Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | March 6, 2012

The Garden of Your Life thru March – Cleaning & Creating!

I am so grateful to have arrived with two feet firmly planted into the highly intense energies of March.  It seems to have opened its door and is blowing the winds of change at hurricane force thru the lives and hearts of everyone… some way, some how.  These are no ordinary winds… no sir-ee!  These winds contain some of the highest charged particles of energy I have felt ever… and the collective purpose… phew baby!  And for a change (smile) providing understandings of clarity.

First of all… and one you will experience the either or, or maybe even a combination of the two… is the intense cleansing process happening within the highly charged energy of March.

Its ultimate purpose is to ignite the high magnetic frequency of alignment.  Starting with the human energy field.

Imagine you are a pole of magnetic energy, and indeed, you are!  Everyone on earth, whether consciously or unconsciously has been working within themselves to bring their energy field to the highest expression possible for their physical body.

Take a moment and just feel with that line of understanding.

Not everyone on earth in this moment in time came into life with the codes of high vibrational consciousness.  We are in a game of accelerated duality.  There are people who came in to magnify that duality back to others… they are so needed and equally should be as honored and appreciated as those who work day and night to turn on the higher functioning frequencies within their DNA.

How could we ever appreciate how far we have come if there is no reflection of how we used to be.  Thru these people as well, we can see what we no longer align with in thought and deed.  Don’t ever hate these incredible folks… honor them.  Chances are they will go thru this lifetime never seeing who or what they really and truly are… but we can!

Most of us emerged into this divine space of vibrating from the density of the 3rd and 4th dimensions.  In those frequencies… all on earth had the ability to rise above their experiences.  For decades (eons really) we have helped all those we can to raise their vibration one way or another.  It was needed and we were tremendously successful.

Now, we have opened the gateway to something even more extraordinary in life.  To stand on the platform of the 5th dimension, a collective unified consciousness aligned to pure love.  Once your feet are firmly resident within the unified field of love AKA the Christ Consciousness, you are going to notice some dramatic changes in your own energy field.

First and foremost is the awareness of the chaotic energy that surrounds you.  You notice how it feels against your own energy field.  How the energy distorts as someone speaks an angry or condemning word.  It doesn’t matter what about… You start to see clearly manipulation, energy vampires… and are filled with the uncomfortable feeling of it all.

I also want to make clear as well, we arrive on this 5th dimensional platform with specks of 4th dimensional energy within us. If you can still sit and hear, forget about hold, a negative conversation… you still have some clearing to do.  Because the more aligned with this high frequency your core energy becomes, the more difficult it is for your whole body to be a part of.

This is where most people opened up their choice points in the fires of February.  Do you move forward, backward or stay still?

The latter two have consequences.  Well so does the first one too, but let’s get to the unpleasantries first (smile.)  A high frequency flow within the body has very much like an allergic reaction to lower frequencies.  Keep in mind, the unity consciousness or Christ consciousness vibrates to the purity of love.  Surround yourself with anything out of alignment, your body becomes allergic.  If you stay in that negative alignment, the body breaks down faster than when you were vibrating to the lower frequencies.

These winds of March are amplifying it all back to you.  Super charging your energy field.  You are becoming more vividly aware of everything in feeling and physicality.

This 5th dimension has become a large platform that fills all of creation now and gives full birth to the 6th dimension.

This truly does sound, and at the end of the day, is exciting. But not so much for the human walking the vibrational path towards it.  It demands a release of all the frequencies below the 5th dimension.  A release of all the thoughts that might still see you as small, not worthy, clinging to people, places, even things that no longer serve this highly extraordinary Light Body.

March is clearing it all… one way or another (let me tell you, I have been on that “another” side more than once… it hurts like freakin hell!!)  We either let go or get it ripped from our hands.  By virtue of vibrating towards this space, in the deep inner planes of your heart and soul, you have already given permission for the one way or another.  Nothing is ever interfering with your free will… we humans tho, we can be quite clingy!

So for those who have let go, and moved towards or have set up house within the 6th  dimensional fields of their energy body… this is going to be an even more intense month, both in cleansing as well as in abilities.

Your energy is being congealed thru this month.  Set into a vibratory space the world has not seen in our collective history.  I have been seeing these winds of March very much like tornado like energy, intense and rotating.  There are segues thru March where the energy touches down on the ground and creates an instant doorway (the doorway is as unique as the person) for you to move thru.  Don’t hesitate, if you see an opportunity to either increase your vibration, move your location, participate in something your heart calls you to… run thru it!  It is a fleeting doorway… and once brought back up into the energies of change… will not return.

This is not a time for the week of heart… at least as I write about the 6th dimensional frequency.  Because if you take every doorway… phew baby.  To try to give you an example of what the outcome is… in vagueness of course, let me talk about a reading I had done 2 days ago.  She just set my whole heart aflutter!!

