Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | December 23, 2011

Feeling Your Creation With the Internal Creator

Today is December 23rd, the first day after the Solstice.  A day I have been saying everything within us humans will be turned on to the green light of go  in our new energy bodies.  But did I really have a clue what that really means… hell no!

 Today, however… I think I do.  Thank you to the most intense night of my life., coupled with the most intense readings… no, energy connections I have had over the last couple of days.

 This blog, today, is coming from the depths of my soul.  Perhaps even the fields of the new energy.

 There is a grogginess to my brain and yet, at the very same time, an utter clarity and focus that I have never felt before.  To tap into someone else’s energy field today… impossible.

 But yet, spirit has been relentlessly expanding my geez… consciousness?  feeling center? everything?  with a single focal point.

Before I get to that, let me back up (as I am prompted to do.)

 I have spent the last 11 years helping anyone who really desired to meditate.  But more than just meditate, tap deeply into their feeling centers.  To understand the depths of their feelings and to focus only on their spiritual team and their communication system within meditation.

 I suppose I have always known how important our feeling centers are, and how important it is to be clear, I mean crystal clear in what we feel, where it is coming from, and what to really do with what you feel.

 But even that… I surely didn’t fully realize the depths of it all.  Well let me tell you… I am getting it now.   (smile… I have always said I can be very slow on the uptake!!)

I have always known that whatever it is I am doing, I am learning, would one day give birth to a place where people could come, heal their human and expand their soul.  Over this last decade, I have embarked on so many different projects to do just that.  Obviously, none of which found it’s wings.  But yet, thru each and every creation that eventually crumbled, I learned so very very much.  I got to see, with eyes that would have never understood any other way, what works and what doesn’t work.

It is a good thing I never looked at any of it as failure, but instead much needed learning lessons, otherwise I would have quit a long time ago in moving forward with the only consistent feeling within me.  To one day give birth to this place.

 The one thing I know more than I know my own name… ENERGY MATTERS –  SYNERGY MATTERS for the breadth of the God within to have full access to it’s full potential on this field of created MATTER.

 Following the long road of synchronicity:

This is a crucial point in life, and so easy to miss if there is an expanded time from one synchronicitic event to the other that links it.

About a month before I moved to Virginia, I went on an adventure with a client.  There was a hot springs resort for sale that he was interested in and he brought me to feel the place out.  I didn’t just feel it out, I fell in-love with the place.   The energy vortex was magnificent there.  The feeling of the earth, the quiet solitude of the land… soul enriching. The place is located right next to “The City of Rocks” which we went to explore as well.  All I could feel was Home.  Forget a hot springs resort… this would make the most ideal spiritual center ever.

2 million bucks!  That is how much this 1280 acre slice of heaven is selling for (for a peek that will not do this place justice go to   I gave thanks for the opportunity to tour and feel this place.   Altho it left my mind quickly, obviously, it never left my heart.

Going back now to Archangel Michael’s constant question to me during this crazy ass month we will just call December: How do you see yourself in 2012.

I will never forget that feeling that welled up inside of my heart several days ago.  It was so much more than anything I know how to put into words.  Perhaps maybe like my soul answered the question with a depth I cannot forget, nor do I want to.  I so want to be in a community with other people who want to serve the higher good in any way they can, especially within themselves.

And the readings.  My god how did I not so fully understand the change of energy I have been connecting to in the last several days.  Thru every heart I connected with… the details were being shared, and it is only today do I really get it.

One lady’s spiritual guide kept telling her over and over that he communicates thru her feeling center.  Her gut feelings and heart.  He was sharing this thru my own feeling center… not in words, but in feelings I have learned to translate into words.

His message to her was much much bigger than I ever took personally (smile.)

I watched as a lady I had read for was bubbling internally with such new and yet ancient energy.  Codes, alliances, fields of activation’s getting ready to emerge.  Extraordinary.

I have watched as two separate people had this amazing liquid yet solid gold energy within their reading.  A feeling of the true alchemist within, creating your life thru trust and feeling instead of wishing for it.

Today I can feel how much it all means to us.  To me.  But my super high energy crescendo came from Davy.  The last reading I had yesterday…  a young man who’s very energy created a spin in my head that I was waiting to fall out of my car seat!  We went together into the fields of higher consciousness that I would have never otherwise climbed myself.  There was so much about this experience that was wordless… and still is.

So I went grocery shopping yesterday after it all.  A lady at the store just started talking to me after I almost collided with her buggy.  She told me of her sorrows, I listened.  She hugged me like she knew me forever and thanked me for listening.  I was madly inlove with her, I was grateful for the hug.  She told me as she walked away to make sure I play the lottery, it is really high.

How can I not play?  For the first time I actually have cash on me from a massage I had done the day before.  The line at the customer service counter was longer than  I was willing to wait in, so I decided not to get the lottery ticket.

As I moved my shopping buggy from the check out I realized I plucked a “feed the hungry in new mexico” ticket off the Christmas tree when I first walked into the store.  When I put the holiday ticket onto my buggy there was a feeling in my solar plexus that made me cry a tear.

