Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | January 10, 2012

We are the Instruments of the New Energy – Creating!

Have you ever felt like every aspect of yourSelf has changed, but your not quite sure into what yet.  That is how I feel.  Even as I type that, I suddenly remember Cinderella.  I would bet, if there ever was a part two to the Cinderella story, it would be about how I (and no doubt, many of us) are feeling as we emerge into the next book of our life.  Not so much a continuation from the last book, but truly about fitting into a new life that seems so utterly foriegn yet familiar to her (us.)

In this last week, geez, it has only been a week, I have watched a life come together thru the threads of love around the world.

When I think of my own “Happily Ever After”… the Cinderella story if you will, it has never been about a prince coming to rescue me.  Even as a child in foster homes, family homes, group homes… my dream had always been to find a world (never thinking for a moment it could happen on earth) that was filled of love and support of each other.   Where no heart yearned for anything because all was already provided for.  We could simply dance in the joy that was one another all day long.

Fantasy indeed.   At least…  Util now.

I know there are words I use that I am sure are beginning to sound like a broken record (smile), but it is such a constant feeling that I cannot help it.  I feel so utterly privledge for my life.  For those who surround and support my life in ways no one but the unseen world of life really understands.

Yesterday, when I awoke and started writing, I had seen this massive new grid of energy permeating from near the top of the Mesa Cliff that glows in the morning light (at least thru my camera lens.)

This grid of new energy was stretching out from the Cliff and was about half way to this cabin I reside within.  To the left of it was this inflow of pink energy… life’s passion fueling the grid of this new Life.

When I created the Shambhala blog-site, that was what I thought I was going to write my first post about.  It wasn’t.  Obviously “Shambhala” has it’s own agenda and I suppose an introduction was more in order, especially since I had no real clue what that grid was… at least didn’t understand it enough to write about it.  The day would reveal it’s true story.

In this week of bliss filled energy in this new Home on earth… the human within me simply looked at the mass of debt I was mounting on a promise to pay with no real way to pay it.  Not quickly anyway.

And then, out of the clear blue sky (fields of Shambhala… pure heart love) donations started to come in to fuel my (our) new life.  Just like that.  So much so I only owe my land lady a couple hundred dollers.

In that small moment of panic when I realized my fuel was dry (that almost sounds funny to say… the last thing I really feel, is out of fuel) I only panicked for a minute… a super milestone in my life!  I knew I only had about 20 dollars left in my bank and that sure isn’t going to do much in the way of propane.  My landlady and I trusted that this will work out.

I had a soul sistah in Switzerland read about my propane and sent me $100.  Had she not stated directly that it was for propane I would have given it to my landlady.  There was in insight in her that allowed me to put the money elsewhere… to warm my bones.

The propane man, even tho he was delivering far less than the minimum requirement of 100 gallons (I had enough for 20 gallons) he agreed to deliver the fuel anyway.  I asked him if would take a post dated check so I can have at least 50 gallons (enough to get me thru at least 3 weeks of warmth here) he said ok.  Really??  More trusting souls from a person they don’t even know.  Wow.

I had heat, hot water and cooking fuel by 9am yesterday.  Ohhhhh the heaven in my warm heart!!

As I waited for the cable man to come and hook up my internet…   that little worry button that still flickers in the back of my head was starting to think about the check dated for Friday and the strange sense of guilt I had for not giving the $100 to my landlady.  (Working on clearing that… without feeling it, I would not have realized it still has a remnant hanging on within)  I went outside into the landscape to just feel and release the discordance trying to rear it’s ugly head.

As I sat there and remembered, excuse me… felt how grateful I am for being where  I am, how it is all working out, I found my center again.  Well this amazing man must have felt me… because as I found my center and email came thru my phone for a donation of $200.  I cried.  I do that a lot these days.   Happy, grateful, awe-struck tears.  That has to be a good thing to water the ground with (smile.)  Both aspects of my hearts desire, suddenly taken care of (landlady and fuel man.)

My own brain crashed shortly there after.  Between adjusting to this massive energy field, and the pure overload of emotion… I am still adjusting.

But this morning I really understand something, even if utterly vague… we are building, creating, energizing a whole new field of Life.  It is breathing in and out from here, this place I call heaven, I am simply the connecting rod of potential… y’all are the fuel that is bringing it all to life.

I know there are hearts pounding in unison with mine… especially as we see the molten top of the Mesa in the Morning Light.  An activation within our cellular memory reconnecting… re-membering, coming Alive in this place we call Home on earth.

WE are the instruments the ancients have been waiting for… for we are the ancients clothed in todays dress.  We Are that Golden Bridge… it is here because we are here and in action.  Even if that action is a beating heart of knowing… it is still threaded into the tapestry of what is coming to life.

