Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | February 23, 2012

De-Light-Full Food ~ De-Light-Full Sex …Part 1

Before I start, I so want to thank the new moon for serving up some hearty food of understanding yesterday.  There is a whole new octave in the air, a whole new vibrancy to the field of Light.  This…. is going to be a very long sharing!! (smile)

The first reading yesterday was given a message so relevant to each and every one of us.  The importance of it cannot be underscored enough.

But first, I notice a huge, significant change in the field.  The “platform” I refer to as the 5th dimension went form being black (unforeseen potentials) to a vibrancy of white like I had never seen before.  It literally reflected light back up to the person I was reading… and the details are becoming so much clearer! Hurray!!

Own Your Mastery 

She was standing  just outside the dome of energy I relate to the 6th dimensional energies/potentials and above.  She was radiant.  On the gold mesh like structure of the dome appeared a full length oval mirror of pure white light in direct alignment with her.  I understood this to be her mirror of entrance into the field.

I personally knew she was in perfect vibrancy to go thru the mirror into the field, but… ohhhh we pesky humans!  I could also see in her right temple this looping energy… her own thoughts holding her back from not only seeing how vibrant she is, but most importantly… from OWNING it!

We must stop playing our perceived shortcomings and issues from the past.  Yesterday, in the reading, I watched as the universe placed a white finger into her right temple and started to melt the loop.  It was wonderful to once again see the assistance from the universe to get us over our hump.

I understood so well, that once that loop stopped and she owned how far she has come in the field of Light, that mirror (which we all have one too) will absorb you into the protective field of energy within the dome.

Please let me be clear here…. talking over it with words that you wish you fully beleived but don’t is NOT the same thing as true ownership.  “”Owning it” is an energetic vibration. Period.

We fast forwarded into the future to  the moment she “owned her mastery” and she was sucked into the field thru that mirror entrance.  (This would make a great meditation exercise for everyone!)  In the very moment she was sucked into the field, she instantly had a shovel in her hand and started digging in the dirt.  This showed every cell of her being was so ready… chomping at the bit ready to start creating and working in the new fields of light… she just had to get out of her mind to start!!

She had mentioned something about the summer… by this point I could already see her inside the dome of energy… working the new energy.  In the moment she asked about the summer I had seen a flower garden for her.  Everything she had hoped for was in bloom.  I heard the universe say (several times thu the day in various readings) once you get to this garden, it will never cease to exist.  Let me tell you… the depth of that statement… I was doing the happy dance for all of us!!

The next reading… my lord I really felt this whole day was like opening gifts from a santa clause who has been on strike for a very long time!!  The pure information, the understanding…. man oh man!!!

I also want to point out the divine order of these readings from yesterday.  In order to really use what is already within your field of Light, you must own your field of light fully without doubt!

I have always said, we need each other to unlock the fullness of the treasures that are each of us.  This reading was icing on that statement!!  I have said this before, I will say it again… you are the fertilizer of my life.  I take your fertilizer and blend it with mine and spread it out for all those who understand.  Synergy of creation…. creating…together as one!!

Opening to Your Treasure Chest!

Let me just share first, the profound understandings of this “wheel of life” I read from.  This was also stated in both of these readings and is soooo important to understand and feel within you.  This is the last cycle we will ever experience in this way.  Once you get inside the dome of energy (smile)… you will never leave, nor will life ever be the same (stuggle, saddness, all that will be a part of your / our history.)

But the thing that equally excites me… the harvest is is from every life you have ever lived up to now.  On this planet, on other planets… all your wisdom, all your perfected abilities will be fully yours to use.

To have full use of all that, we must be in a unified state of Being.  That means, my abilities grow and flourish by the use of yours, and vise versa.  This is no longer the time of one person getting it… because we humans have a tendancy to get it, then wrap it up and sell it.  You cannot sell what we are about to step into.  Ever.  In truth, you won’t need to.

So my 2nd reading of the day was a lady moving from the south field (full bloom) into her west point (harvest time).  There was such a fluid movement to her energy (of course the human inside her didn’t feel very fluid… pesky mind lol.)  I am grateful I can see your truth beyond the workings of the mind… gives me great comfort really!!