The moment I had seen her she was standing next to the opening of the energies of March and to my surprised eyes there was that fire lion with his beautiful face in full roar inside of March with his face and his call facing her.  I realized she was part of the hypnosis group and this had to be relevant.  More than I knew as the scene unfolded.

Once the fire lion (she is a leo too… interesting) turned around for us to follow, I had seen these two ribbon like streams of energy flowing from his neck.  To the right was a vibrant red ribbon of energy (it sort of reminded me of two parts of a long scarf flapping in the wind) … so her physical life is now flowing in her spiritual life.  To the left was a blue ribbon… her spiritual communication and self-expression flowing in her physical life.  How exciting!

I started to hear about a big event coming up… and moving thru the eye of horus (I still have no real clue what that means to us.)  I had seen the lion moving to the middle of March, the energetic vibration of March 11th above his head (that is our scheduled day to move thru whatever the eye of horus is to the Guardians) and just below his face was this pure white pulsating energy… small in relationship to his big head… and they made it clear that was the eye of horus.  Alrighty then… lets see whats on the other side!!  The only thing I could see (dammit) was 4 tiny people aligned together, shoulder to shoulder, standing still as statues… what the heck???

I took her down to “the field” I am realizing I can see and understand much more when I take you out of the upper vibration and place you on earth (smile.)… She was directly in front of her doorway of Harvest inside the field… only her doorway was not only open… but gone!  What I understand now (and didn’t that day) was the removal of her door came from her inner work and alignment and from that day forward NOTHING will ever stand between her and her full allotment in life.

Since there was no doorway to keep me out, I put on my snooping glasses to see what was inside her west point/field of harvest.  Well… much to my surprise, people.  They were all sitting around the wall area… as if a seat had been created for them and they just sat there, many more people tho than up above.  I couldn’t see any of them but one… at least, only one I recognized as familiar.  The Blessed Mother.  She even made it a point to stand up to be recognized.  The others will come forward in time.  Now what this means to the lady I read for… no clue.  No further details were shared!

Now I am really curious… so I take her energy back up onto the Mesa Cliff, into the other side of March and peeked thru the remainder of March.  The culmination was shown to me (again, god forbid in understanding… but enough to make me leap out of my skin with joy and anticipation!)

I had realized we were now somewhere near the Spring Equinox timeline in March.  I could see a beautiful shiny silver something… reminded me of a fancy candle holder but spirit kept changing my words to a chalice!  It was radiant and half in the ground and half just above the ground…. and then I had seen the most amazing laser light show take place.  First a concentrated beam of white laser energy came into the candle holder chalice thing (looks much more like a candle holder to me…smile) and then another next to it, of lets say blue, then red, and every spectrum in-between until every frequency of this pure rainbow energy was in alignment with each other in a 360 degree spectrum.  Not over lapping each other… but so aligned perfectly with each other… all filling, directed into this chalice that looks like a shiny silver candle holder.

I did everything I knew how to get an understanding… but the most they showed us beyond that was….

Just around the chalice now filled with a full rainbow light spectrum from above… were tiny little pansy like flowers all around the chalice.  Remember, these pansy like flowers now represent the energy and people aligned with what I refer to as Shambhala (6th dimensional energies and higher).  Just around the pansies were people aligned in a circle and the only one that was lit up (hey it was her reading lol) was her.  I could see her body and vibration.  She had blonde hair in this visual… so I had to ask, does she really have blonde hair… of course she does!!

The energy that flowed from this…. was soft, loving, unified…

That was the end of her reading!!  However…. the universe wasn’t done filling my whole heart with wonder and anticipation tho!!

My last reading for the day… a 15 minute reading… provided more details of what is beyond this event.  Again, without absolute details… but… still…with excitement.

I had seen the lady move to the Spring Equinox time and the North Fiend blow this energy into her… a full spectrum rejuvenation of her already highly charged energy field.  She had already changed her life completely in recent weeks… quit her job of 14 years, moving her residence thru the month of march near water… and from the end of March thru the beginning of the 2nd week of April… every part of her life field will be amplified and infused with whatever the equinox as shared above is all about.

I want to make it very very clear… the photo I added to this sharing was taken at this very moment of writing.  Normally when I write, nothing else exists around me except my coffee cup and cigarettes (smile)…. but the front yard called to me to look.   An amazing magenta was streaming in the sky… and I grabbed my camera to take some sunrise photos.  

My phone is an Android Galaxy S… high resolution.  My computer, not even close.  I say this because the photos on my phone are much more vibrant and color detailed than the image loaded into my computer.  At the horizon on my phone is the reflective glow of white/yellow energy I had only see on the Mesa Cliff.  

