Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | January 21, 2012

The Importance of Unconditional Love of ALL Life!

This is probably the most important post I will ever write.  I have written many times on this subject over the years simply because of it’s importance, but today, it feels different, fuller maybe.

I sat here yesterday just pondering everything.  I do mean everything!  But most especially, what is so special about here.  This place, this energy.  How is it really all coming to life after waiting eons of time.

The more I understood yesterday, the more my rational mind kicked in.  It actually was a very interesting exchange of Q & A’s really.  My rational mind wasn’t trying to create doubt but wanted to know why and how.  My heart doesn’t have those questions, it is really content in know it IS.

My landlady actually said something that really started this whole process of really getting the unconditional love thing.  She brought me my mail, rocks coming in from around the world (we are so excited) I had to thank her again, for everything.  My eyes still leak with deep gratitude to Being here.  For the love and trust that is alive here.  I talked her to her about the propane guys, as they just brought me some more propane and was willing to just leave me the bill.  No credit check, no nothing but trust.  She and I talked about how this community really helps each other.  They all understand we are in difficult (financial) times and do what they can to help each other.

I shared again, holding back the tears of gratitude in my heart, how grateful I am to be a part of it all.  Then she said well a lot of communities are sprouting all around.  Yeah… they are.

I actually lived in an intentional community in 2005 for 8 months.  It was hell. The people were incredibly loving and helpful, but the rules.  My lord the rules were crazy and super fear based.

Yesterday I got the biggest ah-ha of my life!  I actually looked for intentional communities in New Mexico from the time I arrived all the way thru a month ago.  They all had a common theme.  Rules.  Conditions in which you must live.

An intentional community based in fear (which is the only reason we would impart rules) is not a community of unconditional love.  It bases itself on what it doesn’t want, the rules are there to make sure they create what they do want… instead of trusting fully in the process of the gathering of a unified energy.

Trust and unconditional love is an inseparable energy.  But I do want to really break down this whole love thing.

Love is an energy.  It is the only REAL energy that exists.  It simply IS.  It asks for nothing, needs nothing, requires nothing.  Love all-ways IS.

Now think of us and our relationship to this world.  If everything is Love, and it is, then the mass murders, politicians, drug addicts, street people… All are love.  Their words or actions may appear very unloving, but who they are at the core of their Being, is the Divine made manifest, fullfilling their own life goals and potentials.  We do not have to like their words or actions, simply because we don’t understand them, but the moment we judge them (this is right or wrong) we are in conditional love, if you can find the love of them at all.

There is not a person on this planet that is not an aspect of you.  In each of us lives the potential of a mass murderer, a corrupt politician a child molester and so on.  To love that part of you, is to enlighten that part of you that appears separate (someone else in a completely different human suit.)

In truth, even the more cruel appearing person is simply trying to find their way back Home, to that place of pure love.  They are simply doing it thru the darkness of their heart, crushed by the ego side of their mind.  If we send them even one ounce of disdain for what they may have done, we add to their darkness and not their natural field of Light.  Dampening out a part of our own light in the exchange… it can be no other way.

Love is always in service (please do not misinterpret that to mean love is a doormat… it is NOT!)  Life always takes care of Life… all-ways.

Love looks to share the abundance of it’s field with all who are open to receive.  Quite literally, Love breathes itself into itself for nourishment and expansion… for no other reason except that it can.

Love truly and fully comes alive thru us, thru the human.  We have a consciousness that no other life on this planet has.  We have free will to do with that consciousnesses whatever our hearts desires.  What an amazing privilege that is.  We can choose to fed our lives and all the lives we will ever touch with the darkness of our minds or the Light of our Hearts.  No matter which way we choose, we affect all life and all life will give us more of what we share outwards.

Love has no bias at all.  Nothing is good or bad, right or wrong.  It simply IS and joyfully returns to you all that you share outwards with Life.  Even if that something is judgement, or hoarding, or withdrawal from life, it loves you so much it will give you as much of that as you can stand until you decide you want something else.  In an instant it is bringing to you all the things you now are sharing outwards with people… with all the other aspects of you on earth.  Be it wisdom, love, money, beauty…

You decide the life you live, Love fullfills that energy every moment of every day.

So, back to my pondering of yesterday and what… WHAT did we do to bring this field to life.  I was astounded at what I seen and felt.

The first thing that had to happen was my own love of myself.  Imagine that!  I had to get to a point within my own heart to know and trust that which I surrounded myself with was not in energetic harmony within me.