Today, as I lay in my bath for a moment I see the group of Guardians on the top of the Mesa throwing seeds over the Cliff.  They have asked me to start raking the ground, clearing out the old energy and allowing the energy from deep inside the earth to move upward.

I am on a mission!  I am going to take pictures, share whatever insights come thru I am still trying to figure out how to get it all set up… bear with me.

I know there is a lot shifting and changing within me… within us.  Please bear with me thru my “growing pains.”  I have done my first reading here this morning… not all that easy.  Altho I can see clearly… the field itself makes my brain woozy… I will write about all this tomorrow.

For now, gotta get ready for the rest of my readings today.

WE – TOGETHER – Have awoken the energy of Shambhala thru our hearts.  And to think…. we are merely at the beginning!!

With bated breath and pounding heart…. I love you ALL sooooo much.  “The wonders of this field has barely gotten started” (Jemez)

(((((((((((HUGZ))))))))))) filled with the Morning Light of our New Live!

Lisa Gawlas







  1. Hi Lisa, i have a question for you.
    What happens when you are an unknown, no one around you to send donations, no one to ask for help that is supportive in the physical sense and for some people, no work, no income and others who maybe homeless even without a internet?
    I am happy for you, dont get me wrong and i am not homeless, etc, but i am without anyone to help in the physical sense, and i just lost my partner and i am not able to walk far or remain upright for long( ending story as we speak) 🙂 I have lived in a place i dont resonate with for 18yrs, and i rent, i have animals, and a 17yr old daughter, and its like we are invisible and have been since we come here, but i have not been able to find any other place i would feel ok ( like your YUK in Craigs list) so i remained here, then at the loss of my partner, i am not seeing from a physical sense how i go on being here, its a old place, coal fire, needs wood, is cold and hard work and is symbolic of past, and i have no friends or contacts at all in the physical, so as i see this works for you because there is an support system like Karen Bishop and many others used for a long time now, and when they make known what they want or their needs are ,well all jump in an they get it sent over to them.
    If this sounds nasty, i sure dont mean it that way, i am just sayin it as it is, so yes, i believe in miracles, also i know they can come in many ways, but also i can sense how some maybe thinking, well that is ok , Lisa has back up, again its money that supplies an this is not new, its the way its always been, and that is wonderful,nothing wrong in it, but its isnt going to work if your not known to the world in the way you are and others who have said the universe will supply, and for them it did, but not in any new way, just the same way its always been, ones status and ones followers will support you each time you say what you dont have, someone will send it, but what if you had non of what you have, no web site, no readers, no one knows you exist, would you have taken the leap cause you felt it inside to do so regardless, or would you have not done so knowing you would be setting up someone for a fall if you couldnt think of a way you would get that large amount of money.

    I am really happy for u, its a wonderful place and i wish u all you wish for yourself, but i just wonder how many may compare the path you have with the one they have, and think oh, so if i leap the world will support me, and i have seen many do this, sadly they fell and remain homeless and still where they have been for eons of time.
    I read so often of those who have no food, no money to feed the cat they have as a only companion, but no one sends a crumb, and this week i read of a lady on a forum, admitted herself into a mental hospital as she hung out for help to come only it did not, and a thing i wonder is what is the new way to use this energy that supports all not just the few, again its the few, and although i dont sense with you, you do things with the agenda of someone else coming up with the money, i feel it a lot with some others, and it wore thin and was rather ugh to see, for again the celebs make it, the others dont, and this is not what i sense as truth, nor as new energy, it is so sad to see, yet its been inspiring to watch and to hear from you, your wonderful dream coming to pass, and i do mean that, and maybe i shouldnt write this but i get why not, as i am guessing many others may see this as being what we already have seen happen many times before, so i voice it cause i think you will get what i am saying and not be upset by this, as it has to be looked at, like observe the bloody obvious, and see the elephant in the room, cause this can only work in this way if you are known, not if you happen to be just another on this path in shit street.
    I will continue to watch your journey, i know its not been easy on you, and this is why i feel i can ask you how you see this working without money, and without any other human help, as this is the main thing many on this path face, like 2 decades or more of illness, struggle etc and no breaks have yet to arrive and they seem stuck in isolation they cannot break and i dont mean from just what i feel many will say, VICTIM, as this isnt the case for many, they tried all they could but nothing held up, or barrage after barrage of crap hit them until they went under, so this is why i ask, what can you see coming for those folks?
    I am not when i try to push the river seeing anything come together in any way that moves energy, it suddenly stops and then nothing, and no sign of what to do next but to align with the earths and ones own rhythm,
    inside, and so many sit in that place now, but while we do basic needs are not met, help is not forthcoming, and people are tired and if the negative fallout going on now is where your resonance is through circumstances then i am already seeing many go down the tubes, and i am using my own inner trust and all i have to keep from joining them, and i keeping going while also in the grieving process and up to my neck in mess and muddle i cant physically fix and my daughter maybe on her beginning path and is feeling the emotional and fear from out there on top of this.
    Yes, i am aware to never compare our paths as all are different and why now only our own inner knowing is leading the way and out there is a reflection of inside etc, but if that is so then only the ones already ok and in comfort or supportive conditions will be drawing in the stuff then hell, what of the rest of them, who got the polarity integration and the cleaning up jobs?
    Anyway, please give my love to NM i sense the beauty of it and sniff the air:) Happy days Lisa, and i hope you will answer me as it is a genuine question and not a covered poison pen! :
    Much love to you


