Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | January 10, 2012

The Storehouse of our Life – The Energy Vault of Attraction

This blog is actually inspired by a reply from this mornings blog… a very valid question and need to understand fully.  To see the full reply please click here.

The overall question seems to be, why does it seem like one can get all their needs covered while others cannot get even one thing covered.

Everyone of us is born into this life with an accumulation of energy AKA Karma.  As we start to live life (yes even as small children) we are creating and using karmic energy.  What we don’t need to use in the moment goes into an energetic storehouse for later use when needed.

How do we accumulate this “good” karma?  Think… every good  deed has it’s energetic return.  Now let’s strip even that down to be very clear.  Good deed means doing something for someone or something else other than yourself without any thought, desire or expectation of return for doing it (even the thought… “well this will come back to be” is an expectation and nulls the good deed out.

The hug you gave a crying person, the food given to help a hungry tummy, stopping to pick something up when a complete stranger drops something in front of you.  How we accumulate that good karma is so vast and wide.

Now imagine you see someone who is hungry (trying to keep the examples simple) and you, yourself have only one loaf of bread.  Most people would think “if I had more, I would help you.”  This is actually an energy of lack.  It equally takes from your storehouse.  You deplete your storehouse by your own energetic thoughts and self limiting idea’s.

There are many that I know who wouldn’t even think twice about breaking the bread in two and sharing it… or even giving it to the other person knowing (not expecting… very different energy) somehow more bread is already on the way.  Talk about the adding abundantly to your storehouse.

We can call on our store house at anytime.  We can also share our stored up energy with others.  Example:  Several years ago my son was going thru a really hard time in just about every aspect of his life.  I had just moved in with him from a Spiritual  Community and wanted to help him.  I did the only thing I knew how… I went into meditation, accessed my own storehouse and emptied it’s contents into my sons life.  (Caution… don’t ever do that!! lol)  His life seemed to flurish in every direction.  The energy changed instantly… at least for him.

Mine started to struggle.  I had barriers every where I went.  When I finally got frustrated enough I asked spirit… what the hell??  I was reminded that I gave all my good energy to my son for his use and I literally had to start accumulating energy for my own use from scratch.

Did I say don’t ever do that… not a wise choice in my world, but man oh man what a learning lesson for me.

When you do an unselfish act… no matter what it is, as long as it comes from your heart, you activate chords of energy in other people that will be available for you should you ever need a kindness they can help you with.  We are very much a part of each other storehouse.  Who could I be kind to if you were not in need and vise versa.

But you also must be the one to call on your store house.  The lady who left the reply felt it was easier for me to manifest because I am quite public in my life story and so many people know me now.  But that has not always been the case.

I remember a really really really bad relationship I got into with a man.  It was so bad that for a week straight I dreamt of warnings that he would distroy my life if I let this relationship go any further.  This was several years before I even realized there was something other than christianity to live and understand.

I didn’t heed the dream warnings and me and my (then) young childrens life were crippled.  No money, no job, an eviction notice, no electric, no phone and no food.  Not a soul in the world knew me… and my first choice was suicide, my old handy friend.  After seeing a strange vision of my son on drugs and his life in hell just before I was going to inhale carbon minoxide as my exit… I stopped the suicide plan and scrambled for a new one.

I had already tried to go to welfare to help us, but they called us a problem and not an emergancy.  Go figure.  I suppose, even then… I aired my grief out loud. I wrote a letter to the editor bitching about welfare and our dire situation 2 weeks before christmas… and it really was just me venting.  I didn’t ask for a thing, just bitched a lot.

The Emerald Coast of North Carolina crawled out of the woodwork (and sea) to help us.  Even the Mayor of the city we lived in helped us.  Within 2 weeks, we had power, a new place to live, money to move, tons of food and more christmas presents than one could have ever hoped for for my children.

So, no you don’t have to be famous or have a following, or be known to anyone other than those who are a part of your own storehouse.

If at anytime you feel unsupported, unhealthy, stuck… you must first and foremost always look within and see where your own energy is stuck and unsupported the life you deserve.

I will not forget spirits words “Life will always take care of Life, always has, always will.”  If there is anywhere your own life is not supporting you, you must look within and see where you are not supporting life.

You must put action into your life.

