Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | January 27, 2012

The Holographic Universe and The Passion

When I first started this path my bible, that which I read front to back and refered to over and over again was the book written by Michael Talbot called The Holographic Universe.  It was quite heady, filled with quantum science information that made my eyes and mind blur… yet, I was digesting it like I understood it.

The hologram: A hologram is made by bathing a 3-dimensional object in the powerful beam of laser light. Light waves reflected from the object form a pattern which is recorded on special holographic plate. When this is developed and light is shone onto it, the original object is recreated as fully three-dimensional image. (Taken from:

The book, and many others (including myself now that I understand us.. still don’t understand science, but I do us!) believe the entirety of the life we live is but a hologram.

Each one of us being that 3-dimensional object.  So not only are we a hologram… we are a hologram creating holograms we call “life” as we go.  The Light in which we are creating with is what I refer to as our Soul, or Higher Self (one in the same in my world.)

What brings this holographic field to life…?  Passion!

What is passion: any powerful or compelling emotion or feeling, as love or hate. (from

If we can simply change the word hate into fear (they are the same energy, all hate is derived directly from fear.)

The Magnetic field in which we live.  Like ALWAYS attracts like!  All-Ways.  Magnets are like that.  Our Light field (and lack of light field) attract to us that which we are purely passionate about.  Yes, even , no, especially what we are afraid of.  (See my sharing on Unconditional Love…. same exact thing here.)

The ONLY way to enhance your magnetic field of attraction is from the inside out… never from the outside in.  This is why I am such a proponent of meditation.  It is a direct link to your entire vibratory world, your soul, and if you really really want to change what is in your life, you must change what is in your magnetic field… your passion.  Removing any passionate fear within.

So with all of that said (and I pray, understood) lets look at what is really happening today.  In this time, and how it is happening so quickly.

I will start with yesterday and work backwords from there (I think it will keep this sharing shorter that way…smile.)

I woke up with my neck feeling like it was in a neck brace.  It hurt and was stiff.  The moment I asked my neck whats up, it told me the medulla Oblongata was being overhauled in my sleep.  Yay!

As I woke up got my coffee and sat down I decided to try and catch up on some emails.  (I am so sorry to be such an unreliable email person these days)  Each email started a fury of pain in my head.  Holy Freakin Cow Batman.

By the time I replied to the third person, I couldn’t bare the pain in my head any longer.  Thinking actually was hurting like hell.  I canceled my first appointment for the day and went into the bath.  I had 4 more appointments on my calendar.

The moment I slipped into my bath, the pain subsided and Life came alive.  I could see the backyard as if someone propped me in a chair and placed me outside.

The Guardians, the Field itself told me the 7th dimensional portal is now fully activated and ready for use.  Really?  What does that mean!!??

It means, everything in my brainwaves changed to reflect the energy that is now available to us.  ….really??

And then I had seen a bear standing (yes on it’s hind two legs) at the Mesa Cliff, directly across from where I set a log to sit upon at the River…. also where I had seen the Golden Door.  The door was no longer golden but wooden now.

From what I am understanding at this moment, when I see colors in the field, they are there for integration.  Once integrated (into the human they appear for) they no longer need to be an outward display and become something tangible in the field of our creation (I had no idea about that!!)

My eyes were fixed on that bear… I knew him.  When I made my first journey here to New Mexico in 2010 I did it as a long camping trip.  I pupped my tent for the first time in the area of Chimney Rock, North Carolina and as I laid down to sleep that first night I could feel the presence of a bear outside my little two man flimsy tent.  I actually got scared.  Then he sent me a telepathic communication that said he will stand guard over me so no harm ever comes to me.  I assumed he meant while I was camping.  I was grateful.

I knew it was the same bear standing at the cave door.

