Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | February 17, 2012

As Above ~ So Below

I remember last year, spirit said many times that in 2012 “much will be asked of you.” (all of us, not just me.)  I think so many of us have been in such a lull for the last few years, we looked forward to being asked to do anything.  I know I was excited!

I have been excited every day this year.  Everything gets fuller, richer, and there is so much more to understand now.  But I don’t feel any longer that is what spirit was really staying… the universe is so tricky!!

Yesterday as I wrote my blog, I could feel everything has changed….again!  I am finding, inside of me, these changes are no longer subtle, but intense and directive.  Truthfully, I am only doing about half of what is asked of me.  We really do have free will, free choice…

Do I fully live all that I share and understand… hell no.  I really do have one foot planted in worry and the other in the energetic heaven being reveled.  My choice.  For close to a week now the “Guardians” have wanted to give a message, a direct channel on the Shambhala site, I don’t follow thru mostly because every time they start direct communication they talk about “me” in 3rd person.  I don’t like that.  My choice was not to ask why… truthfully, I already knew… just don’t put it in my face (smile.)


I also choose not to share a lot of the communication that was coming thru my sharing yesterday.  Personally, that chick with on foot in the field of worry… has no desire to be responsible for learning how to plant flower heads.  I see that energy I refer to as Shambhala as the most sacred, loving thing I have ever had the pure privileged to view and feel and even understand.  To share is one thing… to put my shovel in the dirt and break ground… not so ready for that.

Seems the field has free will and choice’s too.

The moment I picked up my phone to dial my first appointment yesterday, my cell signal went away.  I rebooted everything and it did not return.  30 minutes later… still no cell.  Dammit.  This time, I felt it was purposely keeping me from making a phone call.  I felt my bathtub calling my name.  I sent an email to my first two clients and ran a bath.  I sure as hell didn’t except what I got!!

My meditation opened with me standing in the field… I was just standing there facing the Mesa Cliff.  I suddenly seen my rock man (smile) moving out of the base of the Cliff.

I had seen this man shortly after I arrived here in this new space I call Home.  He emerged as if he walked straight out of the rock formation of the Cliff, when I asked about my own Divine Counterpart.  He might as well have been chiseled from the rock… Native no doubt.  His face and body so beautiful.  He has shoulder length wavy hair that enhances his chiseled facial features.  Until yesterday, he has never crossed the river (which is about 90 feet from the Mesa Cliff).

I seen him come out of the Cliff in all his chiseled beauty, just as he crossed the river, for the slightest instant he turned into the fire lion then back into his human image.  Maybe he needed his lion body to jump the river (tho it is shallow enough to walk across, barely ankle deep.)

The closer he got to me, the clearer his face got as well.  He is just so beautiful.  I guess my own mind went on a little tangent… he looks so young… maybe 30’s?  I do not have cougar blood in me (grin)… but man I could sure change my mind for this yummy peice of rock man!  His body was as chiseled as his face… my body, well I sit on my ass for a living… and it looks it!

Funny the deep running processes within ourselves that we do not ever pay attention to… until we do.

He came running up to me standing there still as a statue… when I realized, I was asleep!  He put his hands on each of my arms and started shaking the hell outta me… saying, over and over again… “wake up, wake up.”  Am I sleeping?

He said that just because your aware of something does not mean you are awake within it.  Huh?

I tried to change my meditation… and to a degree it worked.  The moment I let my guard down (yeah, we have free will in meditation too… but so does our team) I was right back to being shaken awake by my rock man!


With his face now in mine, there was something so vaguely familiar about the cut of his face… even the flow of his hair.  I asked him his name, he replied Jorge (hor-hay.)

OMG, now I remember!!  He looks almost identical to my first boyfriend who happened to be named George!  My god the flood of memories came rushing thru… I dated George from age 14 thru 17.  We broke up because he started to talk marriage, I ran off to the Navy.  Love.  Blah!

George was my first experience with being loved.  Even tho he was 16 when we met, and so tall and handsome… I was 14 and fluffy… he allowed me thru our 2 and a half year relationship to vent every piece of anger I ever stored up inside of me about love.  I beat the shit out of him.  I am sure he still carries bite marks from my anger.  He was an amazing aspect of my life.  Of course, like most anything, you don’t really appreciate it until you throw it in the garbage.

