Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | February 21, 2012

Starting New In the Air You Breath.

Over these last several days, I feel like I have a full box of puzzle pieces, and one by one, hour by hour, they have been snapped together to form an amazing picture.  Revealing what we are moving into next.

I pray I can make this as understandable in my words as it is an understandable expression of energy within me.

I have said many times now that I feel like I am right back at the beginning of my “awakening” to this spiritual path.  But instead of flailing around in the dark… I do get it.  I listen very carefully to things that is shared thru my blogs.  I live in student status, even when it appears I am wearing a teachers hat.  Appearances can be deceiving (smile.)

There are many gardens being planted in this moment in time, each with it’s own vibration, it’s own learning lessons.  Each holding so much value to the All of creation.  But, no two alike.   We are in a diverse field of creation.  Nothing is withheld from experience.

In todays moment in time, the information coming thru is vast.  All valid, even those channeling their ego’s are creating….something.  Discernment is more important now that it ever was before.  I personally, have been placed on a full fast of reading other people’s information.  This was so in my beginning, and is back once again.  Scrambled brains, blurred hearing… nothing other than my own field of Light gets in.  I understand now, it is simply to avoid cross pollination within my own field of growth.  (If You can look at this whole thing like the current uprising about the Monsanto seeds… GMO’s run rampid in many gardens… unknowingly.  Don’t be upset with them, they are the greatest mirror of our planetary life. )

My added information comes from You.  You, in our readings and exchanges, are our greatest source of wealth that I know of.  You arrive in pure Light and thru our exchange I can read the wisdom of your soul.  You are more important to my daily food than any outside channel will ever be.  Be that important to yourself as well. (smile)

I so remember something Kryon said some time ago, the human can choose to walk 2000 steps or 2 steps to get where they are going, all is celebrated by spirit.

For the country girl within, I like doing the 2 step, the 2000 step is exhausting!

For two days now there has been a storm in the air.  Sunday, somewhere in the mountains we had another snow storm.  I am starting to see a pattern.  When we have a storm, it takes my cell signal away.  Yesterday, the most wonderful intense wind storm rolled in, circled the house several times… the energy… phew!!  Completely took the internet away for several hours.

In a conversation I had with one of my students earlier in the day yesterday, we talked about the air.  The very air that is always there for us, feeding us Life. How much we take it for granted.  Do we ever really appreciate the abundance of air around us?  That never leaves us?

I know I sure don’t… or at least didn’t.  But… get this (smile)… is the very tool of the alchemy we seek.  The very manna of life.

We seek abundance, yet we wake up in it every single day and don’t even notice.  The air itself is pure potential.  Pure energy.  It is what produces life.  Just feel with the depth of that statement for a moment.

For two days, mostly at night when my brain is winding down… I noticed something in the air.  That feeling that comes after a really intense electrical storm… there is a crisp clean energy to the air.  I was actually breathing it, walking around the house trying to find the source of this air change.  It is only today do I really realize what happened.

On Sunday we had a snow squall.  The wind was blowing the snow in a horizontal direction from the left side of the field.  Literally.  Shortly after that, my cell signal disappeared for the remainder of the day.

Just witnessing the short but intense moment I could feel my own energy in my body expand with it.  Crazy as this may sound, I didn’t pay any more attention except to thank it for the experience.  It felt awesome!

At least, until we had this conversation about air.

We are such funny creatures… always looking every place but in front of our noses… in our very lungs… to create.

The air has no bias, no agenda.  It feels with your core energy and produces that for you every single moment of every day.  We humans talk a lot.  Think we know a lot.  The air could care less about your words.  Unless of course… they amplify the core energy running thru you.  Your truth.  Not someone else’s… not pretty concepts… Every single action you do, or don’t do, is amplified by the very air around you and creates or recreates your day.

Pay attention to the air around you.

The last reading of the day really took me by surprise.  I checked my phone calender about 20 minutes before it was time to place the call.  I just wanted to be sure I was remembering the time right.  I was.  I had time to do dishes.  Yay!

There is something about the water here… maybe it is the shear amount of sulfur and other minerals within it… I don’t know.  But the moment I started to do the dishes I had seen her body in the field… meltig like she was a candle.