I knew I had another reading scheduled soon so I made my way back into my bath (smile.) and I heard the field tell me… don’t call anyone, you cannot take in any more energy for today.  Are you crazy??  Of course I will call, even if it is to reschedule.  The only time I will ever be non-verbal about what is happening is when my cell signal is off…

Funny, as soon as I re-oriented myself within my bath, my head hurt even more than when I went in…. to the point my stomach was super nauseated.

I called my 9am appointment, I could feel the slightest of pressure on my head talking to her, but nothing really bad.  She so understood and was feeling the disorientation of the energies herself.

I couldn’t do a thing… the pain intensified in my brain like nothing I have ever felt before.  It was the whole brain.  Felt very much like an electrical explosion and was starting to radiate down my spine.

I am a tough cookie tho… I knew there is something happening within that I didn’t want to disrupt.

It was my 10am appointment that crippled me into the most super clarity I have ever had!

I called him, explained my position of pain and need to reschedule.  He was having a moment tho.. I had to listen.  I felt his frustration to my core.  The more he talked I could see, for the first time ever ever ever… his stream of energy entering me thru my crown chakra.  The more he talked, the more he filled my crown with his energy.  As the energy moved into me… the pain in my head was exploding in me.  The back of my head felt like a walnut about to burst it’s seam.  Literally.  We rescheduled because I simply could not bear one more word… one more ounce of energy.

Fortunately I had a nice long 4 hour gap between his and my next appointments.  Back to the bath I went.

The pain once again went away and the field ignited in detail!  Phew baby!!

I have no clue in what order any of this transpired and really it doesn’t matter for this sharing.  The bear was once again in my energy field.  So was the doorway into the Mesa Cliff.  Only… the doorknob was now on the opposite side.  For the first many times I had seen it, the doorknob was always on the right )spiritual side) this time, as it is wooden instead of golden… it was now on the left (physical life side).  And he opened it!!   I was (still am) so excited.  I went zooming into the open door, thanking the bear of course… and was instantly confused.

I was literally at the base of the Mesa Cliff, it was dark and dirty in there.  Not a cave at all.  I was standing in what I can only discribe as Medusa’s hair.  Wormy looking things everywhere.  Nothing moved.  There was no light in there, except my own, which allowed me to see… but truly… not understanding at all.

So I came back out and wondered… what the hell??

And then a fury of energy blasted up thru me and I could see what I refer to as my backyard… “the tree of knowledge” which I oddly understood as man…. moving into “the cave of creation” which I understood as woman.

I think they were having sex… if a tree (looked just like a tree) could actually have sex… penetration… with a cave (looked just like a cave to me) then indeed…. they were!

The moment they (the tree and cave) were done doing whatever they were doing… a burst of light appeared in the yard just behind them… a white/gold burst.  Thru it… people came plopping out.  Real people.  It reminded me so much of the TV show Sliders.

I started to understand we have opened a true amazing portel.  But also, my understanding went much further than that.  Much further.

On occasion I am given particular date lines for the clients I am reading.  Most are personal to the client… some are global.  The date lines given are always a portal of energy in which to travel thru.  (Meditation is key here, if you don’t have your spiritual eyes / heart really tuned into the energy portal, it is soooo easy to miss.)  Not everything is as obvious as it seems. (smile, wink)

But the true wonder of this entire day came after the meditation series was done.  It is funny, I spent 4 hours in the bath (in two separate sessions) pain free.  Back fully in my body…. ouchies to the 100th degree.  I raised the white flag and ate Ibuprofen.  What a blessing to my head!!

I really had to ponder what transpired with my 10am appointment.

I have done readings for 10 years, I never analysed how I do them… I just do.  It has become as natural a thing to do as breathing.  How often do we really stop and wonder how our lungs, nose and mouth work together?

Well…. let me tell you!!!!  The Holographic Universe in realtime!!

When I am connected to you especially on the phone… I am literally breathing in your soul energy into my crown.  It couples with my own pineal gland, radiates the now fused light to my visual cortex (at the back of my head) and emits thru my heart… that “special plate” that is needed to create the hologram.