So rockman… what are you doing looking like a my George and even using the spanish name of george?  My George was a Leo too… that lion energy.

What the hell…………..?

Jorge told me that a farmer gets to know it’s soil before it every goes to planting.  I must spend my time today (yesterday) outside in the field, getting to know it.  ….I never said I wanted to farm!  But I suppose, by virtue of living here and reading here… it is simply my (our) next step.

I agreed.  What else could I do?  Besides my meditation was now haunting me.  How dare I even attempt to help anyone if I am still sleeping.

Aware is not awake.


Of course I still had no cell signal when I got out of the bath.  I sent an email to my two appointments, explaining what just happened and I knew when I came back out of the field, I would have a cell signal… which I did.  What I didn’t have was use of my brains… again!

I went outside, eyes wide open.  Looking… feeling…

The field was more alive than I have ever experienced before.  Aware.  Fibrous, loving.  I could feel it as I moved.  I walked very slowly, taking in everything.  It was as if I seen the backyard for the first time.  I suppose, thanks to Jorge, I was.

I started to see these threads of energy… soft pink and blue… everywhere.  I walked to the river, as I got to the clearing, I swear my heart would burst open from seeing the Mesa Cliff.  I sat down on the tree stump I carried to the river’s edge shortly after I moved in… so I can sit and be.

The whispy pink and blue energy was everywhere… in the clouds, on and in the Cliff… it looked so real.  It was all in gentle movement… like wispy threads of energy… soft, gentle… present.

I noticed that the red clay sediment left an interesting silvery pattern in the water since I last came to have a sit.  The pattern was exactly the same pattern of the clouds the very first day I came here to “look.”  I took a picture of the clouds that day… they took my breath away and sealed in my “yes” I will move here with no money choice.

As I stared at the familiar pattern I kept hearing “as above, so below.”  I thought of the dimensions we are now bearing witness too… the relevance in the patterns.

As I sat in a state of Being I have never felt before… in body, not in body… I heard the river ask me to go get my camera.  Really?

The day was overcast due to snow clouds in the sky.  Without the suns energy in the river, I could not get a good picture of the formation under water… I suppose there is something about having a camera and being asked to take pictures that makes a person much more aware of what they are seeing.

In my slumber (smile)… I take the landscape for granted.

I noticed there earth was cracked as if it had been dehydrated for a long time… yet, it was also wet.  I thought of the lady’s reading who was standing in the south point the earth cracked, dry, gray (ours is red) and then the water from the golden ball of energy being gently released…

Just above the cracked earth, I had seen soil that had all these tiny little impressions… as if pressed down to put a seed into it.

All I could feel thru all of this, was being spun whole into the threads of the pink and blue energy.  My movement was as if on a cloud of energy… flowing… feeling…. absorbing.

It seemed everything wanted it’s photo taken… and it was as if I had seen everything for the very first time.  As I walked from the river back towards the house there are these trees…  They caught my heart the first time I sat outside. A crow showed up, made its caw in the air and then circled around these tree’s long enough for me to notice the importance.  When I acknowledge them.., the crow flew away.

At the foot of theese tree’s are also where the “reflecting pool” is located.

As I walked over the little hill to the backyard, the sun was shining thru the tree’s in a way that once again, took my breath away.  There was magic happening.  I took a picture.

When I uploaded this picture onto my computer, I could see this blue ball of energy at the base of the tree to the left.  There are no rocks there, nothing but tree limbs and old leaves.  I zoomed into the orb and I could make out a face.  Eyes in the blue ball of energy.

I cropped, enlarged by 400%, then added light…. I hope I don’t loose resolution in the upload here… I did sharing it on facebook.

Aware is not awake.

Those words haunted me all day, as did Jorge shaking the ba-jesus outta me telling me to wake up.  I never felt alseep… but I was!  Maybe even still am today.  I’ll let you know (smile.)

I started to realize something yesterday as well.  Something I know has been happening with intensity since moving into this field of energy… but it became vividly clear to me what was happening within myself yesterday.