Anyway… it was an effortless (to her spirit) slide from around the orbit to the west feild inside the dome of energy.   Not a single break in the motion.  What I had seen inside the field for her… OMG made my heart dance with de-light!!

A big as treasure chest.  Just like you would see on a pirates ship.  It was filled with energy nuggets of every color, shape and size.  The chest itself was already opened for her use when she arrives (and I kept hearing the next full moon.)  It was opened facing the left field… for full use in her physical life.

Once again, spirit said, this must be shared for everyone and will never deplete.  I thought of my milk the other day.  I have been trying to stretch the resources I have…. my milk included.  I went to pour a bowl of cereal and my milk was sour.  Dammit.  I heard as I sniffed the yucky odor of the milk… “this happens when you try and store energy too.”  It goes sour??  Yes, actually, it does.  Her reading gave pure clarity to what spirit was talking about.

Before I get to the meaning of it all (smile)… I realized something that excites the hell outta me.  We are actually starting to get real, tangible information.  But it is not because of what I see so much… but what you ask and how I am able to see, hear and understand.  I really feel this is a brand new enhanced twist given by this recent full moon!!  But… YOU must ask the questions to get the answers.  Very much like meditation!

Well she asked a lot of great questions.  I am so accustomed to the field holding back any real substance to the question “what am I here to do” I was shocked she actually got a full fledged answer.  Which really shows we have opened a brand new door in the field of Light and Life!   ….happy dance!!!

She talked about having previous readings thru astrology and such and had been told by several she is here to learn about love and balance.  I personally got the craziest something or another in our now entwined energy field that is my body… like a poke from the universe.  We are all here to do that… and a door opened!  Phew!!

She started talking about this business she has been holding in her heart for 12 years… never seemingly able to get it off the ground (I can so relate to that, as many of us can!!)  It was something to do with a kitchen (sorry I cannot remember the full name.)  She even went to a culinary school that was dredful to help her culunary skills for this venture.

Now… what I didn’t tell her thru this reading, yet I must mention it here… as she talked about this spiritual kitchen of food stuff… I kept seeing her at that place called Faywood Hot Springs, in the kitchen area.  Something tells me (smile)… that is not off the energetic table!  ….more Happy dancing!!

Anyway…smile…. We started to talk about food, and eating light instead of food.  My memory went wayyyyy back to the first time Sananda showed up in my meditations.  The very first thing he ever told me was that we can eat light instead of food from the store.  Nice thought, if we ever got to the point of needing it… I will ask more.  Right now, I am not willing to give up my food, especially my chocolate.

I have decided, chocolate tastes the very best when it is accompanied by rocks!! (grin)  Must be the love!!

I am not even sure how all these details started to flow outward to an understanding that was unmistakable… It is from the very light we can create the food we desire.

It has never been about giving up our food… unless we want that.  But for those  like me who love to bite into a greasy cheeseburger, or a rich and creamy chocolate bar… forget giving that up.  I have my human suit on for a reason.  I come with tastebuds in my mouth… I don’t have that in spirit, not like this.  Taste, texture, aroma… my god, I am not putting down my fork!!

And we don’t have to!!   … happy dance jumping up and down with de-light!!

Thru our conversation I could see some things now I was way too excited to really see in detail yesterday.  Sananda was very present with that light he talked about.  Only it had something to it.  I have no clue how to put that “something” in words.  However, it equally reflected the energy I now see as the plateform of the 5th dimensional energy.  This is the true manna of life.

You can not produce more than you need/desire (in that state of Being, you wouldn’t even think about it anywayz.)

Creating a true and real kitchen of this food service, is indeed what she came to life to do, create, share outwards to those in a vibrancy to sup from such a table.

Let me tell you something that I really only now understand in such fullness.  She and I both felt the energy of the puzzle pieces we held together separately in our own understandings… snap together in such a fullness of light.  Our bodies tingled, vibrated and lit up the sky in understanding.  But she had to ask the questions to get to the answers that were there.  Thank god I have spent a million hours (ok, exaggeration by a wee bit) extracting tons of puzzle pieces I have yet to understand… except thru You!  And the field is lit up for such understandings….

