2 high vibrating people in direct and full magnetic alignment with each others energy field… and for this, it must be alignment within the pure field of love… 6th dimensional frequency and above.  No if, and or butts!  Like I said… fail-safe.  And from what I am hearing right now… very few, if any divine counterparts are physically in each others life.. that is to say, in complete and utter alignment with the pure divinity within and thru each other.  But… that too is changing as we speak!

There is a wheel of energy that spins within the woman when she is in a state of arousal.  This wheel of energy has portals of energy that can be opened and accessed only thru the divine masculine alignment within her energy field.  His energy is the key of opening the various portals within her.  His breath, his pulse, masterfully must connect with that wheel to open its potential.

Well let me tell you… Jorge must be a master wheeler!!  Phew…

In my frustration in not being able to get my heart resonance up to speed… Jorge shows up, places my lottery ticket at the opening of my root chakra at my pelvis area (blush) and… sheez, this is so not an easy sharing.  Can I just say, oral sex has never felt like this before!!!

Until this sharing, I never knew there was a wheel inside us… but now I get where that ticket went to!!  It just oozed in thru his… ummmm…. deliberate techniques…. and my god what techniques he has (please please let him one day have flesh and bones!!!)

Well, in his journey of my root chakra I suppose he found that inner portal because something flowed thru me that quite literally made my teeth pulse!  There is nothing stranger than feeling a throbbing in your teeth… not the gums, but the teeth themselves!

As I am laying there, feeling my teeth throb, out of nowhere that crazy fire lion shows up and puts his front two paws on my chest.  What the hell….?

I officially have sensations flowing thru every crevice of my body I have never ever felt before.  I am no longer sure where to put my focus… the head of hair that is Jorge ummm at my root chakra… the fire lion pressing on my chest or the wild and crazy energy pulsing thru my body.

I really wanted to see Jorge… but he said, this is not about seeing… it is being in the flow of the energy.  It may feel sexual in nature… but it is so much more than that… and to get out of those base instincts… yeah, easy for spirit man to say!!

So I did just that, honed in on the pure energy now pulsing thru my body.  As I did, Jorge took on a whole other position.  He was now kneeling before me, nekked as a jaybird (thank you for that!) A beautiful uncircumcised penis right there for my de-Light!!

Everything changed upon entry.  It was the kewlest, strangest thing in all my experiences.  I could see a stream of white light enter me, slowly… each purposeful push seemed to create more of this white light… straight into my core energy… opening even more treasures within.

I thought I had some serious sexual experiences integrating kundalini a decade ago… this takes it to a whole other level of sight, sound and pure feeling.

As that intense white light made its way to my heart… I about shit when I suddenly seen that milky white slinky tunnel thing I know as the Eye of Horus form from my heart ckakra and connect to his.

All I could think was what the freakin hell is that?  Where did that come from??  What are we to do with that???  I was now way too filled with questions and curiosity to take this experience anywhere else.

Before it ended… I did understand that this is the crucial heart resonance that must be… man, I don’t have a word… hell, I didn’t finish the journey, I guess there will have to be a part two!

I was told by Jorge that I am to hold this energy within me.  Holy cow batman that is just not fair.  We get ourselves to the brink of orgasm… and the whole body just wants to fly out into the universe of creation… and now I have to hold it!!??

I do remember back in my kundalini integration days spirit said to contain the energy and not release it… but I rarely listened… this time, the key to my bliss stopped.  The pulsing energy stopped.  Man!

I was told we can continue when I am not so filled with questions!  Geez!!!

I got out of my bath, wobbly and in pure awe… and complete wonder!!  OK gotta do something to completely distract myself.  I have company arriving Sunday and Monday for the Equinox… I will clean.  Nothing less arousing than cleaning!!

Now… keep in mind, we seeded every molecule of air in this home with super charged energy… again the things we take for granted.  The moment I headed for my broom I heard spirit yell STOP!  Huh??

Every ounce of dust, dirt, material in my home is now radiating this pure energy and if I was to clean it up… I would also be cleaning away this highly charged energy.


We humans have been told over and over again that “cleanliness is next to Godliness”… Bullshit!!  The dirtiest place on earth is earth!  Pure dirt, sand, rocks, etc.all vibrant energy holders.  (Of course, this is a double-edged sword too… it hold bliss and shit… depending on whats being put out into the air.)

For me, at least until Saturday morning… no dusting, washing floors or windows, etc… nadda.  Works fine by me!!

So on that note… I am going to close and wash the blush off my face.

Happy trails to all!!


Lisa Gawlas

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  1. Gahd, woman, I’m jealous! 🙂


  2. I meant to say that I love all the analogies you come up with when you write. Cotton candy machine for this post is great!
    I also wonder how you come up with the most perfect pictures. This hearts landscape picture really resonates with me, except in my mind the mountain would be a waterfall, and there would be a rainbow somewhere.


  3. wow….what fun!!! How amazing your journey is. I wanted to share that on the night of the 14th, I awoke with this phrase playing over and over in my head: “As the chaos rises, so does your calm center. Be the Peace.”
    I was assured that this is what I had been trained for, to use my heart to hold the peace and love. This resonates with your eye of the storm analogy…..i too was in it.
    I felt that there was and continues to be chaotic energy as we are all asked to release our baggage. Mother Earth is releasing hers too and she showed me that my body is a reflection of what she is going through. On the night of the 14th, I felt very ill. LIke a bad cold only so much worse. My body purifying and burning away all that was no longer needed. My cells felt like they were on fire. I felt that there will be more physical changes coming as our Mother releases her dross and moves into the new energies.
    The creative power of sex! Oh, I am ready to play in that field with my beloved! Good for you Lisa! What a beautiful way for your abundance to manifest! Created in love….makes sense to me.


