Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | March 3, 2012

Living In a Whole New Light Garden Rich for Growing!

I swear someone must have put “clear and bright” drops in my eyes when I awoke yesterday.  I had 4 back to back readings yesterday, and, thank you dear god, each one was done as if they were the first session of the day…. with full psychic battery juice!  Maybe because the Light in which I am now reading, short of miraculous.  Keep in mind (smile) I am reading YOUR Light!!  Your field of Life.

There is so much I want to share, bear with me if I seem to ramble, the understandings are so rich and varied that I am not sure I can create a smooth segue to each topic.

One of my readings yesterday was once again a wonderful lady who has been in my meditation classes.  My heart is always so humbled to watch you seek our your own mastery, your own codes of spiritual power.  And she indeed is a master of the earth… deep in the heart of Gaia.

The thing with meditation, depending of course, what you are doing.  Let’s just say you are mining your own power, relationship to yourSelf and moving thru an evolution of nooks and crannies… there are going to come times, frequently these days… where your body and spirit has you simply sitting on the couch integrating.  Days, and even sometimes, weeks, when meditation seems sketchy at best if non-existent.  These are the days you celebrate!  These down times are your whole Light field saying you have accessed mastery and now you need to sit still and integrate.  Often times, the energy plug being pulled from your life.  Give deep and full thanx to yourself thru these times… you are truly going thru an upgrade!!

So, having been in a down mode of energy for the past week, her reading reflected her growth!!  And truly, excited the ba-jesus out of me!!

I had seen her standing directly in front of the opening of March.  I seen water trickling out of the energy magnet thingie at the opening of March and started to surround her feet.  Then, as I watched in sheer delight, the water ran from her feet to the back of her body and started to form a wave.  The water was the most beautiful, clear steel-blue color.  The wave reached the upper part of her calf… when I felt with such a clear informative feeling that on March 5th that there will be a massive (that word repeated several times) event in her life that will trigger this wave in-depth and height.

I suddenly realized I was getting and seeing this information from inside the energy field I call March.  above her head was a black number 5 and I knew it was aligned with our linear timeline.  I could see an explosion of energy coming downwards towards her feet and the water that got her to there and the wave swelled in size and started to lift her higher and further into March, concluding at March 10th.  Once again, the number 10 was above her head and now it was vibrating white.

What I had found really interesting was that as I tried to see beyond the date, as happened in the reading just before her’s, I could not see beyond the middle of the month.  There is like this energetic line that is set up center month and try as I might, could not see what the line meant, or what was on the other side of it.  Dammit!!

But that is surely not to say I could not see other months.  I had a lady ask about a business she has been working to bring into the field of matter for what seems like forever, and yet… nadda.

Let me tell you, we have brought some high vibrating seed energy into life with us.  There are triggers and alignments that take place within us, sometimes decades before the soil is rich enough to grow the seed.  For the human, it can leave us weary and dismayed and especially in a place of not trusting it will ever take root.

I could see clearly… I mean unmistakably clearly her business was rooted and growing in the fields of matter this August.

Now, to be clear… when I see anything in our future I get one of two feelings with it.  Potential… which means it could happen.  Then there are the things that are there period.  It is already happening in the latter timeline.  This was her business, done and functioning in August.

What was interesting about FINALLY being able to see beyond our present moment, was August was richly red and white.  It reminded me of this past January in color theme… but not in the same energy at all.  The month preceding August was a scheme of blue and violet… moving, blending, ripening every seed planted in the ground of the New High Frequency field of earth.

August is a month filled with birth.

Now, my lovely lady and her business goals… I took her down off the Mesa Cliff into the field to see where she was there.  Man oh man we humans!!

I am getting pretty familiar with energy vibrations within the human that is aligned with the ripe and rich fields I call the 6th dimension… hers was.  Yet, when I placed her on the field, she was hopping all over the outer dome of energy, and so incredibly talented in her “creation skills” that she created windows to look into the field from.  But yet, didn’t feel herself worthy to be inside the dome.

She allowed me to discover a new appendage I have… a really long arm and really big hand and I just reached out and wrapped my hand around her body and pulled her to the West point of the field… which was where she belonged, in her harvest.  Talk about a fighter!!  As I attempted to pull her into the west point, my heart started palpitating like crazy.  I could feel her nervous energy thru my entire body.  What on earth are you so afraid of?? This is YOUR harvest, everything you worked so long and hard to attain is now available… she wouldn’t let me bring her inside the field.  Well, I surely don’t want anyone (especially me!!) having a heart attack right here in a reading… so I pulled her whole body into my kitchen (where I do my readings.)  We did some energy work…. and finally… she let go and allowed herself into the west point… worn out for sure!  She was slumped in a chair, but in the west point of entry into the field.

I carried her to the center of the field, just because it felt like what we should do!  I was sooooo surprised at what happened thru this.   There were so many things that transpired but the one that really surprised me was the entire ground became rainbow energy and started to massage her feet.  I could see the light gather together and massage her feet then start to pull out all the burrs and pebbles from having walked so long and on treacherous ground to get here…It humbled me to no end.  The loving light of her Life was soothing and healing her tired and sore feet.

