Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | February 13, 2012

The Convergence Point.

These last 24 hours have been kinda strange in my world.  Yesterday my cell signal went down for over 12 hours, my internet connection was in and out, sluggish to the point of taking me several hours to watch a 43 minute show on Netflix.  (Don’t have TV and seen all my DVD’s several times.)  I knew it was snowing in the mountains, the snow clouds were thick and everywhere.  Every now and again the snow would make it’s way to here, just long enough to say hi.

The day itself felt… strange, odd maybe.

For two days now I am back to hearing that question “What do you want?”  All I could possibly think was “what more could I want?  I don’t flipping know!”  It seemed yesterday, the question came rapidly over and over again with an intense feeling to be answered.

After I finished yesterdays blog I sat down to reflect on all that I wrote.  Suddenly I remembered two aspects I had forgotten from  the day before (or was it the day before that… time, geez…..)

I was sitting on my lovely couch (smile) just processing when all of a sudden I could see a huge etheric gust of energy wind blow straight into my windows from my front yard.  I acknowledged it as an intense “wind of change.” and then I immidiately heard… “The ground below you has expanded.”   What the heck does that mean?  (I ever did get a direct or even an indirect answer.)

One of my readings shortly there after was very odd.  Keep in mind this was the day before seeing the martini glass shaped fishnet looking thing…  The lady I was reading for was about 5 feet under ground in the center of the field.  Her hands upstretched towards the surface of the earth.  I was clueless to understand it.  I have never seen anyone in the earth… what the heck does that mean!!  I did get a sense of relationship between hearing “the ground below you has expanded” and her image, but not with an understanding of what it means to any of us.

Yesterday, I really understood both (not tangibly, but relatively.)  It has everything to do with the magnetic sphere of the core of the earth moving her energy to the field of matter for creation to use with the magnetic sphere of the sun.

My constant question is, what does that mean to us… the human!?

I was so looking forward to doing readings to see what we can see in the evolution taking place.  No signal, no readings.  Dammit!  I suppose it was needed, I felt very much like those snow clouds… puffy and full, my own signal not very clear!

Every day in my life is like a Thanksgiving Feast.  I wake up and digest (write these sharings) everything from the day before, leaving room for more food.  I read emails, read amazing meditation experiences, do phone readings… all of it is ingesting more and more light energy into myself.  I suppose (smile) I get to a point where I need a full extra day to digest.  Yesterday was it for me!  I had hoped I could pre-plan these extra days by taking days off on my schedule… not even!

So I was processing to beat the band yesterday.  Stringing together so many things over the decade that I have been able to witness either in my own meditations, readings or massages… it was all coming together finally!  Sorta!

I started to remember when I had first seen the emergence of the new (to me) chakra I call the sacral-plexus, located directly between the sacral chakra and solar plexus in the middle of the abdomen.  I started seeing this two – three years ago on folks on my massage table.  Not everyone had this visible (to me) chakra, only a handful of people thru the years really.

As the chakra became stronger and clearer in my field of vision, I started to understand a little bit of its meaning.  It (the Sacral-Plexus) is the convergance point between the energy of the soul and the energy of the human.  (where spirit meets matter unrestricted.) It becomes activated (umm I am able to see it) when the person has a true shift within their energy field.  That is to say, there sense of self no longer stems from the world around them, but from the spirit of all life flowing thru them.

I want to be very very clear here too, it has nothing to do with being consciously on a spiritual path.  90% of the people who ever got on my massage table were no where near conscious of their spiritual path.  But there hearts… so utterly leading the way thru their life.

Sometimes… often times,  the word “lightworker” breeds some serious arrogance off the tongue.  It is, after all… title for the most part.

So anyway… back to the point (smile.)  Yesterday I started to really see a correlation between the golden ball of energy (solar plexus) and the emerging silver/platinum energy that is forming (sacral chakra).

Funny, when I had seen this new chakra it was always orange-yellow.  Today, as I write about it, it is (or will be) green and yellow.  (heart and soul)

As the earth and suns magnetic fields merge, so will the energy from our own bodies, creating a massive power center within the capable and transformed human.  It is thru this energy center we will bring in and utilize the power of Shambhala.

I have got to say something here, something I feel is so important, maybe, the most important thing to understand, if your hearts desire is to truly live Heaven on Eearth AKA Shambhala… which let me tell you, is NOT a place.  It is a pure vibration.

In this last year of doing readings again, so many people have told me about what other readers have said about them… about their energy, potential, purpose… etc.  Wipe your mind clear of all that.

Those were all readings from the old earth, which is still very much alive somewhere in the massive timelines all happening.  It all helped you to get to here… celebrate that.  Then take off the coat of what you think you know, so you may be completely bare.  Completely new.