Now I know that the field is once again changing.  It was in such an intense spin yesterday I could not look at it.  It literally hurt my head to get in the spin.  Altho it was spinning like crazy in a clockwise motion, there was an added thing to it that I sure don’t understand.  The top was completely open, and the gold herring bone energy was moving slowly, but rhythmically up and down.  Reminded me of the ponies that move up and down on a carousel.

When I called her, the image was still as I had seen it.  Melting.  Her body was like a thick whipped cream substance, and the cells of her body like pastel colored energy… all melting back into the ground.  Formles, except for looking like a glob of melting candle energy.

Even that gave us a greater understanding of us, the human.  It is our very skin that holds all the energy of us within us.  The cells of our entire body hold energy.  I believe science placed that energy at 1.7 (I think it is amps.) in a single cell.

Other than her melting process… not another thing was revealed.  What I didn’t understand yesterday in the exchange… I do this morning.  She has not decided yet.

Now (smile)… let me open this crazy box.  It’s a big one!

She reminded me of a dream I had shortly after really getting involved with meditation.  The dream was so vivid I remember it like it was yesterday and it was 11 years ago.  In the dream I was in a house.. the house was empty but also looked like a maze.  I could see the walls, but they opened into each other so I could see all the rooms and all the walls… and it all started melting.  I watched the walls drip down like candle wax.  There was no fire at all, just melting.  Even as I remember it now… the colors of those walls were exactly the same color has her in the field.

I ran to my mentor at the time to tell him of this crazy and (to me, then) scary dream… He told me that it was showing the the reality I had created for myself was dissolving (crazy lost catholic girl filled with anger and issues…bah-bye.)

He was indeed right.  Everything about my world changed.   Everything about me changed, and changed again, and changed again… and is changing yet again.

This time tho, it is not the world around us changing as it is US!!  Our concepts of ourself.  Now here is a crazy thought… even the use of our abilities keeps us limited in our concepts.

For example… I know what I can do, I don’t know yet what I can’t do.  So, the habitual human in us is using that air to recreate what we know… rarely giving in to what we cannot do.  Swallow that thought in deep for a moment.

I have been saying for many months now (and not really listening to well lol) that what got us to hear is not going to work…there!  Dammit!  But until we let that go… I mean really let that go… life cannot recreate your form into it’s next expression.

So how does one do just that.  Letting go that we think we know something.  Because the best of what to come is unfathomable to our conscious minds.  If we think we know what that is, we simply are recreating from old concepts, idea’s and even information others may have about what that is.  At the end of the day, in truth… no one knows.  But the loving universe will let you recreate what you think you know over and over again… until your exhausted and willing to let go. (welcome to my February lol)

As I slipped into my meditation yesterday… I was reminded of something long ago.  When I first started doing meditation, I spent weeks drinking in as much light as my body could hold.  I got to the point that the moment I was in meditation with my first breath my light field was as far as I could see.  I just layed there… waiting.  The first thing I seen beyond the pure light I was accustomed to drinking in was purple swirly things.  I enjoyed watching it because I knew I was not creating it.  I would spend an hour just watching the purple swirly stuff… and then one day, much to my surprise something new was added.

A very simple line drawing of an eye.  The eye always came in from the right and floated slowly over the the left, disappeared and floated back in from the right.  Hours and days I watched this.  Amazed that I am seeing anything that looks like anything.  I sure as hell didn’t think it meant anything.

After many days of watching this floating eye, a new pencil drawing type image came in.  It was a female face with exaggerated puckered lips.  She floated in from the right.  On the left was a male face, same kind of puckered lips.  They would float into the center and kiss, and a heart would float up from their kiss.  This was kewl!  Simple… but kewl because once again, I knew I was not making it happen.  I thought I knew what this one meant… I was going to meet a man!

Yeah right!

When I had seen the eye of ra in a picture, I knew that eye!!  It was the very same eye (minus the swirly thing at the bottom) that i had seen in my meditation.  Ok, I am Leo, been a sun goddess all my life… I thought nothing more of it.  At least… not until now.

I really assumed too, that the man of the kiss was my mentor at the time.  In an energetic, teaching way, he was… but I eventually learned that visual was all about me falling madly and deeply in love with me, unconditionally without judgement!  We so seek outside of our selves for any sort of fullfillment… even, no, especially that divine love.