The greatest part of what I do… when we are together in a reading, we are really really one energy… I got a foot massage and cleansing too.  Thank you so much for that!!  Now I can really dance in de-Light!!

There was also a lady who really baffled my psychic vision!  Holy cow batman…even!!  She reminded me of something right out of the cartoon Duddly Do-right. Only instead of being bound to a railroad track, she was bound to the side of the Mesa Cliff, just underneath the top of it.

Thick rope in perfect circles binding her movement and must have been threaded into the rock… I could not see how she was suspended there on the rock face.  She had a white/gray gag in her mouth… and baffled would be a super understatement.  I could feel her energy, her wisdom, her abilities… so what the hell??

Thru our conversation she had a common phrase she said over and over again… “it’s not time yet.”  and I realized she had gagged and bound herself to just below the surface of all her hopes and dreams.  She asked me to move her into the forward timeline… holy smokes!!  Geez…. the moment I moved her energy just slightly to get her imagery into any part of the future… a huge rusted ole peg/nail thingie immediately formed above her head and I could see this little energy thingie (could not tell you what it was) with a gavel to hammer that rusted peg (that was about 2 feet big) into her crown.  I stopped.  What the hell?????????

Let me tell you… our self talk, self thoughts are super freakin powerful.  Obviously.

The sheer amount of information coming out of the internet today… confusing in details.  I know she is an information processor… that has left her bound, gagged and pegged beneath her hopes and dreams… There was nothing I could do to help, except of course give her meditation exercise to start freeing herself.

We talked about the truth of the issue… which really was being afraid of her own power and the history that had others moving away from her because of it.  And we shrink down…

Here is a good story… a true and real story we can ALL tell ourselves:

The time is NOW.  I Am enriched, empowered and Loving.  I Am available for all the world to see and feel.  If you don’t like what you see, hear or feel, simply move out of my way!!

Don’t let anyone or anything stop you from what you worked so hard to achieve within yourself and your life!! You deserve the very best of life, and open your mind, heart and arms to receive!!

Last evening as I was reflecting on the enormity of information and understandings coming thru… I had to ponder this new eye sight and hearing I now seem to have.  I believed it was simply the changing field of energy becoming more clear.  I was told it was the (ongoing) expansion of my spiritual abilities.  It (the expansion) is only recognized when used.  Boy did I get that!!

I also pondered the ability to now see in the further months of creation.  Spontaneously I could see the most rich, lush garden of tiny little flowers… the pansies I know understand is each of us… growing, loving, living in the energy that I simply call Shambhala.  It was summer… it was this summer!!

The dreams we dared to dream have already come true!!

I love you soooo flipping much.  Thank you for being the Field of Light that nourishes the ALL!!

((((((HUGZ)))) of deep gratitude and inner radiance to the ALL from the ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas






  1. Thank you Lisa!!!
    So true! I feel this year so far has been a roller coaster ride. Just getting over another down to experience another up. So much gratitude to share these experiences with you and others.
    God bless,
    Sarah :0)


    • It has Sarah… I was sooooo hoping for a leisurely stroll thru 2012… hell no!! At least not at first, I really have a feeling that shall soon change for many of us…. phew! I don’t have room on my body for one more bump or bruise!!

      Here’s to facing the wind and pull of March!!


  2. Well I am filled with Joy and Excitement to see this good news, especially about your expanded abilities! YOU GO GAL! lol


    • Hey Edie have I ((((HUGGED)))) you lately….? 🙂 Hey it’s all there for US… I just use some of my abilities all the time… now to discover the ones that are new that I forgot I had… that is the tricky and exciting part!!

      I love ya girl…. More ((((HUGZ))))


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  4. This is amazing! and wonderful! Love it…..Lisa…could you expand your foot over here to give me a kick to NY or wherever…I still cannot find my place there!

    And for your rock collection I have someone collecting one from everywhere she is going now enroute..Kuwait, Dubai, Geneva, Paris, Indonesia, St Moritz and more…

    And Yes….for everyone…Shine on!!!!


    • Gio… hang tight girlfriend (I know, I know… you have been…smile.) There is another major realignment happening in the energetics… changing compass course again!! Strange… even as I share that (new news to me lol) I see and hear something that may help… I hope…

      These energies that are realigning.. they will pause for a moment and create a doorway of opportunity… when that doorway opens, you need to run thru it… for it will close again as the energies realign again… and wait for the next doorway to open. This has been happening rapidly since January and will continue to accelerate as the year moves on… (I think I will add this to my blog today actually!)

      Ohhhh and I am so excited about the rock collection from your friend. We need to find a way to get a rock from countries in turmoil like Syria, Lybia, Iraq, Iran… and so on!!

      Thanx for the new (maybe it’s old lol) info today!! I love ya!!


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