Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | January 19, 2012

Falling in Love ..Again! ~ UFO’s and the Number 3

I will never forget the very first time my heart opened.  I went from living in the darkness of hell, to all of a sudden life added color to itself, quite literally.  It was a sense of really seeing and feeling life for the first time.

That was 11 years ago.  One would think (at least this one called Lisa) that is as full as it gets.  Not even close.

My heart has stretched, opened, felt, oozed… so many times over the last decade and each time thinking, this has got to be the last expansion, deepness of feeling… but it wasn’t.

It is only now that I am truly understanding what is happening (within) with each heart expansion.  It is a deepening to the higher fields.  A connection so strong that all the other fields (lower vibrations) fall away and the intensity of feeling is the whole body system adjusting, aligning with the higher fields of love.

With this alignment (that you cannot force, it happens only when your vibration is stable long enough in the frequency to fully and permanently merge.  Geez… I didn’t know that!  But, looking back at the things I started to understand the last several months… that there are so many of these frequency grids, each leading to the next… it only makes sense (now) that the heart will grow fuller and fuller into the fullness of LOVE.  Pure, non-ego tainted love (let me tell ya, I/we still have a ways to go… phew.)

I am finding tho… the higher you go, the clearer you get.  But also, the harder it is to remain very long in lower, discordant frequencies.

I have been living in my new home, my new energy field for 2 weeks now and holy cow batman… the stretch on the heartstrings have been intense!!

It was only 3 days ago the intense (and I do mean that quite literally) beating of my heart stopped.  But with it came this down-flow of super intense love.  Like someone opened my heart to a love portal and it flows constantly and deeply into me.  But, there was a weird trigger to this intense feeling as well.

I watched a YouTube video posted by one of my friends on Facebook.  Let me share it here:

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I know a correlation when it floods me in the heart… for days!!

Several days ago, I am not even sure what I was sharing about, but I mentioned that I was going to add something to the Shambhala blog about who the Guardians are.. and I haven’t.  Mostly because of the flooding of information.  All I could do with it as it comes in, is feel… not write.

Too funny, as I go to type out my next line… I can see and hear the words: As above, so below.  Above us, our star family, below, us.  In the middle… the Gaurdians.

Let me (try) and tell you who the Guardians are:

They are the first merger between the human DNA and that of our brothers and sisters from the stars.  The first hybrid humans if you will.  A consciousness not tainted by the ego we have today.  They… are us, aspects of us to merge with.  Phew!

Now… putting the element of the number 3 into all of this.

Everything about the three seems to be invading me (smile.)  I was handed the keys to this place on January 3rd.  I moved in on the 6th (3+3 is 6).

When I was leaching my landlady’s wifi signal her sign on was: win-555.  I have been seeing 555 since being in the hotel room in Virginia (super intense change) but never linked it all to the vibration of three… until right now.  three fives!

The cabin came fully furnished (thank you so much for that) and my dining room table has three chairs.  There are three stumps encircling the fire pit outside.  I even paid my landlady in 3 separate checks for the first month rent here.

Even the year 2012 can be felt as a 3.  The decade itself remains constant, we are in the 12th year of the decade, which is a 3 vibration.

Three is associated with action and communication (this is requires it), but I just went and got my Kryon book 12 (hah… another link to three) about the 12 layers of DNA (we can go deeper and deeper here)

This explanation from Kryon’s book helps me to really really understand 2 of my most readings this week:

Three (3) – This is a catalyst number ~ Creative – Also joy and inner child energy – powerful!

I have seen the inner child… one lady with a whole classroom of children playing joyfully by the river here… in readings recently.  I never got the correlation (not that I completely get it now…smile) until this connecting of the ever on-going dots.

So… let me connect these 3 dots (grin).  Our original DNA from the stars, is being activated within the (ready) human, fueled by this intense love energy that is a catalyst to…. March?????  Of course… another three.

So with all that said (or not said) I hear the guardians saying… sharing, that it is the full and active refinement of the mind, of the ego that embeds the true link of yourself with yourSelf (all aspects of yourself) it is done and felt completely in the heart.

Of course, the expansion of the heart does affect the whole of the body.

This is why it is so important… so incredibly important… to Love without judging.  To Love so freely and getting out of the ego concepts of Life.  They aren’t even relevant for where we are taking ourselves.

Here is an interesting and added thought… actually message from the guardians.  Each of us has a counterpart on another planet.  That which is the link between us (the human) and the guardian.  And it is not just one solar system or planet… there was a mergance of Light long before the earth came on board (huh?).  A galactic coalition of Light infused in the DNA of Humans.  (Had to look up that word, coalition: a union into one body or mass; fusion.

From what I understand (and trust me, that is always subject to change lol) it is the original Humans that are gathering…. re-emerging into their Full-ness… a field of pure, unconditional LOVE!


There is so much more I want to share, but right now… I am tapping out.

I will close with a snippet from the movie Gone With the Wind: The Fields are Alive…  (OK, so love the interaction with life… I just went to look up the lyrics to the song I am hearing… but with words changed to fit… and I found lyrics so fitting… so perfect.  I don’t know the song… but I love it anyway.  Want to feel them just click Gone With the Wind

Big big big (((HUGZ))) to every particle of you!!

Lisa Gawlas



  1. Oh! and you saw 3 people at the bottom of my new tree of life…an adult male, adult female and the child…so in this new life we are integrating all aspects of self, to be whole. The Divine marriage within. Yay!!! Feels good!

    I too see 55 and 555 alot.

    and when I read “the fields are alive’… I thought of the song from the movie the” sound of music”. “The fields are alive with the sound of music” . The area that it was filmed is a portal of interdimensional energy, very high and light…and music is sacred geometry, codes for healing and transmuting/reaching into higher frequencies.

    It IS time to start experiencing heaven on earth. Hallejulah! (sp?)


  2. My My My…i’ve been toying with the 3’s for two weeks myself! I crossed Tesla’s comments regarding if you knew the power of the 3.6.9 you would know how the entire universe works. (paraphrased of course).

    Ever since then its been 3,6,9 day after day…gas tank fills, timeline awareness, bank accounts, email time stamps…it goes on and on.

    I’ve been getting lots of 444’s too…

    To change the world, change your perception of it 🙂


  3. 3’s hmm. I am going to be 63(many threes there) on the 12th (another 3) of next month and I live in a home that used to be the home of the Shambhala Center (Buddhists) in my town.(the address is 309) They had it for about 6 years and I have lived here going on 5. Ohhhhhhh the amazing embracing loving energy they left here. I feel they also manifested an energetic double pyramid here thru their many prayers and meditations…one above and one directly below it. My living room was the main Shrine room .if I sit in there too long I won’t get anything is the warm embrace of love that keeps on giving.
    It is the little magic things that keep one going. I enjoy the adventures of ” Lisa on her planetary quest of sharing the light and love of it all” very very…..Namaste’ fellow traveler. I live in the Colorado Rockies and stand by my window every night in these clear mountain skys and watch our star friends ..they sure have some fun. Twinkle twinkle many stars..ahhhhhhh.


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