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  3. Hi J (((HUGZ)))

    I did my best to answer a lot of your questions in a blog. However, god knows, I wish I could do a negative-ectomy within your whole sharing. This is why your new life is having an impossible task finding its wings.

    Can I ask you a question… what are the positive things you have learned and embedded into your field of energy from your story? That is less a question to answer to me, but as a real and tangible way to start changing the energy that fuels your life into more of what you want and less of the repeating cycles you are going thru.

    Can I ask you a question… do you meditate at all? That is the most sure fire way of changing the song of your core energy I know….

    Big big big Love filled ((((HUGZ)))) to you… in full support of change!!


    • Hi Lisa, well, everything has changed, but seemingly nothing has when i look out there, but i can feel a huge goings on in me and for the first time i can feel my heart begin to lead, a sort of knowing, not as yet as acute as yours:) but i begin, and that for me is a huge shift as i felt nothing for over 2 decades other than a biggie many yrs ago.
      No i dont meditate, i have tried and i am once again entering a place where i listen, and i do it daily, in fact most of the day, but i dont know if u would class this as meditation?
      What have i learned that is positive in this, well, that i am not without resources i just aint to sure where to look in me and how to yank them out, but i am feeling around in there.
      Since my partner passed in October, and what i am left with here to clear up i am also seeing this shows me a lot of how i lived, and how not to in the future, like how i go out there and do not repeat or hook up with people just cause i think all are inherently god/light/one etc
      I have not been great at receiving and not feeling maybe guilt, or feeling i owe them something and i must give back, earn it, whatever, so i know its about balance and giving and receiving and also not to loose touch with life out of giving your power away and not being able to feel safe or supported in this life. ( genetic bone prob from fathers side, and i never met him, never knew him, dont get the story and dont know why i am bringing this through this lifetime only that it is maybe a clearing of genetic/ancestral stuff i am now wanting to bring a close to) along with the rest of the story and others stuff i picked up along the way, so the story is to end, i am ready to do this, but i will now know what i dont need to repeat when i get back in the flow again:)
      I saw both sides of the coin, giving until u got no more to give, then hiding away because there is no more to give those who look to u to fill them, and i did, and i take responsibily for this,
      I had no idea whos energy was mine or not mine, hence i felt a worlds pain and stuff and i didnt know how to close it off, I am now feeling more able to decipher this, I think as i take a look i am adding the postive and seeing the lessons i learned i could never have come to this without them and as crappy as it is as we bowl through the shit, i am seeing the strengths i have because of this and i am still able to love and care about others and i did not shut down even as this last loss hit me hard and i was already down an out for the count, but i am still here, and i am willing to make the changes i know i need to be in the place like u felt u needed to support your whole self and not be someplace that no more serves all of u.
      I am counting the things i see as postives that come out of this, and the patience i sometimes feel i have had enough of waiting to see some real helpful changes, i know i have to be patient cause the next step up from here requires i am in charge of my own thoughts and feelings and until i am i must deal with things before me and be lead by my inner knowing that is now showing up.
      I am learning to compassion with dettachment and not anymore trying to take on others stuff to fix and make it my own, but i am open to sharing when i make my connection back with others, for now i hit
      the odd wall as i have been a hermit for many yrs and some fear of letting people back into my life from out there when i feel naked and vulnerable and my life here is somewhat messy to the folks out there who have not ridden this path and they dont get why u are as u are and u cant tell them either, I asked for help, i see the old world is not working like it did, i know its caving and and i know its to be rebuilt for the all, but right now i begin within me or i cant make the outer changes cause it dont work that way, (several tries lately) ugh, lol
      I will be reading all u write as i feel inspired by your adventures and i want to see how u work with this as i make my way on my own path.
      Lots of love Lisa
      J. xxx


  4. Forgot to ask for notify follow ups ::)


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