This is one main reason I still take a bath meditation.  I can hear the field, my team, hell even my toaster (smile) without being in meditation.  I live there as a permanent resident now.  But my bath… still the most sacred thing in all this world to me.  I get naked, humble and immerse myself into the All. I am completely and utterly in love with the field of Light, with Life.   In that place, for me, it is like whispering to your lover…

Later in the afternoon yesterday, finally giving up on the fact that I will have no cell signal or functional internet and do no work for the day, I took a bath.

Well, my lover, lover ( hear shaggie sing those two words lol) was insistent on asking me once again “what do you want.”   My first question back.. “is this a trick question?”   In a way… I really think it was/is… maybe.

Once I reached deep enough to get a reply from within me… I felt it.  I started to reply “I want to be taken care of.”  I no sooner got half the words thru my mind and I had to retract it… I am so taken care of.  More than I could have ever hoped to be.  Ok, lets change the reply.  I want to have all my needs met… again… the sentence dissolved into the confirmation that they are met every time I have one.

I really started to understand something… and I pray I can relay this efficently.

Life inhales and exhales all the time.  In and out, in and out.  So does the resources available to us.  Not more, not less.  Always in the moment and always an equal exchange must happen.  Bring in, send out.

I was thinking savings account (smile) the field was thinking, what do you want today?  A burger?  A movie?  What??

I realized something profound in my bath… the only time money moves into my life is when I am not sitting on what I have for fear of not having the money later.  The moment I am storing up (again, worried I won’t have enough to pay…whatever) there is a deep and loud stillness in my bank account.

We have been programmed to “save for a rainy day” (it doesn’t rain in Shambhala…smile) or sacrifice our daily wants for our monthly needs (again, fear.)  There is no excess in Shambhala… but also, no want either.  Have all you want every day, but you cannot store it up so you will have it also later.

I thought about this last year… I had a savings account pretty much all year long.  Not a huge savings (at peak, it was $700) but enough that I could breath thru a month with a reserve to pull from if I needed it.  Funny how our minds work.  I could see the reserve, I knew it was there… therefore, I breathed easy even when sales were not forth coming.  Both times my savings account hit that magic mark… it was because my life was about to change and I needed the money immediately.  I moved to VA on my savings and back to New Mexico on a replenished savings.  December stripped me bear financially… so I could live this new way.

Who said I had to like it???  lol

I am realizing quite clearly now, the field only asks me what I want when I am depriving myself of anything.  I really want to go food shopping… but insurance is due this week.  I do have plenty of food… just want a wider variety is all.  Since, to me, that is a frivolous want… I do not follow thru on what I do want…. again, with the fear if I spend it on food I really don’t need, I may not be able to pay my bills.  Ohhhhhh the survivor in me is deep!!

But changing….

I got out of my bath feeling a shift within me.  I still pondered it all… and then, about 9pm last night… something… I don’t know happened?  All of a sudden my calling signal came back, the show I was watching for hours and was only 10 minutes into started streaming regularly… but I also felt it and have no way of discribing what I felt.

This morning…. even stranger.  I was in busy dream state.  I was actually dreaming of everything I processed yesterday but at the same time, seeing it come to life in real time in life itself…. when I swear to god something shook me on the shoulder as if to wake me up… with the words of gentle excitement that said, clearly:

“Wake up, it’s all changed!”

I did wake up to snow on the ground!

With pure wonder-filled ((((HUGZ))))

Lisa Gawlas

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  2. Lisa,
    I can relate to this on so many levels. Makes me chuckle.
    I am no bible expert, but I seem to recall from my studies long ago that the manna that fed the Israelites was found and collected each day, there was always enough, and it never lasted. So they couldn’t store it up each day. In other words, what they needed to survive was provided for each morning.
    I understand this all, I really do. But it’s such a challenge. I often wonder if we’ll get to a point where we will have those savings accounts full, not because we’re fearful, but because there’s so much we don’t know what else to do with it. And we wouldn’t miss it if it were gone.


    • Hi Cheryl (((HUGZ)))

      Interesting you mentioned the word manna… when I first seen the “water” here in the backyard (not literal water mind you) and I questioned what it was… I heard it was the manna of life that flows to us and thru us. And then seeing the same water energy in the field… I do feel it is related to the story of the Israelite’s…somehow. Even as I ponder your question about savings accounts… I hear the only savings account we really have is our “storehouse” which is where our karmic energy is stored.

      Happy Valentines Day filled with radiant love to you!!
      More (((HUGZ)))


  3. My day was very strange. I felt like i would walk through thick mud.
    Something is happening… but I don’t know what…

    Your energy… I have the feeling I know you…


  4. Lisa, I love all your ‘sharings’ and look forward to them….I just recently bought a CD titled ‘Convergence’…thank you for the confirmation, and synchronicity.
    blessings from no. calif.


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