Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | March 15, 2012

Full On Transformation Underway!! Phew!

-Warning: My browser crashed as I was loading this picture, the formatting came all smashed together on recovery.  Please forgive me if I miss paragraph separation in this quick like a bunny editing!

I surely cannot keep up with the flow and intensity of all that I am understanding these days.  The field is constantly morphing… becoming so much more than I can keep up with!  YOU are morphing faster than I can keep up with!!  The light of both the field as well as the folks I am so utterly privileged to read both have intensified in vibrancy and detail… and I swim as fast and as deep as I can to keep up with the pureness of understanding.  Phew!!

I do want to talk about some elements of readings these days… the pure power that is presenting itself to you.

But first, I want to talk about my strange moment yesterday. When I first realized the shear vastness of what we are able to do and access thru meditation, I started really looking at the earth itself.  So many people at that time were talking about earth events, land mass changes, etc I wanted in on the scoop.

One of the first things I remember, I was living in the homeless shelter in 2001 and after being on strike for a whole week (not meditating at all) for being in a homeless shelter, I went into meditation and connected with the earth.  I was in a landscape I was not familiar with and all of a sudden this orange red liquid starting rolling thru the streets and thru my feet and ankles.  I was really baffled as I watched it.  I had yet to learn how interactive meditation really is and didn’t ask the question needed to get an answer.  When I got out of meditation, out of my bath… I had really bad burns on my right foot and ankle.  Not on my left food at all.  The next day I learned there was a volcanic eruption in the Congo and the lava flow killed hundreds of people.

From that point forward, I was not a big fan of getting earth news!!

I no longer seek out that sort of information.  Have not for years.  So to say my yesterday was surprising was an understatement!  I was sitting with about 15 minutes before my first reading of the day.  I picked up my phone to check the daily news… it sort of resets me back to zero after I do a sharing. As soon as I picked up my phone I heard spirit say “Major earthquakes are coming.”

So now I was curious, when I opened my phone to the news app I scanned all the headlines for an earthquake.  God bless Japan!  They had two major earthquakes in Tokyo (I think 2 days ago now.)  As soon as I seen the news I assumed that was the earthquakes spirit was talking about… of course they said, no…. that is just the start of it.

Then a few moments later, I had seen something even more disturbing… I seen the tip of Florida either get completely drowned in water, or it just broke off and fell into the ocean, either way, I couldn’t see landmass for the sheer volume of water.  Which ever way it happened… broke my heart.  There is a tremendous amount of people who live in the southern part of Florida.  I really don’t want to get these news alerts!! But I also feel really deeply… this new enhanced vision is due to the expansion taking place these days.

Between the sun spitting solar flares machine gun style, the hypnosis events to clear and enhance our vision and knowing… and the pure basking in the Light of so many souls every day… more and more is being made available to us.  Phew!!

And let me tell you… the readings are now showing this unmistakably.  Took me a few days to really understand it all… like I said, I can be very slow on the uptake!!

I had a man that I read for several days ago, who appeared having this beautiful snake crawling up his ankles, trailing behind him on the ground.  It was a beautiful emerald green snake with black diamonds down the length of his body.  Anytime a snake shows up in my readings it is always representing kundalini energy.

Now, keep in mind, all the readings these days start at the top of the Mesa Cliff.  We are looking at the “Above” aspect… your pure soul energy and what is transpiring in your Light Field.  When I take you down to the ground, that is your “Below” and represents your physical life aspect.

Because of the color and markings and have seen so many aspect of kundalini thru my massage sessions… I knew this was his earth power… his divine feminine as he moved forward into the infusion and transformation from having been a human of divine nature… to the divine alive and conscious in matter. To say I was even more surprised that when I placed him down on the ground… into the physical… phew baby!!  His green snake became this really freakin huge banana snake.  The color of a banana.  It simply leapt out of his body at I think the sacral plexus area and slithered to the West Field… still with his tail in my guys body!

Due to the color, size and intensity of this big as snake, I knew it represented the solar energy.  I spent several days pondering this image… which gave way to yesterdays sharing. I don’t yet know what it really means to him… or us, since he is still in the process of transformation… but if the energy blow-back from that banana snake is any inkling… holy cow batman!!!  We are all in for a treat!!

And yesterday, reading for a lovely patient lady… when I had placed her on the ground a big ass green dragon was already there waiting for her!!  He was roaring as she dropped in beside him.  The roar… sheez… there was a wind field that came thru his mouth and could have very easily blew my hair back.  I felt it with every cell of my body!! Her dragon was waiting for her just to the left of her field… her physical life aspect.

The information that came thru was that they needed to really pick up partnership consciously in order to fully access all the nuggets available to her in her West Field (again, the west field is harvest, all the accumulated energy and abilities thru all the lifetimes every lived on earth and elsewhere.)

Too funny… I just heard that I have some integrating to do with my fire lion!!

Again… the things we can take for granted. Also thru this same lady… some really really juicy tidbits came thru about our coming months, as well as expanded information about the information I have been writing about the last few days.  And let me remind you again… this information comes from YOU.  I just put all the pieces together for a broader view.  I am so grateful to each and every one of you… in ways my words cannot express.

I see Marches energy in a whole new way.  The whole Mesa Cliff is vibrant with white and soft gold energy.  We are obviously knee (umm throat) deep into the expansion of March.