When I sat down to put my page together for the hypnosis “planting” I just assumed it was only that one session that would be needed.  But the moment I sat down, I was shown the energy alignment of March 13th and heard so clearly that that alignment is the eye of horus.  Well who the hell is horus!?  I am not much into any kind of mythology… so I googled it.

I so love the field of light that really gets this human.  Had they said the eye of ra, I would have completely discounted it as my own bias.  But it is one and the same.

It wasn’t until my meditation did I so fully get the 3rd in the series… the divine counterpart grid activation.  I suppose I have really thought the world manifested for us… not fully realizing that it manifests thru us.  Without our active participation, it is simply a potential of what could be.  WE bring it to life.

There is so much more I have to share, but I am already giving you a small novel to read and process.  Perhaps I will do a part two later today.

I do want to leave you with something… an exercise.

Tomorrow is the New Moon.  The energy of planting the seeds of our desires.  Most people spend time planting what they think they know or think they want, and indeed, it does grow.  But… what if… what you have worked so hard for is beyond your human concept.  Do you still want it?

Last year, as I was living off the grid on a mesa in S. Albuquerque, I went out on my porch to breath in the energy of the new moon.  The moon said it had seeds for me… seeds my conscious mind could not fathom, if I would consider breathing it in.  Who am I to say no?  I did.  With a twist… the first time I had ever done it in my life.  I stood and breathed in a moon I could not see, seeds I had no idea what they contained and in the exchange… I breathed me into the moon.  There was such a reverence that ran thru me.  An exchange that changed me in that moment.

At the end of my meditation yesterday I was asked once again “what do you want.”… I now get it.  I want my two feet firmly planted in the energy of what I refer to as Shambhala.  Heart open.  Period.  That is truly the only real thing I want for my mundane life.  Even if I have no clue what that looks like.

A month or two later… I was doing readings again… in a way I could have never imaged.

So in the energy of the new moon… let it plant seeds beyond your consciousness.  If you have a quartz crystal, pull the energy into the crystal, then imagine you plant it in your field of life.  The crystal amplifies the energy of the seed.  If you plan on doing the first hypnosis session this Sunday, pull the seed energy into the crystal and wait to plant it in the fields of Shambhala.

In deep and ever loving gratitude to all the seeds of my life.  I love you so much!  ((((HUGZ))))

Lisa Gawlas


















  1. Horus is the divine inner child born from the hieros gamos… the sacred marriage and merging of the divine masculine and feminine.

    Love Light & Angel Hugs!


    • Oh, and we must be as a little child (innocent – unattached to outcomes)
      in order to enter the kingdom (and queendom) of Heaven. (Shambala)


  2. What the… Were you sitting having dinner with my family and I last night??? I had that conversation about air with my eldest. That and sacred geometry.
    We were watching a show and they had a stone carved image of a man wearing something like a mask on his nose. And they mention it being a mask too on the program. My guides tell me it’s just air. No mask. And I realized the mask is a limitation. Limitation on air!?!? It’s every where. So I explain that to my eldest.
    We breath the air our great ancestors breathed. The air that has been here billions of years. So much love, gratitude and the understanding of the abundance if it.

    Oh the candle melting person. There energy vibration feels familiar to me. Excited to hear more.

    Much love,
    Sarah :0)


    • Ohhh Sarah… of course I was, and you were here with me too!! Together… WE ARE ONE!!!

      Thanx for din din
      smiles and super (((((HUGZ))))


  3. Last week I was having feelings of expansion…like I remember a few times walking around my house and I felt myself moving outside the body. I was lifting up my hands as a marionette…like they had energy strings or something. I just realized something…its like I was centered in the field around me, rather than in the body per se.

    This post brought this to mind…



    • I so love all of this… the same things happening… it really excites me in a way nothing on earth could. A few days ago I bent down to pick something up off the floor… My consciousness stood up before my body did… strange, exciting, disorienting… I wobbled back into myself and just… what the hell?? Indeed the old puppet that was us… is leaving town!!

      Thank you so much for remembering and sharing!!
      Wobbly happy dance over… filled with (((HUGZ))))


      • My entire body is vibrating so fast reading this!!!!! Resonate needs a new upgraded version to capture THIS feeling!!!!

        We are welcome! 🙂

        ((HUGZ)))) right back!


      • The SYNERGY!! Like plucking perfectly tuned guitar strings! THIS is the New Energy…. and WE are IT!!


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