Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | January 18, 2012

A Release of Energy in February and the Express Train!

Boy oh boy these days, this Life is truly picking up speed.  I am finding the “field” is starting to…. not sure the word I want to use, but maybe more detailed.  Or perhaps I am actually catching up to the vibration of the field and I am picking up more details.   However it is working… it is working!! (smile)

I want to talk about something I had seen, felt and did my best to dive into to get the bigger message.  This, of course, was brought on via a reading I had yesterday.  The more I perused the imagery, the more understanding I got that this is a global event.

There are only 3 months beyond January that I can (still) clearly see with energy.  The first is Feb.  I have been consistently seeing it for a couple of months now as a massive dome of bright, vivid orange energy.  (Keeping in mind January has always been red and white.)

So if we simply look at the relationship of the colors starting with the month we are currently in, red is about your connection to physical life.  Your walk on earth itself (root chakra).  The white is infusing spirit in all aspects of your physical life.  So many of you are feeling this… and changing vibrationally.

So it would only make sense (now that I think about it) that February would be orange (sacral chakra.)  If you allowed January to infuse your whole life with the spiritual energy, your “ego will” will have fallen away.  That is to say, you are no longer moving thru life with the linear details of your mind, but the flowing energy of your heart field.

By February you should find yourself in a new energy stream within your life.  The true details of how this looks and feels for you is as diverse as you are.  But, let me give some small examples.  You have clearly defined what no longer words for you and are focused only on what does (even without a clear understanding what that is, you can feel it to your bones.)  Many have moved or in the process of moving.  Changing relationships.  Setting clearly defined boundaries with the world around you.  Feeling a career/job change.

February is truly changing or maybe more so, enhancing your sense of Self within the world around you.  No longer focused on yourself and your survival and need to store house massive amounts of money (how many people sell their soul to make sure they have a savings account… just in case?)

The one thing that really gets me… dedicating yourself to Yourself.  I cannot tell you many times I hear that I was too busy to meditate today.  I had to do this, that, the other thing… and yet want very much to feel that deep inner connection to source, to the fullness of yourSelf.

Life is a tricky thing.  The moment you decide to dedicate you to You, life seems to thru more distractions at you than you ever had before.  Kind of like that first quiz saying… are you really willing to do this.  Do you realize each day you are making choices, do you know what your best and greatest choices are and how much do you really want them.

So with all that said (smile.)  February is a game changer!

I could see clearly the bright orange energy of February in the reading yesterday.  Then all of a sudden (catalyzed by a question she asked about a divine counterpart) I could see a black belt squeezing the middle of February.  I had seen the number 15 on top of the belt.  I want to you take the number itself with a grain of salt… I am not sure if it was a true timeline… or the fact that the 1 one was the left of the belt and the 5 was on the right… new beginnings thru chaos which leads to a 6, soul partnership… however spirit meant it, 15 was clear and constant.

The black belt itself I understood was the dark side of our mind.  The fear itself that strangles to true flow of our life.  And then it snapped.  Very much like a rubber band that has been stretched to its limit.  I could feel the snapping… and with it a super release of tons more of this orange energy billowing outwards into the rest of February.  I wonder (and truly it is wondering not knowing or feeling… the universe did not share details of how this will unfold on earth) but I wondered if it was an earthquake.  The shake, the release of pure energy… that is usually what our mama needs to do… but, nothing about these days are usual any longer.

I did understand that this is a global event and the energy will affect the All, as it must.

Whatever the event is, is designed to pull your whole energy field into the high vibrational potential of March.  March has always been very white/yellow for many months.  Solar plexus.  Living truly from your soul promptings.  Using the refined field of energy for all of Life’s creation.

For those who dare to let go of the dark side of the ego (thru free will or earth events) and embrace the soul of your Life… gives way to April.

Now, there is something quite interesting between March and April.  I have always seen one energy… one month lead straight into the other.  Not so with these two months at all.  There is a void of energy, in my field of vision about 3 feet wide.  It creates the human to have to literally leap into what I see as the amazing field of energy called April  Violet and white energy.  The energy of the Masters, of the Christ Consciousness.

The closer we get (time wise) the more vibrant the energy field is.  But the pesky field does not let me see thru the color to what the experience may be that leads one to the other.  Of course, I just seen the potential in Feb. yesterday… so maybe as we get closer.  I assure, anything new I will share.

Whatever the end of March really represents… we are all going to hold hands and jump… together!!!

I also want to share something really really important that was shared with me yesterday from someone I have been reading for… I loved how she “got” the message of her Life instantly… and the words of comfort she has to share.  She wants to remain anonymous for now… so I am just going to put her email in italics:

…thru other blogs I notice that a lot of people are afraid they are going to miss the boat or train or tree or field or whatever……
I was in Manhattan yesterday looking at apartments and it just so happened (yeah right) that the apt was very near my very first apt that I lived in by myself after college!   It was my first dwelling being independent and providing for myself in all ways when I worked in the fashion industry.  Not only that but the area was like the Tower card in the tarot deck as they were building a new subway station right where I had lived ! and it smelled like 9-11  eewwww!  So I didn’t take the apt 😦 and it was very disappointing but I feel I was sent there to collect a fragment of self I may have left behind…that happens a lot :-/……back to my story…..I was going to take the F train and just missed it by seconds and I was wondering if that meant that I had missed the train in my own life…it took 5 min for the next but I shrugged it off…then later after meeting a friend I was going to take the 4,5, or 6 train to Grand Central  to catch my train home and I just missed it again so I thought, ok..this is telling me something but what….how or where could I have missed a proverbial train on my journey…I am very present and show up …I go and do when guided…but then as I was lamenting another train came very quickly and not only that it was a #5! train AND it took me directly to Grand Central, the origin of all trains, as it was an EXPRESS train. 
So, I think it is important for people to know not to worry too much about it, when it is time, we will be there waiting and ready to jump on and it will be the express train that will take us directly to where we need/desire to BE.  
I have written a blog about jumping on a train (click here to read it) and I am equally noticing a lot of the channels I read are talking about the fast-moving train of 2012.
Life is truly living itself out loud and WE are noticing it with clear, vibrant eyes.
I will close on that note for now.
Phew baby, life is so exciting!!
((((HUGZ))))) of pure potential to us ALL,
Lisa Gawlas


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  2. […] ((((HUGZ))))) of pure potential to us ALL, Lisa Gawlas  link to original article Advertisement GA_googleAddAttr("AdOpt", "1"); GA_googleAddAttr("Origin", "other"); […]


  3. From what I’ve gathered, there will be plenty of opportunities to jump on that express train…so we may miss it the first time but if we’re aware we’ll get plenty more…just keep your eyes open!


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