She had also asked, if I was not well known as I am (trust me, until this week, I had no clue how far and wide I reach… I share because I have to from deep inside not to create a following but hopefully a pathway from my own lessons to even just one.) would I have made the leap of faith to this cabin… absolutely.  Not because I knew people would help me financially… I did it because I trust my heart 200% and if Archangel Michael says… I got your back… then indeed he does.  Even if this place didn’t work out as it has, I know there was something to have learned thru the experience.

As I just took a break and went outside for a smoke (too cold to stay out there, but man I so look forward to the day when it isn’t) I heard a few more sharings for this too.

Often times, withholding your energy from someone is as important as sharing.  We can, and often do, attract leaches to us.  If we give/share for the sake of doing it as opposed from the true heart prompting… we have given away our own energy supply, depleting our storehouse.

Also, giving money does not equal good karma.  It is always the intent from the heart… not writing a check.  You cannot buy good karma, you can only create it with your own thoughts and actions.

It is like the “fuel for life” offerings I have received, it was the heart energy I felt first and foremost… the desire from deep within… that is truly what has been released in my world… and others felt it, and in their own way, released even more.  Not always with money, some with emails, hugs, joy, whatever…  it all fuels the funnel!!

Some people equally own their story.  The hardship, the sadness, the poverty, for as long as you own it, the story cannot ever change.  It is embedded in the tapistry of your life by your core feelings, and until you truly, vibrationally change the story… the story cannot change.

I have learned this first hand myself.  For 38 years I had a very sad story and I owned it, expected it and recreate it at ever turn.

Until I let it go.

And then let it go again.

And again.

Until every ounce of energy that was my story left and my whole life sings a new song, creates the story as I go.  Not because of the generosity of others (altho man of man, that has added a peppy beat to my song) but because of my heart and the truth it now knows as real.

Altho I did not address any personal questions, I hope this sharing helped in understanding more, equally for all those with the same concerns…

If it prompted more questions than clarity… please feel free to ask again, I will write again!! (smile)

I love you and sing songs of joy and hope to ALL of You!!


Lisa Gawlas



  1. Hi Lisa,
    thank you so much for answering my question, and for the clarification this has given me,
    What you wrote about the time you emptied your own storehouse to help your son, and “don’t do that” well i guess its to late as i did do that, and a lot of times, and i am seeing why i did, but i never called on my own storehouse for myself, and by the time i did, it was empty, for what was left i stored to take care of the others and kept using my own to keep us all going in the provisions area, and like u say, we attract leeches and i did, and i am seeing into this more as i read your reply and see why i burned out along with many things i did not see.
    Its given me much to feel into for forward movement, and i thank you from the bottom of my heart that you replied to me in the clear manner you have,.
    I felt it was always what i was to do was to share, well what i didnt know was, it wasnt coming from a place in me that said to do so, i just did it, and i reap what i sow, and i did, and then i went into lock down, cause i had no more to give, and did not know i needed energy boundries either, 😦 many wanting but i dried up, then i got sick.
    I am now looking at a potential of breaking old patterns and carrying hangers on, but now i have begun to feel my hearts leading i know i will make it, and with the clarity you shared here i see a clearer way of how we share and how the energy source can be called on and why i am right now in the gathering of energy place.
    I also wish us all well as we begin connect within and without,
    much love and good wishes
    J, xxxxx


    • Wow weezers J!!!

      What an amazing change in your energy from your last sharing. I mean… WOW!! This, how you shared, the energy from your heart field.. this is what opens up every good thing to you. Whatever you did… stay there, return there the moment you forget (old habits die hard.)

      Obviously this entire universe so conspired to make sure you got the message… because I completely and utterly lost cell signal for 3 out of 4 remaining readings for today. I decided if I can’t read for those on my phone, I will call on the universe to help you. The very second I posted my blog, my cell signal returned as if it never left.

      Talk about a universe loving and supporting you!!! They rewrote my day to help you! I am glad to have done whatever I could.

      You are so very loved my dear J

      Here’s to full storehouses and letting go of obligated energy!!
      (((((HUGZ))))) of wonder to you!


      • I would like to give you a gift J (and anyone else who so desires). I had written a book in 2003 and updated it in 2010 called: Understanding and Connecting with Your Spiritual Self. It is only available as an ebook and if you click on the title will take you to the page you can download it. Please put in the coupon code:ZV86A so you can download it for free. There are many good exercises in it, including calling back your energy.

