Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | February 5, 2012

The Rocks, the Animals and You/Us!

Several days ago, I was standing at my sink doing dishes, just pondering the vast amount of understanding coming in.  Out of the clear blue (smile) I hear a conversation taking place.  Nothing in particular being said in the conversation, but what struck me were the accents I was hearing.  Some I recognized as that lovely British song of words, others, I had no clue.  But surely, there was a bunch of foreigners in my home talking!

I surely don’t “think” in multi-accents, none of my team does either.  So where on earth was this coming from?  I looked around the house and spotted the jouful culprits… the rocks!!

I have all the incoming rocks set up near my personal reflecting pool in the house… my TV… until the weather warms up enough to do yard work.   They are all talking to each other, getting to know one another and are excited about this venture as we are!

I truly laughed out loud when I realized it.  Rocks have “homeland” accents just like the people I read for do.  How awe struck I was/am.  How wonderfully incredible that they are actually talking to one another.. in excitement!!

But of course, each one arrived here in this place accompanied by notes of love and excitement.  Some with treasures for me too… like chocolate and an emergency seed kit (smile, which I will plant with my spit!) and amazing artwork.  Don’t think for a moment, they didn’t pick up the energy of your sendings and is amplifying it all to each other, and to this place… and me!!

Then there is the animal kingdom.  I feel like I am watching the world change thru their interactions.  After watching the birds delight in the bread crumbs I would put out for them every day, I decided to invest in a bird feeder and seeds.  It was the greatest gift unto my soul to bear witness to.

At first I had two types of birds showing up at meal time. the Spotted Towhee and the Junco (I think that is what it is.)  Then during a reading, a new bird flew into the picture… an Island Scrub Jay.  Then during another reading, a bunny showed up.  Then someone emailed me their meditation experience about a dove… and the next day, two doves showed up.  Yeserday, while on the phone with the lady who brought in the bunny, a second bunny showed up!  Several days ago, a red finch and a black bird showed up.

Now, one would think there would be a display of dominance, in the beginning there was… but each passing day, they eat and literally play together.  There are so many eating now I am going thru some serious bird seed!! lol  But to my hearts delight!  I am bearing witness to everyone sharing the days abundance, joyfully and playfully.

But I am also bearing witness to the field expanding itself thru you, thru our connections.  I had one man talk to me about going into the earth via a gopher hole, the next day after reading his meditation, there was (still is) a gopher like hole not to far from the bird activity.

In your own way, you really are gathering here.  Expanding creation upon itself.  Adding to the magnificent tapestry of life!

Let me tell you, you are changing me rapidly too!  Phew… that is an understatement.  Every single connection adds to the whole, changes the flavor of life.  EVERY SINGLE ONE!!  For me, I am drinking straight from your Light Field… I mix drinks every single day… and am super plastered by 2pm every single day!  I spend the rest of my day integrating.  Understanding and applying.

Today, I am in a semi-rest day.  There is so much to share, but I am learning quickly, various topics that come thru these sharings send me way way down an amazing rabbit hole of understanding… and this human can only handle so much!!  I am still down yesterdays… phew!

I am going to close with gentle (((HUGZ)))) and loving strands of creative Light to All!!

Lisa Gawlas







  1. Thats so awesome Lisa!
    I love the part about the rocks. Who knew they had accents. I want to find a rock and send it. These Vegas rocks don’t have accents though. Wait a minute. I can do better. I will ask my cousin to send some rocks from Egypt. I’m sure they will have accents! Lol!!
    That reminds me, I dreamt a few nights back I was standing in some city square feeding birds (pigeons I believe) when some bird of prey (eagle or falcon) came to eat too yet from my hand. Ok, let me know if you see them. Lol!!
    Love you,
    Sarah :0)


    • Sarah… hey Vegas rocks rock too… but sooo would one from egypt as well!! (smile) I know I have a messenger crow here, he started talking and flying circles around me the day I showed up. So when I see the eagle or falcon, I will know it is you being represented here too (altho, you are already here!)

      Lotsa love and birdseed to ya ((((HUGZ))))


  2. Hey Lisa
    Did the Scosttish standing stone arrive yet…??
    Maybe that was the one you heard singing the Proclaimers – hahahaha!

    Big hugs .. love your blog.


