Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | February 12, 2012

The Grid of Earth and Sun and Holy Matrimony!

I don’t even know where to start in this sharing, so I am simply going to start from my meditation yesterday morning.  I went into meditation to try and understand the field and its changing and what it means to us.  Yesterday was simply a day full  of surprises from beginning to end!!!

I heard the guardians say it is less the field that is changing as it is humanity that is changing.  The field is morphing to hold the expanded consciousness of humanity.

I suppose this seeded my upcoming readings for the day.  Phew!!

My first reading of the day, I had no idea what we were going to witness.  I could not see the field before her appointment… but once she was placed in it, it all became crystal clear in my vision (but not even close in my understanding of what is happening really.)

The first thing I seen was a gold ball of energy in the northeast area of “the field.”  I knew it was that dome of energy I had seen for some time now, but now it is a concentrated ball of energy… about 10 feet high and 10 feet in circumference.  Please don’t take any size literal!  It is simply showing itself as I can understand it (and trust me, these days, that just barely.)  To put this into scale… the field I see is about 1000 feet in circumphrance, so I was suprised to see how small this energy ball… looking very much like a vibrant golden torus thingie… was.

It took me a little bit to find the lady I was reading for… my entire scope of vision was fixated on the ball of energy.  But alas I found her… standing on the South point of entry on the field.  What I had seen infront of her, within the space of the field, surprised me.

The ground was gray dry dirt.  Like it had not been watered in forever.  Her team stated several times, this was not a reflection of her at all, but moreso, a reflection of humanities emotional field.

I am at the point I really don’t even know what to do in readings anymore.  Everything is changing so fast as is the orientation of it all.  So I had to ask, well is the south still summer/full bloom… if so, it surely didn’t look like it!!

And then I had seen the slightest (so slight I missed it til this morning) shift from that gold ball of energy and a stream of silvery blue water filled the entire field area.  Not deep, maybe 2-3 inches deep.  Various colorful flowers in the water.  I suppose those pansies I have seen in the water here in the back yard.

Then she told me she was from Texas, I had to smile as I think of the drought in that state and it has been raining lately and instead of grass growing, flowers were popping up instead.

I did understand an extra tid-bit… that this field, altho set up like our earth seasons does not move in the space of linear time like our seasons do.  It has no real relevance with our “time.”

The only real thing I could understand with her reading, was that this golden ball of energy is still growing.

Now feeling completely lost in what any reading was going to produce in understanding for the client, I connected to my 2nd reading 5 minutes before I dialed the phone.  Just to see…

I could see him standing at the top of the Mesa Cliff, drenched in the glowing yellow-orange energy of what I refer to as “The morning Light of Shambhala” and I could see the field below him, looking very much like it did for my first reading.  And then he jumped off the cliff… all I could think within me was holy shit what are you doing??

When I called him, the image repeated itself… only I realized something, in his nose dive down into the field… still aflame with all that shambhala energy thru his body… the image itself stopped half way down, as if he is suspended in air but yet in full nose dive!!

I did hear something incredible his team had told him.  Bear with me as I paraphrase…

He was taking a leap of faith into the unknown.  That seems like we all are doing this… but, I did try and read for him last week… I got nothing, so we rescheduled.  Now he could have very well leaped last week when the field still had form, or have waited until the next reading when the field has filled itself out into it’s next expression… but no, he chose to nose dive into nothing and everything completely blinded folded!

I could feel the energy of this communication to him… the awe of the universe within it.

Last, but my goodness gracious, so far from least…

Again for my third reading of the day I wanted a pre-connection.  Things are just way to weird in reading land and I want to orient myself to the client before hand… sheez!  I was sure I must be on overload because all I could see was a vortex looking net now in the center of the field.  I say vortex looking because there was no spin to this image… and it indeed looked like a really loose net in the shape of a martini glass.  The girl was inside this net like a fish.  One (umm like me) could think… trapped.  I was sure I was seeing inaccurately so I let it go… cleared the space of my field of vision and called her.

There she was, in the center of the field, in a martini looking fishnet, immobile!

I could see the golden ball of energy in the NE field, and the gray dry dirt on the field… and how her.  Where on earth is this imagery coming from and what does it mean??  Why only her and not the precious two readings.

Once I got out of my mind with all melting down I was going thru (smile)… I started to feel the understanding.  I am going to do my best to simply put this in story form.  It is too important, and really, wayyyyy toooo exciting to not understand!

I have mentioned some time ago, that there are (at least) two missions here on earth.  Those who came to work with the sun energy, those who came to work with the earth energy.  There are many many different aspects of work happening within both fields… (that is to say, not everyone’s task is the same.)

She is working with the magnetic field deep inside the earth.  With the golden ball of energy… the magnetic field of energy representing the sun, the earths field is now becoming tangible in our field of created matter.

The two readings prior are aligned with the sun energy, this lady was aligned with the earth energy.  I can even see divine order taking place in the appointments for the day.

From what I understand (again, barely and sure to evolve and change each day) that once the magnetic field from the core of the earth morphs into that ball of energy like the sun, they will expand and interlink.  All I could feel in this sharing was truly the divine counterpart.  The sun and the earth in the fields of created matter, united in holy matrimony.  (The field too, is quite adamant about using that expression – I tried to change it as I typed, not even lol.  So I looked for the true meaning of matrimony via websiter… had to smile: “matrimony” is made up of two Latin words,from matrem (nom. mater) “mother” + -monium, suffixsignifying “action, state, condition.”  )

All life springs from the mother (earth) coupled with the passion of the father (sun)…

My big (unanswered) question at the fullness of this understanding was… (smile) Does this mean we can finally meet OUR divine counterparts???

We will see!!

Lotsa love and magnetic attraction to all!


Lisa Gawlas




  1. “We will see!!”

    Before or after 15.2 ? 🙂



    • Yes, I saw that things took an interesting turn last week…so I can only imagine what this week will bring! Matrimony indeed…


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  3. Love the Synchronicities!! I am a healer, and have always worked with Gaia. Lately, I’ve been feeling another energy calling my name. It is intense and I have been cautious. It is fire. Wild fire. I finally stepped into it the other day, and it is the Sun. So when you said that we are either working with one or the other, I am now to work with both. To bring them both in, and then conduct them out in whatever concentration is needed in the moment. Like Earth grounded solar flares, meeting within me, and dancing together. Here we go!!!


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