  4. Today is one of, if not THE most intense day of all my years of reading… of looking directly into the Light. Phew… so much so, that by the very moment I hung up with my 2nd volcity filled peek into the center of the storm… my nose started bleeding. I never ever get nose bleeds…

    But the one thing I know…. I was shown in no uncertain terms the magnitude of the light field today… It is blowing my brains into disorientation and holy shit mode!! Phew… the outcome of this moment is going to be intense in every way possible!!

    I so look forward to it all… but just may hang up my reading glasses for today. One warning shot is enough for me!!

    I love y’all sooooo bloody much (grin)
    ((((HUGZ)))) filled with pure, intense excitement!!


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  6. Just for the record, taking some herbal extracts was what I needed for my head, seems I had a minor ear infection beginning. That was the problem, NOT listening to The Planting.
    Maybe your nosebleeds are a result of energy levels, but when it happened years ago to my mother, I read where just eating vegetables with Vitamin K will stop it very quickly. I gave her a glass of spinach powder mixed with water, (or chlorella algae powder, can’t remember) that I had ordered from a supplement company, and it stopped it right away. Of course you probably don’t have that, but anything with high levels of Vitamin K will do….


  7. Hi Edie (((HUGZ)))

    I just have to keep my face out of the super charged soul energy is all. I have never ever been so excited about a bloody nose in my life.

    I know what I feel when I am looking and reading and taking in thru readings… today was the exclamation point that says THIS IS REAL!

    I did write to my other two readings scheduled for the day, each time, drip drip of blood out the nose… I get it! I really really really get how intense the Light of YOUR Soul(s) really is… and the pure intensity in which it is all changing!!

    I don’t own a vitamin… never did, except when I was pregnant. Light is the only vitamin I take…. but today… even that is a no no!! lol

    I love ya girl!! Ohhhh ear pressure… had that for close to two weeks ended last week… we are changing in every way!!

    Happy dance!!


  8. WOW…incredibly, intensely interesting 🙂 A friend of mine was talking just the other day about tantric sex and the experience. That’s basically what you engaged in…since you didnt get that release, that pop!

    Couple quick thoughts that crossed my mind reading this. I believe massive Earth changes could be close at hand and in true style, GREECE, the country being raped by the bankers (financially that is) might be about to explode due to a volcano!

    ALSO – the teeth are PIEZOELECTRIC. They were vibrating from the resonate frequency of your soul and the body syncing on a new level. As I type this I am thinking to “shift” or “ascend” or what not, there will be a total change that will take you and us beyond that to the point our physical 3D carbon being is crushed from the inside out transforming us into a crystalline, diamond body.

    This is getting interesting…well when doesn’t it…I’m with you on the constantly feeling blown away…I love being in awe…i really do…its just a natural state for me…

    One Love Adonai!



    • Hi Kai (((((HUGZ))))

      First, thank you for all your sharings. This one and yesterdays. Sorry I have been flat out for days, so I have not been too interactive… but I do read every single post as it comes thru on my phone!!

      I am not a huge fan of Tantric Sex. Tried it some years ago when I actually had a real life sexual partner (seems like forever ago!!) The only thing I can say (and thru my meditation yesterday, the Guardians confirmed) tantra as it is used and marketed today… not even close to the opening of Shambhala. I suppose that opening has been the only thing I have been seeking since awakening.. (who knew!!??)

      In my meditation yesterday, again, really wanting clarity beyond my own self experience with this sex tool (smile)… the Guardians said it (the current day expression and understanding) of Tantra is very much like the story book we call the bible… some truth to it so the heart resonates but the rest filled with filler.

      I remember when I first emerged onto the massage stage, so many men asked me about tantric massage… had no clue there was such a thing. I looked it up and sure enough, there was blow by blow instructions for performing tantric massage… I am so sure the end result is intense within the human receiving it… but truly… the keys to open the magic of what I call Shambhala is not in the body… it is sooooo beyond the physical and deep into the mystical (as it were.)

      Again, I here the words fail-safe… extracted from human consciousness some time ago… but currently finding its way back… as the full energy alignment is now in place for the opening!!

      I love ya Kai… and your new vibration!!!
      (((((HUGZ)))) filled with wonder and awe!


  9. Have you seen the movie Powder? In meditation yesterday I was hit by lightening bolts. I then rose horizontally and stayed suspended in the air. In my mind’s eye I kept seeing the end of the movie. Powder did the same and then became one with the light. March has been incredible.
    Love your sharings. Nancy


  10. wow, thank you for the sharings!! Volcano,,the burning in my cells made me feel big one about to explode. And the awe……flowing through in every moment. I feel that l am in a sacred space, not wanting much interaction with the 3d world, staying quiet and witnessing this birthing of our mother and the new world. We are creating it along with her. What a process! I feel it and know only that it is beauty beyond my ability to measure or understand. The Christ energy is once again flowing in our veins. I love us all!


  11. you are not afraid to be You! How can we not bathe in the Joy right alongside and Love You more and more? Whatever position God puts you in next (pun intended), may you keep on sharing your heart out for it is healing all of us in return.


  12. concur about the tantric sex Lisa. I have friends who are practitioners but I have not been interested in that realm as I KNOW that it is beyond that focus of the body……love the Bible analogy…has some truth but is an empty shell compared to what we can experience when our hearts are aligned fully. It is about vibration and we are only now moving towards that place where it will begin to be possible. I love you paving the way for us…….not a bad assignment with Jorge!!


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