Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | January 13, 2012

Piercing The Veil – Changing Space and Time!

I remember when I first woke up… came alive to this path I call spirit.  It felt so unreal, in contrast to everything I had believed before.  It could have even allowed me to feel delusional for the grandness I was waking up to and understanding.  Time proved otherwise…

I am at that very same place again now.  Life really does move in cycles!

Only now, it is quicker and so much more intense.  I had 11 years to get to Here, now I feel like I have 3 months to get to There.  Let me explain:

For the last several months of 2011, thru various readings I had seen a massive wall of Tsunami energy… solid, gold and yellow wave of energy that was consistently at the end of March.  Almost like it was waiting…

By the middle of December, that wall of energy was gone.  Released.

In a reading I had done the other day I had seen this hmmmm… geez, words, ya know?  Out in the right field (the yard about 25 feet or so from where the lady I was reading for was… there was this amazing golden energy flakes raining down… as if it was snowing, only golden flakes of energy.  It was not straight across the field it was egg-shaped.  I suppose like building a field of protection within the space that I simply call the yard.  As I tried to understand what that was representing, I heard and felt so clearly that once thru the golden flakes of energy… “the veil will be pierced.”

I have pondered that for days.  Giving rise to what I just shared in the Shambhala space, they are connected… it is all connected.  The tsunami wave, the golden door in the cliff, the snowing of this golden energy… but what it all means to us… I am not sure.

Yesterday, as I was trying to do a reading thru this massive bear hug squeeze around my whole energy field… I did get a feeling and direct communication to the lady I was reading for… that by the end of March, we will literally hit a cliff’s edge and she (we all?) will have to jump blindly, filled with trust… into April.

Let me tell you how I see and feel April.  The most vibrant and intense field of mostly violet with woven puffs of white energy.  I cannot see in it, thru it or even understand it… but man oh man I can feel it.

I suddenly remembered (just now) a reading I had done several weeks ago where I a lady was sucked into the ground, thru a tube and back into July 2011.  It is the same color and energy of that month.  Hmmmm

Cycles do repeat themselves… 

We either move into a higher frequency cycle or repeat what we missed the first time around.

As I reflect back on what July 2011 was for me.. it was when I started doing readings again for the first time in 5-6 years.  It is also the month I (thought I) moved back to Virginia.

It was the very month that lead to Here and Now for me.  Had I hesitated on any of the movements of my life then… I would be repeating the energy that was needed to get me to here… in April.

For those who did not hesitate in any way, or have done and completed the exercise that came out in that blog… what I am hearing… so clearly “April will be a Godsend.”  I had to go to the dictionary and look up the meaning of Godsend: a desirable or needed thing or event that comes unexpectedly.

Phew… I cannot even imagine life getting better and more fluid than it already is… but it IS!!  As long as we do the inner work and stay in the true flow of our Life.  No hesitating (smile, wink.)

Well with that in mind, I really get what is happening here in my world, my body since moving here a week ago (well I get it to a small degree.)  The expansion and contraction of (re)Birth.  It is happening in triple time… and with it, is a loss of relationship within time.

But I also understand that time and space are sewn together.  If you change the space you reside within, time will alter itself as well.

Altho most of the metaphysical world has their eye and heart on the 5th dimension, which is now fully here, alive and fluid… many of us had already arrived there some time ago.  We are truly bringing in the higher fields of Life.  6th dimensional energies and above.

We are feeling, internally, the contractions of alignment with this super excited, high frequency field that is Life!  We are also falling out of time.  Which really helps me understand why all of a sudden… I am calling clients late.  One minute I have an hour the next thing I know, that minute… that hour is gone and already into the next one and barely took a breath!

It also helps me to understand the sheer palpitation’s of my heart.  I swear to god it will soon beat right out of my chest.  My brain only functions sometimes… while other times the clarity is overwhelming.  I cannot speak, like talking is the most foreign thing in the world… then I can’t shut up.  In this really quick week I feel like my own internal life has become a game of ping-pong.  And the guardians tell me… it will be like this for a few more weeks.  I suppose that is better than months or years!! lol

We are birthing a whole new world, a whole new vibrancy and frequency… and truly, we are doing it from the inside out.  There is no other way it can genuinely be done.

Honor your body.  When it needs to sleep…. sleep.  When it needs to simply be still and vibrate… be still and vibrate.  When you need to climb a mountain… climb.  Don’t worry about the outside world… you are leaving it behind…if you dare!!

I am going to close on that note and ponder.



Lisa Gawlas





  1. oh, Lisa I love you! I love your honesty in sharing. I have debated about that in my own blog but it feels necessary to lay it all out so we can follow one another’s footsteps back home. Wow, I want to come and live with you and be one with the land there. I had recently felt that the reason I could not find my place, community, beloved…….was because it was in a different plane. I know it is all to come to me and you give me such joy that you have found it! Thank you for all that you are doing!


  2. Great post, thank you.
    I’m going to check what I was doing in July…:)
    Love, Gabrielle


  3. Last July, I took back my power…..I broke away from people who constantly tried to convince me that they were right and I was wrong, which caused me to doubt myself. So I decided not to listen to them any more. It was the start of a new chapter of self-empowerment for me.
    So I suppose April could well bring more of the same! 🙂
    Thank you Lisa!
    Much love xx


    • Hi Gabrielle (((HUGZ)))

      The only reason you would have to repeat any lesson was if you didn’t take the knowledge you learned from the original lesson and apply it as wisdom (live it as your life…now.) With that in mind, I don’t feel April will be bringing you more of the same… When I heard the phrase “April will be a Godsend” it came with a rush of feeling… It was stronger, more exciting than the many times I connected to the vibration of 2012 thru the many readings last year. Even as I ponder it now, I hear “Heaven will be alive on earth.” Whatever that really means to us, has gotta be flipping good!!

      More ((((HUGZ)))),


  4. Thanks Lisa!
    Much love xx


  5. “Honor your body. When it needs to sleep…. sleep. When it needs to simply be still and vibrate… be still and vibrate. ”

    I was totally zapped this weekend! Finally I got my sleep last night when I crashed at 8PM…I woke up feeling refreshed!


    • Hurray for you Patrick! And today… we awoke with new eyes, new legs… a full on fusion! I am sooo glad you honored your body and it’s intense desire to fuse while sleeping (smile.) I feel you!!
      ((((HUGZ)))) of wonder to you!


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