I personally don’t like doing drugs, not even… no especially weed.  I never liked the way it makes me feel.  My brains slip into a non-functioning process that I cannot even hold a coherent conversation… external listening becomes my greatest challenge when stoned.  To talk or try and communicate at all, is a forced agenda… it feels so unnatural to me.  And the freakin crickets in my ears.  I hate the buzz… the ringing sound that happens when I get stoned.  The last time I choose to smoke weed I was about 19 years old… and did simply to be cool with my friends.

I fully realized that whatever is taking place inside of me thru the readings, or a super conscious walk in the field… has the same exact affect as smoking weed!  Minus any paranoia (smile.)

I did a little research last night on THC and the effects of the brain.  It affects the neurotransmitters.  Yup… so does drinking this light!!!

But, the difference is, it is not for escaping… but for processing.  Changing.  But… it really kicks my day in the ass.  If I don’t get to emails before my first reading… there is nothing left of me to work with after my last reading.

I truly feel most days, like I am coming a part at the seems.  I suppose I am.  Good thing there is thread out in the field to be sewn back together with (smile.)

All day long, in my deep inner processing… I pondered the sleeping and my first love George…

This morning… I get it.  Looking into the eyes of Pure, Unconditional Love and it beckons to you… to work, play and consummate this union… Can I run please?

It is so much easier to watch a TV show… than to be the charactor in the show.  Aware of what is happening… but not awake in the role of having to Be that charactor.

Of course, this TV show is a love story.  A trust story.  An intimate story.

With any relationship there is responsibility.  A merging into the full union.  At the end of my day… I don’t feel worthy.  Not that I don’t deserve this, god knows.. I do… WE ALL DO!

Who Am I (we) if we don’t have something to worry about… to struggle with.  I sleep soundly in my worry and perceived struggles… even in reflecting the language of light back outwards… I worry I taint any part with any of my own bais… and so, with this worry… the Guardians have to refer to me in the 3rd person… that aspect of me that still sleeps.

To grow this garden we must be fully the garden itself.  Clear.  Integrated.  Ready.

The farmer, the seed, the City of Light are All One.  And I will close this post with a question asked of me last year… for it is really asked of all of us:

Would you let it all go if you knew you could have it all?

Let the planting begin!

With love of pink and blue threads fo shambhala ((((HUGZ))))

Are you ready?

Lisa Gawlas









  1. “Aware but not awake.” Total deep resonance! Somebody shake me!

    My first real love was of native heritage (as am two generations ago), long dark hair to his shoulders, and boy, was he a spark for me! I have never felt as deeply before as I did with him. I was hooked, connected somehow. But I was young, he was a secret from the rest of my world and I didn’t feel safe so I gave him up for security. But I have never stopped wondering about him….I was definitely awake when I was with him. Your man reminds me of him.

    Every time I read your blog, one, you draw me into your world and I am mesmerised by your words and grateful you share your life so we can grow as well, and two, I want to come be part of your support system so you can do what it is you are meant to do while allowing someone else can do the other stuff you can’t get to. But perhaps that is the caretaker in me coming out and not a good thing. Or maybe it is a community of support. LOL

    Anyhow, from NY I sent out a white box with rocks in it last week, did they arrive?

    Big hugs,


    • Hi Dorothy ((((HUGZ)))

      I opened this reply up twice yesterday morning and both times my computer completely shut down. I stopped trying lol.

      Our first loves… the first time we really came alive in our physical bodies… phew! We are right back in that same place now… coming alive in our physical bodies to pure love. And indeed, their are veils to pierce once again (please don’t let it hurt like the first time lol.)

      I did receive your wonderful gift of the sea shells and rocks… all are joyfully hanging out with the growing number of crystals and rocks from around the world. Thank you so much for it all… I so miss the ocean!

      We are indeed here to take care of each other… that is the core of the energy that is so alive thru you and everyone else that shares. We truly have broken ground in the communal dirt of the ethers and it is finding it’s way into created matter. One loving molecule at a time…. but at warp speed (smile.)

      You are helping me and others, more than you realize. Thank you for taking such good care of us!!
      (((((((HUGZ))))))) filled with gratitude!


