Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | January 17, 2012

The Spider Web of our New Life Created by Intention.

From the end scene of the move Avatar

(Photo is a still from the end of the movie Avatar)

I feel like I am officially living the real life version of Alice in Wonderland, and each trip is activated by You (whom ever I am reading for.)  What makes this ongoing trip odd, is I feel like the tour guide of a place I am experiencing for the first time too.  Talk about having to work for a living (big grin.)

This field does not seem to exist in a relationship with time.  Yet, you and I are still walking thru what appears to be linear space… at least for now.  Let me explain:

Before I do, I want to be perfectly clear that this high frequency field does not belong to me, it does not only exist here, it truly exists within you, wherever you are.  I am simply the tour guide for now and it has displayed itself via my yard in a way I can (struggle to every day) understand what it is saying to you.

So in my readings and in my own life, this field shows itself as extending, very much like a spider web, from the Mesa Cliff to my cabin.  It is circular in look and feel, again very much like a spider web.  It is fibrous to the feel, so it is tangible, very unlike any energy I have ever seen or lived within.

There is no sense of time within this field.  Everything is presented in the Now moment and even when it refers to an outcome of something initiated by you, it still feels like now… not tomorrow, now next week, just another now.  Which alone can be disorienting (to our linear minds.)

The only thing I can see and feel with utter consistency is the jump between the end of March into the fields of April.  Even as I type that, I hear this “jump” will take place for you whenever you are ready for the leap.  Could be August, or next year.  It shows me the beginning of the next frequency.

Again, in my super humble attempt to be clear in what I am talking when I refer to “the field” it is the opening and aligning with the 6th dimensional frequencies… and higher.  It says it is nothing like the first 5 dimensions, but it was/is crucial that we move thru each dimension fully to have full use and access to these incredible energies.  ( What the energies really are and what we are capable of doing with them, I have no idea… yet.  There is no doubt in my heart it will be revealed thru the classes… what I need to learn, I teach – same for all of us.)

It is our “pure heart intention” that activates the energy of this field within you. With this thought, I would like to share the details of my first reading yesterday.

I could see the field clearly in my backyard.  There is a true “edging” to it so I can see where it is and where it isn’t.  As I looked around for the lady I was reading I seen her right outside, to the left, of the field.  She looked at the field knowing this was her next step… yet there was a gasping like breath I could see from her and a hesitation from her legs that needed to jump into it.

Now to be very very clear (I pray I am anywayz)… she was already vibrating to  5th dimensional energy.  So she was ready to move into this next expression, this field.  Even tho I told her that, her body didn’t move… so….smile… I did the only thing I could think of doing…smile… I took my foot and kicked her in the butt and watched as she went gently sailing into the field.

The field caught her and I watched as she bounced a little then just laid across the webbing of this field.  Not much more happened, so I go to asking my internal questions… what else needs to be done?

I had seen the center of this webbing, I am telling you, it is really showing itself as an elaborate spider web.  I could see the middle as a hole.  Nothing I could do could place her in this hole, she had to choose to go there herself.

That is when I really really started to understand something.  Our walk to here, no matter where you are vibrationally… 4th – 5th… one step led to the other.  You transitioned naturally with every clearing of your field, with every expansion of your heart.  Playing and living within these higher frequencies, is a deliberate step.  It will draw you in by calling to you… it is up to you to move purposely towards it.

From that it feels like you must be fully loaded with blind trust.  Of course, I get my own relationship with moving to this field.  Had I not picked up and moved I would still be longing for what could be… and wondering why I am stuck in a place.  We are never stuck… we just must leap into action with our heart promptings.  Whether that is to go deeper and further in your meditations, put relationships on the back burner so you can grow, change jobs, changes locations… there is something… something being asked of you.  The moment you go into action… the field infuses you and it together.

As the rest of her reading showed.  When I had seen the potential that she will take what the reading was showing her into meditation (hint hint, you can do this too…smile) and purposely moved by her own inner Will into the hole in the middle of the field, it put like neon fiber tubings into the pores of her skin.  Again, all I could think about was Jake at the end of Avatar, with those white threads of Aywa (sp?) fusing with his human body and moving him to his Avatar body.  We really are going thru something similar… but just like Jake, it had to come from his Will and desire and not the fields.  But, also, just like Jake… the old life he once lived will be no longer.

That is a trade-off most people are not willing to bear… yet.

Another thing I had noticed within her reading as well.  In the beginning the entire scope of the reading was done in shades of white.  There was no color at all…. until we moved past the potential of her purposely fusing with this field and on the outer right edge of the field she emerged the most incredible butterfly.  The pure metallic energy that radiated from the butterfly (her) was breathtaking… alive!  The butterfly didn’t move, just hovered and I could feel it to my core!

Perhaps the field I see is our cocoon of full transformation…

Maybe that is why I get so much information but when I go to write about it, my mind really does turn to jelly and I just can’t.  I suppose everything in it’s “write” time. (smile)

Phew baby… life is amazing. YOU are amazing.  Thank you for the never-ending rabbit holes we travel every day!!  I love and honor you more than my simple words can ever express!!

(((((HUGZ))))) of transformation,

Lisa Gawlas



  1. Reading this, I am feeling that I definitely need to rent the movie Avatar. Watching good movies used to be a joy, but these days I’m not sure which ones are good “soul food”. Suggestions, anyone?

    I delighted in the little video posted here about Crystals. Fascinating!


    • Hi Edie (((HUGZ))) the more readings I do, the more that movie talks to me in its imagery. I just updated my post to include the end scene from Avatar to help with the visual. I obviously (smile) LOVE that movie!!


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  3. Fantastic visual, Thank You! Also for the link to Lucas2012 Infos….
    I just found the movie trailer for Avatar online and watched it. It is an automatic goose-bump ride, but upon seeing the short blip where the trees were being cut down, I began to cry immediately. This is a definite must-see….

    I know these blogs are a work-in-progress (aren’t we all? lol) I noticed that the Shambala blog can be accessed off of the link on the Readings Plus page, but doesn’t seem to be working (for me at least) from the one that is included in the “white bubbles” on the main page. Others can check on this and let you know…..

    Thank You Dear Lisa, if you feel like a Tour Guide in a place you are experiencing for the first time, that is because YOU ARE! LOL


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