Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | January 2, 2012

The Energy of 2012 – Life is Having a Clearance Sale!!

December 31st and Jannuary 1st have been two really interesting days in my world, in my body.

I woke up on New Years Eve 2011 feeling like I was quite literally rolled up in a wonderful blanket of cloud like energy.  This energy permeated every particle of my Being, including my brain!! It was actually the most delightful, groggy feeling I have experienced.

I had zero connection for the day, my body felt completely drained of energy, and yet there was this amazing feeling within me.  My daughter woke up with the same feeling within her as well.

I decided spirit wanted my last day in 2011 to be all mine and my daughters.  We vegged and talked and laughed about how we both felt completely exhausted but not really.

I fell asleep at about 7pm, woke up, fell back to sleep, woke up, fell back to sleep.  This went on at least 4 or 5 times thru the night.  The reasons I woke up varied, kids on the East coast texting and calling to wish me a Happy New Year, dogs barking at the fireworks going off all night… I finally woke up for the  day just before 7am.

The very moment I opened my eyes just before 7am, I seen it.  A light green energy that seemed so directed at my eyes.  It was alive, intelligent and just beautiful.  As I looked at it, no, made direct contact with it, I realized it was New Years Day and I was seeing, feeling the new energy.  I was so excited that not only is it real, it presented itself to me the very moment I opened my eyes.

And then I put my feet on the floor.  The energy crumbled and disappeared.  I could feel my very body getting irritated from the inside out as I went thru the motions of my morning… longing for that light green energy but not able to find it or feel it again.

I went out to my car to start my day, coffee in hand… hoping that I would once again be surrounded by this pure love energy that greeted my waking moment on New Years Day 2012.  Of course, I also had 4 readings scheduled too.

As my day progressed and I rescheduled readings, I really really started to hear the sound of my own soul so loud and clear from within.  I have spent the entirety of December helping others in every way that I could, which really did help me to understand these times we are  now within.  But not once did I set aside time for my own soul promptings and communication.  Ahhhh balance!

I started to realize that my consciousness lives in that new energy field, my body… does not.

If we want to live fully in the new energy, the pureness and aliveness of the Light green (light green because it is new and will get stronger as we live in it and use it) I need to have my feet, my environment in which I live, match the frequency of this new energy.  Altho I am saying me, this applies to everyone!!

Talk about the phrase “As above, so below” coming alive in a super clear way of meaning for me.

I had written a few blogs back about how important it is that your environment… where you live, reflects your own energy field, if indeed you want the clarity of heart and fluid movement of your life steps.  Nothing less will do.

So, in my own frustration (nothing like being given a “good talking to” by your own soul lol) I laid down to do a meditation.

The first thing I had seen was an old set of steps leading upwards to the sky (the high vibrational fields now available) and it was now old and crickety.  I was so close to the top when I could tell, if I took another step from this set of stairs… it would fall apart.

I stopped that visual and simply asked… what am I supposed to do?

Three balls of sun energy were presented to me.  One to the left and one to the right.  They were short in distance and equal as well.  The the third one in the middle was wayyyyy out in front of me.  I wanted that one!!  lol  But yet, it didn’t feel like a choice of one over the other…  but somehow they were related to the others.

I started this blog (above) in the morning, I now have two really amazing readings under my belt that has given clarity to so much!!

I now understand the green energy connecting to my eyes on New Years day also shifted my vision to the fields of pure potential (as today’s first readings of the new energy revealed.)

The two suns… like energy supporting me in my life, my spiritual side and my physical life.  It is the only way the opening happens in the middle.

So let me talk about my two exciting readings so far today!!  The first one was such an eye opener for all of us to understand.

One of the first things I had seen with him was what looked like energetic “sale tags” all scattered around his physical life field of energy.  For him, there were 5 tags with one being up close and personal in my face.

At first I thought it was strange I was seeing “sale tags” in a reading, but… god I so love this universe… what they said is:

Imagine life has been like going to an expensive store.  All your hopes and dreams seemed to far away and out of reach.  Now, the energy of the earth matches the passion of your heart and everything your heart desired is literally on sale.

If you can imagine the items at a store being reduced in price to match you budget…. well your dreams have been increased vibrationally to match you vibration (smile.)  As long as you have the vibrational output… your dreams, your passions are now within reach!!

As soon as I got off the phone from that reading I got an email on my phone that said: Clearance Sale – Vehicle Clearance!  I love it!!

Hurray life is having a clearance sale!!!

This second reading really goes along with the importance of the 1st reading.  In order to take advantage of the sale, you have to know what it is your heart desires.

Opening your passion center from the inside out, reaching for what is in front of you to take you deeper into the fields of manifested passion.

The 2nd reading I had done the man was vibrationally amazing.  Light flooded his reading, his pure vibrancy shut down my phone lol but all that is his pure energy was contained in a backpack weighing him down as he crossed the fields of energy I call 2012.  He (we all) must open that energy field and feel with it, consume it, exhale it and reach for the “sale tags” in front of us!!

It is so important that we move to where the energy that our feet walk upon matches the consciousess in which we dream with.  Follow the sale tags…

Life is meeting you at your true vibrational space of creation and calling you Home!!

All I can say right now is Holy Freakin Cow Batman THIS is so exciting!!

For those who continue to endure my rescheduling ad silence so I can grow and emerge clearer… thank you with every ounce of my heart for understanding I am growing too!!

Hand in hand, Light in Light… we are the Love of 2012 becoming manifest!!

Lisa Gawlas


  1. 2012 feels big. Well FELT big, said another way, I’ve already grown INTO 2012. NYE night I was looking at the number 2012 and I was so used to 2011 that when I put 2012 into my head as the new default year (“updating the programing”), 2012 felt so big, like a monument reached. The energies of the day were amazing and then that next Sunday it was like taking a step back.

    I spent the whole day laying around from the party the night before but by Monday it felt like we are here, we made it, now the earnest work is left! So, this morning, a new day of a new year I say, LET US BEGIN!



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