Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | January 6, 2012

Heaven Awaits Those with the Heart Open to Receive!

This is officially my last blog that I shall type out from my car!!  Hurray!!!  There are several things I want to share, so please bear with me if I seem to jump from subject to subject.

I read for a man the other day, well, maybe I should say opened the door to a reading, it wasn’t but about 10 minutes long… but information packed (now that I understand it lol.)

It opened up with him having all these molecules of energy all over him.  To the point I could not see his body, just a lot of tiny energy bubbles.  All of this energy was on his skin… kind of looked like it was in the “ready” to do something, but wasn’t sure what that something was.  I could feel it, see it… understanding this new language tho… not all that easy in the moment.

I decided to look into his near future… the path he has been walking was filled with a beautiful soft white energy.  All of a sudden I came to a train track about 3 weeks into his future.  The track was real and tangible (as opposed to energetic in texture.)  I pondered the surprise of a train track in a reading… this is new too.  Then I felt the potential of a train coming in at a rather fast speed from his left field (happening in his physical life) and moving to his right… into his spiritual field of life.

I suddenly felt that when this event (spirit didn’t even give us the slightest clue as to what the event will be) happens he must jump quickly onto that train, or he will miss it.  Should he miss it, his next 3 to 4 months will be filled with lessons to make sure he doesn’t miss it the next time it comes around (about 3 to 4 months down the road.)

Here is the thing… the train is not going to stop… it really is going to require a major leap of faith without hesitation!

Now I understand that those energy bubbles that encompassed his whole body was his magnetic field of hearts desire pulling the train of opportunity to grow spiritually to him in his created reality.

In reflection, it is so very much the same kind of thing that happened to me recently with this amazing move I am in.  My heart was so in full energy mode of desire for this part of my life… and my train came thru an ad on craigslist.

I say this all because many of us will be experiencing these opportunities soon. We have talked about this manifesting our dreams, did meditations on it, took workshops to enhance… and now the only thing left to do is feel and act without the mind getting all tangled up in “what if”s” that would be any shade of negative!

2012 is a year filled with fast moving energy and without any real stops along the way.  We must learn to jump on the train of our desires instantly and without delay.  Or we will miss it.

Now on a completely different note.  I do want to talk about the meditation I had on New Years day.  The two suns on either side of me, with the elongated energy field and sun in the middle.  I so get it now!!

In 2002 I was given the gift of being able to grow my spirit in a remote cabin on a mountainside.  In my 8 months living there… the whole world came alive in a way I could not have fathomed it could be.   Plants talks, ground talks, tree’s will share a history with you… and my medicine wheel of transformation.  I came alive on that mountainside.  I also was gifted two native american spirit guides who eventually gifted me an eagle… that eagle showed me how to fly to the surface of the sun and be one with the energy of the sun.

I know, whatever I am moving into today… this is the book end of my suns… that will give birth to the center sun.  That center sun feels like the culmination of all the things I have come to understand, apply and look forward to.

I took a carload of my stuff to this new place yesterday and stood there a long while.  I was so engulfed in the pureness of this energy I couldn’t even eat.  It was a feeling like when you first fall in love and all the body could do is feel and revel.

I sat out near the fire pit at about 4pm and the landscape just started talking to me.  Clearly.  Normally by 4pm I have little battery juice left for psychic anything… and yet I felt as if I had just woken up with a full battery pack on.

The land is so excited to have us there.  I purposely say us… because you will be there with me thru every reading.  Normally when I do a reading I move my spirit to you… now… I will bring you to me.  (I will figure out how as I go.)  This energy… an energy I have not ever felt before, not like this… is so alive, so excited… so ready to be in service to us (it is going to be exciting to see what that even means lol.)

Suddenly I could hear every crystal I have (which is several hundred) yelling to me from inside the house to come out into the landscape to expand and absorb.  I laid everyone out all around the encircled fire pit.  They are in bliss!! I will more than likely leave them all out there basking in heaven thru the full moon on the 9th.  And then, I will take a cup of dead sea salts, a crystal and have it with me when I do a reading… to infuse your highest potential within the mixture… adding whatever essential oil(s) that feels right after the reading and mail it to you (if you desire.)

The energy of the landscape will also be infused within this mixture to bring you to your highest vision of yourself.  Pure Light Essence especially programmed for you, thru you.  I am so excited!!

I also stood by the little river in the back yard that runs along the cliff of the Mesa.  There is a vortex of energy that emerges out of the cliff.  Not from the top so much but the side of the cliff itself and beams outward horizontally.

As I looked at the very top of the cliff I could see ancestors standing all along the cliff’s edge.  (I knew they were ancestors because I asked who they were lol.)  There was one who felt like a “look out” of some sort.  Masculine energy consistently facing the Southeast edge of the Mesa cliff.  I couldn’t see him clearly… nor the others for that fact, it was like I needed glasses.

At the very center of the cliff was an energy field that seemed to blink in and out of my vision (more like I couldn’t hold the vibration of it within myself) which was a field of golden yellow energy.  There is no doubt in heart that is the field… the true field of Shambhala and we are all going to be attuned and vibrationally adjusted to it.  (I am so looking forward to how!!)

They (who ever was standing up there on the cliff’s,) said as I adjust to the energy of this place my vision will get clearer and clearer.

I am truly overwhelmed with the shear abundance life has bestowed upon my world… our world.  The people who opened up their purse to help fuel this moment in my time is more than my heart could ever hope for.  Thank you is way to small of a phrase to match the tremendous awe and gratitude in my heart.

By our own hearts and actions we are truly fueling the pathway of this New World together.  We can think that our actions don’t mean much…. but truly… our heart centered actions have changed this world.

Thank you, to each of you, even to those who will never read my words or feel my heart… I love you ALL so much and cannot wait to share my new world energy energy with you!

With the deepest of love, gratitude and awe as we all come alive in our Dreams Come True!

Lisa Gawlas










  1. Adonai vasu boragus! w/Love!


  2. You go girl – we all get on a energy high here and its only the start what an amazing time – love love love and so much more love to you my soul sister. Isnt amazing how this amazing energy connect us all together – ther is a link from one energy to the next and the next and so we all get connected and we share this devine energy. You must get a camera so you can take picture’s on this beautiful peace of land and i am sure there is going to be amazing orbs there…miracles is busy happening….<3


  3. I am so happy for you Lisa. You are such a blessing.


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