    • Ohhh the scotts are here and beautifully represented. I did send out a postcard of thanx (since not one person included their email address… sheez lol) but, silly me assumed that it would still only cost 29 cents to mail a post card anywhere, since it is really tiny and light weight… NOT!! I got all countries back, except Canada they let sneak thru for only 29 cents.. for postage due! (blush)

      Thank you for that most unique and magnificent part of Scotland. Do I hear bagpipes…..?? (grin)

      Love ya and appreciate you sooo much!!


  3. love this post lis,
    what a joy, and such a sweet reminder of our deep connection to the world we really live in (vs the hologram we create!)
    hope you had a great day off!


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  5. Hi Lisa,

    I love your blog. I always enjoy the stories. Just a question: I have a stone , and I am searching on the internet for what kind of stone it is with no luck. It is dark blue and it looks like little stars shimmering on the stone itself, it looks a bit like a starry sky. Would you perhaps now what kind of stone it is.

    Namaste, Lisa


    • Thank you so much for your kind words and loving energy wolfke,

      I would have to see the stone, can you take a picture of it and email it to me at Have you checked sodalite? That stone is hues of blue and white??

      (((HUGZ))) to you,


      • Hi Lisa,

        I sent you a email regarding the stone, but some funny thing happened. Just out of curiosity I checked again and see if I could find anything about this stone. And believe it or not, I found the stone I was looking for, so you can ignore my email, or delete it. The stone called : Blue Goldstone. I read the properties and it really applies to me for having this stone. I remember I was attracted to this stone, I really wanted that stone. Now after many years, I know why.

        Blue Goldstone’s Magical Powers

        Blue Goldstone protects and enhances psychic, empathic and higher sensitivities – all perceptions.

        It is a stone of psychic protection and effective against both negative energies and entities.

        It gives positive energies and insight and can calm and focus the mind.

        It can help channel psychic and telepathic communication.

        Blue Goldstone brings luck.

        Blue Goldstone Healing Powers

        Blue goldstone is a master healer.

        It provides composure and stabilises emotions.

        It is said to be effective in calming worries and lifting spirits.

        It is said to help with pain and inflammation.

        Chakras: Heart, Throat and Third Eye.

        Thanks for giving me time for this. Wishing you a lot of LOVE, LIGHT and JOY.

        Namaste, Lisa

        (ps: I ask my guides everyday to keep me safe and to guide me
        on my Ascension path: they always , everyday give me clues that they are helping me, I also recently now that my healing guide sister Sabiene is my twin flame)


      • ((((HUGZ)))) Wolfke,

        I am actually very grateful you sent me the pic! I have never seen this stone, but man oh man, it is really like heaven set in stone!! I am on a mission to acquire one!! Thank you for that!!!

        Your PS reminded me of something I want to share with you. I remember going into every single meditation wrapping myself in so much light for protection, because others told me I needed to so the oogaly boogalies that are out there don’t get me… and I did prolly for about 30 minutes before any adventure began. Then one day, my best girlfried/spirit guide just asked me this very very profound question: “Do you not think if you ask us once to protect you, we would do that every day forward.” It was funny to hear that question and feel the answer that rose up from deep inside of me. My truth then was no, I didn’t trust you to do what you say you would do, or be there for me when I need you. (That was simply how I seen life itself, something not to trust in.) Funny how hidden we are… from ourselves! I never asked again!

        With ohhhh so much love and joy and unyeilding trust to you ((((HUGZ))))


  6. For those sending rocks here… please do not use the plain white envelopes. Two people have mailed in this kind of envelope so far, and both were missing the stones that were sent here. 😦

    (((HUGZ))) all around!


  7. Hi Lisa,

    Yes it is beautiful stone (even though I learned is not natural made) .It looks like a stary sky captured in a stone. Even my little girl thinks its beautiful.

    About the PS: I read somewhere that we needed to confirm/state everyday
    what we wanted. So let me do your approach and hope for the best. 🙂

    Namaste Lisa

    (I read your life story and something happened, I started crying inside. Maybe due the fact that I also had a hard life (sexual abuse: 23 years) and remembered even though I worked on it, emotional I am still a mess. Maybe I should also try to let go of it, or that cutting out of all those memories that weren’t serving anymore. You can’t fill a cup that is already full. 🙂 )

    Love always


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