        This coupon expires Feb. 1st, 2012.

        Enjoy the read and the meditations!


  2. J:
    If you ever, ever, EVER need to share a problem or even just want to yak about your experiences PLEASE feel more than free to connect with me on my wordpress or on Lisa’s website.
    I am here to fully Love and support you through any and all endeavors.
    My name is Tatiana and I truly LOVE YOU!!
    my wordpress:


  3. Thank you Lisa for that blog article about giving and receiving. What you wrote is not only smack dab right on (just validating here 🙂 but it is soooo important that I hope it gets posted on other newsletters to reach many others…it really should! It is an important one!!! as it helps people to get out of victim consciousness and the ‘why me and Nancy Kerrigan” cycle.
    To truly align with heart promptings in a clear authentic way is very hard for us humans to do. I always tell people to be aware….. that it doesn’t matter what you do or what you give, what matters is, the intention and feeling with which you do it. That is what is seen and recorded.

    Thank you Lisa for writing that…really THANK YOU!!! (can you feel it :):):)?


  4. why do the smiley faces look a bit mischievous ????? :-0


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  6. Me too !!


  7. tah tee ahw nah
    Thank you for your kind offer:) Just read your blog, yes, mine caved in too, all of it, leaves a feeling of doom, but in it all i actually found my own lead within me, the feeling of right timing came to me, and instead of forcing things ( after several tries) and failing with them, feeling i had no clue what to do, i then just stopped as i could see this wasnt going to work and i now await the lead from inside of me.
    In the meantime i am clearing out the inner thoughts that dont support me, and the fear you spoke of in your blog, yes its so right, but so easy to drop in fear when all around you is falling structure wise and i mean for real, lol
    I think as we go along into this year many will face this and more than anything we need to be able to share and not be labled as a victim, as sometimes when your totally blocked and feeling the collective stuff as well pouring in and as you dont realise its not all yours you feel, ( for some who are empathic and dont have boundiries made so strong) you can feel like a victim for you cant stop the energetic flow of fallout and i think some will need more than anything to know what they feel is not all ways all their own.
    Many blessing
    J. xx


  8. Hi Lisa, tried to download your book today, but it wants me to sign up and asks for screenname and other info and i dont have the screen name stuff so it wont let me go no further if i dont join this set up?
    Is there a straight fwd download, or did i link to the wrong page as i wanted a PDF format?
    Love J. xx


  9. J,

    It sounds like this might be water under your rainbow bridge 🙂 but two things keep coming back to me as I read all the communications.

    First – Outside is merely your interpretation of inside. If you see ugliness out there, it is simply a part of you (judged as ugly in SOME manner) missing your unconditional love. The only way to truly KNOW what I am saying is you must become aware of being aware!

    Second – ASK dear Soul!!!!!!! Just ASK! I am not yelling, but this is key to me. Lisa keeps asking for help and she keeps getting it. Ask, ask, and ask a third time. I’m not Christian per se, I just consider myself Spirit, but beautiful Jesus gave us the key, “ask and ye shall receive!” His mission was spelled out magically with his Sermon on the Mount. Read it again for guidance and the information shall be known.

    I am sending you some wonderful energy, it is the least I can do as I read through this entire thread from yesterday and I was amped up. I have a knowing I have come to know as spirit meeting body. My entire body will become electric (not really, but I don’t have a word for the experience) and I can actually feel resonance like a tuning fork struck when the truth is spoken. You and Lisa and others here are speaking your truth and I can feel it. This energies me without limit. I share this back with you and this tight knit community floating in digital New Earth!



  10. Dear J
    I read your comments and questions with much interest and I would like to tell you some of the things that i have done and am going through even now as a woman with no income or being known. I also was very happy to read that you have seen things in a whole new light as that is sure necessary to get through these times. When i was reading your comments my keyboard just froze up and i couldn’t get it to work at all so i thought i would have to get a new one, however i turned off my computer and it started up again. I thought there is a message in that somewhere and for what i can tell it meant i needed to express/converse something to someone so maybe it is to you.. I will leave my email here and if you wish you may email me at

    Much Love


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