She was on the far left side of the Mesa Cliff surround by an area of pure white light.  The light blended into a soft golden energy just before her and spread out thru the entirety of the Mesa Cliff. There was a magnetic field pulling her forward, she didn’t need to do a thing.  But what I had seen as she oozed into the soft golden energy… I so wish I could give you the DVD… my words will not give you the vividness in what I had seen! As she gently moved into the soft golden energy, her skin came off.  I could see muscle and bone and blood as if she was truly skinless. It was surprising and a bit gross to look at!  Things are getting wayyyyyyy to vivid in my vision! lol

As she was stripped bare (I want to interject here, the hypnosis event “The Eye of Horus” mentions your skin changing… I guess this is what happens lol.) and as she moved further along new clothes or skin or something was added, piece by piece. As she emerged thru to the equinox, she came out with this violet robe on with long sleeves that had this white fur or something around each sleeve.  There was a feeling and a look of what the universe said was “a state of grace” on her face. She was standing infront of the chalice…which now really does look like a big shiney silver bowl (intead of a candle holder) filled with shambhala flowers.

As we were talking something even more surprising unfolded!  I cannot remember what she said that triggered this…. but I am so glad she did!!

I seen what now looks like a milky white slinky tunnel thing that is The Eye of Horus aligned directly above the spring equinox where the shiny silver bowl of shambhala flowers are (keep in mind too, in my readings, silver is the highest vibration of earth energy there is, gold is the highest vibration of spiritual energy there is.) and elongated to April, where the golden chalice filled with flowers are.  For her, the date came out quite precisely as April 21st (which she excitedly expressed as her birthday… what a gift!) When we landed at April 21st in her reading… I heard so flipping clearly “The Kingdom of God is at Hand.”  And I could see this really really big right hand next to the golden chalice set up in April.

How this all plays out in our physical world… not quite sure yet, but man I am snooping out as much as I can every reading!!

I am going to close here for today…. gotta go call my fire lion, maybe Jorge will come out of it all!!  lol

I love y’all soooooo much!!  Thank you for being the Light, the Divine Reflection of this amazing world we live and play within.  I honor each of you more than you will ever know!!

(((((HUGZ))))) filled with bliss!! Lisa Gawlas

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  3. Hey Lisa,
    I know when last you read for me there was a dragon by me. I’m wondering if those of us with the dragon energy are moving along the same path as the female you read for. Wondering to if many of the males have the kundalini snake energy. Any golden dolphins? Lol! Only one way to find out!
    Sarah :0)


    • (((HUGZ))) Sarah,

      Honest to God I don’t know. These details were just added… but today the entire flipping field changed again… The universe needs to comp me with overtime pay lol…

      There is no longer the mesa cliff or the ground it is one mass of white-gold energy in the midst of a torrential rainbow energy rain storm!!

      But then again… today is offically the middle of the month!!

      (((HUGZ)))) of wonder and awe to you my love!!


  4. OK…wordpress apparently has decided to force logins through their system if you’ve ever used an email address with them? Seriously?

    Ides of March…beware 🙂 or as I like to rephrase that b aware…

    The financial system is looking over the edge…over 300 senior level bankers have resigned in the past 60 days. The “chatter” was that the US “cabal” from inside the banks was given a March ultimatum…

    We’re half way through and OMG…feels like we’re hitting the valley of energy and being pulled back up slowly. The next drop will be on/around the equinox on the 20th, the sun enters Aries (I have gotten really into astrology this year!!!!) and to top it off its International Astrology day…oh and its also the Japanese Cherry Blossoms PEAK bloom day…so they say 🙂 Anf there’s a NEW MOON on the 22…remember the 7/8? 🙂 Flip that…

    One Love Adonai!



  5. There hasbeen a huge amount of discordant energy in FL recently, because of the shooting death of a teenager by a neighborhood watch captain. I wonder if the people there are also feeling this earthquake energy. Two years ago starting in Nov I felt that my senses were amplified all of a sudden. Someone in class, sitting three rows behind me, could ball up a sheet of paper, and it sounded like it was right next to my ear. I felt well ..on edge and slightly irritated. I just thought it was some kind of energy shift within me. A few months later Japan had the big eq and tsunami. I felt totally better 24 hours later. I did NOT realize at the time that I was feeling a build up of energy connected to a future eq. I know the people in FL are upset about the shooting, but I wonder if they are also feeling other energy that they are not yet aware of.


    • Hi Michelle,
      I have been feeling something too. I keep seeing things moving in an earthquake motion here in NV, mind you Im not the vertigo type either. Its only been happening the past three days. I don’t feel however that the earth will physically release any major quakes here in NV, yet maybe the earth is releasing something emotional that those who are sensitive to her can notice.
      Im not an expert just giving my experience.
      Sarah :0)


  6. Hi Sarah
    I can’t put my finger on it, but there is something significant about the number three. That is what stood out in your message to me when you said you saw “it” for 3 days. I havebeen seriously drawn to information recently concerning 3 days or 3 sections of darkness. Who knows. Maybe that is the time line I have placed myself on;however, I don’t see that as a negative time line.


    • Hey Michelle,
      The number 3 certainly has been coming up frequently lately. Even my cousin said the same thing recently to me. Things that make you go Hmmmmm….
      Sarah :0)


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