Since I have moved into this place, this Heaven in Jemez Pueblo, NM… I have been energetically seeing the flow of waters I know as Shambhala from the main street, down the dirt road, to here… and today… the sky wanted to say… Here we come!  Especially as I just typed it all out (smile.)  Synchronicity ya know!!

Anyway… took a little detour.  Back to my lady…

Her reading even allowed us to move from the energy of the end of March to the holy cow vibrancy of April.  I have seen April for some time… Shades of Violet and white…. a super high vibrational month.  This time, we were inside of it… and it felt soooo yummy!  I could only get to the start of the 2nd week of April.  Her team placed a black (unforeseen) gate in front of us at that point and we could not move beyond it.  But I kept hearing a massive life event taking place at this point… starting with the equinox and revealing itself about this timeline.  The feeling was blissful.  The understanding… who knows!  We don’ get to peek at our Christmas presents (or Hanukkah presents)… we just seem to get to know when they will start arriving!!

And as the photo taken today shows me… it is arriving already.

I would like to close this sharing with a little promo if you don’t mind.  Talk about things arriving.  I had been working on getting my 2nd book finished for 2 years now. I have gone thru 4 different editors over the course of these 2 years and needed an artist for my cover.  The last quarter of last year brought Nichole Lewis to my life.  She has become a really really good friend in my life and also a brilliant editor and artist.  She has dedicated herself to getting this book into creation… kicking me in the energetic butt many times (thank you Nichole.)  At long last, it is now available as an ePublication as of Yesterday March 5th.  In the coming weeks it will spread out to the various ebook stores, but for today, it is available in every format as a download from smashwords.  My heart is full!!  My baby has been birthed.  We are going to start working on our next child together!!

For now, help support our efforts as I lay my life bear in the book called:

When it All Falls Apart …Again  Come Clean with Your Life.  

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A short description of the books contents: The true story of Lisa Gawlas’ spiritual odyssey following several suicide attempts. Born to a highly dysfunctional abusive family, Lisa accidentally discovers the world of Spirit, and learns to meditate while soaking in the tub. She meets her Spirit Guides who help her heal from the inside out. Funny, raw, and straight from the heart, Lisa’s story is inspirational and transformational. 

With so much love, joy and magnetic windy energy to All ((((HUGZ))))

Thank you for Being in my life!

Lisa Gawlas


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  2. OK I clicked on the link to purchase your book, but if I need to set up an account first, then I’m going to need more coffee first…….lol


    • I have heard smashwords makes you fill out some stuff… but they don’t pester you at all. They have’t even sent me any juk mail in the several years I have published with them… in a few weeks the book will be available thru apple, barnes and noble, diesel and other places… but they don’t take the coupons only smashwords does, I think anyway.

      Thank you so much for your desire, interest and watering can (smile).
      (((HUGZ))) from one coffee drinker to another,


  3. This energy you are seeing is REALLY starting to arrive in the 3D world.
    I have friends who have had huge doorways appear suddenly..and they always seem to call me for my opinion lol. I told one friend last night…you only called me because you already know what I’ll say.
    Walk on through!!
    And so dear Lisa, thank you for offering me such a great doorway to walk through. There will be more, and each will help us anchor the new earth in some way!


  4. oh, that there are others to play with in this field of light! We are so ready to have the coming together. I am so excited about the seats for us all with the Blessed Mother! Feeling that chalice, buried partly in the earth to be sure we are grounding it all with our mother……and the rainbow light!!! Truly it is the time for the tribe of many colors to find one another. So grateful to be here and experience it all with you!!


  5. My bad and thank you Jackie for bringing to my attention the link to the book is via my author sign in page. I have changed the link to me not signed into smashwords which is this link as well:

    Sorry for the confusion!! (((HUGZ)))) of deep gratitude to all of you!! I just love ya soooo much!!


  6. Hi Lisa,

    This German site talks also a lot about: Horus-eye, seeds, lion (hero,courageousness), Shambala ( will be seeded and harvested in autumn)

    At the following link she talks about the “eye of Horus / Shiva” as the 4th eye (the cosmic eye) see “4. Auge”

    “The 4th eye helps to see devas, ligth beeings and much more. We will view creation completly new and be oblivious about universes-dimensions-solar systems more conscious.”

    “With the opening/activation of the 4th eye we feel a deep strong, often a disquieting energy, which forces us to look inside and let go of all which is externally.”

    There is so much information, maybe you can just feel into this site or use a translation tool if it resonates with you.

    the current time frame, she says:

    “The 4th eye opens now – we RIDE ON THE LION NOW, the one which was chasing us previously…”

    Love&Ligth, and Good luck for your book !


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