  2. Man Lisa!
    It’s truly time to wake up. I’ll come help you plant. In some way we did sort of let it all go. We live ‘in’ the 3d world but let go of the 3d mentality to be who we really are.
    I’m ready girl! Let’s do this!
    I need to wake up from in side mother earth!! Lol!

    Sarah :0)


  3. Well, Dorothy, if your desire to be a support to Lisa’s efforts is a bad thing, then place me in the same basket. As we read your sharings, Lisa, who wouldn’t realize that your “job” that you have taken on is not one that came with a job description, you signed on with the intent to help all of us out here who need help, and now that you are there, you do not have control over your ability to work and support yourself. Who wouldn’t be worried? Really, though, Dorothy’s suggestion does present a possible positive scenario…..what if you, (Lisa), were to have someone appear in your life that could live nearby, or as a roommate, to assist you, someone who is supportive of your work? If this is something that might work, then let’s ask the Universe and the Guardians to bring it!!


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  5. Dear Lisa,

    You go girl! YES to planting a new future… whatever it takes and wherever it takes us. Has to be better than some of the places that I have been. And, that is where my old habit patterns were created. In light of that, letting go of the old and planting new seeds in a different ‘field’ sounds like an adventure that I want to embrace.

    Thanks for the honest sharing and asking the question. I can honestly say that I have let go of material things, just kept the essentials. All my possessions will fit in the bed of my Nissan Frontier pickup.

    There are; however, a few old habits that I have not shed. They have been in the forefront of my awareness since Valentine’s Day and you have just strengthened my determination to shed them like an old snakeskin. Thanks for the wake up call!

    One thing I have been doing lately is saying YES in place of NO. It works like this: Instead of saying, ‘No, I am not having any dessert or pasta because sugar and starch do a number on me and make my vibes denser.’ – instead I say, ‘Yes, I am leaving the dessert on the tray and walking away because it makes me feel better and supports a higher vibration in my body.’

    Energy follows focus, so I started asking myself what I was focusing on. Well, I had been focusing on not eating the cake and pasta, saying no to myself and feeling deprived and left out for my own good. Even though it felt bad, I was supposed to like it. Struggle!!!

    Then a message finally got through to me, ‘Start saying YES! instead of NO! How was I supposed to do that? I knew saying YES and eating lots of cake and pasta was just going to make me feel groggy and unhealthy. So what was I supposed to say YES to instead of eating sugary cake or starchy pasta?.

    Well, I was urged to started focusing on what I was gaining instead of what it felt like I was losing or having taken away. Those were both big issues coming from a rather poor working class family with dysfunction galore! There never seemed to be enough resources to go around whether they were mental, emotional, spiritual or material!

    Now I am retraining myself to say, ‘YES! I am leaving the cake on the tray and the pasta on the buffet because it creates a grater satisfaction and peace within me because I know I am supporting myself in a healthy manner that keeps the vibes expanded. And that feels better than any meal I have ever eaten!’

    Same principle, to have it all you first have to let go of focusing on the old comforts and focus on saying YES to something more… even when it takes us out of our comfort zone. And it always does!

    We are on our way to a whole new day everyday!

    Love Light & Angel Hugs!


    • I love this mind shift…truly…


  6. […] I find it interesting that in this stem, flower, consumption moment, my partner was asked to hold his sexual release… bless his heart, he did and with joy.  (He is a much better sport than I would be…smile.  But the beauty of Him is there is a sacred trust in what he is doing that he does not question, he just follows his heart guidance, for which, I am utterly grateful.) As I was watching and understanding what really took place the evening before… thru my bathwaters of meditation, I suddenly remembered the blog I had written (and thank you Cheryl for bringing it back up for my much needed review) On Feb. 17th called As Above ~ So Below. […]


  7. […] find when Jorge first appeared in my meditation.  She found a sharing from Feb of last year called As Above ~ So Below.  I sat in the late night quite and re-read that sharing.  So many bells and whistles went off […]


  8. […] find when Jorge first appeared in my meditation.  She found a sharing from Feb of last year called As Above ~ So Below.  I sat in the late night quite and re-read that sharing.  So many bells and whistles went off […]


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