For the last year I had seen so many billboards on the roads of new mexico about the hungry here.  I felt such a desire each time to help them, the hungry, but my own feelings of not having enough kept me from simply feeling with those signs and not doing anything… until yesterday.

There was no way I could walk out of that store without giving the $7 commitment I plucked off the tree to the hungry.  I got back into the check out line and used the $20 cash I had in my pocket.  It gave me three 1 dollar bills in  the  change.  Well, there is a lottery kiask on the way out.  I bought a ticket for the power-ball and mega millions.

As I was loading the groceries into my car, I heard spirit say to me, this is how you will buy faywood (refering to the lottery tickets I held in my hand).  Huh???

But with the words came this feeling.  Phew the feeling.  The focus, the desire.

When I went home there was a lady visiting my roommate.  She had taken really amazing photos recently at The City of Rocks.  Natural phallic and vagina’s in the rock formations.  All I could think about was Shambhala and sacred sex.  This being right next to faywood.  Again, that feeling.  That deep freakin feeling.

My sleep last night… man oh man.  I was in night school to the 100th degree.  I was being shown energy fields.  How to separate the fields of energy to go back to it’s original design.  The layers that actually happen over time, people’s own fields… the intermingling and changing of it all.

I was show how to restore it back to it’s original field of Being.  I woke up so late and so spacey… oozing energy out of every crevice of my Being.  My whole mind focused on what I was experiencing in my dreamtime.

I had only minutes from waking up to my first reading ad there was no way.  My brains were scrambled eggs, my mind only focused on what was/is expanding within me.  I knew my soul wanted to write a blog… this blog.  I cleared my schedule… again.  But yet, what I feel, what I am even seeing as I pluck out this text… holy shit batman.

Even before I got my computer out to write, all I could hear spirit say as I pondered the truth of what I am now feeling…. “Life takes care of Life.”

And now the I am so reminded of the last thing I had seen with Davy and was it his reading or ours??  Is there really a difference?

The Ego has Fallen.  

I really have been wondering about the real meaning of that.  Davy and my conversation led to not having to know how things work out, or even how to move forward in this new energy field… but allowing it purely from within.

The moment he started to share his understanding of that insight, I could see glowing white arms that actually stemmed from the back of his head, that was wrapped around his head and face.  The hands on the arms were that liquid-solid gold covering his eyes.  The moment he said the words “not needing to know how” the hands left his eyes, the arms stretched out forward and the field of light in which was his path was amazing.  Couldn’t see a damn thing, but ya didn’t have to.  You could feel it.  It … the field, simply beckoned you to move forward into it.

I know I have said, even 2 weeks ago, 2 million dollars is not easy to come by (talking to a friend about the faywood hot springs) and today… it feels so easy to come by.

Life takes care of Life.  It always has, it always WILL.

Filled with the most amazing synchronicity feeling of Life unfolding.  Thank you All for the most amazing Life unfolding and caring for life!  You all bless me in ways you do not even realize.  Thank you so much for Being!

In deep awe and enriched fields of wonder.  You Are the Holi-Days – Holy Beings I celebrate!


Lisa Gawlas


  1. dear lisa,
    thank you for taking the time to write this blog. I have been feeling every word in my body! I have the same desire as you and have answered the same to AA Michael… a community of light devoted to divine love and divine partnerships. I have known that I will be gifted the land…not sure of place but see the ocean from it as it is on this west coast somewhere. We are finally here, in the realms of magic where we can create all of our desires through our hearts. LIquid lovelight flows so effortlessly….I see that all can change in a blink of the eye. So happy for you!!! I see we will visit one another in our communities. Deep sigh…..such joy awaits.
    sending you heartlight


    • Linda thank you for taking the time to share. There is no doubt in my heart, you will be well provided for. Spirit is so ready to Live out Loud instead of in the background of our lives… and the more people we can offer a hand to… the more enriching it is for all.

      I love the ocean, the energy, the healing and energizing that comes from it. Already, we are linked together!! With pure magical bliss filling and expanding all of your needs!!

      ((((HUGZ)))) of joy and wonder to you,


  2. oh….just oh….. Hard to come up with the right words, but I feel it. I want the same thing. I just wrote in my blog about the deep seeded feeling of wanting to be of service, of the need, the desire to help others find their way back to their soulself, and to share with others as they share with me. (Of course I am still walking that path of learning myself!)
    I want to share this path with others.
    I’ll be there at some point. Don’t know what I will do…but it doesn’t matter, that will fall into place.
    Awesome Lisa. Thanks for being you. Can’t wait to see how this unfolds!!


    • My love that feeling within is your true Self living thru you, and all that you feel will be made manifest. We are all still learning… will be for all-ways. It’s the true, deep inner desire that brings it all together, not the knowledge. By simply blogging.. you have already embarked on the journey of sharing this path with others. More will indeed come!!

      Celebrating You!!!
      ((((HUGZ))))) held tight,


  3. Living in an European city with thermal springs I enJOY this present of earth several times a month and it has been very useful for balancing my body in the ascension process.
    Best wishes for your project!!!


    • Hi Martina (((HUGZ))),

      There is something so amazing and so special of hot springs… natures Jacuzzi!! Thank you for sharing and for Being You!!



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