Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | January 8, 2012

The Morning Light of Shambhala – Heaven! So Now What?

This picture I inserted was taken on my backdoor step shortly after sunrise yesterday (my first morning here.)  Altho my eyes could see the illumination of the top of this Mesa, I surely didn’t see the glow and full on energy that my camera captured.  This is how I have seen the energy of Shambhala in readings and my own meditations.  The sun rising from the earth!

I fully expected to have the morning sun hit the same spot and create the same effect today.  Didn’t happen.  Perhaps that is why when I look at the picture I have enclosed here… my heart fills with the energy of the glow at the top of the Mesa.  More powerful than anything I have ever felt before, especially from a picture!  But I also know, it is not just a picture.  It is Life’s way of validating that we have arrived in the energy of Shambhala.  Where Heaven on earth is made manifest.

I became utterly aware yesterday that we have already started to fuel the energy of Shambhala with the love we share with each other.

We can take what seems like our ordinary moments, our heart promptings for granted, not realizing what is really happening and how we are creating with it.

The mind itself has this idea, a mental image of how it all is going to work out… which is what it is designed to do, give us a mental image of walking forward.  But the details are rarely, if ever, what transpires.

Since at least 2008 I have been downloaded, uploaded, rearranged in every conceivable way in regards to Shambhala.  I knew, somewhere deep inside my heart, one day, I will find the doorway to work this energy back into earth.  How, where, with whom… it was a changing set of idea’s every step of the way.  The how changed as I learned the importance of the where and whom, the where changed as I learned more about the how and whom.  Well, you get the idea.

What is Shambhala?

I use the spelling and meaning taken from the Sanskrit language that is commonly translated to mean a “place of peace/tranquility/happiness.”  In Buddist tradition (all this information is taken from wikipedia) is a place where all enhabitants are enlightened and on “pure land.”

From what I have been receiving and understanding over the years it is that and so much more.

First and foremost that place of  peace/tranquility/happiness MUST be the internal place of any inhabitant.  The person or people living there MUST match the vibration of the pureness of land.  It is truly where heart (spirit) and land (mother earth) meet and become as One.

Pure Love!

Together, we have opened the door, the pure energy potential of Shambhala.  I realized the fullness of this yesterday when talking to Betsie (my landlady) about being able to give her another check fueled by people from around the world.  Literally… around the world.

If we can take a moment to really see how this funnel of energy is coming into life… Betsie felt me and my spirit and allowed me to move here on promises and hugs… you felt the desire to help fuel this vision and sent paypal donations that humble my heart to no ends.  I will offer as much wisdom, hands on learning, understanding as I am capable of sharing.  Including gatherings here on this amazing land…

Every single aspect that is unfolding… essential.  When we open our hearts in whatever way we can, without any expectation in return… this is unleashing the Heaven we have all heard about on earth.

Even tho this land houses the fullness of the potential at hand, energy is as omni-present as our God concept is.  You exhale in your own way of support, the land’s energy field is right there in your next in=breath fueling your hearts desire.

We may only appear separate…. obviously (smile) we are not!  We are each other’s fuel, the fuel of pure love that allowed us to open the doorway to Shambhala… to bringing the energy of pure love to the realms of created matter… together!!!

But now what?  …well let me share with you what I understand so far!

I woke up yesterday with a song playing over and over again in my head.  “I can’t live, if living is without you oo oo.  (line change:) I can’t breath any more…”

As the day warmed up and I went outside to sit in the yard and just feel (because I sure couldn’t write or talk… which is why my phone and internet is off all weekend…trouble in the outside line will be fixed Monday.)

But back to my sharing (smile)… I could feel and hear the ancestors of long ago (as they said, long before the Conquistadors came in) way up on the top of the Mesa where the energy of Shambhala was shown to us in it’s amazing glory and excitement.  They had said to me several times, they are living once again thru me and those who align with this energy field.  My heart swelled so much with… good knows, I don’t have a label for that feeling… my eyes just gushed from it all.

Holy shit (smile), I am writing this as my heart is pounding as if I was madly inlove… at just the thought of being next to my lover.  Of course, that is the feeling I connected my heart pounding to… and then I just thought to myself… I wonder if my counterpart is this energy and not a human at all.  Altho yesterday all I can feel to the core of my Being, my counterpart is here, in this place.  Well just now I seen the glowing yellow energy that is the top of the Mesa all the way down here to the ground level and thru the yellow glow walked my counterpart.  OMG… let the work/joy begin!!!

Ok, I got side tracked… sorry (smile)

As I mentioned in a previous blog, there is one particular ancestor that seems to be the “lookout” at the top of the Mesa.  He has also become the spokesperson of the group.  He told me yesterday I can simply call him Jemez (pronounced: hey mess), so when I refer to that name… it is him I am speaking of.

I never did ask him what he is looking out for… but, yesterday I think I started to undertand.