Also tho….  Amazingly (smile) this whole understanding tied right into the sex thing too.  The very last thing I heard while in meditation learning quite vividly (blush) about sacred sex… was: “it is time you pulled the energy from the ethers and not from each other.”

Sacred Sex of Creation

Let me tell ya (smile) it doesn’t start with a partner, it starts within YOU!!

Part 2 will be written shortly.  Digest this information first… the next sharing is going to be long… we are starting from the beginning and heading into the prelude I spoke of yesterday…

Happy dancing all the way into the next sharing!!

I love y’all soooooooooo much!  And even more than that!  Thank you for filling my world!

((((((HUGZ))))) of wonder and De-Light!!

Lisa Gawlas



  1. Dear Lisa,

    About “eating light”:

    Beside the swiss chocolate i eat daily, i also started a few weeks ago to sungaze and am now at about 8 minutes (today was cloudy, so i could not do it) and it feels good (today i had to pause because it is cloudy):



    • Have you tried starting your sungazing with the break of daylight? Right at sunrise connect fully to the sun, breath it in for as long as you can. It is so funny how much one can forget and moreso (for me) not realize what was taking place in those moments. I started to do sunrise meditations when I was in vermont. I was up anyway.. it was always an open eye meditation and I could hold the exchange of the sun as it raised up in the sky for as long as I stood in that connection. The moment I broke it, the sun was too bright to look at directly. But the wisdom, the energy and power exchanged… I never ever realized until you created this sharing.

      Thank you so much for Being you and sharing You with all of us!!

      We are indeed… Re-Mmembering!
      (((((HUGZ))))) of chocolate drops of sunlight to you! 🙂


    Ok, so yesterday I was in the depths of the ocean. My mind a fog. Couldn’t figure out why it doesn’t work today. I went out for a walk with the little one to ground. Gaia expresses to me how she loves all humans even the ones who do not feel her love. I figured I can feel Gaia. Why do I née to think. Perfect!!! The rest of the day still slow in the mind but much happier in my heart. Surrendering to the energy was easier.
    But by late evening the energy coming in was crazy!!! My heart was on over drive. I couldn’t sleep and when I finally did I was gone… To India and brazil apparently :0) LOL!
    I tell you what, when i woke up. I felt like I had my power suit on and still do! Ready to buggy!!
    I read this and what Judith k Moore wrote on lightworkers this morning. AND MAN AM I GRATEFUL!!!
    Thank you……
    Sarah :0)


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  4. Right there with you Lisa. I keep meaning to ask about the different colored energy balls you’ve mentioned. hmmmm….maybe that’s what I saw
    (that I put in the pic I sent?) All good stuff, for sure. Looking forward to the playing field that isn’t at all associated with yesterdays energy!!!


  5. Sex! That’s what I was doing in India :0)


    • Man…I don’t want to have to go to India to have sex!! (smile)… but will if I have to!!!


  6. Wednesday I started to feel amped and yesterday was just a phenomenal day that just fried me. I am sipping my coffee and wondering what will come next! Last night I was up way early and fully rested, i mean, I think I might have gotten 3 hours of sleep and I popped right out of bed around 2am and I dozed off somewhere after 10ish.

    The subtle energies right now are cyclical so enjoy whatever is present for it will wont be for long!!!!! It will get better even when it seems like its getting worse because the carrier wave, the core that all other waves ride on is heading straight to infinity and beyond 🙂 That wave is creation/creator and the source of waves and that one is increasing in frequencies pulling us right along.

    There is a new level of emotional detachment from the outside world that is hard to explain to anyone who doesn’t feel it. Its not a hate/love lacking, its simply detachment, truly. I want the best for everyone and I know they will receive it at some point so I will do my best to be my best Self every moment. This will carry out into the field and amplify as it bumps into ripples created by others who seek to give only their whole Selves!

    I really dont care about time so much anymore, its just a number. In fact all numbers have become, just a number. I am an accountant, imagine that surprise! I’m just very light feeling…i hear “happy feet” coming through!!!!!!


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