The matching plate of my heart is what I refer to as my backyard.  The field here is an exact vibratory match for m heart and the magnetic’s are so incredibly strong and aligned that we – TOGETHER – have broken ground to the New World.  WE are creating it with each breath of connection.

One of the biggest questions I have had for a while was how on earth is this happening so fast.  I have played in the field of human energy for 11 years… and 9 of those 11 years was so consistent.  Our human energy field was pretty much unchanged.  Subtle details started to emerge in some people, but far from all… and then it felt like someone dumped mass amounts of miracle grow on the human field of energy.

I personally went back to whence I came… that which started all that I do and am able to see now.  I started doing readings again.  Getting out of the entanglement of human drama/trauma (from my massage table) and connecting directly (tho I had no clue about any of this til yesterday) with the Light of your Soul and together… we birthed it all into creation.  It became so REAL to all of us.

The Passion of our Soul became the new living Hologram of life.

Yesterday, before I surrendered and took a bath, I had a blog page open and all I could hear to write about was the title “The Passion of the Christ.”

That will be my next sharing (later today or tomorrow)… and I will do it from my Living Shambhala site.

I do want to end this sharing with this fact.  It is not enough to know all of this exists… even when it is your combined soul energy we are creating with.  YOU must ingest the fullness of it as your energy, as the full expression of your life.

I have put together what I am simply calling The New Moon Special.  A fully infused reading with 3 follow up classes.  It is not enough to simply see yourself in the field… you must infuse it all into your DNA.  Meditation and good naviagational skills (within) are key.  I am handing you your own key via this series. …and in turn, you really do give me my key, as well as others thru the sharings.

Together… we have brithed Heaven into the field of Matter.  Now we simply need to learn how to Live Fully and Consciously here…together!!

Together, we are One!!

((((HUGZ))))) filled with thunder and lightening… codes exploding into Life!!

Lisa Gawlas


P. S. I did look up the bear as a totem after my last meditation… what I received inside as validation had my eyes leaking again from knowing… this is all REAL!!

Here it is:

The Bear Totem
The Bear has many myths and legends surrounding it. They have played an enormous role in the Native American Indian culture and their skins were often used for protection from the cold in the form of coats and blankets; their claws were used for making jewelry and necklaces and their heads provided masks for Shaman. Native Americans believe that the Bear has strong medicine magic and many tribes consider bears to be Shaman themselves. They are known to American Indian tribes and their Shamans as “Keeper of Medicine” because they keep all the ancient healing secrets of the Indians and the spirits of the Earth.
The large powerful paws of a Bear contain, hidden within, long, sharp claws. They use their claws for catching one of their favorite meals, fish, and for climbing trees. Bears are good swimmers and surprisingly fast runners. Although many people see Bears as threatening most are content to mind their own business and only use force when absolutely necessary. They are not man eaters as many people believe, and, in fact, get most of their nutrition from, fish, plants, berries, herbs insects, and yes, even honey.
The Bear is a reserved and powerful animal. They signify leadership, family values and lunar magic. They are a spiritual and medicine Totem providing insight and calm grace and words of truth to those who seek their spirit council.
Bears are said to possess Lunar magic and many myths and legends depict the Bears special relationship to the moon. They are devoted mothers, raising and protecting their young from danger, teaching them to forage for food and fish in streams and providing them with all that they need until they are able to care for themselves properly. Mother Bears will fiercely protect her offspring from any harm or threat of harm.
Bears come in different colors and types, but most of them display similar spiritual and physiological characteristics. There are Asiatic Black Bears, American Black Bears, and the Magnificent Brown Bear which can be found throughout Asia, Europe, America and Canada. There is also the enormous Polar Bear, which can be found in colder regions of the world.
Bears are honored and respected by spiritualists the world over. Bears are known to impart pure and right wisdom and nothing profane will ever come from the noble Bear. Therefore they are trusted advisors in the spiritual world. The Bear possesses many animal virtues that are powerful and valuable and which any person would be wise to emulate or divine. One who has the power of the Bear will see enhanced leadership abilities, wisdom and fearlessness in defense; a better sense of self control allowing one the ability to use will-power to not speak when angered. Balance, harmony and strength are also all part of this noble totem’s magic.
The Magnificent Bear Totem possesses the following virtues: Right words and advise, clam reflective-ness, leadership abilities, courage to do what is right, medicine magic, shamanistic abilities, strong family values, devotion, reserved power, fearlessness in defense, and introspection.
Bear Animal Pearls are said to impart their particular magical virtues to their owner. Bear Pearls are characteristic of its host animal; they possess all the awesome characteristics that may be seen in the Bear itself; the balance and strength of this animal is contained within the pearl waiting for its proper owner to bestow its inner magic to that unique and fortunate individual. For century’s shamans, priestesses, spiritualists and practitioners of the occult have used Bear animal pearls to transfer the powerful magical energy of the Bear to themselves and to others in need of this commanding animal magic. Bear pearls are highly sought after by any wishing to absorb Bear virtues into their lives and develop stronger mental abilities such as those embodied by the powerful Bear. The owner of a Bear pearl will see their lives, spiritual energy and mental clarity imbued with all of the virtues attributed to the Shaman of the woods, the Bear. The Bear animal totem is a strong spirit indeed and its magical properties are one of the most influential of all animal totems. Strength in leadership, Shamanistic energy,  the wisdom to know when to speak, higher self-esteem and so much more can be integrated into the spirit of the possessor of this magical pearl and the Bear totem.
Copyright © 2006: Zahir Karbani UK Registration Number 253932


