Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | December 29, 2011

Life in 2012: Passion, Pointing, Earth, Bridges, Glass Slippers and Pay Days.

I so so so love the fluid fields of light that give way to expression and understanding, even if that understanding is vague at best!  Yesterday (12/28/11) was one of the clearest, most exciting days I have had in a long time.  Both within myself as well as with everyone I had the pure privilege to read for.  This blog, which I am posting on both of my blog sites (for those subscribed to both, sorry for the double emails) because I am going to share ALL the richness of yesterdays readings, exercises and understandings within this space.

There is an extraordinary excitement that is running thru ALL of life for these times we are stepping into.  I mean an excitement like I have never witnessed before.  If I can find a way to describe it, it would be like Life is finally able to live out loud in the fields of created matter.  But equally, it is due to the fact it can only live fully thru us, the human.  I am going to kick off this blog with a wonderful, empowering message a gentleman shared with me thru a reading a few days ago:

The meek are not “going” to inherite the world – The meek HAVE inherited the world!!

Equally tho, the meek have stayed so far in the background of life.  Learning, expanding, applying… all while life went on, is going on, in the density of the 3D.

Life has grown strong – whole.  Life in my world is Love, Compassion, Passion, Unity… all the things that make Life strong and not separate.

Now Life, thru each of us, WILL Live out Loud!

I must talk once again about our voice; our throat chakra and our Self expression in life.  Tremendously important.

My first connection of the day was with yet another young man, fully empowered, tremendously enlightened and just took my breath away with his innate wisdom.

Within the reading I had seen him in the beginning of January striking a “teacher” pose.  He was in front of no one I could see, yet, the moment he opened his mouth to speak… it mattered.  His words came out of his mouth in an amazing pink energy.  Pink, in my world is always about passion… living and speaking from your soul.   The energy of his words connected to the grid of life as if the grid had tubuals thru the threading and went outward into the fullness of Life.  I understood that what he shares passionately outward with his voice feeds the grid of life and embeds the energy into every open heart and consciousness.

This really gives true light to the saying: when you help one person, you help the entire world.  This has become utterly obvious thru this mans reading.

The more you connect and share with like minds and hearts, the stronger the energy is.  The more penetrable the energy becomes in others just waiting to receive it (even if unknowingly.)

I had also seen him, in his “teaching” stance with a really short pointer.  As the reading continued I realized that pointer was actually his index finger.  This realization came when I suddenly seen him near his own table and he was outlining a circle with his finger.  I could see the energy coming out of his index finger and literally creating the circle on the table.   Creating by energetically doodling with deep feeling on his table (no particular table, just one in his home.)

We have heard the dampening of our own energy thru the words “it’s not polite to point” I actually now realize how important it is to point.  To release the creative, magnetic field of energy that is within you by pointing to what your heart desires.  It also takes finger painting to a whole new level (smile.)

I thought I understood the power of our fingertip chakra’s, but I missed a huge important aspect until yesterday.  In my massage sessions, it is my fingertips that act as a radio receiver, communicating with the energy of the body.  I also knew it flowed new energy into the body… I never  ever realized how much we can manifest within our own lives thru the same energy portal!!

So my dear friends filled with Light, time to start practicing your finger painting, finger pointing in earnest!!

Now in a completely different vain… the next reading of the day really took me by surprise, at least initially.  I want to share this opening of a reading in detail as a meditation you can use for yourself…. if it is needed in your life.

Meditation Exercise:

I could see this lady standing on the earth, a very very narrow path forward before her.  The earth felt like it was just tilled as if to plant within.  I could see and feel the rich dirt of the earth.  As she took one step forward I suddenly seen   a hole in the earth that seemed to have it’s own force field within it.  The moment she stepped forward the energy of this hole took her down into the earth, thru a clear tube going back in time.  I could see her whole body being sucked thru this tube (like at the drive thru of a bank.)

This tube popped her up and out in the month of July 2011.  (if you are doing your meditation, let it pop you up wherever you need to be, and feel with the energy of where you emerge to get a timeline.)

Now what was equally amazing with witnessing this thru her reading was it was all happening as if in the dark of night… at least until she popped up in the field of July.  July was filled with tremendous white and violet energy. thick like clouds and I couldn’t see a thing except the vibrancy of this month.

What I understood with this was that she missed an opportunity to turn understanding into wisdom during the month of July and now she must go back to that timeline and breathe in the fullness of this energy and allow it to embed into her Being (thru the breath work.)  She will know when she is done because she will be sucked back down the tube and back into the present timeline.  I also understood this is crucial for her to move forward with.

So if there is anyone out there feeling stuck… this is an excellent meditation to do.  I will be connecting with her again as soon as she is filled with whatever that July energy is… and will write about the out come.  Right now, I don’t know the end result… but I do know the intensity I felt this with.

I also want to return to the blog I wrote yesterday:

I want to share a comment left on my facebook by a beautiful soul and friend in Virginia about the golden bridge I wrote about yesterday (thanks to a reading the day before.)

This is from Erica:

Two things while reading this- gold was the essence of the group meditation I did with u so long ago before u left Va the first time. I still remember how beautiful the higher realm was- all colors merged together to create a beautiful irredescent gold that encompassed everything. No doubt that was heaven and it was gold. Second, last night I can’t remember my many dreams but I know I was handed a glass shoe and I said,”just like Cinderella!” And it triggered as I read ur post- how crazy!

Her meditation gives deeper understanding to the aliveness of the golden bridge I had seen in the reading.  But I only now understand the glass slipper part:

Cinderella is very much a fairy tale about the struggle, oppression of life and one day moving into your “happily ever after” …. unconditional love, abundance of Life…

The image I had seen on the bridge was of the lady with no shoe on yet feeling like the glass slipper was at hand.  Glass… clarity, open, reflective.  Even now I hear the phrase “if the shoe fits, wear it.”  Be the Cinderella of your dreams (men, you too can be Cinderella in energy, this is not gender specific…smile)

This bridge, if we choose to cross over it, leads us to our Happily Ever After.

Even this understanding of the bridge gives more light to a repetitive phrase a man’s spiritual team I had read for kept saying to him thru his reading: “you are walking into your pay-day.”  I suppose the glass slipper would not have held the same energy for a man in a reading… but the meaning… the same.

We have worked really hard, really diligently to get to here… this energetic phase of our human.  The rewards are about to be felt to the core.

On that note, I am going to pause and ponder.  I love you all so much and I cannot thank you enough for the richness of each connection… the wisdom that flows out of your energy field to help us all on our road to live the Happily Ever After on earth!!


Lisa Gawlas


  1. Yes, the happily ever after! That is what I feel I am walking into in this new year. My prince (my beloved) will appear and place that slipper on my foot as I place the other one that I have carried all these many lifetimes, in hope, in faith that this day would come. It is the fufillment of working towards my own wholeness which brings the other in his wholeness. The golden bridge…I love that all the archetypes come in to play, the images come to me larger than life with crowns and robes and fairy dust. I have been criticized for holding out for all the magic, the larger than life, life but it is our birthright! And 2012 offers it to us if we have done our inner work. So, I raise my glass to me, to us, to our beauty and light and faith that kept on keeping on through all this density. Finally, the light of day!!! Thank you Lisa for sharing the journey.


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