I love my children, LOVE my grandson, but my heart was dying inside.  Love can starve to death if you let it.  …hence the darkness.  But also, one must take full responsibility for what is taking place in any given moment.  We create as we go.  I created a very dysfunctional relationship with my children, but especially with my son, my first born, my male.  All the emptiness I ever felt, I tried to make sure he never felt and filled his life with all of my love… and I do mean ALL of it.  To the point I was starving myself.  What a strange reality check that was.

At the end of the day, you must love yourself fully, completely and unconditionally.  I love my son, but no longer needed his love to complete my own.

Which brought me to New Mexico.  Thru the whole month of December I felt so strongly day by day that if I was to fully thrive, I must find my own energy field to grow within.  Living in someone else’s field… has it’s own learning lessons and then it is time to go.

Can you imagine that the most loving thing in all this world you can do is remove yourself from someone elses field??

Very contrary to what has gotten us to here… isn’t it?

Most of the time, we are so unconsciously feeding off of someone else’s field (or vise versa) that we become paralyzed to move beyond it and grow more fully and completely into the Love we always have been.

So here I am, knowing it is time to find my own place and needing more than I need chocolate!  The image of this place, found on craigslist, embedded into my heart.  To the point of waking me up in the middle of the night to remember it and act on what I felt.

When I got here and instantly fell in love, my landlady could have given me a whole slue of conditions in which to move in with.  Like a payment plan… a weekly commitment of X amount of dollars. She didn’t.  No conditions at all.  Truly a Trust like I have never ever experienced before in all my life.  And God knows, I have lived many lives in this one!!

And then I do what I have done for over a decade, I shared my story, my excitement and the story of trust, of true unconditional love by a (seemingly) complete stranger.  Out of the clear blue sky… ummm depths of hearts (smile)… came donations from around the world.  Not one person put a condition in the comments field… nothing was expected or asked for in return. It truly was Love fullfilling itSelf.  I received EXACTLY enough to cover the first months rent and get propane and other small life necessarily I didn’t have.

Beyond the money, was a steady flow of emails… filled with love and excitement for it all… fueling the field of life even more.  I received the most amazing set of mandala’s created especially for me and my new home from a very talented artist in Hawaii.   Something precious, unique and heart inspired to place upon my walls.

What I had heard last night in relationship to all of this was Life created the perfect storm (it has many times in the past, in many other ways) to give Life a chance to Fullfill it’s desires… and WE DID IT!!

We continue to do it by realizing and embracing the fact that this is not Lisa’s journey… but our’s together as One.  We are now owning who and what we in fact have always been and always will be… Love made Manifest.

There is also a very very important aspect of this unconditional love that needs to be part of your footsteps in life.  So many people want to know who they are, what their purpose is in life, etc.  That is the ego talking.  Love simply flows.

I can tell you, I have no flipping clue what I am supposed to do or even the fullness of who I Am.  It all changes day by day, heart beat by heart beat.  I never set out to get to here… but yet, here I am none-the-less.

The heart knows what the mind cannot concieve.  Trust in that.  If you are breathing.., you already are fulfilling your soul purpose and it will surely expand day by day… in trust.

So if you have rules… toss them out.  You only limit what you really desire.  If you have hesitation, breathe in and do it anyway… Life has always got your back!!

I thank you so much for being such an amazing part of my life’s journey as you allow me to be part of your’s as well.  Together, we are always One!!

Big big big ((((HUGZ)))) of pure love and unlimited potential to ALL!

Lisa Gawlas











  1. Well said Lisa! Pretty bows and righteous wrapping don’t change the contents of the box…
    Speaking of boxes…I need to get some rocks shipped off to you 🙂
    I have the ugliest lowliest rock in the world (that I love dearly) sitting on my back windowsill. I think it deserves a new view, a little adventure to see the sites. It will be like it’s going off to rock camp, or perhaps to join a rock retirement community. A loving rock community, not one filled with rules!!!
    Did I ever mention my daughter is studying geology? I’m sure she will enjoy the rocks in Jemez.


    • I so LOVE ugly lowly rocks… they truly are the most beautiful in their own way! It will have so many friends, adventures and fullness of love to splash and play within. I love it… a retirement community for rocks!! No rules, just pure unabated love! ❤ ❤

      Rock on sistah…. and your baby girl too!!


  2. You are a teacher of Peace

    and a living example of Love

    May you be blessed with a cell phone signal

    arranged from the Heavens Above……

    (and whatever else you need, right when you need it)


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  4. […] purely passionate about.  Yes, even , no, especially what we are afraid of.  (See my sharing on Unconditional Love…. same exact thing […]


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