This article was published on Thursday 15 June, 2006.


  1. Sounds like quite a journey you embraced…Thanks for sharing. I have Ted Andews book Animal Speak and it is fascinating to keep track of who comes in your life bearing what messages. Blessings.


    • Hi VisionKeeper (((HUGZ))))

      I used to have Ted Andrews book which was wonderful. It migrated elsewhere it seems. It really is humbling how much we add to the whole… and every person on our path adds to us, us to them, back too me. Thank you my friend for all you to and share! Big big (((HUGZ)))


  2. Thank you Lisa!!! I can’t tell you how I feel. The light bulb came on about passion and the magnetic field. I so resonate with that. It brings so much love and joy to my heart how you expressed it.
    I too felt out of alignment shall we say two nights ago. I feel though part of it had to do with the sun, from what my guides explained. And then yesterday I felt I had a new ability too when I got up. I wish I could write all that I experience every moment yet I will send you some good vibrations instead.
    Much love,
    Sarah :0)


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  4. lol it was a sneak attack of energy yesterday! I was wondering if it was just me. Stomach ache, head stabbing pains, strange pains in my joints and flippin exhausted.
    In spite of that, I’ve noticed that the deep thick strangling energy of the area I live is lifting a bit in the last few weeks. Whew.

    ps, I’m on the last 30 pages!!


  5. I love to read about your experiences Lisa! Eesh! The solar flares have been a doozy! My vision has been blurry a lot lately but feel it’s from all the restructuring/dna work. You know I looked at my journal to see what I was doing last July (re the article you posted a bit ago) and I was in New Mexico-Santa Fe! I was guided there for 2 weeks to do what I do with the grid, portals and codes and who knows what else…lot’s of brain/head detoxing also..

    Lisa…thanks for making me lol…I do enjoy the humor in your writing and just you being you in simplicity full of love….:)


  6. LOVE LOVE LOVE this post! a millions times over! ahhh they always inspire such JOY and what is better than that! I own the digital Holographic Universe, and i agree Michael Talbot is AMAZING! his videos make his info even better i think , just because i loved his eloquence and sincerity while sharing such paradigm busters! haha
    with SO MUCH LOVE, im literally bursting!!!


  7. I think you know me, I like this 13econ1126, It’s a nice post. May be u can go this way follow us.


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