Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | January 12, 2012

As Above – So Below ~ We Are the Sun and the Earth!

This has indeed become a very interesting, high potent adventure.  Everything has become different… at least from what I was familiar with even a week ago.  Readings for instance… jeepers creepers!!  I can only hang out in this field… the energy place we are now connecting to thru the readings for a short period of time before my own wiring within my brain begins to melt.  I suppose day by day, reading by reading, I will adjust and be able to maintain longer time periods… but yesterday by the close of the 2nd hour I was done for the day.  I mean to the point I couldn’t even formulate a whole coherent sentence.

I even tried to work on my website… wasn’t happening.  Altho, this morning with fresh brains to use, I finally got my readings page and new packages complete.  Hurray!!  I do feel accomplished with that!

I think I am starting to understand something, as usual, quite vaguely, but it still feels really important to share.  Keep in mind, I have only done 5 full readings in this new field of energy and I am seeing a contrast.  Please don’t think for a single second one is better than the other… not even!

I am seeing some people infused and enveloped by this grid of energy that emits from the Cliff, and then some who are on the ground itself not wrapped up in this grid of energy.  I really didn’t pay any attention until my last reading yesterday and it wasn’t until I was in my vegetative state (smile) reflecting on the enormity of information that has been coming thru did I realize there is a difference happening.

Heaven and Earth.

For those engulfed in the new gridwork that I see, your agenda, your soul purpose here in Life is to work from the Sun energy down, or the soul level to the earth.  Those I have seen on the ground but not wrapped in this gridwork, your work is on the ground, from the earth on up.  Truly the yin/yang… above / below.

What does that mean explicitly??  I don’t know really.  But it is going to be really interesting to find out as we go.  Actually, I hear spirit saying:

My role in this life is as a Sun worker.  I do whatever I can to create the pathway for your full soul energy to infuse into your core energy.  So, my part, is working from the soul down into earth.

There are those who work closely if not intimately with Gaia, they are an earth worker, bringing her fullness upwards to meet the new grid and Light Body.

Both are extraordinarily important, one without the other is an incomplete package.  Which gives way to something I now understand.  As we start to meet and connect with our magnetic counterparts, they will be the opposite aspect of us.  Example my counterpart will be an earth worker.  It completes the figure eight energy. (Who knew!!  lol)

Even with that little bit of information, I feel like spirit is stretching the fields of my own consciousness to understand more about our magnetic counterparts.  To the point in the far off distance of my own inner hearing right now I hear… drum beats?  I can hear it in my right side… like, something is getting ready to be.. activated?…called forth? …something for sure.  The one thing I know for sure… many many many of us are so ready for that magnetic relationship.  An intimate partnership on this journey!!

I do want to share something about one of yesterdays readings as well.  Something I never knew at all…

As I was watching the lady whom I was reading for… set up in the yard (seems this is where spirit is bringing you for our connection.  I had watched as one of the guardians at the top of the cliff threw something over the cliff to her.  It was a long golden yellow Light rod.  They had told her, for now, simply hold it in her hands horizontally.  Feeling my own puzzle-ment within (smile) they added this really interesting information:

Our palm chakras have magnetic frequency settings on them.  The moment we touch something above (or below… careful there) our own energy frequencies, they automatically start to raise the internal vibrational field of your own light body to (eventually) match the frequency you are holding in your hand.

Holy cow batman…. ya know, sometimes we do things (speaking souly of myself here lol) without questioning the why… 11 years later, you finally understand what happened.

When I first started working with crystals I would take them into my meditation by holding them in my hand (my right hand.)  Sometimes it would take me several meditations before I felt anything or began to see anything from the crystal I was holding.  Now I understand why!

Wow, lets take this a little further (since I am seeing it as I ponder.)  The right hand is our receiving hand, left is our sending.  When I do readings I cannot seem to do them if the phone is in my right ear, it has to be on the left side for our connection to be full and complete.  I never ever realized that the energy of life was flowing into me thru the right field and into you thru the left field of my body.

That creates a complete flow of energy… now wonder people have told me when they have gotten off the phone they were dizzy, vibrating, spacey some down right sick (releasing)… I never ever knew that!!

There are so many other things I want to share, but I am going to wait.  Actually, I will put together a sharing in the Shambhala blog later today (as the field is instructing me to do.)

Boy, this co-creation actually takes some adjusting to! (smile)  I am not used to any aspect of the field having a Will and desire of it’s own… not like this!!

With ohhhh so much love, excitement and awe,

Lisa Gawlas

I am going to close by introducing a new package I put together, just click the link: Frequency Infused Reading Plus 



  1. Michelle from Washington, DC here. Clarification please. Are you saying that our vibration will match that which we touch? The follow up will be what if we touch something of a low vibration? ie guns, etc….


    • I am sorry to be confusing… I have a new found respect for the processing field of the brain! Mine started to fall apart/melt down with that drum beat thing as I was writing.

      I am sure you have had a feeling when you have touched something or even someone that it felt like crap when you touched it… that is your vibration telling you (whatever it is) that it is does not match your vibration. When you want to quickly withdraw your hand, that is your vibration saying… let it go and move away.

      On the other hand, those sweaty palms, chills, good vibrations are a signal from your body that you have either met your exceed your vibration frequency… and something joyous is at hand (no pun intended there…smile.)

      I hope that has cleared up what I tried to write… my own brain is vibrating to beat the band right now… ohhhh coherency where are you….???

      ((((HUGZ))))) of love, joy and deep thanx to you Michelle!


      • Actually this makes a lot of sense now! I have been desperately asking my (higher) self why I have sweaty hands all of the sudden! I mean for the past week or more my hands have been moist and I wipe them and it comes back and I wipe ad nasuem 🙂

        Lisa…remember our reading and you talked about teaching and my hands and all that? In the past couple of days I’ve had two people ask them to start classes to teach people about the law.

        I’ve been studying it on my own for 5 years or so and I have begun to take steps to permanently eliminate any contracts I have with GOV and other people have asked for similar assistance.

        Combine that with the sweaty hands and I am a little awestruck with the whole thing. The body is BUZZZZZZZZing right now! 🙂



      • Hi Patrick (((HUGZ))))

        I am so excited for you and your teaching role!! Seems like both the students and teacher are ready!! I so love that your body and your hands (smile) are so ready for this next evolutionary step (that surely is not my words…smile) in your Life. I am looking forward to hearing about the evolution of it all, please share with us as your classes (and more) emerge!!

        More (((HUGZ))))… vibrationally sweaty (((HUGZ))) ….grin


  2. HAHAHAHAHA…I’ve had two people ask ME (not them)! LOL


  3. See Lisa Renee’s January 2012 Newsletter. The ‘rod’ is the Feminine. The ‘staff’ is the Masculine. Rod/Feminine is Vertical. Masculine is Horizontal. This is the year of ‘Sacred Marriage’ is to be made manifest on the Planet. Enjoy!


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