I was in my cabin dancing and singing and just reveling in this place I am also going to refer to as Heaven, (easier on my tongue and vibrational field than Shambhala… altho they really are interchangeable,) when I looked out the french doors that is the front entrance and I swear I seen a man walking down the dirt driveway.   I blinked, sure I was imagining that anyone would walk down that driveway (I am truly off the beaten path here.)  There was no one.  I thought to myself… strange, why did I see this man.  Well a minute later, there was a man walking near the driveway on the property next to mine.

I heard Jemez say that is what he does and how he will communicate with me.  The one thing I am finding my own psychic abilities are hitting a whole new level of ability and use.  I know, I know, I know it is because of this land’s energy.

It is like the day before yesterday I had seen snowflakes falling down… the weather has been rather warm during the day here (mid 50’s) so I just shrugged it off.  I had also felt the propane running out… but it is half full my mind insisted.  lol… my propane ran out yesterday and the man who walked down the property next door (I had to go out and say hi) told me snow was coming.  I was shocked… well, it is snow as I type.  My heart is way to full to even feel remotely cold!!  That and my landlady gave me a little electric space heater.

Anyway…  sorry I keep getting side tracked.

I have spent most of the day in the yard here.  There is a beautiful circle of wood logs and rocks that encompass the area where the fire pit is.  Then, connecting to this circle is a rectangle box, and yet a half circle that connects both outward towards the river.

For the first time in close to a decade (since living on the mountainside in Vermont) the entire landscape was alive and communicating quite clearly in it’s desires.  I had thought about creating a medicine wheel where the circle and fire-pit is… and the land said to take the old with the new and create a figure 8 (two circles together) and the rectangle box that is the middle of this 8 will be used as a “reflecting pool.”  Alrighty then…  I will get it done.

This land also really really really wants people to use it.  Love it.  Be one with it.  I will hold retreats here at the very least, 4 times a year at the equinox and solstice times.  I am sure others as well… I am still getting my feet wet in this whole communication, desire, attraction, manifesting thing… so bear with me as I grow and expand to fill in any details as we go.

Ohhhhh and the biggest OMG moment yesterday, well I am not sure biggest is quite correct, but close enough (smile).  When I made that crazy simple drawing of how I had seen 2011 moving into 2012 with December being all black and a solid wall of energy that was high up in the air… giving way to the frequency I refer to as 2012… I was seeing this place… only in the dark.

As I was absorbing more information than I am currently capable of sharing (with coherency) I was suddenly shown that image… and the cliff of the Mesa and the golden sun energy of shambhala that my camera captured… and the zip line is from this humble little cabin to the top of the cliff… which I absolutely plan on climbing (energetically first and then literally.)

As I shared some of the things I was learning to my landlady Betsie… she had told me that long ago there was a tribe of about 2000 Indians that lived up there on the top of the Cliffed Mesa.  There are ruins and artifacts still there and yes, we are allowed to climb it!!

I am so sorry to yet again be jumping around… there is so much inside of me I want to share… yet, man oh man I cannot get it all out and flow one understanding into another…. and much of it I cannot string into a sentance yet.

Well with that said, I am going to close for now and offer this invitation to anyone who feels moved to accept.  Come share the Spring Equinox with me.  I have plenty of floor space for sleeping, yards space for camping.  I will feed you, love you, grow with you during this massive time of bringing the energy of Shambhala… Heaven back to earth.  Spend a weekend or the week… this is as much YOUR place as it is mine…. it is OURS!!!

As I close this blog, I want to share a vision I just had.  As I looked out the back door to the Mesa Cliff, that yellow glow seems to already have been brought down to the ground (I thought it was a future potential when I seen my man walk out of it as shared above lol) …. perhaps it was the tears of gratitude I cried all day yesterday, in the house, in the yard, at the river.  Yeah… couldn’t possibly do readings with what I feel bursting inside of me right now.  Anyway… again, I get side tracked…

I see a massive golden/yellow door right above ground level at the cliff… thru the energy flow of the yellow itself.  And again I chuckle as I hear the song…

Knock, knock, knocking on heavens door….

I love you all, God knows, so much… and even more than that!!  We HAVE arrived!!  Together, we will figure out how to open that door with our love and desire!!


Lisa Gawlas

















  1. you are on a roll – inspiring all of us. Thank You for your heart. I am so glad we meet again. I think long ago we were walking our road togetherre you and i and then we went our own ways and now we connected again. Wonderful for me here in South Africa to experience things through your eyes and your heart. I feel our connection as if i am there with you and i am sure our other brothers and sisters feel the same connection. Things are happening, energy is moving….all that i can say is amazing…<3


  2. I’m putting it out there Lisa, I am on my way there~
    That picture is awesome. The energy is awesome. You are awesome. How exciting is your adventure! And it’s like I am right there with you.
    I love it!


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