Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | December 17, 2011

A Time of Re-Calibration thru the Winter Solstice

The one thing we can all be sure of… EVERYTHING is changing.  Of course, that is the nature of all life at all times.  But every now and again, changes accelerate according to the leaps within the collective consciousness.

This year in particular has given every human on earth the chance, the forward push, to grow, to expand, to do things differently than every before.  Thank God critical mass is achieved by a relatively small number of people on earth.  We not only hit it, we exceeded it!  Hurray??

Since July of this year, I have had the privileged of witnessing our change from the inside out.  The only true change that is long term and binding is the change that takes place within.  And God knows, we have changed.

Together, we got to see the expansion of the new light body.  The new codes of our new life drop into our energy and embed within our unconsciousness, waiting for all the fields of light to come together to allow everything to be turned on and usable.

Then thru the 11/11/11 mother earth added her fullness to our new heavenly bodies, and breathed her energy into us.

And now here we are, the last remaining weeks of Black December.  Take a long moment and celebrate that.  Celebrate the fact that you have made it to here.  Maybe a little (or a lot) bumped and bruised, tattered and torn… but HERE none-the-less!

We have seen a lot of the old energy leave their body and go back home to get a new human suit.  More will continue to transition thru the physical death process as we go thru the 2012 timeline/frequency acceleration.  That was their agenda.

For those of us standing here in this moment, so much will be asked of us.  Dare I even say, demanded of us. We have had eons of “dress rehearsals” getting to this point of the game.  We are more prepared than our minds care to let us know we are.

This last week and a half I have watched as high intensity energy bound and bulged within the core stream within some humans.  I have watched as new accelerated light codes came in like a tornado for others.  I have watched as old parts were removed to make way for new parts within the human.  This has been a month like no other.  Of course, I can truly say, this has been a year like no other.  All giving birth to 2012.

With the 15th of Dec I started to see a slight movement outward in our new energy fields.  Energy connecting to the greater all of those aligned on your new stage of life.  But yet, it is still black (for most) and no one is tell me exactly what that means to us.  The one thing I know for sure… it’s big…. big like we never experienced big before.

Movement within our own inner promptings aren’t going to wait around to happen… move with ease or move with force… either way, movement in your life WILL happen!

Again tho, I don’t know what that means to any of us.  It is one of the most consistent feelings I have within myself and all the connections I have been doing.

In this moment of time, we are all being re-calibrated to our new energy fields.  Our new soul blue prints.  Our new forward motion.

For instance, I have been putting off getting my massage table out of my car and actually doing massage.  The greater part of me feels in limbo, the other part just doesn’t care really.  So the universe did what it always so cleverly does to get my own butt in gear… all of a sudden I have a flurry of emails from people here in NM who are hurting and asking if I would do a massage.  Of course I will!  I now have 4 massage appointments this week and I haven’t even put it “out there” yet.  Tell me you hurt, I will be there in a moment.  Tricky universe!  Loving, excited universe!

So I actually got off my butt and ordered business cards… and my inner source made sure I put the soul gym on the card.  I suppose it is time.

January has two potentials for us… it will be filled with moments that will take out breath away (in a really really good way) or filled with moments that take our energy away (let’s not go there.)  It all depends on weather you are in Divine Flow or ego flow (ego is a energy sucker, unless it is working in harmony with your spirit…. which is exactly what it was created and designed to do.)

If I can give an example of what the major differences will be with 2011 and 2012 is… imagine all of 2011 you have been inhaling.  Breathing in new light, new energy, new purpose and allowing it all to mingle and settle into your body and (un)consciousness.  2012 is going to be exhaling.  Using your new energy, new light body, fulfilling your new life purpose thru out the year.

Your conscious participation is crucial.  Be in service to the greater All.  Dare to do it differently than ever before… whatever that means to you.

This week we are in is a very important re-calibration week.  Be gentle with yourself.  Rest, love, meditate and get ready for an amazing year ahead!!

(((HUGZ))) filled with so much love and excitement,

Lisa Gawlas



  1. You are such a gift!!! Thank you so much! Love to you! Wendy


  2. “It all depends on weather…”

    It truly does …. you meant “whether”, but the beauty in that typo is that exactly as an approaching storm can be prepared for, to either weather the force feeling secure inside (or not) so too, will we either be a tree that bends with the railing or snaps … Trees regrow, the roots are there, tree regrow out of broken trunks, sometimes … but if we allow the change to blow through us, pass within us, and we have bent and allow for FLEXIBILITY, then all we have grown remains, new growth is then fuller in the next Spring season.

    Oh beautiful weather, just as Black December changes on the longest night and shortest day (Winter Solstice), so too shall our experience move with more light, from one day to the next … and that’s what enlightenment means … adding light. (That’s why Christ’s birth is celebrated near the solstice. The church wanted his birth to bring in light).

    So weather [sic] Christ consciousness or Light from Source, let the light rain in and let your very own, precious and sparkling, light shine.


    This little light of mine,
    I’m gonna let it shine!
    This little light of mine,
    I’m gonna let it shine!!
    This little light of mine,
    I’m gonna let it shine! Let it shine!
    Let it shine!! Let it shine!!!


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